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I have very poor eyesight and have to wear contacts or glasses. I usually wear contacts, but sometimes my allergy eyes act up and I have to spring for the glasses… when I do, I usually wear a really dark color in the crease and I thicken my usual winged black gel liner up a bit more. I also usually spring for an extra coat of mascara on upper and lower lashes. I find that dark or bold eye makeup always works best with glasses, so your eyes don’t look too “lost” behind them!

I tend to go very dramatic with my eye makeup. Once I have my glasses on, even very dramatic looks are somewhat subtle. I vary in colors but I always make sure to apply black eyeliner (I use UD 24/7 in Zero, or MAC Fluidline in black) and lots of mascara, which make my eyes pop through my lenses.

I’m the complete opposite… If I wear a dramatic look, it will look even more dramatic once I put my glasses on. I’ll look weird after I put on my glasses πŸ™

I wear glasses on a daily basis and here’s what I do and some tips as I’m a makeup artist as well:

*Shimmer definitely brings the eyes forward. If you use matte shades it’ll just be blah and barely noticeable.
*Less is more– since glasses already brings attention to your eyes, you don’t wanna over do it.
*Stick to everyday neutral shades and always blend a dark color into your crease for definition. I usually make sure to add a light shimmer color to my tearduct for a pop of color and also line my waterline with a white pencil or beige pencil.
*I love adding glitter to my eyes. My current favorite is Lorac’s liquid lustre.. adds glitter to eyes with no fallout. WIN.
*MASCARA, MASCARA, MASCARA: Sometimes I do two or three coats to make my eyes really pop and dramatic is the key. Definitely make sure to put mascara on your lower lashline as well.
*Eyeliner is your best friend: Since often times the eyes are very neutral, liner can change everything. The bigger the glasses, the thicker the line. The thinner the lashes, the softer the line.
*If your looking for a night look: you can play up the cheeks or lips.. bold colors work great!
*If you want a smokey eye: It’s good to smoke out the outer v and lower lash line. I’ve done a smokey eye with a lighter color in the crease this way it doesn’t overpower the eye and look funny with my glasses.

Hope this helps <3
I always get complimented on my eye makeup with my glasses on which means people can see it. That's the hardest part. Once your done with your eyes, put your glasses on and see what you need to fix. It really varies on the size of your glasses and such. This post has just inspired me to do a blog post on makeup with glasses.

I agree with many of these. I usually do a neutral eye look or something somewhat subtle because the glasses are already going to draw people in. I like to play up my make-up with cheeks or lips.

I’ve worn glasses since I was six years old. I’ve dabbled in contacts, but I find them uncomfortable, and I’ve been glasses-only since I was in eighth grade!

There isn’t one rule that works for everyone with glasses; it depends on your style of glasses, and also what sort of corrective lenses you have. If you’re far-sighted, the curvature of your lenses will often make your eyes look larger, so you may want to tone your eye looks down a bit.

Corrective lenses for near-sighted eyes tend to make them look smaller, so even rather dramatic looks can seem less “out there.”

I wear narrower acetate lenses, and I have a couple different pairs of frames. If you pick the right color and shape of frames, it can work with your eye makeup. I have green-gray eyes, so whenever I wear plums or teals it seems like the green color pops. I have glasses in these colors so they’re not competing with looks, they’re helping.

I also think that it’s a good idea to have stronger eyebrows when you wear glasses, so don’t overpluck and keep them filled in. I’m fortunate to have thicker, darker eyelashes, but mascara is a must if I’m wearing more dramatic eyeshadow, so they don’t get lost. All these things work together and end up making the glasses just part of your look, instead of the whole look.

I also think that it’s a good idea to have stronger eyebrows when you wear glasses, so don’t overpluck and keep them filled in.

Amen. When I first bought the dark-rimmed glasses I wear now, I’d expected the opposite: that my sparse brows would need less help than usual, as the rims would be doing the work for them. So. Wrong. *g* It’s the other way around: untouched, my brows look messy and scraggly and untended in contrast to the smooth, thin, dark line of the rims! If I tend them well, however, the result is a look that’s smooth, dainty and surprisingly refined. Strange but true.

