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If I wear a really bold lip, then I use a cotton pad with remover (usually Lancome Bi-Facil) to remove that first, and then I use a cleansing oil (usually shu uemura’s) for everything else. I will use a Q-tip dipped in remover (again, Bi-Facil) to remove any last bits of eyeliner.

— Christine

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i use a cotton pad with makeup remover and then coconut oil for the more delicate bits (eyelids, lips) and the most stubborn stains/colors.

if I haven’t worn much, I’ll use a makeup remover wipe like Neutrogena or Boots if I’m lazy. Otherwise I use shu uemura’s cleansing oil to get everything of and follow with my regular cleanser. For mascara sometimes I’ll use a cotton square dampened with Neutrogena’s oil-free eye makeup remover. (Although I have a sample of the Bi-Facil, and I like it a lot better, so I may switch.)

Ponds Cucumber Cleanser, wiped off with damp tissues, then with a warm face cloth, rinsed, then followed by a gentle creamy cleanser (I’m using Elizabeth Arden Hydra Gentle Skin Cleanser). It removes everything – eye makeup, foundation & lipstick.

For my “everyday” makeup, I slather coconut oil all over, then wipe down with a large cotton square. I then wash with a soap-free cleanser, and continue with my regular skin-care routine. I typically us a TM/BB Cream and/or MPF, so removal is much easier.

On the occasion I wear a traditional liquid or cream foundation, I opt for full-coverage, so removal takes heavier products, as well. I’ll usually use a cold cream, such as Pond’s, then continue as above.

For stubborn eye makeup, nothing beats Lancome Bi-Facil. It’s pricey, but the tiniest bit goes a really long way, so one bottle will last me a very long time.

When I was little I would watch my grandma use Pond’s Cold Cream every single night. That was the absolute best tip I ever learned to remove makeup. I use it every night and it takes EVERYTHING off so easily. Even the more stubborn makeup (looking at you Benefit They’re Real).

I usually just use Philosophy Purity face wash to get everything in one step – but if I have stubborn makeup on I use the same Pond’s cold cream trick, and I also learned it from my grams! She had great skin into her 80s so I probably should use it more often, haha. 🙂

i use MAC cleansing oil to remove my makeup, then use a normal cleaser. Then i use Rimmel eye makeup remover to remove eyeliner

I’ve been experimenting with wipes and with different cotton pads and liquids. So far my favorite remover has been Koh gen doh spa water and it annoys me that it is so dang expensive!

Hey Christine, I’ve heard great things about the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils too but I’m curious how you use it? Do you use a cotton pad with it or just rub it over your face? Do you still use a cleanser after (I’m in love with mine so I’d rather not have to separate from it)? I haven’t gotten the balls to purchase it yet since it doesn’t specify how to use it online. Thanks!

I love using Shu uemura Cleansing Oil. There is a video on Youtube and on the website on how to use. With dry hands and face, put on 2 pumps of oil on you face. All the makeup comes off. After about a minute, wash off with warm water and follow with you favorite cleanser. I love it but it’s so expensive. Still out for a cheaper alternative.

I use Bioderma first (because it feels good and I don’t always have the energy to do all the proper removing right after I get home), and then a cleansing cream/balm. I prefer those to cleansing oils, most probably because they don’t drip 😉

First I take my foundation off with a Ponds face wipe then I use Neutrogena makeup remover (the BEST!!!) on a cotton pad. Sometimes if the skin around my eyes feels dry, I will take my eye makeup off with vaseline instead and a wash cloth. The vaseline does wonders for your eyelashes too!

Over a year ago I bought a truckload of those pre-moistened makeup removing towelettes from Costco.. and yes, I’m still churning my way through them. I follow that up with two pads soaked with la prairie cellular cleansing water which is incredible for taking every last bit of makeup off, particularly anything waterproof around the eyes. I follow that up with a toner and right now I think that is a biotherm product.

I’ve been interested in the clairsonic for what seems like ages, but I’m totally uncertain as to whether or not it is safe to use every day. While my skin is not particularly sensitive to product, it is very sensitive to abrasion. Anyone out there close to *ahem* 50 using one..would love to read your post.

The kirkland wipes beat all other wipes I’ve tried! Besides the MAC ones of course, but they’re not for the eye area so that defeats the purpose for me.

I didn’t like the Kirkland wipes and switched to the Neutrogena. I find I use less now than when I used Kirkland.

I’m 36 and my skin can get sensitive to over-exfoliation, be it chemical (retinol/acid) or manual. This is new, I never had skin like this before, but it’s starting to get temperamental. In fact, I spent most of this month with peeling skin (strange that the reaction to over-exfoliation is, uh, exfoliation, ahem.)

What I decided to do instead of investing in the whole Clarisonic thing is first buy a facial cleansing brush (I just grabbed the cheapo Sephora one) and I’m using it every day to wash my face as a sort of testing ground before jumping into the Clarisonic. The brush is only $6 so if it doesn’t work, no biggie, but so far my skin has been WAY better than when I was trying to use salisylic acid or retinol-based skin renewal even every other day.

I’m only one week in with the cleansing brush, and so far so good, I’m not even sure if I need to go the automated route, but at least I know now that if I do it won’t tear my skin up. It could be worth a try as a test-run for you, also. 🙂

Hey Wwendalynne –

I turn 50 in July (yikes!) and received a Clarisonic Mia 2 as a birthday present last year. Love it. I have sensitive skin – allergies, eczema, acne prone. I use it alternate days and its great. I haven’t experienced any abrasion yet. You can customize it by choosing the brush heads that meet your needs. I alternate bet. sensitive skin and the deep pore cleansing brush heads. I use my face wipes/coconut oil to wipe off my makeup, wash with Cetaphil face wash, rinse and liberally add more Cetaphil before using my Clarisonic. That bugger still removes residue. I don’t care how diligent you are, there is residue that sucker picks up on the brush head. Creepy, but awesome. They are usually on HSN and QVC this time of the year (Mothers Day, Fall, December) with bonus stuff.

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