Friday, September 7th, 2012

Choose or Lose

How emotionally attached to your hair are you?

  • As long as it's not too drastic, I'm game! (52%, 2,638 Votes)
  • If you cut one inch, you'd better watch your back! (26%, 1,348 Votes)
  • Cut, dye, shave it off -- I don't care; it'll grow back! (22%, 1,113 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,099

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73 thoughts on “How emotionally attached to your hair are you?

  1. I’ve been trying to grow my hair for 3 years, so it’s very long! I’ve never had hair this long, so I’m just growing it longer and longer. Eventually when I’m sick of it I’m gonna do what Miley Cyrus did 😛 I completely respect her for doing that to her hair, it takes guts when you’re in the spotlight! However, even though I eventually plan on cutting off all my hair, I’m enjoying how long it is and would be upset if I had to part with my long hair without having enough time with it.

  2. Yellowlantern

    I used to be quite protective of my hair. I grew it till it was past my butt. Then I got a chin length bob (after growing it out for a few years after that I got another bob, they’re so easy to take care of).

    Nowadays I don’t have time to baby it like I used to and it’s less healthy looking so I don’t have a problem with cutting off the dead ends.

  3. Courtney

    I think I’m not attached now that I’ve figured out what style works best for me. However, when it come to color, I change it up all the time.

  4. My hair is finally back to a length that I’m happy with (which is almost halfway down my back). I had it cut into a long bob two years ago because my boyfriend kept raving about the hairstyle, but I regretted it the second I walked out of the salon. Never again!

  5. jaye

    I lost my hair during chemo a few years ago. From that experience, I learned that it’s just hair, it grows back (well, when drugs in your system go away and let it go back!). I cut it and let it grow all the time now. It’s fun to have no fear when it comes to your hair.

  6. I’ve chopped my hair off during college, and I noticed I ended up missing my long hair. I had it in a hi-lo cut for a while, and while I still retain the basic cut, it’s much longer now. I’m planning to keep growing it, perhaps blend the really short side pieces a bit more with the waist-length hair at the back.

  7. Alexandra

    Ive cut, shaved & dyed my hair most shades, but as I’m getting older I’m calming down abit, but still don’t mind cutting it!!! I’ve gone off dying though as my hair is already dry so colour doesn’t help!!!

  8. Esther

    I’m attached to the length, because I’ve been trying to get my hair to this length for about eight years but kept cutting it for whatever reason. the color, on the other hand, I’m up for anything.

  9. xamyx

    As long as it’s not a horrible style, I’m okay with it at *any* length. I actually have been in the habit of growing my hair out to waist-length (or longer), then chopping it off into a severe bob. As long as everything stays symmetrical, I’m happy. I’m also fortunate that through DNA, my hair grows at an insanely fast rate.

  10. In year two of my illnesses, losing my hair from RA/Lupus and the drugs–a ‘light’ chemo drug–was very stressful for me. It felt like just another way these auto-immune diseases were kicking my a$$ and demoralizing me. So I went out and bought a couple of wigs and even though I didn’t wear them all the time, just the knowledge they were there should I be feeling particularly low made me feel much better. I really worried I would never get my hair back, but now in year 4, it has bounced back somewhat since I am off the chemo drugs and sitting in a holding pattern above the airport :). However, I still get patches of alopecia from Lupus. I will never have the full head of hair I used to have, but I am grateful for what I have! Oh, and my hairdresser was such an awesome guy through this whole time.

    P.S. If anyone has thinning hair, I have been impressed with the new treatment program by Aveda called Invati. I think it is much better than Nioxin.

    • I’ll keep the Invati in mind as my mom and dad suffer from male pattern baldness.

      • I should also not that my mom has had luck with Ojon volume advance™ products as well.

        I used it on myself as I forgot my own shampoo. It really dose work but my god I could not get a brush through my hair it got so “big”/thick. lol

    • Constantina

      That sounds rough. I hope the worst has passed. A good stylist can make a huge difference.

    • Yeah I get that feeling…I have psoriatic arthritis and I’m on other meds and my hair has never been the same.

      I guess for me, the “reward” for having to putting up with the disease is getting to say, at 42, fuck it! I’m going for hot pink hair 😉 I wanted to get some cool wigs but it is SO hot in FL.

