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Typically, by brand, then by product, then alphabetized (when possible, and this usually doesn’t last long!). Some products I organize by product – I know I have lots of glosses by multiple brands all in one container. Same with eyeliners!

— Christine

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I organize everything by type of product, then by brand, then color wheel – except my eyeliner pencils, which are done just by color wheel.

Except for things I use on the daily like concealer, foundation, powder, primers – I keep those in a pile together so I can grab ’em quick; I sort things by type/product, then brand, then by ROYGBIV. If  I have several products that are the same color in the same brand (this typically happens with candles, like I’ll have several that are white), then I alphabetize them. 😛

@Safyre I sort them YORVIBG lol. Btw, I stared at those letters forever trying to figure out what they meant 😛

I have an academic desk that has two drawers in the side of it, they’re small but they’re deep enough to hold a lot.  I keep my eye products in the top drawer and face and cheek products in the bottom.  Since my face drawer doesn’t have a lot in it (I don’t wear much foundation), everything is kinda scattered in there, but the eye drawer is organized by brand of eyeshadow on the far left, and the far right has eyeliners, primers and mascaras.  Everything I use on a daily basis stays on the desk rather than in the drawers, that way I don’t have to search for it every day (for example, the lash curler and brow powder stays on the desk).  Eventually I’ll move my whole desk around and get little plastic organizing drawers. 🙂

Since my stash is pretty small right now, it’s mostly jumbled with a few attempts at sorting. I have all my Burberry products in one bag, along with my Chanel products, and I have a bag that holds my eyeshadows and whatever other random items fit in there. I have another bag that holds stuff I don’t use very often, and I do have one bag that holds most of my lipsticks and lip glosses, and a smaller one that holds a few I keep in my purse. I need better organization, but I need more space to organize first. I may get some of those mini drawers at Target and try that. 

I organize primarily by type and then by brand so there’s a bit of uniformity with packaging.  Typically, I don’t bother organizing by color for lip and face products but for eyeshadows I might.

I just emptied out an Ikea wardrobe I wasn’t using and turned it into a beauty closet. At the moment, everything is sort of just jumbled in there…eventually, I will be purchasing little containers and boxes to sort everything out

By type and then by color.  I know organizing things by brand makes things look neater in storage, but when I’m doing my makeup I’m usually thinking less “today seem’s like a good day for Brand X Color Y” and more “I need a Teal/Coral/Fuschia/Color Du Jour” and I want to be able to see all of my available options for that color together so I can compare them and decide which strikes my fancy the most that day OR would best complement my other makeup.

I have all my eyeshadows sorted by color into adorable corresponding tea tins. I have my makeup brushes in a tea pot, and my lip products (there aren’t many) and eyeliners in tea cups. My large palettes stand upright in a wooden box and my small palettes (duos etc.) are in a cookie jar. I was going for a tea party theme to cute-ify my abhorrently large hoard. I sort my neutrals by warm vs. cool and also by depth of color (lights, mediums, darks). I sort my other colors by complexity (true purples, grey purples, etc.). My foundations and concelear live in a beautiful Italian coffee tin I got online, and my blushes are in a red square Chinese tea box I got from the local Asian grocery store. I keep samples in a small chocolate box.

Mine is a fairly complicated process. When it comes to pencils, I separate eyes from lips. I don’t wear alot of blush, and what I’m currently using are NARS, and they’re stored with my NARS eyeshadows. My gel liners, Paint Pots, etc are stored in they’re own small train case. Lipstick is stored in several shoeboxes, separated by brand, but glosses are a bit haphazard in a couple of shoeboxes. Nail polish is sorted by brand in large ziploc bags, and then tossed in a small pullman. Pigments are all in a small makeup bag, and loose shadows are organized in a couple of small drawers (I have 3 plastic mini drawer sets that house my shadows). Larger palettes are stored in a couple of small duffle bags, as are foundations. I have a box that houses all of my depotted round shadows in DIY palettes I made from watercolor palettes, as well as a few smaller compacts. That’s pretty much everything, though I probably left some things out. I have entirely way too much makeup…

i have a little three-tiered desktop drawer set that goes face, lips, eyes. with the lip products, i sort by shape and with the eyes, my shadows go on the left, liners and mascaras to the right. with face, my powder is to the left, blushers to the right. pretty concise

My 465 nail polishes (!!!) are organized by brand and are contained in two Helmers. The first one is the international Helmer (with US salon brands and foreign nail polishes in general), the second one is the Italian Helmer, with all the brands which are from my country. I also have an untrieds box (organized by brand too). The other make up products are organized by product: all my lipglosses in one container, all the lipstick in another one and so on. I have two containers full of eyeshadows and pigments, and they are a mess! 😀

I sort everything in my stash by a product type. I use various brands therefore I sometimes have only one or two products by the same brand. And I also have a special container with everyday used products so I can grab them whenever needed.Btw Christine, new comment interface form looks very nice. 🙂

By product and then by color. I tried to sort them by brand before, but I have so many different brands in my stash, it then took me forever to find that one perfect lipstick color, so I changed my system. Now, when I search for that perfect pink lipstick I know exactly where to look.

My entire stash is in a closet/cupboard that sits against the sink in our bathroom.  The bottom two shelves have my skin and hair care, plus my makeup brushes (sorted into eye and facial).  The cosmetics themselves are situated in three different bins.  The largest is a huge makeup case that has all of my lipstick in it, currently sorted by brand (I’m thinking that will have to change soon).  Then there’s a smallish three-tiered drawer set that holds my “daily use” products – first drawer has all eye products (eyeshadow singles, liners, mascara, etc.), second drawer is all palettes, and third is all of my general face products (foundatin, highlighters, blushes, primers, etc.).  Lastly, I have a small storage bin that holds all of the extra lip products – glosses, pencils, etc.
I am leery at the thought of moving soon, only because I know I’ll likely have to completely reorganize my collection to fit my new bathroom.  DX

I’m moving within a couple of weeks, and am *dreading* having to reorganize. The upside is I will have the largest closet I have ever had in my entire life, but I’m not looking forward to figuring out the makeup storage (and of course, there’s the actual moving it).

By product, and where I have enough of a brand, by brand (i.e. I have 4 nail polish drawers, and one drawer is strictly OPI products; one case is MAC lipsticks only). I need to work out a better sorting system though, half of my products just end up sitting on my desk so they’re easy to grab!

By kind of product and how often used, I think it’s biasing your product use if you sort by brand and I don’t like to think of the brand, just use what works for me. I have my most used products in my Micke 4 drawer set (from ikea obv) next to my desk and my other products it a plastic set of drawers on top of my dresser. I have stage makeup and more professional stuff in my train case 

Pretty much all mixed up, with the products I use most within most easy reach. It’s all in what is basically a large medicine cabinet in my own ensuite bathroom (which is fairly small).  All my blushes and powder foundations in compacts are in a small box; brushes all together in a container, liquid foundations and primers on their own shelf….it’s not the best set up but generally I can find everything.  “Second string” items (stuff I’m not currently using much) is in my bedroom, in a bottom dresser drawer.

I have a four drawer tower under my sink for makeup. The top drawer is for things I use everyday (BB cream, UD potion primer, mascara, concealer) . The 2nd drawers is for eye products (shadow, liner, other primers), the 3rd drawer for face products (bronzers, blushes, concealer), and the 4th drawer is for lip products. My collection isn’t huge but it isn’t going to fit into a single makeup bag any time soon so this is what is working for me right now :)http://nineteenoone.blogspot.ca/

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