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I keep track of my purchases, but I don’t have a super hard, can’t-be-broke line for each month – though I do have a rough estimate for each quarter and try to be 20% under that. For me, I try to buy only as much as I think I can reasonably handle reviewing and try not to get TOO ahead of myself, because I am inevitably behind. For others, I recommend adding big sale dates to your calendar (e.g. F&F sales) and would try to spend less before those sales so I could take advantage of them and get more for my money. The other thing to do is check your stash, shop it, and don’t be afraid to mix shades and products you own – if you don’t use tinted moisturizer all the time and just need something once or twice a month, why not add a little foundation to your moisturizer?

— Christine

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I am probably one of the best out of anyone I personally know… when it comes to budgeting and saving. I dont hoard ever! Try not to buy unless I really really love it and need it. Never impulse shop with beauty items because they won’t last forever. I’d rather invest in skincare since it benefits you in the long run. πŸ™‚

You’re just who I want to be! Minimalists are awesome!

I’m prone to allergies & skin irritations so that automatically helps me save by:

1) Planning Purchases: I always have to check ingredients lists anyway.

2) Not hauling too much at once: I can only test one product at a time for irritation–otherwise, it’s harder for me to narrow down on the allergen if I get a reaction. Also, beauty products have a shelf life which I strictly keep track of bc “expired” products can also cause skin irritations. I almost NEVER “stock up” during sales bc for all I know, my skin will decide it doesn’t like what I’m using.

3) Returning: I only shop from retailers with good return policies bc it can take a couple weeks to develop a new allergy (yes…I’m THAT allergy-prone and my skin is fickle). Returning what doesn’t work helps me save money in the long run so I can focus on maintaining a beauty wardrobe that works for me.

It can be so frustrating to stay my hand when I REALLY want something but in the long run, I think it has paid off—skin irritations are a form of inflammation after all–and constant inflammation would cause premature aging.

Usually I’m really good. But being unemployed (bad timing, I know) I am SO bored and so I tend to go shopping when I don’t need to :-s. I know, how stupid am I? LOL But, all my bills are paid and I have a car and roof so it’s actually not horrible. But because of this I have blown my beauty budget and have decided on a no-buy until IMATS LA.

I put money into a savings account I’m not allowed to touch at the start of every month. That helps a lot! I have no troubles spending what’s left on beauty products though, so I have to be careful!

I have experienced going beyond my beauty budget but I make sure it’s all worth it. But after finding what my skin really loves, I just stick into it. Now I saved a lot! πŸ™‚

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Not at all god πŸ™

I tend to go on splurges and then I stop for a while, I pretty much only bough replacement foundations as I needed them for about 5 years, then I had a clear out and re bought things, and now I am bad at resisting the pretty πŸ™‚

My excuse is that I don’t drink or smoke or go out much and this is my hobby, so I get to spend some money on it.

I do however feel like I have a pretty good kit now (minus a couple of lipsticks, I need to test some NARS Lippies for a good red and a good fuschia, I’m thinking Mascate and Carthage, but I want to look at La Paz too. Dragon Girl was an option but I don’t like pencils I have to sharpen, too much waste) so I’m on a slight hiatus.

Budget…. What is one of them then?
I have had a bit of an expensive time lately due to trying to find skincare that works for me, but I’m pretty much there and its a mix of high and middle budget stuff.
I don’t buy make up that much, and we have some fan brands like Catrice and Essence that mean those impulse buys aren’t too costly, and some of their staple stuff means I can cut down on the high end stuff.

My beauty budget is limited to how much money I have at the time and if I want to treat myself, because Guerlain is hella expensive!

I’m actually pretty great at sticking to my budget. I think the main reason is that I only have one credit card and I share it with my husband and I know I couldn’t rationally explain too many overages to him. Haha.

