Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

How do you resist beauty sales? What are your tips to prevent giving into temptation?

Temptalia's AnswerThere has been a slew of holiday sales, so it made me curious as to how people resist the “deal.” My advice is to create a monthly budget so you know how much spending money you have – and if you don’t have it, you know you can’t spend! I also have a rule to only use my debit card on beauty purchases–if it’s on credit, pay it off the same day (Nordstrom is my exception–when they have triple points).

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61 thoughts on “How do you resist beauty sales?

  1. Pamela

    It depends on solely whether I need it or not.

  2. Shannon

    I can’t resist! I’d luv 2 learn how 2 though. 😉

  3. xiao

    i wish i was as level headed as you are

  4. I normally resist sales just because I know I need to pay for more important things. Thanks for the tip on using only debit to pay for beauty purchases. Looks like you’re much better with money than I am!

    • My mom was SUPER SUPER strict about having savings, never going into credit card debt, etc. Growing up, whenever we got checks from relatives for birthdays/Christmas, 50% had to go straight into savings! I didn’t like it so much then, but she really instilled some good habits into me :)

  5. Ann

    That’s easy. I look at my bank balance and see I don’t have money for makeup.

  6. Julie

    *I would bite my hand to keep myself from reaching into my wallet for my credit card.

  7. Annika

    It’s a matter of budgeting and “would I buy this if it wasn’t on sale” thing for me.

  8. I have a monthly beauty budget, and I keep my eyes open for sales/bonuses that are actually worthwhile for my needs/use. On the rare occasion that something spectacular goes on sale, and it’s over my budget, I make the pouty face at my sweet boyfriend, bake him a cheesecake, and ask him very nicely to buy my beauty finds. :)

  9. Maryelle

    I always ask myself, do I really need this? And I always check my stash if I have a similar color because I find myself always buying the same colors!

  10. Leenie

    I usually have money put aside for my beauty purchases, once I spend it up I stop shopping unless its something that I have to get before its sold out and I rarely use my credit cards because I would get out of control and I would be stuck with this big bill at the end of the month

  11. I don’t use my credit card AT ALL. haha It is only there for like real emergencies. Have been so since I got it about 3years ago! :) yes I do make a limit on the amount I can spend :) but I must say I have not been very good these few months. I am not allowing myself to buy anything this year with my own money! Unless I will DIE without it.LOL! So hopefully I get some good gifts/cash for Christmas 😉 hehe

  12. Resist? Well it depends on who is having the sale. I never resist a sale at Sephora. However, in general I’m a very good money manager and a hard worker. I pay all my bills first, I don’t have a car payment anymore, I don’t use a credit card and my husband can’t complain much cause I make all the money 😉

  13. nicci

    I surprised myself a little. I got the 20% discount for VIBs at Sephora and was ready to purchase online but decided not to. There wasn’t anything I really needed and thought, if I really needed it, I would have purchased, instead of wait months for sale to come along.

    It’s okay though, I spent money instead on something I’ve been waiting for – the new Chanel Riva nail polish :) and soon the spring collection from Chanel.

  14. Michelle

    I say just buy it. All. IF you have the money. If not, don’t even look! If you know you’re a sale-aholic, prepare for the sale seasons and SAVE. Keep a piggy bank of 20’s so you can get what you want without feeling guilty, or taking out of your savings, or even worse, charging! I don’t go for the “deal” myself, and if there is a set and it has anything in it I already own, I don’t buy it! It has to be amazing and made-for-me or I’m just like ehh… whatever. I’m with Jamie. Most hubbies will gladly contribute to the wife-looking-amazing fund, as long as we’re not hoarding and we actually look amazing with the stuff. (:

  15. Christine

    I don’t.

  16. Jenn

    Yeah, I give myself a quarterly budget (running on a school year) to use on my debit card. I’ll deposit my checks into my savings and take out a small allowance for me to spend, spend, spend! That way I can’t dip into my savings, lol.

  17. sana

    somehow offline stores do not excite me that much – but e-shopping is really my weak spot. so when i suddenly see smth i totally can’t resist i put my laptop aside – and check my cosmetic drawer and usually see 3-4 similar items, and think it over. if that does not work i go looking into my bank receipts – also quite refreshing. but sometimes there are just things i absolutely have to have – and then even a monthly spending limit can’t prevent me from buying

  18. Val

    It’s really difficult for me. I tried to only buy things that I have already tried and I know I will repurchase.

  19. Vio

    Either I have the money or I don’t. I do not like going into debt and luckily credit cards aren’t really that common in Germany, so it’s either cash, debit card or invoice (when shopping online).