      I was always so proud of my MIL when she lost her hair due to cancer. She named her wig, but if she didn’t have to wear it, she rocked a bald head! She even had her head shaved before she lost the hair–I think she looked awesome. She passed away 4 years ago but never gave up.

      You hang in there! How about clip in extensions? I have found them at manic panic, hot topic, etc (I am getting really thin spots myself). You can either go “natural” or have a bright pop of color–I bought some short extensions and plan to dye each a different manic panic color for fun 😉

      • Thanks so much for the ideas! A very good friend of mine has Psoriatic Arthritis as well and she was very instrumental in helping me deal. Of course, she had already been through it all. I actually used to have colour extensions in my hair for a few years.. I had bright pink and then a really pretty mauve colour. My hair, I dyed an intense, deep cool toned red so the extensions totally rocked in my hair! Since red is such a b*tch to keep up, as soon as I started loosing hair, I switched over to dark brown/almost black with no-amonia. I’ve stayed away from extensions with the mindset they might damage what I have, but I didn’t think of the clip-in style..great idea!!!
        Sorry to hear about your MIL!!! But, it’s wonderful to hear she was such a strong inspirational woman :) Have a great weekend and Thank You!!!!

  11. I’m very attached to having my hair my way, with whatever color I want at the time. But I’m not afraid to just cut it drastically short or grow it out. When I was at Premiere Beauty Tradeshow in Orlando Michael O’Rourke wanted to cut my hair. I figured, ok, once in a life time opportunity. I told him I didn’t care how much he took off. He gave me a pixie. It was cute. During the process he kept asking if I was sure I didn’t mind. I know it will grow back :)

  12. the_izzle

    It used to be all down my back and I cut it 2 inches above my scalp. I am loving it!

  13. I’m not at all attached to my hair it does one thing and one thing only, curly wavy auburn hair. When I change it, it freaks out my friend family and co-workers. lol

    Although wigs are hot I will like wearing them instead to just have a change of passe.

  14. Dinitchka

    I have never shaved my head, other than being about 10 and shaving my baby hairs. OMG! They grew back straight up and thick. I have since had most of them lasered. My hair is pretty thick anyway.

    Even though I have Hashimoto’s (thyroid) my hair is pretty strong and grows really well. I dye it myself and cut it myself. I am not opposed to my stylist going way out the box … I tend to say “It’ll grow back.” and it it does not I’m going to buy me some hella hot wigs!

    I think for a lot of women their hair is their crown and glory and I can totally see why they feel that way. Losing hair to an illness must be traumatic.

  15. Tani

    I have never ever been bothered about my hair and because of that concept, it’s currently very, very dry though dying my hair too much but some deep conditioning treatments or hot oil should help with that.

  16. Em

    It used to be I’d do anything with my hair, but since I started growing it out over a year ago, I fall into the “watch your back” category. It’s taken me 18 months to get my hair slightly past my shoulders :( I still want it down to my chest, so no way is anyone getting near it :)

  17. Suselew

    I’m emotionally attached to my hair but it wasn’t always positive emotion. I have thick curly hair and during the 70s (poker striaght hair was in style) when I was in high school then college, I was consistently made fun of because of one thing or another. In college, it was because it was too long (I straightened it) and thick. When I was younger it was terribly frizzy. Now, with amazing products and tools, it looks pretty and I’m the envy of most women who have thinning hair and many others who haven’t discovered the secret of how to look your best. I learned from all those earlier years how to work with what I have. I get compliments all the time now, but I don’t think I’ll ever recover from the abuse and torture I suffered at the hands of hurtful girls and women.

  18. AH

    Part of my hair was shaved for surgery, and it has taken over 10 years for the re-growth to reach the same length as the rest of my hair. Basically, it takes YEARS for my hair to grow, so the only cutting I do is if i give myself on tiny, barely noticeable trim.

  19. Nicoco Chanel

    Oh God, I’ll do anything. I had this drastically bad bowl cut at 11 and then after growing it into a bob, I chopped it off at supercuts at 16.

    Which was terrible, so it got cut even shorter.

    And since then I will do everything to it. Undercuts, bright dye, whatever. I get bored too easily to care!

    Speaking of, I’m getting bored of growing it out again…

  20. Espe Barajas

    i take sixteen medications daily. many of them have side effects, including hair loss, so my hair has thinned out a lot. honestly, i can’t be attached to my hair for that reason. aside from the side effects, they keep me alive.

