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I could use some tips on this too; I don’t have blue circles, but I do have dark circles, and deeply set eyes, I think, and when I put on foundation my dark circles seem more pronounced. But I feel like I can’t get concealer or foundation right on my undereye area to make it look okay. Help!

I have the same problem. Whenever I apply concealer on my dark circles, they don’t disappear, but turn grayish instead. I’m about to give up trying to hide them. 🙁

I’ve never tried it myself, but I’ve heard MAC Paint Pots (in Painterly, Soft Ochre, and the like) work well under concealer to help neutralize the darkness. Enkore actually has a YouTube video on this. HTH

You need either a pinkish/peach (lighter skin) corrector or orange (darker skin OR darker discoloration on lighter skin. My favs: Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in Orange – arguably one the best products they’ve ever produced. Also, I find Eve Pearl’s salmon concealers to be perfect in color, but I really only recommend them for dry skin. I can only use mine when my eyes are dry from Retin A.

Same problem as you, actually. What works best for me is to dab some orange-toned concealer just on the border of the deep-set area and then dab gently until the concealer disappears, taking care not to spread it too much. Using a thin synthetic shader brush is the key– I don’t get as nice an effect when I directly deposit the concealer with a blender or my finger. It really has to be a brush so that I can follow the sunken half-moon shape. HTH

Maybe you can try a highlighter instead. YSL touche eclait, Clinique Airbrush, or Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch might help. Don’t put it all the way to the lower lash line because then it will make you look tired and puffy.

i have a similar problem and i have been having luck with Armini’s mistero colour corrector. i would usually be a 2 in colour but opted for the 3 as it had a bit more orange to it and the consistance is wot i really like as its very thin and works well withlines. i then put on my normal foundation and on days i feel i need a bit more i pop on mac studio fix plus powder with a damp fluffy brush. just a little. this so far has been working for me x

I’ve had very dark circles ever since I was a teenager, both beneath my eyes and extending into the hollows of my deepset and hooded eyes. At twenty-six, I have gone through five stages of aesthetic grief and finally landed on acceptance of their permanence. This being said, I do have a fairly regular routine that I follow that I find seriously reduces the look of them:

1. I use a heavy-duty makeup remover around the eyes, both at night when I’m removing my makeup and right before I start doing it in the morning. The reason for this is because I often find that mascara and eyeliner can often linger on my lashes without me realizing it, settling into the area beneath my eyes when I shower, which worsens the look of them.

2. Next, I take a medium to full coverage liquid concealer and spread over the eyelid, brow bone, and into the corners around it. I then set this area with powder. This an important step to increasing the lasting power of the concealer, especially on those of us with hooded eyes where creasing is inevitable. I also find using a pressed powder can increase opacity of the overall coverage.

If I’m wearing eye makeup, this is the stage when I put it on. Step #3 is the biggest and most time-consuming step for me, and I don’t want to repeat the routine due to eyeshadow fallout.

3. After that’s done, I then deal with my undereye area. Full coverage concealer here, usually a cream base. If I’ve slept poorly or the blue is really noticeable, I’ll double-up with a cream concealer first and a medium-coverage liquid concealer over top of it. (People with aged skin or natural lines under their eyes may want to turn to higher end products to avoid creasing in the lines.) I often use my fingers for this step because I find it helps warm the cream concealer and spreads it easier, but if it’s a potted concealer, then I’ll use a concealer brush to apply it around the under eyes area, then the MAC 217 to blend and smooth it out. Finally, I set this area with powder, usually one with a yellow tinge to it, as it helps to diffuse the look of the blue. (Bobbi Brown’s correcter is great.)

4. I apply my foundation. When I do my cheek area, I sometimes sweep it slightly over the under eye area for added coverage. If it’s a humid day, I’ll then touch up against under the eyes with powder.

5. Optional step, particularly for people whose dark circles are limited to the under eye area. If I’m using a subtle highlighter on my face, I’ll sometimes sweep a touch of it on the brow bone and inner corner to brighten up the eye. I try to avoid using a stronger highlighter here, especially because I have hooded eyes. Too much shine on the brow bone distracts from the face.

And that’s the whole of it! If it sounds like a lot, it is. 😛 It’s probably the step that takes up the most time when I apply makeup.

