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I make sure I am well-stocked in SPF at all times, especially ones that dry matte, because that’s what I look for in a sunscreen I layer under makeup.  If I’m doing full makeup, I try to build makeup in layers, which means using primers and powders to set anything liquid/cream.  For lighter days, I opt for tinted moisturizer over regular liquid foundation.  I don’t really go to the beach, so waterproof makeup is not necessary.

— Christine

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what is your favorite sunscreen that dries matte….? I’ve been searching for a good one for a while because I am so pale!

I’m totally enamoured with the Shiseido ultimate 55+, lovely dry down and I’m about as pale as you can get, plus it has the mineral component.

I layer a lot as well! I switch to Studio Sculpt foundation, and I make sure to carry extra powder with me because I always tend to sweat along my hairline!

On humid days I definitely go for the bare minimum: spf tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lipstick. No sense in putting anything else on when it’s going to melt off within 20 minutes.

I change to lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizers and try to use less concealer. I use lighter colors on my eyes and lips and use bronzer more.

Sooo just last weekend I found myself in Walgreens choosing sunscreen alongside my aunt. She had flown in from San Diego and I had flown in from Reno and we were heading to Calistoga. She thought I was joking whn I chose a 110 SPF with all the bells and whistles. My Dad had to make a smart comment about paying more for a negligible difference. I assault replied t was the same price and that Gisele is not my skin care guru (this comment was lost on him). Long story long, in the summer I lust for triple digit sunscreen. I freckle, wrinkle and have lots of tattoos so it’s my summer essential. If there is water, I
will go in it so I avoid mascara and powdered foundation. I wear MUFE aqua eyes and pass on my usual liquid liner. I also avoid MSF and powder blush because I can sweat even in the driest climate. Perhaps what makes me saddest is not accented eyebrows, without which I am not set to “11” for my mojo.

Do you have any recommendations for sunscreens/SPF that dry matte? I’ve searched and most leave me feeling greasy. Thanks!

Which moisturizer do you use for summer w/spf? Just curious to know what layers well with my foundation. More specifically I use MUFE HD liquid. I’ve heard of SPF creating a cast/discoloration.

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Clarins UV Plus SPF 40, Neutrogena Dry Touch, Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream (or Lotion) for Face!

For white casts, if you have no issues with chemical sunscreens, those will help eliminate them, and sometimes higher-end products do so better, because they are finer particles. Generally, white casts should only show up with flash photography – because the light is reflecting back off of the face from the SPF itself.

I am looking for a good non waterproof mascara please suggest any.Non waterfroof mascara’s doesn’t hold the cruls of my lashes for long and doesn’t give much volumn

I have to go for long-wearing foundation in the summer, because my face sweats like crazy. Rimmel 25 Hour has been working wonders so far!

I really want to say I change my makeup routine in summer, but I really don’t. I do the same thing, same foundation, same powder, pretty much same routine.

Using SPF daily is totally a must for me. I change foundation to tinted moisturizer and use cream blushers and more cream products in general.. 🙂 Also I can notice that the bright lipsticks have been taking over..

I am sorry for the above silly comment! When I saw it published I realized what I’ve written! 8/
During summer at a daily base usually I opt for gel moisturizers, La Roche-Posay Anthelios tinted sunscreen of spf50 and a bronzer! =)

I actually wear more makeup because i have more time to do different looks. I use my MUFE face and body foundation more in the summer because it’s lightweight, and i dont use mac paint pots a lot because on me they crease with the heat. for the beach i only use waterproof liner and mascara.

I try to make things a LOT lighter! I usually only will use a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation, unless I have a big event such as a wedding. I also like to use cream blush since it stays on longer when I sweat. I keep everything else pretty much the same – usually a light pink lip with a ton of mascara. I sunless tan during the summer, so once I’m dark enough, I do let a little loose with all my bronzers and highlighters!

Yes! In the winter, I slather on thick cream because I have very dry skin. My foundation is also more full coverage and creamy. In the summer, I like to wear tinted moisturizer and gel-based moisturizer underneath. For makeup, I veer towards shimmery peaches and golds.

I love summer. My routine changes in that I only wear tinted moisturizer over a light bit of whatever serum I am currently using, then just one of my Chanel lipglosses and mascara.

I live in South Florida, so I don’t change my make-up during the summer. I always use tinted moisturizers with SPF. If I go to the beach, NO MAKE UP for me.

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