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Profile photo of Nancy T

Whoa, this is an excellent question!
1.) Will I actually get alot of use out of this particular product?
2.) Do I truly love or need it, depending on what it’s for?
3.) Will it put me in a financial hole?
4.) How unique is it, especially in the case of something Lux or HE?
But MOST importantly:
5.) How well did it review?
And for #5, I consistently look here first, and on a few other trustworthy sites.

I don’t need to reply or read further. You said it all, succinctly and in order of priority. I always like how you think.

Profile photo of Joy

My skin is so totes sensitive I wasted more money purchasing so many inexpensive products to use on myself to find bad new I could not afford it. Testing to determine what’s wrong to fix cost too much. It took me to place where anything became too many monies for me. Worked butt off Found agreeable products. All expensive minus few. Went through heaps of trying very much. Found what works. I justify my purchases by knowing they work for me I worked hard to buy them. I don’t leave comfort zone without much research. If I decide to stray I use gift card or justify by research. My needs being met justifies it. Others needs being met justifies it. I have much I get with intent to give away to people in need. Others who sensitive like me can benefit. I enjoy rewarding myself with beauty products things that pamper Make me feel good as I work hard It’s my special fancy place comforts me works for me and looks pretty on my coloring. That always was struggle. I’m fortunate to afford many pretty things to choose. And give. To me this justifies my beauty purchases. Also put so much into my healthy way living It’s nice to play makeup. Holidays justify. Gift cards justify. Certain I will use is justify of purchase. Gone are days of testing sensitive face. Now I enjoy it. πŸ™‚

A thousand different reasons….there’s a sale, cash back, free GWP, it’s LE, will sell out soon,having a bad day/week/month, it’s Monday, it’s Friday, but basically, it comes to, I like it and I want it!

This is me. ^^
I dont need justification. “It’s pretty”, “I don’t have “that” matte palette”, “ooh (!) MAC has a new shade of coral shadow”, “there’s an empty space in my z-palette”…the reasons are endless. I will buy.all.the.things., then go like three years before making another purchase aside from mascara. It’s a pattern.

Profile photo of Natalia

Honestly? The usual.

1. It’s new (cool, innovative, etc.) and I SOOO want it!
2. I don’t have anything like that (and the fact that I have smth almost never an obstacle πŸ™‚ )
3. I’ve run out of… so why not try this instead (that does not happen often nowadays, but gets me to the stores in a flash!),
4. The reviews are ALL so good – I need it.
5. SALES. If anything was stopping me from buying smth for the 4 reasons above, this one eliminates all doubts.

Profile photo of Kimberly

1. Do I have anything similar in my stash? If it’s for lipstick (which I have a ton of), is the colour AND texture the same as something I have?
2. How much use will I get out of it? Especially for the price.
3. Has it gotten good reviews? What do people say about it?
4. Can I afford it right now?
5. Am I constantly thinking about it? Or do I keep going back to it in-store/online?

Profile photo of Fitz

Am I considering this product as a result of identifying a need/ serious want or am I inventing need as a result of encountering this product?

Generally it’s by reasoning that it is something I need, although the word “need” is rather subjective in my book when it comes to makeup.
Last year I cleaned out my makeup collection and started almost from scratch so there was actually a genuine need. I built the collection slowly throughout the year and there’s still some things I “need”. Yes I have a translucent powder – but it’s a cheapie from the drug store, so obviously I “need” to get myself a better one.
Other times I’ve justified a purchase because I’ve had a terrible week or I’ve done something great at work so I deserve a treat.
Other times I justify it by just saying YOLO ?

Profile photo of Julia

I try to be honest with myself about how much I will really wear it and enjoy it. Sometimes a big splurge is worth it for an item I think will make me happy to wear a lot, but I also have to pass on items that are fun but won’t get much use in the long run.

I simply recognize that I couldn’t avoid it. It’s important to accept our weaknesses and embrace them πŸ™‚

Profile photo of Sarah!

Clearance sales usually do me in. (OCC lip tars for $5 each?? Come on…) I just try to make sure I’m not buying solely because there’s a sale.

Profile photo of WARPAINTandUnicorns

My review criteria goes like this:
Is it something a costumer/cosplayer would be tempted to pick up?
Does it have any claim to stay powder!
Do I have this colour?
Is it skin like? (Does it look natural for face products)
Am I interested in the product as well?
Ani_BEE Recently Posted: Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs & Creamy Matte Lip Color in 920 Nude Lust, 655 Daringly Nude, 660 Touch Of Spice, 665 Lust For Blush, & 670 Ravishing Rose : Swatches & Review

I don’t justify it to myself or anyone lol, if I want it and can afford it, I just buy it! I do have limits though, I must really want it, and it must be something that I either don’t have a dupe for, or a repurchase of something I love. If it’s a small sample of something I haven’t tried before, then it’s worth getting to see if I get on with it e.g. skincare as I react easily to skincare. I also do my research into a product to see if it’s got good reviews and if it sounds like it meets my needs, so money is less likely to be wasted as in the UK you can’t return used beauty products if they’re not faulty.