    • Susan Nevling

      Sorry to hear that. Aveda and other brands,I think, have a new hair care line to prevent hair loss. It doesn’t make it grow back and I don’t know the active ingredient. Because you are on a lot of meds and, I assume, have serious medical problems, I would check with your doctor before buying them. You could print a product list on the Aveda website.

      • Espe Barajas

        Thanks Susan! I did that with a phyto hair treatment I got from Sephora in December. I took the product itself to my doctor and the very first ingredient on the list was bad because it could interfere with my meds and prevent them from working. I ended up returning it that same day. I’ll definitely look into the Aveda products. Thank you so much!

  21. I am of the opinion–it’s just hair. My husband cuts/dyes my hair for me (and he’s not a pro). I had to be on methotrexate for awhile (chemo drug) and lost hair and thickness. Plus it’s mostly grey/white anyway, so I have to keep it short. I’d like to go get it done professionally sometime but….it’s just hair! LOL I do want it to look nice, don’t get me wrong, but I think it looks ok and my hubby doesn’t get so nervous now 😉

  22. Jo

    Well my hair is really long at the moment and I keep being tempted to chop everything off. I had short hair when 5 years ago but I don’t think the style was right so I didn’t like it. One day I will get too annoyed by it and get it short again I imagine! My brother had long hair and donated it so when I do go for the chop then I’ll do the same, then at least it will benefit someone else

  23. sara

    My hair grows half an inch in a year, so I’m not keen on getting it cut :(

  24. Ellie

    I won’t do anything crazy with my hair (just some highlights)… but I’m not too obsessed about it. Cut it and donated to Locks of Love before :) now I’m growing it out again.

  25. Liz

    It’s just hair, have fun with it!

  26. Ohhh man I hate going to the hairdressers. I last had my hair cut in January, and yes, it badly needs doing, and even though I always go to the same place I’m convinced someone will screw up my hair. I actually cried a few years ago when I first had layers cut in! I braved up and dyed my hair today, though it’s a semi-permanant, so will wash out gradually 😛

  27. Susan Nevling

    When I was in my teens and twenties I had very long hair, past my waist and very straight. When I turned 30,I got it cut pretty short-well above my shoulders but found that no matter what I did it wouldn’t curl. I tried perms but had allergic reactions to them. Curling irons and hot rollers curled it for an hour or so. I finally let it grow out to all one length and keep it just below shoulder length. BTW, to the contributor who hated her curly hair, I always wished mine was curly!

  28. Sammy

    I shaved my head for cancer (it was 18 inches) now it about 8-9 inches :) hair grows back now some girl will get a wig.

  29. Janeen Arias

    I had my hair down my back, slightly past my bra strap, and went to the salon and chopped it off into the bob Heidi Klum had a little while back. Sadly, my hair turned into Shirley Temple curls, and not the beachy waves I was used to, due to no weight to pull it out. Anyways, the hairstylist commented how I was so calm about the whole thing when everyone she’s seen with hair that long were usually in tears. Never cutting it short again though. :)

  30. Ana

    I have certain limits with my hair but I’m not afraid to cut it, I fear of bleaching my hair completely … But I dye frequently :) (my most crazy hairstyle was my hair black with red dye on the sides and purple bangs and OMG the bleaching process destroyed my poor hair so that’s why I won’t bleach it out completely to get a crazy color :()

  31. I am thankful to have lots of hair on my head. I never let it grow beyond my shoulders. I wash it daily due to my job. But often I wish I could cut my hair off because it does feel heavy on my head. I am just thankful that I managed to keep it the same color for I am not young. Lucky I dont have to dye it Let me put it this way, I rather have my hair this length than look like Kim Kardashian with those extensions.

  32. Pamela

    I wear weaves and wigs so, no I am not attached to my (natural) hair.

  33. Kristen

    I’m going to be honest, I cannot wrap my head (or hair, haha) around the idea of being attached to hair. It will grow back. I refuse to go to the salon to get my hair done unless I’m doing something drastic. Cutting it all off? No problem. Dying it? Let’s do it. If I have to, I’ll shave it.

    • Veronica

      I’m not really attached to it at all, though that’s mostly because I’m way too lazy and impatient to really work with it. This being said, I don’t dye it often nor would I ever bleach it, since I like my hair enough to avoid anything that would damage it. (Curly/wavy hair responds badly to too much shampooing. I shudder at the thought of what bleaching would do to it.)

