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I haven’t checked a bag in five years or longer (I also have not gone on any trip in excess of a week), so I pack everything in my carry on, which ensures less handling (and better handling when there is) and that nobody is going to steal anything. I cushion makeup bags or palettes between sweaters and pants–anything thick and soft–or else keep it in my shoulder bag.

— Christine

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I never bring my most valuable makeup while traveling. I put all the liquids and on travel containers or contact cases an clear containers since I usually travel with cream eyeshadows rather than powder shadows because I don’t want them all over my suitcase.

My travel makeup bag is the size of a small/ medium accent pillow and I just toss it in my carry on if I’m leaving for the weekend or something.

i keep it safe with me, i never really want to check it in. its like my baby that i never want to be apart with. Lol.

I love your site christine. everytime i open my laptop it usually facebook that i open first now its this site!

I will usually put anything that can be broken or squashed, i.e.compacts or eyeshadows, in between thicker clothes to protect it. I will put any small amount of liquids like foundation into the little plastic bags and will leave it on the top.

I put everything in a big makeup zipper bag. Inside this zipper bag I put a putch where I have my brushes. I dont carry paletes.

I pack my powder products like eyeshadows and foundation in my cabin luggage. Everything else is in my suitcase.

I use a Unii palette to put some fav eyeshadows and for the skincare I prepare some little pots with labels and dates. I also put some Mac Fix+ or some alcohol in small refillable perfume atomizers with labels. I use alcohol for sanitizing the brushes after I wash them for example… it is useful but maybe not that necessary πŸ™‚
I always use a small insulated make up bag (it looks a bit like a lunch bag…) so that it is a little bit protected from the heat, depending on where you are going or if you are travelling by car it can help πŸ™‚
Palettes are in my shoulder bag and in a thin but solid cosmetic bag.
Same for the brushes, in a solid pouch, I have tried the little brush guards but they were damaging the bristles…
… sorry for my english I hope it is understandable :))

Hi Eva, I got it in a supermarket in Spain, but you can find some on the internet searching for example “cosmetic insulated bag”, hope you can find one πŸ™‚

I just bought one,but it is actually one of those insulated bags that you use,say,for a 12 pack of soda.It was much cheaper than the one actually made for makeup.If you’re really concerned,add one of those freezer packs(like the soft type one uses for injuries).

Whether I’m travelling by car or on a plane, I always pack my makeup in a bag. I have a cute slimline makeup bag for travelling (one that zips up like a book and has binder rings) with a couple of separate pouches and a few pockets for brushes! I pack light when I go away, so I usually just bring primer, foundation, powder, a small eye shadow palette, a couple of brushes, mascara, eyeliner & blush! Not all that much when you pack it up, really!

When im travelling for a day or a few days, it all sits in my handbag as im a fan of oversized bags. I try and organise it in this dermologica toiletries bag but it always manages to end in the bottom of my handbag. But it if im travelling abroad, i put everything in my luggage, all in a large lunchbox. I dont like wearing makeup when im on the plane

It depends on where I’m traveling. If I’m just going for a weekend somewhere I’ll just throw my make up in my backpack. If I’m actually flying somewhere for like a week I put all my make up in an Estee Lauder hard make up bag that I’ve had forever. Its solid yet soft so I know my make up will be safe.

I do it basically the same way as Christine – I try to keep all I can in my carry-on or purse, and pack in my bags only what I must when I do check bags. I used to bring so much but not anymore! I also pad my makeup bag(s) between clothes for extra insurance, and all of my palettes are already padded with cushiony drawer liners.

I use my Bobbi Brown organizer. She had a slick black leather organizer during the holidays a while back and I ABSOLUTELY love it! It fits everything that I need and then some (even brushes…although now I just place them separately in a brush roller). And I ALWAYS put my make-up in my carry-on. I would hate to lose my favorite items in lost luggage.

I do the EXACT same thing as you christine! Natural cushioning between soft clothes πŸ˜€

I always put my things on a little bag, a necessaire, and I pack it until it’s full so there’s not a lor of room for things to move, than that goes into my big travel case. The brushes go seperate on a mini brush roll.

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