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I don’t have a beauty budget. Some months I buy nothing at all, then next month I can spend more than $1 000 on makeup. It depends on new collections, if there are products that I feel I “need”. Also, if I spend less on clothes and shoes I can spend more on makeup. If I get less takeout food, then I can also buy more makeup, lol. It basically all depends on what I feel like spending my spare money on. I rarely impulse buy, though, most purchases are (at least somewhat) planned and I mostly get something from my wishlist (unless it’s a LE item).

Is there a calendar for when planned sales come up?

I just started out with make up, so I have spent a lot of money recently. But now that I have enough for a few looks, I will probably buy much less. Hopefully. πŸ™‚

I’m pretty bad at budgeting my beauty buys… I have a budget specifically for beauty/personal care in my Mint app on my phone, but I almost always exceed it :\ I really don’t buy spontaneously, and I only get things that I have been wishing for for some time (especially if I can get them on sale, or at a 2-for-1, or with a free gift or something), but when I know I “NEED” something, sometimes that means a new UD eyeliner, a LQ lipstick, and an Alterna Bamboo hair silkener… all at once, and maybe even a few other little things, like a new brush or a NYX product. For some people, that’s not a lot and you could say I’m not going overboard, but I recently graduated college and I could probably be managing my money a bit better as I save up for a new life. What can I say? Beauty is my favorite hobby! I love spending on it.

I don’t really keep myself on a beauty budget, but I can say that I have definitely gotten better. And the more makeup I have, the less I really need. Lately I’ve been enjoying my Birchbox and Ipsy bag, so I find that I’m not buying that much makeup during the rest of the month because I like to wait and see what comes for me in the mail.

My ability to stick to a self imposed budget is sporadic at best. I behave for awhile and then it all goes to hell in a handbasket. While I’ve kept my head about me throughout some of my favourite brand fall campaigns, I’m off on other tangents which are pulling me over to the bad side. My two chief weaknesses: blush and trying different foundation products. 3 blush products added this week.. somehow I have justified as I NEED to try Marc Jacobs and need to try Edward Bess and then I added another NARS and you can just never go wrong with NARS so…. blah blah blah.. this is the way it goes.

Beauty budget? You mean I’m not supposed to spend all my money on cosmetics? I am so confused.

Seriously though. I think I’m getting better. I’ve been lusting after slightly less make up in general and realising that I don’t need to buy everything I like.

But, unfortunately, I have recently been obsessed with skincare instead. oops.

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I don’t have a strict beauty budget, but I do have specific times of the year when I plan on adding some of the things I’ve been pining over throughout the year.

My birthday: I will usually make a wishlist that is highly specific so my family doesn’t have to guess. I will generally get 3-4 beauty products that will satisfy my urge to try new things for several months.

Summer Vacation: Every summer I visit my family in ND and I’ll take a side trip with my mother over to the Mall of America and do my back to school shopping. I will pick out 3-4 things that are each ~$35.

Christmas: I love getting makeup for Christmas. I don’t really ask for anything else and all the fun sets that come out are just fantastic. I can try a little bit of everything for a fraction of the cost.

Miscellaneous: I work at my college as a research assistant and when I got my first paycheck, I totally splurged…I got a Chanel blush. I think there’s always some wiggle room for some celebratory purchases. Sometimes my parents will let me pick out one thing from Sephora whenever I am ranked 1st at the end of a course at my university.

Generally I try to plan my new additions to my collection to be during my birthday or Christmas, and then I’ll pick up, myself, 3 or 4 things during my summer vacation. I think this ends up working well because each time is spaced out pretty evenly so I’m not going 6 months without buying anything new and then going overboard the next time I’d go shopping.

I think I am pretty good at sticking to my budget. Every paycheck I always allocate a portion to my bills and savings. What is leftover I decide what I want to spend it on. Some weeks I am more in the mood for clothes and things like that and then the next paycheck I am all over the beauty counters (lol) but I do stick to a certain amount and generally do stick to it.

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