Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Choose or Lose

How do you maintain your eyebrows?

  • DIY - tweezing (66%, 2,840 Votes)
  • Professional - waxing (13%, 569 Votes)
  • Professional - threading (12%, 509 Votes)
  • Professional - tweezing (3%, 112 Votes)
  • DIY - waxing (3%, 112 Votes)
  • DIY - threading (2%, 96 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 86 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,324

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section! :)

Thanks to Meme for today’s poll!

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68 thoughts on “How do you maintain your eyebrows?

  1. Adrienne

    I try to do them with Dyi tweezing but once they lose all shape I go get them waxed. I used to go do threading but I like the quickness and look of waxing better

  2. I wax ’em myself and tweeze for strays afterward. I have really light brows so mistakes in self-waxing don’t really show up. Except that one time in high school I accidentally waxed half my left brow off. That was horrible.

  3. Wilcoa

    I maintain them on my own with tweezing, but get a clean up one once every couple of months with waxing and shaping with threading.

  4. Kris

    I DIY tweeze when things are very, very out of hand, but for the most part I use a brow/clean-up razor to get things into exact shape quickly. Probably my most useful Sephora purchase.

    • Kellie

      I do the same thing. People look at me like I’m crazy when I use the word eyebrows and razor in the same sentence.

  5. I don’t touch them at all.

  6. Ida

    I bleach the bits I don’t want, but I never ever remove the hairs. I think it looks tacky.

  7. Carolina

    I get them done professionally once every month (tweezing and waxing) for the shape and then mantain them by tweezing myself.

  8. Xtina

    I hate waxing. Whether it’s at home or professional, waxing always gives me zits. I just had my eyebrows waxed last week at Bliss, and it is terrible: I’ve broken out in zits all along my temples. I also got my upper lip waxed and I got zits there, too. Worst part is that there’s still hair! I’m never paying to have anything waxed at a salon again.

    In Costa Rica I got my brows done at a salon and they didn’t use wax. They just gave me a little comb that was a razor to do touch-ups and it worked very well. It was super to use. I don’t know why I don’t have one now, come to think of it!

  9. maria

    I use an eyebrow razor, didn’t like how people threaded my eyebrows and it was starting to grow in slower and slower D:

  10. Ana

    I let mine run free. 😀

  11. Gabriella

    I’m lucky to have pretty good eyebrows! They’re pretty much almost completely black/ dark brown, but what bothers me is this: The hairs are thick and slightly shiny, so I can’t exactly change them up. That, and my hair’s naturally blonde; try going into school and getting comments on your hair/ facial hair everyday! Since my brows are already nicely shaped, all I’ll do is bleach/ tweeze the finer hairs in the middle.

  12. Sarah

    I work at a local makeup studio as an intern and my boss is one of the very few people that uses the sugaring method for hair removal so she does my brows and I love it!

  13. Lee

    I taught myself to thread watching youtube tutorials. Bu my eyebrows are actually a good shape naturally so I mostly just take out the little invisible strays and trim the tops with scissors to catch the long ones.

  14. Naomi

    I get them professionally threaded & tinted every 3 weeks. It’s amazing what a difference a pair of neatly groomed eyebrows make to your appearance!

  15. Professional waxing once a month, then I maintain them by using a razor.

  16. Ani_BEE

    I clean them up once a month with Tweezing. Tried my hand at threading but I don’t recommend that method with fine blonde hair.

  17. Amanda H

    I get them professionally threaded once ever 3 months or so and tweeze to keep them nice in between. I just like the shape I get from threading, it doesn’t leave me with a sharp arch. Waxing always made me break out, my sensitive skin can’t handle the heat and tugging. I also brush them upwards and trim them every few months.

  18. Heelfanmemphis

    I get mine threaded once a month. Then, I die a little. The first time it didn’t hurt so bad, but this last time, my brow area was swollen the next day and my face still kinda hurt – my usual girl wasn’t at the shop that day :(. Worth it though b/c my brows look amazing after.

  19. Becca

    I’m only 13 so I just tweeze my brows. and this may be a really stupid question, but what’s threading?