    Often I put something I see online in a basket but don’t proceed to the checkout. Then I get away from the computer, do something differently, maybe even sleep about it and the next day see if I still want the item. Sometimes I play this “game” for days. I think I’ve been pondering some NARS-products for two weeks now. Mostly from the Fall/Winter-collections and a blush.

  20. nina

    personally i make a list of what i want and try to stick to it no matter what 😉

  21. Lulee

    This is a trick question right??? Because I don’t resist.. No only kidding I actually think I’m very level headed with my spending and I never “haul”. Anyway I’m actually only here to tell you Christine thAt nordstrom has a debit card which links with your bank account and still has all the benefits of the regular card. It’s actually fabulous! I too despise credit cards so I think this was a great idea on their part!!

  22. Amelia

    haha i fell into that trap today. I went to ulta for some retail therapy (my bf broke up with me). And ended up being like buy one get on 50% off well i might as well, the whole entire time i was there…
    I also got an OPI top coat for buying 2 other OPI polishes. deal???

  23. Jocey

    I resist because I don’t NEED it. I love makeup but i don’t need to own everything :)

  24. Arantzazu

    Easy! Having no money!!!
    Once I’ve spent the amount I’ve kept for that purpose, I don’t buy anything more…
    I wish I was millionaire XD Then I would be buying cosmetics every single week!!! =)

  25. Taj

    I try to bring along a friend who disapprove of makeup purchases when I do the beauty sales shopping.

  26. Easy. There are no tempting holiday sales in Germany. Rare for clothes and non-existant for beauty products. But: I don’t know how I’d resist them if I were living in the States. 😉

  27. I resist because I need a new car & the fact that I looked at my collection & thought…”does an everyday women need this much makeup?” I do makeup here and there for my family but I really had to evaluate my situation. I haven’t purchased anything from the last 4 or 5 MAC collections & I am proud of myself.

  28. AnGeLwInGz

    I make a huge wish list/shopping cart way in advance, and as the magic day gets closer I remove items but never add them. I get the bare minimum the first day of the sale and if there’s something else that’s just gnawing at me I’ll go back and get it the next day, after I’ve had some time to think it through.

  29. Vanessa

    I always save my makeup money for something specific for instance i save some money for the marcel wanders collection and i wont buy anything outside of that or else id just spend all my money.

  30. Ashley P

    I allot myself a certain spending amount per pay check each week or two weeks depending on how much I made…my boyfriend always ways to kill me. He just doesn’t understand why I need so many eye shadows or four different lipsticks that he’s convinced looks the same. I just cannot help myself at times :)

  31. z

    I don’t have credit cards because I can’t be trusted, haha! So, I see something I want and then I walk away. If I remeber I want it and can’t stop thinking about it a week later then I’m allowed to buy it :)

  32. BethM

    First off, if I can’t afford to spend money I don’t buy anything.

    Then, I try to only buy things that I would have bought anyway. I try to stick to about 75% things I would buy at any price. Then, 25% is things I have been wanting to buy but have been putting off because of the price (but probably would have ended up buying at some point). For example, for the Sephora sales, I mostly just got skincare that I would have purchased again when I run out, anyway. Then I got a few things (such as Tarte waterproof mascara) that I’ve been meaning to buy but kept putting off.

    This way, I actually save money because I would have spent full price on those things at some point, anyway.

  33. Lisa

    I’ve been trying to remind myself of just how much makeup I already have, and to shop my stash more. It’s hard to resist amazing deals, like the RBL sale. But, that happens so infrequently, I figure it’s okay to splurge then :)

  34. Lissa

    Reminding myself that there will be much better sales in a month!

    (unless I’m depressed/stressed, then I buy all sorts of stupid stuff)

  35. Ani_BEE

    It’s harder for me to resist LE lunches than sales. MAC never has sales so I can’t plan for that and we don’t have CCO up here in Canada.^_^

    Sales I plan for like IMATS and Sephora. A lot of Indie brands I wait some times a whole year for a sale in order to cut down on total cost with shipping involved from the US.

    Annika statement covers it for me as well.

  36. Karen

    I wait for a while, see if I need anything, see if I can afford it that month, etc. However, sometimes it’s such a good deal (like Sephora’s 20% and I got Nars Etrusque!) that I can’t resist!