Cleanser: Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover. I also like Lancome’s makeup remover, but that’s significantly pricier. Don’t be afraid to rub it in a little, since waterproof mascara can take some work to get off. If I had heavy eyeliner on, I’ll also dip a Q-tip into the bottle and run it over my waterline and lashline to make sure all of it is off.


For the lids of my eyes and brow, I use either Maybelline FitMe concealer or L’Oreal True Match concealer. I prefer the latter slightly, since it has better coverage and lasts longer. The pressed powder I use is a mineral powder from Maybelline, but really any pressed powder will work. I have a Wet ‘n’ Wild one that I keep at work that works just as well. The key is that it has to be skin-shaded, not translucent like some setting powders.

For under eye concealers, I like Bobbi Brown’s concealer/corrector duo. If you already have a full coverage have a full coverage concealer that you like, the brand does sell the correcting powder separately. Other high end brands I’ve seen recommended are Tarte and MUFE, but I’ve yet to try either of them. A cheaper dupe for the cream concealer would be the concealer sticks by Palladio, which have a yellow tint to them, and then I go over it again with Maybelline FitMe liquid concealer in a shade matching my skin tone. The downside to both of these products is that I do occasionally have product settling into the lines beneath my eyes, especially when it’s humid out, but then I also have deeper fine lines than most women my age due to the shape of my eye. For this reason, I often take the pressed powder I used on my brow and lid to sort of set it better, even if I’ve used BB’s corrector powder already.

As for my foundation, I’m currently using Maybelline FitME.

I don’t typically have dark circles, but when I do, I use a yellow-based concealer to offset the darkness. bareMinerals makes a fabulous powder one called Well Rested that can be used alone or layered over a cream or liquid under eye concealer and it doesn’t crease.

I use like 4 different concealers, then set them with Ben Nye Banana powder to mattify them and to prevent them from looking cakey.

After many years, I still haven’t figured out a foolproof makeup method for covering dark circles. While mine are definitely affected by how well rested/well nourished I am, the biggest cause of my dark circles seems to be that my skin is so fair and so thin around my eyes and you can see practically right through it! Ugh.

Right now I use Revlon PhotoReady concealer stick, but it’s not the best option – that much I know. I use it because it’s easy and quick. I do find the creamy, stick concealers are the most opaque. I did just buy a Clinique All About Eyes concealer, so we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve been using Clinique’s All About Eyes Cream Concealer in Light Neutral for years. It does a decent job and doesn’t settle into lines/wrinkles. I layer Ooh La Lift, Benefit, over it after setting it with powder. However, I’m still looking for my Holy Grail of concealers, my dark circles are quite severe.

I don’t really bother, to be honest. Mine are not very dark but I’m the same as Meg, my skin’s so fair and transparent that a bit of darkness is bound to show through, but I actually think dark circles can be kind of attractive. At least I like the ones I have, in any case, and that sort of disheveled rock-chick look works for me.

Use eye cream. Do not use face cream for eye cream. It will make your eyes puffy. I started on Clarins eye balm etc in my teen and Clarins variation eye cream. Now I am using Sisley. I bought Dior Snow to lighten the brown spots etc. I know you stated that eye cream doesnt work for you, Christine, in the past, but you do alot of review and applications. I suggest finding eye cream that works for you. Sleep and water is good. But I also try not to tug my eyes for applications. I avoid application on the waterline, mascara, false lashes and the whole nine yards and if necessary only on special basis. I even stopped using contacts 15 years ago. There is nothing wrong with all of the above, but you are tugging on the delicate eye area. Just look at the formerly Kate Middleton aka Duchess of Cambridge. She likes her dark eyeliner and look at her bags and circles on her eyes. Same as her sister.

In terms of hiding, the only thing that has worked for me is Bobbi Brown Corrector. It completely eliminates my incredibly purple dark circles. It also is just one simple step added to my routine.

I have a concealer “regimen” that works well for me, but my best tip is to use a white undereye moisturizer before beginning (or something like Clinique’s All About Eyes). It will reduce swelling if you have it, but for many women the discoloration is due to your veins, not from a lack of sleep. The moisturizer underneath the concealer will help reflect light and brighten the area. It’s subtle, but I’ve been without an undereye moisturizer for a week now and my routine is really missing it. I feel like my concealer is going on scalier now, too.