When I KNOW that I’m going to use the item, I don’t have a problem spending the money. I bought 27 of the MUFE shadows(when they first came out) and it was the BEST makeup investment; they last, without primer(and I’ve had oily/acned skin my entire life) and I use them everyday…barely thinking about my other shadows. In fact, I rarely purchase any other shadow brands since the artists shadows hit the market!

Profile photo of Nicole

Looking for a good review is first. I prefer to find it here on Temptalia because honestly, I know Christine is honest. Number two is making sure I don’t have too many dupes that are too close. Personally, if one shade is dupable in my stash, but it’s contained in a palette that I love and it’s going to save me hassle, I can still justify it. Then, I have to check the funding end. So, I may have to wait until I get paid or put other makeup wants off if it is LE. So goes the never ending wish list.

Lol! Justify… No! I do what I want! Ok maybe not so much. But honestly within reason and with your financial limits you shouldn’t feel the need “to justify” buying something. Everyone has their hobbies, proclivities, etc. we just happen to like makeup. Who cares? Are you going in debt? If so than maybe re-evaluate your priorities. How you spend your hard earned allowance is no ones business and you should not justify it to anyone if it brings you joy and isn’t hurting you or others.

That being said I can easily get swept up so I’ve got a few questions I ask myself before I make any purchase including makeup. If it passes my test than no guilt necessary and no justification required.

You can have anything you want, just not always at the same time. So really it’s your choice. Do what makes you feel happy and don’t feel the need to explain, excuse, justify. We all have enough issues I’m sure, do we need to torment ourselves over a lipstick purchase?

I never buy things as soon as they are released. I think about it for a while and if I’m still interested, I’ll buy it.

If the item is unique to my collection (by color/finish/quality) and if I can honestly say that I would use it in real life. Occasionally an aspirational product will slip through (not often at all), but as long as it makes me happy then I think it’s okay πŸ™‚ It also helps that I don’t let myself buy anything that I haven’t stewed over for at least a month.

I suppose someone on a limited budget or someone who is a makeup hoarder (LOL) might feel the need to justify a purchase, but I don’t fall into either one of those categories so I don’t feel any guilt or hesitation when it comes to purchasing makeup. My tendency is to only purchase what I know I’ll actually use and enjoy so when there is something I “need” or want, I purchase it–no justification necessary.

Profile photo of Grace

Now that I’ve built my collection and have a few essential favorites, my purchases are usually justified by how unique an item is, how often I’ll wear it, or if it will be a great option for travel.

Profile photo of Victoria

The only purchases that self justify are repurchases of things I’ve run out of.
The rest I manage feeling good about when I feel like it will be 1. a very well performing product that won’t frustrate me AND 2. Something that will feel inspiring to use.

But there’s a whole category that I have mixed feelings about that often compels me to buy things. I would describe it as a wanting to know what a product is like because it’s new. It’s more mistake prone. I’m looking at you, Laura Mercier Candleglow.

Profile photo of Valerie

Lol oh I have all kinds of little lies that I tell myself, I’ll review it in my blog, this will be my last purchase for a while, this has been a crummy week and I need to do something nice for myself, I will like this more than anything else I have.
Valerie Recently Posted: January Favorites!

Profile photo of Pearl

For various reasons too long to list, my 2 justifications are I deserve it and I want it!

This question comes at a good time because it’s the start of the new year and I always take stock of everything and see if there is anything to purge/give away. Case in point, I think I’ll be phasing out my UD collecting, save for the Naked palette lines, probably (it will be interesting to see what Naked ‘5’ is this year!). I only started buying from UD last year – I bought a few other palettes, shadows and liners and the colors are so pretty, but they’re just not practical for me. I’m not edgy or daring, I like my classic neutrals with small pops of color here and there, and I never wear editorial or bold looks. At the rate and the amount I use the pops of color, I don’t think I’ll ever hit pan. Seriously, I’m 44 and I’ll probably still not have hit pan in 20 years. After sanitizing them (silver or alcohol spray!), I’m going to see if my nieces want my palettes and liners.

Well its how i justify most purchases, like clothes and shoes:
If i use it, say, 40 times, and its cost like Β£15, then its only 37.5p a go!

Or I will need it because i have nothing exactly the same as this so I wont even need to justify it.

1) Do I want it?

2) Can I afford it?

If the answer to both of those questions is “yes”, then my purchase is justified.

I ask myself:
1) Will I actually get alot of use out this product?
2) What are the reviews like on youtube, makeup blogs and Instagram?
3) Can I afford this?
4) Do I already have something like this?