    • Joni

      It grows back, but when you have very long hair (or are trying to get very long hair) it’s really not that easy. It can take years and years to grow, especially if your hair just naturally grows slowly. So it’a huge time commitment.
      Also, for a lot of people it has spiritual/religious value.

    • Liz

      Well, I have waist-long very very healthy hair – it’s full, thick and I have next to no split ends (and no, I’m not Asian – Asians tend to have beautiful long thick hair like that, but it’s not that common for a European). I can just brush it and it looks great~ I’m paranoid about doing anything drastic to it because it took me a decade to grow it out like that…
      Plus my mum would always force me to cut it off (“short hair looks soo much better on you, Liz!”), so my teenage rebellion-thing was to just let it grow.

      • Actually, many of us Asians suffer from really fine hair, you’d be surprised how common hair-thickening tonics are on our part of the world!

        Asians with European, Middle Eastern, or Indian blood mixed in are more likely to have the full, thick hair I think. :)

  34. Michelle

    I’m attached to my hair, but I’m okay with cutting off a couple inches every few months. Every time I want to get a real hair cut, I find an excuse to keep my hair (I look better with it, it’s going to be chilly soon so I need my “blanket”). What I really want to do is dye it!

  35. blueraccoon

    I get bored with my hair a lot and want to change things up, but my husband likes my hair long, so I’m always torn between wanting to cut it short and play with it and wanting to let it grow out a bit for him. Right now it’s just above my shoulders and really needs a cut to shape it up an layer it, but I haven’t had the time or the interest in getting to the salon. I had a fantastic hair cut the last time, but I was in MD for a wedding, and I can’t fly cross country every time I need a hair cut!

    My mom’s opinion on hair was always “It grows back” and so that’s my take on it as well. Right now my hair’s dark brown, natural color, but I *love* being a redhead, so I want to get it colored again soon.

  36. Brenda

    I voted as long as not too drastic BUT I am EXTREMELY picky with who the stylist is!

  37. Joni

    I’m very attached. I decided one day that I wanted waist-length hair and it’s been quite a while and I’m still determined to get there. I spent most of my life hating my hair so now that I’m finally learning about taking care of wurls, I really really want to achieve healthy long hair.

  38. Laurie

    Dye my hair is the only thing I will do to my hair.

  39. Moni

    I like my hair as it is. I don’t dye it as I am lazy to do the maintenance. My hair also grows straight, thick & really fast. My hairdresser loves to measure how long it’s grown everytime I come in. I know I suppose to get a trim every 10-12 weeks, but like I said, I’m lazy so I only go 2x a year.

    I like to keep it shoulder length, but I’ve let it grow long enough and cut it to donate it several times. So I guess I am not emotionally attached to it :)

  40. I’m very attached to my jaw-length, bobbed coloured hair. I get it properly cut every 5-6 weeks without fail, and trimmed every 2-3 weeks. When my hair is unkempt, I feel generally lacklustre and tired.

  41. KF

    I know it’ll grow back, but I’m extremely attached to my hair. Until I was 13, I had it down to my knees, and then cut it all off to my chin – I hated it so much I cried for days, and I’ve never cut it since. I’m even afraid to go get it trimmed since I have super curly hair and stylists are always cutting too much off. One of my goals for this year is to at least get the split ends trimmed, but I haven’t brought myself to do it yet.

    • Kaitlyn

      Go to a stylist that will cut it dry. I am much like you (cut it short once, hated it, it’s been long ever since). I always found that stylists cut too much off, but I got my hair cut this week with a new stylist. She said she was cutting it dry because with curly hair you can see how it is going to look better when it’s dry and you don’t cut too much off on accident because it isn’t stretched out like when it’s wet. Also, maybe you could go to someone who has more of an ‘older’ clientèle.. They may be a little more patient and used to people being picky. 😉

  42. ROSIE

    Any length of hair I can handle (I’ve done short, medium and long) but no shaving.

    Only thing I’d be wary of would be dying my hair some crazy colour all over or ugly choppily-done colour combination of brown and blonde.

  43. Yazmin

    Im not emotionally attached, but i know certain things wouldnt suit me, so when i go for my quarterley restyle i tend to tell my stylist the area where she shouldnt go, otherwise usually im happy with the result, if im not happy my hair grows back really fast anyways so its not that long that i have to put up with a style that i dont like

  44. Yumi

    I keep my hair fairly short so one inch is a lot to me!

