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Of all the kind of Photoshopping and the like that we find in advertising, mascara ads drive me insane! It’s one thing to smooth out the skin, but it’s quite enough to make it look like the mascara gives you ten-mile high lashes when it’s never, ever going to come close.

— Christine

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I hate them! They always photoshop the models and apply false lashes and/or lash extensions. Then, they have the nerve to make the claims they do, knowing they’re misleading people! I always have such a hard time buying mascara, because when you can’t trust the ads, how do you know what to buy?! It’s insane! I’m so sick of the photoshop and lies in ads!

I think they’re pointless. I never even bother to look at mascara ads anymore, since I know I’d just end up getting pissed. To quote a comment I read here on Temptalia: “It’s like advertising a T-shirt but they put a jacket over the shirt on the promo image”. >:

Totally agree and well fine, say what you’re claiming is actually true (mile long lashes) at least put some product on the mascara wands! They’re not just clean and pristine looking they don’t have anything on them!

I saw a commercial the other day that mentions there is something NEW in the tube the cleans off the extra mascara from the brush to avoid clumping. As long as I have been wearing mascara 20 +++ years. Every tube i have EVER bought has this. From $2.99 to $12.99. It wouldnt be possible to use it without it. I unscrewed one, one time and the little “scraper” thing came off with the lid. It was one big “blob”.
Show us what the product REALLY does and we will start believing it and buying it. Consumers are NOT that stupid!

Lies! All lies! I think they’re a total waste of money/time/space bc they don’t actually show you what the product does at all. I feel bad for people that actually fall for the illusion that’s presented.

Mascara ads are so ridiculous! You’re not fooling anyone with those fake lashes and photoshopping, Mascara companies!

omg I’m so glad I’m not the only one that feels that way. And it’s not just the photoshopping either, because they have CLEARLY put on false eyelashes onto the model/celebrity and most times the ads will have a tiny disclaimer stating that this was done so. It just calls to the whole irony – how on earth are you selling us one product when you’re telling us you’re using another!? πŸ˜›

If they’d just show the actual product without egregious Photoshopping, I’d be fine, but most of the ads I see either you can’t see what the lashes look like or it’s obvious there are falsies involved. What’s the point?

I agree with you, Christine. I don’t see the point of even doing that! Why don’t they just take a model with very good lashes, apply their product using all the MU tricks they want (combing/2nd layer etc) and that’s it? The result should already be obvious enough then if the product is worth purchasing.

I don’t believe them and they actually make me laugh. Not only do they always use fake lashes anyway, I especially love where they show the mascara brush swiping over the lashes and they put special effects and stretch “digitally drawn” lashes all the way to the moon :))

Urgh, I hate them. It’s clearly visible those lashes are fake. And I wouldn’t even want them to look so dreadfully unnatural.

They are absurd and I find them hilarious.

In my mind the worst offender is definitely TARTE! Of course I actually like their mascara, but the advertising is ridiculous.

“Clinically proven to increase lash volume by 406%”

Clinically proven, HUH? Don’t bother telling me about the study. The fact that you used science words means that you’re for real.

“Clinically proven to increase the appearance of lash curl by 90.2%”

Okay, for serious, what does this even mean? How do you objectively measure the “appearance” of lash curl? Appearance is a dodgy word. Appearance according to whom?

“The Amazonian clay instinctively lengthens, conditions, repairs and replenishes dry and brittle lashes.”

What other instincts does my mascara have? Does it chase small animals? Is it territorial? Does it migrate south for the winter?

Of course I have only paid attention to all of this because I love tarte, especially the mascara, which in all seriousness I do recommend.

After all, it’s not ILLEGAL, not like Maybelline.

You are so right! I work for an ad agency and it’s my job to fact-check this kind of thing. Good thing we don’t have any mascara companies as clients!

Very true! Whats really irritating is that they think we’er to dumb to notice that the model is obviously wearing false eyelashes. Hence ten-mile eyelashes (lol).T hey seriously just need to stop with that lie, its getting them no where.

I feel the same way! In some adds you can tell that they tried to photoshop away the fake eyelash band. No one uses mascara and magically gets 500 additional eyelashes. They are ridiculous.

I find them very false and that makes me angry. Not sure if it’s the case in the US but here in Canada, the “truth in advertising” requires that they have to declare if the ads were filmed using inserts, false lashes or computer enhancement. Well, on the tv ads, the info is there but it is so small and on the screen for such a short time that you can’t even make out what it says. I’d be far more likely to purchase a mascara if the advertising was “real” and showed the actual results a user could expect.

I still haven’t found a mascara that lives up to any commercial. I’ve researched top brands but you’re definitely right about no mascara living up to mile high lash ads. I have short lashes and I’d like to make them look longer without the bulk. I do like hypnose drama but its a lot of volume for day time where. Any suggestions for longer lean lashes for the day time look?

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