  37. I don’t. =( I spend money I don’t have. I think I have a problem…

  38. Jessica

    I don’t own a credit card personally….but..I still manage to blow way to much money on Makeup..I’m getting better though..I passed up The MAC Tartan tales sale. :) I keep telling myself “If I want to afford Christmas presents this year I have to pass it up”. I’d feel pretty horrible telling my younger siblings I couldn’t get them anything because I blew all my money on makeup >.<

  39. Sally

    Its easy, if you don’t have the money, you don’t have the money! Bills always come first and getting into credit card debt over MAKEUP, is pretty ridiculous. Sometimes the sales come when you don’t have the money, like Sephora F&F sale. I just had to miss out!

  40. Dini

    I don’t resist. Is that bad? Ha ha. I keep my running list of products that I need and want. If they are still available at sale time, that is when I pounce and pick them up (if I still want them after all that waiting, that is).

  41. Lisa

    I would just walk past the entire make up department with a straight face, focusing on COMPLETELY ignoring the set ups.

    Or if I couldnt help it and give into atleast looking, I CONVINCE myself that I hav colors very similar to the ones I wanna shell out for.

    Also I try to think of all my make up and colors that I have to avoid buying compulsively;)

  42. Liz Mc

    I check my stash to see if I already have one like it, and if I do force myself to walk away (usually).

  43. Mires

    I tried to stick to my budget… but I really like yours better :)

  44. Maggie

    Oof. I’m not very good at resisting. I pay for most things with my debit card, but I do use my credit card for some things (i.e. I wouldn’t ever be able to afford a Clarisonic Mia using only my paychecks, so I used my credit card to get one over F&F), but I have a rule not to exceed 50% of my credit limit (which is pretty low), only to use the one credit card, and to make at LEAST triple my minimum payment every month, so it’s not too bad :)

  45. Eleanor

    My husband and I each get an monthly cash allowance to spend on what ever we want. After it’s gone, that’s it. I keep the cash in an envelope in my purse. If I want to buy something on line, then I have to deposit that amount of cash back into our checking account. I really like it this way. It keeps me from using my debit card, which doesn’t feel like spending anything at all.

  46. AshleyD

    I agree with the budget you mentioned Christine. I currently have a small budget each month. I keep seeing sales that look lovely, but I simply have no money in my bank account so I can’t even be tempted. When I did have a little money, last year when I had a scholarship, everything was more tempting. I kept buying things on sale that I really wanted but didn’t need. then all my scholarship money was gone, mostly wasted on makeup or skin care that didn’t work out in the end anyway. NOw that I’ve come to the point where I just don’t have any money, it’s good for me because I really have to budget. Hopefully I’m learning responsibility that will help me be more fiscally responsible even when I do graduate and get a job.

    • AshleyD

      I also agree with the debit tip. I’ve never bought any makeup/skin care that I knew I couldn’t pay off at the end of the month on my credit card. if I had gone over the money I’d have to pay, I simply couldn’t buy anymore, case closed. So using the debit card would be the same thing.

  47. Abril

    There’s never cosmetic sales on my country! That would be awesome! LOL!

  48. Ru

    I tell myself now that I can only have 1 purchase a month. It really makes me consider impulse buys, and whether I really need something. At Sephora I usually try not to go past the free shipping amount when ordering online. I’ll also pick a deal or a LE over something permanent. So far, it’s been REALLY hard. But considering how much I spent on Sephora F&F, it’s a justified plan.

  49. mkdallas

    Ugh, I don’t…and as a result, I have way more makeup than I could wear in this lifetime and the next, primarily lip products. I also tend to overbuy on skincare items during sales, but will eventually use up most of them. It’s a bit of a problem, lol.

  50. Michelle

    I wish I had tips! The 20% from Sephora for a few weeks emptied my wallet. lol. I probably placed 5 orders from sephora, AND went to the Holiday Shopping Event. I am so bad, that my bf really got frustrated when he saw my sephora orders. This is all because of your amazing blog updates, Christine! LOL.

  51. TheMiaomi

    only get the items that u would have paid full prices for.
    other wise ur just getting trash.

  52. I won’t buy something on sale that I wouldn’t pay full price for- for the most part! I have a beauty budget too. Actually it’s my “everything that I want but don’t need” budget but I usually spend it on makeup.

  53. Yumi

    Um…I’m not very good at it. But I usually just convince myself that I don’t really want it/it’s not that great/I have stuff like it, etc., which tends to be true. Add that with a serious lack of money and I guess I make things work. :)

  54. Mar

    Very simple… I don’t 😉

  55. Jakara

    My money has been kind of tight lately so I can resist easily. I pay what is important. If there is money left I rather keep it and save it. I hate not having money. Before money was tight I would set aside a monthly budget. I still do but I haven’t been using it much. I just purchase 2 lipsticks in like 3 or 4 months.