I agree about moisturizing under the eyes. Clinique’s All About Eyes is the only one that really works for me, and I’ve tried a lot. I ran out a few months ago and replaced it with something else, but it doesn’t work for me. I’ve even been omitting concealer lately because it’s been looking all flaky and cakey without my Clinique on underneath.

Hi Maureen & Becky…I’ve been testing different eye moisturizers for both day & night. I’ve heard great things about Clinique for moisturizing but do either of you know if it is good for anti-aging issues? I failed to change my products as the years went by so I have some catch up to do in the eye & neck areas. Thanks for any input!

I’ve had dark circles since middle school and I have yet to find a single product that does the job of covering them up. To counteract the purplish-blue tones, I apply a yellow concealer first (Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer Stick) and then a skintone matching concealer on top of it (Amazing Cosmetics Concealer). Then I’ll follow with my usual foundation routine. I’ve always used my fingers, but in the past year I’ve been using the beautyblender sponge to blend out the product instead. The pointed end is awesome for the under-eye area!

I’ve always had a dark under-eye area, but recently they’ve become MUCH worse! I have sinus issues, which means I have puffiness under my dark circles, which makes them more pronounced. One of the best tricks I’ve learned is not to over apply concealer on the area – it doesn’t mask them, it actually makes them more noticeable. Other than that I’m still figuring it out! I want to try layering a light reflecting product like Touche Eclat with my concealer to see if that makes a difference.

I’m lucky I’ve managed to find a really quick and simple combination that covers any under-eye issues.
I moisturise/prime as usual, then go in under the eyes with Illamasqua’s cream concealer. Normally I focus this layer on the inner corners and blend out along my lower lid. I love this concealer because it layers without caking as long as you press/blend with a fingertip. Then I apply foundation as usual, including covering the whole eye area very lightly (I’m using Rimmel’s new Match Perfection at the moment). After my foundation has settled, I run a dense fluffy brush very lightly under my eyes to blend out any creasing, etc. and apply a second very light layer of concealer if necessary (just enough to blend out any stubborn dark areas). I then finish my whole face with a dusting of Essence’s matte loose powder.

If I’m not doing a full-face of make up, I’ll use concealer on its own and still finish all over with powder.

Hard Candy glamoflauge covers everything but I prefer something a bit more creamy so I now use Catrice camouflage cream concealer.
Preventing dark circles is a tricky one for me since I battle with mental illness which affect my sleeping patterns.

I have very fair skin and especially under my eyes it tends to be so transparent that veins shine through. I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes and even on my eyelids, also as a child. I don’t like to use too heavy concealers but I’ve found that a good moisturiser does help.

I usually wear glasses, so these conceal my dark circles as well. I’ve tried toying with colour correctors but haven’t quite worked that out yet…I keep practising…it’s an ongoing “battle” but since I have generally very good skin, I’m not too bothered.

My under eye circles are extremely blue toned and I have a pale skin with a neutral to warm undertone. I tend to cover my face and eyes in foundation then I use Illamasqua’s Cream Shadow in Crumble on my same foundation brush and push it into the skin all around the eyes. For me it neutralises the blue and brightens my face. The only thing I have found that works to hide them. You really need a peach or orange tone to hide bluish circles.

Sleep is great, but also not always realistic. I read that you can mix a few drops of each honey and lemon juice and put it under your eyes – the vitamin c in the lemon juice brightens, and the honey nourishes and provides antioxidants. I have yet to try it, but will soon…

As for concealer, I think it’s counterintuitive, but the Armani Maestro concealer is the BEST for my undereye area. I use Cle de Peau on blemishes, etc., but the texture and coverage of the Armani one is AMAZING on undereyes – plus it contains ingredients to help diminish dark circles. And a tiny, tiny bit goes a long way, so it lasts forever (good, because it’s $40). I’m in love.

Hi Ellen…I’ve never heard of the lemon/honey idea. Do you know how long you leave it on? I’m probably missing something, it seems like the honey would be sticky and require extra washing to get off which could possibly tug/irritate the eye area, maybe the lemon breaks that down. If you try it soon, would you post your opinion? Thanks for the tip.

Won’t lemon juice sting your eyes and make them irritated? Maybe try a vit c serum plus manuka honey?

For my dark circles, I have found nothing to prevent them unfortunately. So, my only option is to cover them up. I use La Mer concealer, expensive I know, but it lasts a long time and doesn’t take much to hide my circles, plus it’s pretty long lasting.

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