    • Becca

      nevermind I searched it up. yeah, I might get that proffesionaly done, but I wouldn’t trust myself with it!!! 😛

  20. Kaylee

    I tweeze my own eyebrows – both into the shape I want & for regular upkeep. Sometimes I’ll use a brow razor if I don’t have time to tweeze the random hairs that morning. I trim them with scissors every two weeks or so. After over-plucking as a teenager I’m lucky to still have the ability to grow them all the way in (quite thick if I want them to be). And now most people think I get them done professionally! 😀

  21. meme

    I had chemo in the 90’s and again in the mid 2000’s, I really don’t get much hair growth to my lashes or brows. My head hair grows now but other sites, not so much. Also, I have VERY fair to almost clear hair on my brows. Thus, in one question asked awhile ago, desert island product for me is a brow pigment product. Really blond hair, no brows and light completion (just the step up from anyone who chooses porcelain as their foundation shade), My brow regime is maybe once every 4 months going in on DIY plucking of the one colored brow that just is sticking out all the time, as well as just by feel, covering the area under and over my brow line to pull out any of that totally clear hair (not quite peach fuzz but real hair, just invisible except in just the right lighting). I use my super sharp point Tweezerman tweezers. But I have to say, even on days with zero make-up, I will always put on my fav brow product which is Laura Mercier cream brow (so long lasting, great color ranges, a pot lasts forever). I use a Smashbox brow brush over the LM brow brush. I like the longer handle on all my brushes – esp for brows.

  22. helen

    Had the good fortune of having my brows professionally done by Damone Roberts for years so i was taught by the best! Since i moved, i tweeze myself, trim the long ones and then fill in w/MUFE brow corrector (the best product on the market!!).

  23. Lakitha

    I get my brows done at my local razor shop. The razor is much better than waxing or threading.

  24. With It

    I feel quite blessed because my eyebrows are near-perfect on their own. I’m honestly not bragging. There are a bunch of things about my body I’d love to change, but my brows are something I’m happy with just the way they are! :)

  25. Kate & Zena

    I get them professionally tweezed every two weeks. I have trichotillomania and I’m not allowed to have tweezers in my house. I can’t wax due to my hypersensitive skin and I use prescription acne products.

  26. AnGeLwInGz

    DIY tweezing regularly, and professional threading when they start getting peach fuzzy on top.

  27. Lauren

    I’m a slave to wax… I get them done professionally every other week, and tweeze in between if they get too wild. I’ve been doing this since I was a freshman in high school 11 years ago! I’m thinking of saving up to do laser, cause its ridiculous having to plan my weekends around my brows lol

  28. Kelly C.

    I usually get mine professionally waxed every few months, and tweeze myself in the meantime to keep things tidy. However, last time I made the mistake of straying from my usual girl, and the new lady totally butchered my babies D : Slightly different lengths, and made the arches slightly different, too! My brows are pretty good on their own, and all I had asked for was to get them cleaned up. So I’m going to wait like half a year until I even think about going again to let them get back to normal. : (

  29. Neha

    By God’s grace, my eyebrows are perfect!! I dont need to do anything!

  30. I actually use Veet, one of those hair removal creams. 😛

    I have a bottle with a pump, and I apply it using a Q-tip.

    The bottle says to not use it on your face, but I do it anyway lol. The only thing is I have to wash my face right afterwards, which is why I do it before I shower, otherwise it will clog up the pores and cause pimples. Also, I have to make sure the first time is right because I can’t re-layer, otherwise it would burn. 😛

    I don’t recommend this for anyone else though, haha.

  31. Normally I just shaving mine (with a shaving tools for brows) because I can’t stand the paint. sometimes, I tweeze them after a hot bath/shower. 😀

  32. Jazz

    I get them threaded. That seems to be what works best for my brows

  33. every month, a visit to Benefit’s browbar.

  34. cait

    I tweeze my brows by myself 98% of the time but I will sometimes treat myself to a professional tweezing if I want a new shape or want them to look extra crisp for a special occasion!

  35. lazeny

    I shave my eyebrows using a blade. I don’t like waxing, threading or tweezing because first it hurts, and over time the hairs will stop growing. I like my eyebrows thick and bushy, and if I want a thinner and more arched I simply shave and reshape it.

