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I absolutely love cheek highlighters~ I don’t use them everyday, but a lot of the time I’ll put on the blush I want to use… and it just looks so plain and empty without a highlighter. So I’ll end up using one anyway! I really love the way they look :)!

I feel like you do! Sure, you can skip them – and sometimes with a shimmery blush, it’s redundant. But having a little shimmer or sheen in the cheek area is just such a pretty look!

I personally don’t find the need for it on a daily basis. I have really high and defined cheekbones so I can sneak by without having to wear it. 🙂

VERY essential.
i wear a highlighter everyday and my subscribers know it! haha (:
i feel as if it brightens up your face no matter the weather.
its also my favorite makeup item. i think highlighters are gorgeous/pretty and when you wear it, its beautiful!
and i could wear highlighters everyday as well!! 😀

I always wear one. I use Benefit’s Watt’s Up, and since it’s so easy to apply (no brush needed!), there’s really no reason not to wear it. It really brightens me up; I love it!

Not an essential, must-have, feel-naked-without product, but they are just SO GORGEOUS. I’m a total fiend for highlighters, and they are one of the products that I will buy tons of different ones just because I love them so much. I wear them frequently! I feel like there are so many different types to play with and so many different areas that can be highlighted. They are a definite must for special events and nights out, but I tend to wear most days, too. I don’t think it’s too OTT during the day at all. People seem to forget there are really natural versions that aren’t so “bam, in yo face!”

I’m in absurdly humid Indonesia right now, and my skin is oily enough not to need highlighters. I still love it, though, and I do abuse highlighters whenever I stay in Australia or Seattle.

Considering I typically only use regular blush on special occasions, but I highlight & contour for my usual every day face, I find highlighters extremely essential. I go for a very subdued highlighter, though, not too much shimmer. I like the definition they provide, but I don’t care for any additional color on my face.

I won’t say that I never leave the house without one, but I absolutely love highlighters and I always find that a look is more polished when I have one on.

I never gave them a second thought until I watched a video detailing how to utilize them. While I still prefer a more subtle, matte look for my makeup, they’re definitely on my list of things to grab the next time I do a big makeup sweep.

If you prefer matte looks, many people highlight with concealer and foundation, or even lighter matte powders! 🙂 It emphasizes the high points of the face by brightening rather than by drawing light from the shimmer.

Hah, I wouldn’t have thought to use concealer for that. I mostly just used one of my white highlighter pens and rubbed it into the blush on the rare occasion I tried it. Thank you for the recommendation, though! I’ll have to try it when I get a chance.

I just bought MUFE’s sculpting kit, it comes with a matte contouring powder and matte highlighting powder – I really like it for everyday use, then I can add a shimmering highlighter for nighttime!

I want to love them, but they look terrible on me because I have such flat cheekbones. There’s nothing there to define, so they end up looking like a weird shimmery blob on my face.

Where do you highlight, exactly? I feel as you do, so I only highlight at the cheekbone portion that starts below my pupil then do a “C” shape up around my temple and slightly above my brow at the highest point, and I feel this method gives me a better result. Have you tried this method before?

I do about that. The problem is that my actual cheekbone is very very small and up around my eye. The bone only pushes out from my skin by a couple of millimeters on the side and not at all in the front. So the area under my eye is actually a bit sunken in, with my eyeball being the most prominent point. It’s hard to explain, but really everything in the area around my eyes is very very flat and the only shape comes from the fat in my cheeks (and only when I smile), which is much lower.

I believe I get what you are saying about the structure of your cheekbones. For me, I feel that area of my face looks quite flat, too. Because of my weight, I feel it sort of hides any cheekbones I may have until I smile or suck in my face for contouring then I notice that they are kind of there. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, the method I described doesn’t make a super dramatic different, but I feel it sort of lifts the cheekbone a little and adds that brightening effect, and the “C” sort of shape sort of takes away from that random blob of shimmer effect for me. You may not find it works for your face, but just something to try! 🙂 Face shapes can be a PITA to work with at times.

actually, not that I think about it, I haven’t tried going above the eyebrow, so that might help a little.

for a round face like mine i really need a highlighter above my blush to make the cheeks pop and for big occasions it really makes a difference when you’re being photographed :), i dont wear it for daily work though bcoz its so noticeable..i have Dior Amber diamonds and i love them..going to look out for a pink one next.

Try Benefit High Beam or NARS Copacabana Illuminator for a liquid, MAC Shell CCB for cream, and for a powder the only one I like is the Rose Diamond from Dior! I’m not sure your skin tone, but these are some of my favorites for pink highlighters as an NC20-25ish tone at the moment. I will say that I hate the multiple version in Copacabana because for some reason it looks more silver and ashy on me than pink, but the illuminator seems to have a pinker tinge. HTH!

I love cheek highlighters! NARS Copacobana, MAC Blot Powder and a nude MAC Paint over my eyelids is my holy grail lazy-day makeup.

for day to day wear i prefere a highligiting blush or a dewy foundation to highling, but at night a highlighter it lovely!

I agree! I have so many because I just love them. Since I have dry skin, I love putting the “glow” back in my skin. I wear highlighter for all occasions, day or night.

Some of my faves include:

-MAC Hush and Improper Copper Cream Colour Base
-MAC Belightful powder
-MAC MSF in Light Flush

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