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i have a thin shelf at the wall!! there i store all of my nail polish in a row. i organize them by brand and then by colour!

I have a handmade ceramic bowl that a friend who goes to my art studio made for me. She made a set and I keep brushes and lipsticks in the other two.

I have a 3 drawer unit that I store them in. Except my OPI, these are thrown into a box at the moment! I keep the same brands together, but they are not organized by color. I do use color wheels for swatches that are swatched by color. But my collection is getting out of control 🙁

I feel you… i just got the Essie winter collection and when i went to put it away i was thinking to myself “do you really really need 10 shades of red and 20 of pink?” lol i concluded that i do 🙂

I have a very pretty pink and gold box that came from a fragrance gift set I purchased awhile back. I don’t own a ton of nail polishes I have maybe 25-30. So they fit nicely in one box.

I only have about 30 but they are currently in a pretty white box with black flowers on it, from the Container Store, and then on a book shelf that I reserve for all my makeup and beauty products.

I have six white little metal cabinets (Ikea Atran), hung next to one another on a wall of my “studio”. Polishes are organized by color and, when I run out of space I usually place single brands (the ones whose bottles fit, like Illamasqua, Zoya, Models Own or Barielle) into the door shelves, organized by colour (within the brand). I like the idea of a white cabinet, because colors stand out against it. The last time I ran out of space, before adding the last two Atrans (sadly, there’s no way I could add other cabinets on that wall), I thought about using the Helmer I own and where I store printing paper, stationery and things like that, but I cannot stand the idea of seeing my polishes from above, just the cap and not the color. Few things make me happy like opening my cabinets and seeing the stretch of multicolored and multi-shaped bottles packed like sardines on the shelves.

How many polishes can you fit in each Atran cabinet? I use a Helmer now, but I too like the idea of seeing the colors rather than the tops of bottles.

Hi Laura, my stash is about 560 and they all fit nicely (with lots of space still available, plus I’ve hardly used the door shelves) in the six Atrans. I’d say about 100 if you want to keep a strict organization by color or brand, but more if you fill up every space available.

Mine used to be in cheap IKEA plastic drawers, organized by brand first and then by colors; they were relatively easy to navigate. Since I’ve moved for university, they sit in a largeeee make-up bag, and it is a pain in the derrière to find a color!

I just moved so right now they are in plastic boxes from Ikea. But I do have a Helmer, so they are all going in there soon. I organize by brand and color, and also by round and square bottles. Oh, and did I mention I have too many? Haha..

I separated a drawer in my closet for that….I know it’s not the best place for it, but I’m still thinking where to keep 166 nail polishes! AH! I’m getting crazy!

Voted for you 😉
I always find what I’m looking fore here in your blog and I think you’re really dedicated.

I use bins from walmart the come in twos and i love them for my makeup in general. They are in my Ikea vanity 🙂 My nail polish is organized by brand then color and if i bought it in a set i keep those together.

I have small wire baskets ($1 @ Target) that I keep my polish in. These baskets are kept in a dresser with deep drawers that I keep in my bathroom. I don’t keep the polish out because I think that the fluctuation in bathroom humidity can affect polish even if it’s a closed bottle.

I first used plastic make up bags but they kept falling and leaking so I now use plastic organizers but I think I am going to put those organizers in plastic containers.

I have this huge, round Nina Ricci box that I got when I purchased some sort of box set from her. Before that, I kept my polish in a L.A.M.B. box from THAT perfume box set. See a trend? LOL

I now store all (76) of my China Glaze in two China Glaze displays. The Rainbow of Hope display, and the Awakening display. I got them from work (Sally’s) since we were just going to toss them!

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