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For my everyday 5 min look it is more about good grooming rather than trying to become prettier. I am fine with the way I look naturally. I love makeup but my face looks better with very little of it on. I like oil controlled skin, brushed natural full brows, moisturized lips and defined lashes……..basic grooming.

Makeup is something different for everyone. I think the glossiness of the fashion industry and hollywood perpetuates the need for pretty and might add perfection.

This is something I have been wrestling with for a while -if I don’t care what people think why do I feel I need to wear make up? Can I bear not to be considered attractive?
Not around the house but definitely for work. I am 57 and if I don’t wear make up people ask me if I’m ok or that I don’t look well. A little bit of make up makes a big difference. My children notice and say you look nice. I am thinking of experimenting during Lent, giving up make up and see how I feel going bare faced- well maybe a bit of concealer!
Then there’s the question of hair colouring – I colour my hair so that I don’t look like a badger, is it vanity, a bid to look younger , look attractive mmm food for thought…..

I, too, no longer wear makeup around the house, but on days when I “do” my face to go out, it’s so much fun!

I’ve never been really interested into conventional ideas of ‘beauty’; I’m not tall, not pale, my face is not really pretty. I renounced many years ago to the idea of ‘fitting into the beauty standards’. But I LOVE makeup. I love the way it changes my appearance. It can change my features into something I like, be it something society considers beautiful or not. I’m also an Arts Major, and I LOVE COLOR. Makeup has inspired many of my works, and my makeup has been inspired by art; it’s like taking your artistic work anywhere you want to. It makes me feel confident not because I feel ‘pretty’, but because I feel myself.

I like to tell them that makeup isn’t just for vain/pretentious purposes.
It’s a form of art, expression, even a way to feel better, but most important is to embrace ourselves as pretty with bare face or makeup on.
The outside is something constantly changing, the inside is what define us.
Putting makeup on for me is a therapy itself 🙂

This is a great question!
I’m a proud feminist, and I am very used to friends giving me odd looks and saying I’m being contradictory for liking make up, which some of my stauncher friends say is just a patriarchal tool that is inhibiting our true beauty. I think make up often does the opposite – it actually encourages female expression and creativity, domains which have been very shut off to us in the past. I hate all this ‘You can’t be a feminist! You wear make up!” rubbish. So I can’t believe in women in Sudan getting the vote because I wear lipgloss? I can’t be disgusted that men are paid on average 30% more for the same job as women because I love a smoky eye? I don’t have the right to oppose out dated views on victim blaming and the fact that in Britain there are approximately 7,500 rapes reported a year and of those a pathetic 3% ends in a conviction because I know which blusher suits my skin tone?
Nah didn’t think so. I REST MY CASE YOUR HONOUR! 😉

Not to mention, it’s just yet another way in which women are kept down, in my opinion. If you can be discredited as a feminist for liking makeup, then you don’t pose a threat. And those who want to discredit you will always find a way to try. Be who you are and be proud.

I don’t like it when someone says they NEED make-up to feel good about themselves. What you want to rock is what should make you feel good about yourself, regardless of public opinion.

Whenever my boyfriend asks me why I wear that much make-up and why I think that I need all that stuff, I just say that I don’t think that I need it at all. I really don’t mind going out without anything on my face, I just love doing my make-up and I just feel a little bit more comfortable with make-up on. Doing my make-up in the morning is kind of a relaxing moment for me. 🙂

I say it is true because we are all narcissists in a way, and beauty addicts are very often so. They first ask ” WHEN is this to be launched ” and sometimes ” HOW are you “? I mean WE need to feel prettier but everyone has their good and personal reasons too, I too. I don’t know what’ behind the curtain or scene but I know narcissism does play a role in our love or addiction for beauty products.

Good question but OMG I don’t! My time is far too valuable to me to bother… best thing for me to do is walk away. It’s not my job to enlighten you.

I’d say that looking our best (or trying to look our best) is a way of not only showing that we feel good about ourselves but also a way of showing respect for others, that we put an effort to look good for them too. It gives self-respect and respect for others as well.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be bothered to respond to someone who would ask me that, because it’s so hypocritical. The ones who think make up degrades you and all that stuff don’t have a clue about how genetic/biologic attraction laws work and why we choose certain types of faces/bodies and reject others. Moreover, this people are also the ones who also feel attracted by good looking people, like everybody else, so they don’t practice their own doctrine.

I explain the inherent need of most animals to clean and present themselves well. I give examples of human adornment, from a historical and cultural view. Then, I let them know that it’s a matter of expression for me, personally. Finally, I let them know that no one that I know judges anyone for their desire to wear makeup or their desire not to.

It’s kind of a defensive world view. I’ve heard it before and this approach, oddly, works best for me.

I agree with them first, a little bit. Then they are more willing to listen to the rest of my view on make up. So I tell them that is it also a form of self expression. Everyone knows I like colorful things, so I tell them lipstick doesn’t make me prettier, but it makes me more colorful. And I love that.

I think cosmetic company’s advertisements fool people into thinking that their photoshopped perfection is possible with their brand of makeup, I feel that is an delusional mindset. But I feel that makeup is something that helps me feel confident and lets me change my look every now and again. Nothing wrong with that.

While I totally understand where they’re coming from with regards to feminism and women, I think it’s the attitude of why you wear makeup that matters.

Frequently I hear women say that they have to wear makeup to be pretty, to look good for someone, and I think that that’s possibly perpetuating the idea that you have to wear makeup to be beautiful. That being said, if you’d like to wear makeup to please others you most definitely can, I’m not dismissing people who do.

On the contrary, I know lots of women who wear makeup because it makes them feel pretty, gives them confidence, or allows them to express themselves. Personally, I tell people I wear makeup because it’s fun and it makes me feel good. Taking care of your body either with makeup or skin care is taking care of yourself.

I completely agree. Makeup is just another form of expression, and the only time it… makes me sad is when I hear women who say they can’t even leave the house without any on. I know some people who can’t buy milk from a corner store without putting on their whole face, but for the most part, most people I know wear it just to change things up and feel colorful. 😀

LOVE LOVE LOVE your reply, Christine! ‘it can be an art form as well as a form of self-expression. ‘ You are so much more eloquent than I’ll ever be: I’m totally stealing this for the next person to talk about my makeup.

I think we can agree that you should wear more or less fitting clothes to work, does that mean you think women who don’t wear make up don’t deserve jobs as well?

I think Christine meant fitted, like so they followed your silhouette and flatter your figure, not just clothes that are neither sagging nor have you bursting through.

Profile photo of Christine

As far as I know, most people choose close that flatter their shapes – it has nothing to do with wearing clothes that are tighter/looser, only that people often choose clothes they feel are flattering on them. I don’t know where your comment re: makeup is somehow relevant to whether you get a job? I don’t think I mentioned anything regarding work or jobs.

Yay!!! You posted my question! I feel special now. LOL. My friend said: “bras are not necessary…and yet we prefer to wear them anyway because they keep our boobs from sagging and looking ugly… the same can be said for make-up.”

I wouldn’t use the word ugly the way she used it, but I do think makeup can give us a boost (kind of the way bras give us a boost).

She’s spot on though. Unless it’s to prevent back pain from large breasts or doing sports, bras are completely unnecessary, but women still wear them because society has become accustomed to breasts being held up and sticking out like that. Natural breasts, which tend to hang, are seen as “saggy”, which is a shame.

I’m ideologically opposed to “base” garments like push-up bras, body shapers and things like that for the same reasons I’m ideologically opposed to “base” makeup: because if enough people are doing it, it gives a false illusion of what “normal” is and sets unrealistic expectations for the uninformed.

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