I’m myopic and I wear glasses with lenses that makes my eyes look smaller. My frames are simple titanium silver so it doesn’t overwhelm my face. I can get away with wearing dramatic smokey eye and colorful shades and I make sure that my eyeliner along the outer lash line is thick to make my eyes look larger, light eyeliner on lower water line and lots of mascara on upper lashes and no mascara on bottom eyelashes. I also don’t wear full faux lashes because it touches my lenses, but I can get away with wearing eyelash flares.

I don’t wear glasses, but a friend of mine does, and she always lines her eyes with a bright coloured eye shadow. Green or blue or gold or purple. It’s not quite a intense as bright eye liner, but it’s very interesting and pretty. Neatly applied mascara as well, she goes for length rather than volume and it looks really good.

I am definitely a believer in a strong line of eyeliner. I also try to stay away from shimmers or glittery make-up shades on my eyes because on me they end up getting lost behind my glasses. I concentrate the bulk of the strong colors on my lid since I have deep creases.

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was six D: I make my eye makeup stand out more by going more dramatic than what most people say is daytime appropriate πŸ˜› I also like to contrast it with the color of my frames – right now they are black, and I find that bright & neon eye shadows stand out more. My previous frames were silver, so I usually went with darker eye looks with those. Mascara is a must; I sometimes like to use false lashes too, but finding a pair that’s dramatic without being too long (otherwise they get stuck against your lenses when you blink and you’ll look stupid lol) can be a little difficult.

I definitely agree that more definition is needed around the eyes, especially if you wear the dark, thick-rimmed ones that are so popular right now. Lately I’ve been doing a “kitten” version of a 60s cat eye using gel eyeliner just on the top lashline; then I use a shimmery, pale highlighter just under the brows and in the inside corner. I do a darker neutral shade in the crease and last I put a nude shimmer shadow across the lid. Dark black mascara. I think the most important thing with glasses is to always have well-groomed and defined eyebrows. Otherwise all the rest is for naught.

I wear my glasses all the time! So when I go out,i usually go with frost eyeshadows, with kohl to line my eyes or sometimes use my highlighter colour as an all over eye eyeshadow! It really makes your eyes stand out..

I wear my glasses only when I don’t feel like wearing much makeup…. they have thick black frames and I think they look fab with only a little mascara, bold brows and bright lips! I feel like I can hide behind them when feeling blah….especially at school!

I’ve recently been banned from contacts because of overuse so have been stuck with my glasses for the last 4 months. and I am a HUGE fanatic of full eye makeup, everyday, so it killed me to have to wear my glasses. Something I’ve learned that works is a dramatic winged eyeliner which really pops from behind the glasses. I also have started loving just a neutral semi-shimmery shade on the lid with a matte brown crease to define, so it looks natural but your eyes dont get lost behind the glass. Hope that helps! (Also, one other thing that came out of toning down my eye makeup was my love for face products! I now just do a winged eyeliner (with maybe some glitter on top) and play up my cheeks and lips :D)

I tend to wear contacts more often, but when I do wear glasses I darken my crease more and line my eyes a bit darker too. In addition I find it helps to pop a light and shimmery eyeshadow into the inner corner of the eyes and onto the middle of the lid.
But I think it depends on the glasses. Mine have black rims, so I have to “exaggearate” my eyemakeup a bit so my eyes don’t disappear behind my glasses.

Don’t be afraid to be heavy-handed! My glasses shrink my eyes so any colour i want to stand out has to be much more intense and cover a larger area of eyelid than it would if i was wearing contacts. Also i agree with everyone else about eyeliner! Even just a thin line across the top helps everything look a bit more put-together and defined behind lenses.

Generally, it’s just a matter of taking my glasses off – I’m nearsighted, so most of the time I only really need them for lecture or driving (though I tend to leave them on because, well, I’m sure I’m not the only one who misplaces them like crazy!). When I do a dramatic eye, I wear my “nice” glasses, which have a very minimal, slim-framed design that don’t distract too much from the face. If I do a bolder lip, I usually go for a neutral eye and my thicker frames, which are still cute but definitely cover up more of my eye area. (Unless the lip color clashes with the glasses, which are pinkish purple. Then I use the black ones.)

I eyesight isn’t very bad, but I do have a pair of glasses for when I need to look in the distance all day. On those days, I prefer very light shimmer eyeshadow and lots of mascara. I don’t want to use dark colors because my eyes will look like two black holes behind the glasses.

YouTube “makeup for glasses”. Michelle phan has two good tutorials, pixiwoo has one, and MissChevious has one.

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