  36. Chynna

    I tweeze and trim for maintenance, but I had no idea how to shape them myself and had a pro thread them. It’s too much of an expense for me to do on a regular basis, but I was really pleased with the outcome. It’s helped me do a better job keeping them nice and if I had a big event, like a wedding, I’d happily get them threaded again maybe a week before.

  37. Mars

    DIY Threading & tweezing for me. I’d love to be able to wax them but I break out every time.

  38. I shave with eyebrow razor now. I used to have three eyebrow piercings and that seems like the safest way to do it. I no longer have them but am too used to do it that way. ^^;

  39. Sarrah T

    I use a razor. I’m too impatient for tweezing and a bit scared of waxing. The razor is really quick, but I did accidentally cut a hunk out of my eyelashes about a month ago :(

  40. Vincent

    I have naturally really good eyebrows, not too thin, not too thick, so i just keep them the way they are

  41. I tweeze them myself but the really fine hairs are hard to get! so i have an eyebrow shaver that quickly shaves it off :)

  42. Pawsha

    I have them waxed professionally. I’m afraid if I started with the tweezers I would end up with no eyebrows at all, because for some reason….that one looks out of place, then that one, then that one……..then eyebrow bald. :)

  43. Nichole

    I tweezed for years but just started threading at home and its SOOOOO much faster!! I trim with scissors and, of course, tweeze the strays.

  44. Stephanie

    I’ve never understood why people would get their eyebrows professionally done. Maybe if you went once to figure out how you should shape them, but how hard is it to pluck them with tweezers once in a while?

  45. Megan

    I’ve to confess I’m a lazy person lol… I get them done by a professional (waxing) every two or three weeks haha!

  46. Jenna

    I have VERY thick brows, so i wax the end/ arch, the i tweeze the rest. But they are always different shapes, depends on if i want them rounded, or arched..

  47. I get them waxed every few months, to maintain good shape. But I try to keep it up with tweezing and scissors. Love this poll!

  48. Elysia

    I get mine waxed once or twice a year, and them maintain them after that by tweezing. When the shape starts to look uneven, I get them waxed again.

  49. Jasmine

    Tweeze the stray hairs as they appear, and every few months, I go to Benefit Brow Bar for shaping, etc.

  50. I’ve started getting mine threaded this year. I love the results! When I used to get my brows waxed, they’d rip out the fine hairs on my forehead too, which would leave this weird noticeable fuzzy ‘V’ or “extended” widow’s peak. It would be even more noticeable when I applied makeup in the area. So, threading all the way now!

  51. I’m an esteticienne, and I have my own salon, so it’s DIY yet professional! haha!


  52. Mirna

    trim, tweeze, & sometimes shave

  53. Ana

    I get them professionally shaped (tweezed) and then I maintain the shape myself, by tweezing :) .

  54. Shannon

    I’m very lucky having blonde eyebrows. I used to hate it, but now I can find the virtue in it. I don’t do anything to them, lol. Except every so often I get them waxed then maintain them as best I can with tweezing at home. But we’re talking the waxing here…maybe once a year? Like I said, I’m very lucky.

  55. Angela

    I always DIY tweeze. Once a year if I want a new look Ill let them go wild for months and then get a wax. I got a brow razor but I still cant figure out how to use it… =[

  56. Ruby

    I do it myself first waxing, then threading, tweezing and finally trimming, it’s a lot of work but the results are worth it!

  57. I don’t do anything to my brows, never have. And I’m always accused of plucking or waxing. Just got lucky I guess!

  58. Sophie

    Im so lazy i just take a razor and shave them 😉

  59. Amalee

    I get them waxed every so often, then just tweeze/trim to maintain them – especially if I have an event to go to.

  60. i get my brows sugared every month :)

  61. I tweeze and use an eyebrow razor. they are amazing!!! cheap and realy gets rid of the small hairs that are hard to get with the tweezer =)

  62. I have terrible brows, I wouldn’t say I maintain them so much as I’d say they’re the boss :/

  63. Adelita

    Luckily, I have thick eyebrows but not difficult to be shaped, so I tweeze my own eyebrow 😉

  64. Kelly

    I don’t really do anything to my eyebrows except fill them in. They have a nice natural shape and I’m really scared of screwing it up if I mess with them.