  45. Beth Maiorana

    Was diagnosed with cancer this past year, and all I could think of was that I was going to lose my hair (and eyebrows and lashes)- nothing else mattered, it seemed. Not that there was an excellent chance that I would lose my future, not that I would lose my breasts, and not that my hair is especially thick, long, glorious, or any of those facts. After having come through all that, I still say to anyone who listens: I couldn’t bear the prospect of losing my hair. The best, most expensive wig would not suffice, either. I must have my (awful) hair. Period. xoxo Beth in Pgh

  46. Alison

    I’m somewhere between “BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK!” and “If its not too drastic” – I’m very wary of getting my hair cut by people/hairdressers I don’t trust to do exactly what I want. I hate getting my hair done only to end up with pancake flat/overly layered/trendy mullet hairstyles. I’m very conservative in my hair choices. Natural colour, subtle lowlights and tints if any, long layers/classic bobs/angular medium-length hair, bangs or no bangs and that’s it.

  47. Well, I mean. I’m definitely attached to my hair. Like. Hair is a very important part of your personal style.
    But like. I wouldn’t shave it off – I’d look awful bald due to my weight combined with my facial features.
    But like. I’ll dye it any colour (including unnatural ones – I love bright hair) and try any hairstyle that’ll suit me as long as I like how it looks.

    At the moment I have bright red, shoulder length hair that looks short because of it’s layers with a short fringe that I can keep straight down, sweet to the sides, or put together to a v-fringe.
    I’m really awaiting my fringe to grow so I can keep it in a regular side fringe again though.

    Oh, and I also cut my hair myself.
    I should really go to a salon though, since I’m too lazy to cut the back properly…

    I also want to get a bunch of wigs from Arda so I can switch it up.

    … I like hair.

  48. kastehelmi

    I voted “cut off an inch, watch your back” because my hair takes forever to noticeably grow. My hair is super-curly and frizzy, so it can’t be brushed, only combed in the shower. My hair is about 24 inches pulled straight, but only a couple inches past my shoulders in it’s curly-poofy state. I have wanted waist-length hair but have never achieved it so far, because of so much shrinkage….but if I ever want it and am willing to fry it, a flat-iron can give me waist-length hair, for the low cost of 3 hours of my time and frying my hair so that it may not grow as long as I want it to…
    My hair is so thick that I couldn’t really wear it short. I have some looser curls on the bottom and kinkier more split-ended curls on top so I don’t even know how to style it really….
    I wear buns, occasional ponytail (being self-conscious of the poofiness), and down with glycerin-based gel to control frizz. I can’t do any of that with short hair, so I am not sure what I would do with shorter hair–shave my head in frustration and buy a thinner more behaved wig maybe? But then I couldn’t afford a wig that would look decent enough….

  49. Gaby

    I used to be soooo attached to my long hair, but I recently cut off 14 inches to donate, so now I am gung ho! I am very particular about who can do it, but I trust my stylist and let him do whatever he thinks will work for me.

  50. Loustan

    I’m Emotionally attached to mine, but Christine I am emotionally attached to yours. PLEASE DON’T CUT IT. hahaha

  51. I’m not so emotionally attached with the lenght of my hair. its more the color. I’m dyeing my hair red since 15 years and it took my really long time to find the right product. bc with red, i mean “burning fire truck red”, not a little sheen of red in brown hair.

    i dyed my hair also black, but even my friends said, thats not really me. its only me, when i’m red-haired.

  52. Stephanie

    Not so much the length, because I’ve grown it to the point where a couple of inches off doesn’t really matter. More about the texture, since I routinely get my hair straightened. I never figured out how to deal with my slightly-wavy-but-not-wavy-enough frizzy hair, which didn’t really have much shape. It looked nice after a day or too without washing and lots of wave definition, but just way too much maintenance for me. So now my hair pin straight but still voluminous (good!), but I’m a little sad that my hair doesn’t curl much anymore.

  53. Kathrin P

    I only let “my” hairdresser cut my hair. He does it exactly the way I want it and like it. Nobody else has ever managed to cut my hair the way he does. I’m really emotionally attached to my hair, and I cannot imagine having anybody else cut my hair or get close to it. It’s him and my hair products for me – for life!