If its super cheap, I can’t even lie, I’ll buy it, especially if it’s from the drugstore. I only ask myself these questions if the item is from Sephora, Ulta or some other expensive makeup company.

It depends on how much I really want it, if I have other shades or items just like it, if there is a sale or bargain, if it’s a good value for the price, and lastly, if the packaging draws me in. πŸ™‚

Can I afford this? Will I actually USE this?
Will I be mentally kicking myself for years if I don’t buy this?
(Like when I didn’t purchase that ridiculously cute “I am Fluffy, Destroyer of Worlds” shirt from LOLmart all those years ago.)

Profile photo of Genevieve

Another great question!
1. What about the product that appeals to me the most? My kind of colours, unique, ones that I don’t really have or combinations that are perfect for me.
2. Has the product reviewed well here – a B+ or more rating?
3. Can I obtain it without spending a fortune on international shipping?
4. How will the product affect my sensitive skin?
5. Can I get it on sale?

To myself : I need it because the dupe I have is going to end soon and it will be a disaster if I live one day without this color of ……. * fill the blank with powder/eyeshadow/blush/lipstick .

To my boyfriend : I need for work .

In case of an expensive purchase like the louboutin lipstick show below :
Me : ” darling, all the girls are crazy about this louboutin lipstick, it’s incredible ! Even myself. But it’s way too expensive . ”
Darling ” Where is the louboutin makeup corner ? I want to offer this lipstick to you”
Me : ” ❀”

I have to “justify” buying makeup?!?!?!
Says who?!?!?!
I am a certifiable Cosmeticaholic, When it comes to makeup, I am powerless.
I find that I am unable to distinguish “want” & “need”.
If I WANT it, then I NEED it and if I NEED it, then I WANT it….
It’s that simple

Well I can be very inventive… For example I am very happy using The Balm’s bahama mama as a contour, but suddenly I start watching YouTube videos raving about that TF chocolate soleil bronzer, and I start thinking… my skin is fair, maybe I will get better results of that one since is lighter, perhaps it will look beautiful/softer/natural on me… Or I bought that terribly expensive Hourglass palette because I got several products in one including two lovely blushes, but now I am craving that TF love flush blush in that soft baby love color because the result will be different or they say it last 16 hours or the package is sooo beautiful!!!! and so on, I always find the way to justify purchasing products that I don’t really need and I never will have enough time to use them all ?

Profile photo of Alecto

I start by making sure that I have no dupes, or anything even resembling it. Then I do a mental double-check on whether I can picture myself using it (this last test sometimes fails me).

I only buy what I really want, and the things I do purchase are to enhance my collection more than anything so there is no guilt. If I want it I will do my research and then decide. Once I decide to buy it it’s all good.

Profile photo of Debbie

Will the product add something to the collection that I already have? Will it play nicely with other products? Will it work for my coloring, skin type, etc.. What kind of feedback has it gotten from other users?

Cheapest relative thrill. Buying a makeup item I’m excited about usually prevents me from going to the shoes or purse section of the store, which can really get me in trouble.

Profile photo of Sarah

In the immortal words of Rebecca Bloomwood: “it’s an investment”.

But really, for as much as I buy, I don’t do it off the cuff, even with drugstore makeup. I make sure that I’m buying it because I want it, not just so I can have it, if that makes sense. I’m also more scrupulous about high end purchases, too. I have no problem spending $90 to $100 on a limited edition Urban Decay palette, for example, but the palette has to 1) perform excellently, and 2) make like KISS and sing my name like it was meant for loving me.
Sarah Recently Posted: Beauty SwapBox with Emma from Peace Love Vintage

– if I need it, because I have run out of it (foundation, concealer, powder, mascara)
– if I know that I am going to use it regularly
– it is in my inner price limit
– is it a product that I would want to repurchase if it’s gone? (when it is, I’d probably skip on limited edition stuff)
– do I have something like that in my collection? (except if it is a nude lipstick or nail polish, because one can never have enough πŸ˜€

To justify… You have to NEED it. And being a makeup junkie… I never NEED.. I always WANT it.. lol…. Actually, if I like something, i buy first and then TRY TO JUSTIFY later…

Profile photo of Ana

this is a amazing question!!!!

i usually say “is limited edition”
because my family and friends love criticize my make-up addiction.

1. When I am about to run out of a product I use daily or frequently.
2. When I can purchase an expensive product I use daily or frequently at a discount, say if I’m at a CCO outlet which carries my expensive Bobbi Brown BB Cream at a 20 percent discount, or Sephora has a Friends and Family sale, or if Ebates offers me a Sephora GC in lieu of having them send me my Ebates check. The latter was a great windfall for me. It covered all but $17 and change for the Chanel EDP I was out of, plus the Bobbi Brown BB cream!

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