Thank to Valerie for today's question!

How do you organize your makeup stash?

I have three large dressers that hold the majority of it. One dresser is strictly MAC products, which are then organized by type (blush, lipstick, gloss) and alphabetized by letter (but not within letter, it’s just all As, Bs together, etc.). One dresser is for very high-end/luxury brands. One dresser is for mid-to-high-end brands. I use Helmers in a closet to store brands that I only have a few products of (regardless of price point) as well as drugstore products. I typically organize within drawers by brand, product type. I use plastic pins to hold palettes (Urban Decay palettes are separated out), MAC palettes are stacked on shelves in a closet along with other freestyle palettes (Anastasia, Makeup Geek, MUFE, and so forth). Nail polish I keep in Helmers.
-- Christine

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