Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

How do you feel about products with shimmer over-sprays/overlays? Or a color over-spray?

Temptalia's AnswerI don’t mind them so long as it’s clear that that’s what it is. I don’t like when they lead you to believe they go all the way through, and then you find out a few uses later it’s not the case.

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15 thoughts on “How do you feel about products with shimmer over-sprays/overlays?

  1. janelle

    Omg! Yes Christine. I have been mislead so many times and then end up with a matte product when I wanted shimmer. It used to be low end brands only but now even some he brands are doing overlays.

  2. I hate them. I like to be able to see exactly what I’m getting. Remember MAC Tartan Tale eyeshadows? They actually CLAIMED that the oversprays go all the way down the pan, which wasn’t the case. :/

  3. blueraccoon

    I am not a fan. You have to either sweep them off or get tons of shimmer the first couple times, and even after you brush them off you have random sparkles everywhere. Just give me the actual product.

    • ChynnaBlue

      Agreed! I hate them. If I wanted that much shimmer, I’d buy a product that was all shimmer, not just an overspray.

  4. Stacey

    YUCK! It is distracting. It is just a gimmick and you dont get the product to the end. It is just the way to say “I am different”…but once the overlay is gone…it is the same….

  5. Quinctia

    I think they’re stupid. You know, if I buy something sparkly, it’s because I wanted a sparkly product. If using something a few times changes its finish entirely, I’d consider that falsely advertised.

  6. Ali

    So stupid and misleading.

  7. Mariella

    I don’t like them. I like to be able to see what it is I’m buying and with an overspray, you can’t really see what the product truly is and even if you swatch it in-store, you’re still not getting a real sense of what the product is or what it looks like.

  8. I’m personally not a huge fan. They always make the product look so pretty in the pan. Then you use it once and its gone, or messy. It doesn’t make sense to me why they would ever add them. I would think any color on top would go through to the end by default. They can completely change the look of a product so in my opinion it is unfair. I would even be fine if they skipped it all together – there just needs to be consistency for the product.

  9. Lisa

    I’m not a fan. I hate shimmer, so if there is a design on it I don’t want to spend time scraping it all off to get at the real product :(

  10. akhan

    Not a fan – I generally avoid products with oversprays.

  11. FiaSpice

    No a fan, it looks giummicky to me. You have tons of sparkle in the first aplication than nothing. It’s a lose lose situation (if you want the sparkle, it’s only for a few time, if not, you have to brush it off)

  12. halle

    i’ve never heard of this before, who does this? Mac?

    • Adele

      I see it a lot in very cheap brands like LA Colors actually. It’s a way to make a boring product look more interesting until you get home and use it and realize, nope.

  13. Adele

    Annoying! I want to be able to guess what a product will look like as closely as possible, and if I think it has an overspray I’m a lot less likely to buy it before looking at swatches.