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I actually hate LE packaging. I am very particular about how I store my stash, especially lipsticks, and I prefer everything be uniform. LE packaging makes that a chore.

I’m compulsive enough that i want everything to match, so I’m not a huge fan of limited edition packaging unless it’s done *really* well (Guerlain’s Perles du Dragon, for example, and I’m still kicking myself I missed those). Also I don’t like having to pay more for a product just because of its packaging.

I hate limited edition packaging because it makes it hard to toss away. If the product is good and the packaging is okay, it’s a waste to pay more money just because the packaging is orange instead black.

I’m not one to really care about LE/SE packaging. I like everything to match, and in general, I just prefer plain, classic packaging. I can definitely appreciate pretty/more flashy packaging, but it’s not something I seek out. I also hate paying more just for some showy packaging.

I like LE if it’s relevant to me somehow….I don’t care about the shape and stuff; I’ll figure that out. For example, I really liked the idea of Archie’s Girls – they have been around forever and the packaging is adorable. However, I HATE most celebrity-specific LE, like this new MAC Rihanna. I could care less about Rihanna and most celebs in general…I hate it when they do that. Especially when the Rihanna stuff looks so gosh darn cute!

I’m not a fan, overall. The only brand I’ve ever bought anything in LE packaging is MAC, but those were depotted, anyway, along with those in “regular” packaging, but at least the actual product is uniform. I actually find it more annoying when brands “update” their packaging, as it doesn’t store well. I think the worst are LORAC & Urban Decay, but since I love the product, I’m willing to overlook it; however, there are brands I’ve simply stopped buying due to the everchanging packaging (Smashbox, LancĂ´me, & Estee Lauder are a few that come to mind).

Unless the limited edition packaging is really, really exceptional, I dislike it. The price point goes up, while the product remains basically the same.

I buy the item because of the packaging….not so much for the boxes it come in, but the design of the container and not because of how the design motiff on the product. I dont buy it because it is a limited edition, but often the item’s design is unique…for example Guerlain Pucci….For example, It is stupid to have the Archie box and we are paying more for a box that is not beneficial to the product itself.

It might be only me but I absolutely skip anything that has couture / golden and pale pink kind of package. I would feel so old buying things like that lol

But I adore MAC when they do package like to the beach, archie’s girls, style warriors, give me liberty of london, etc..they give a fresh look to my stash and don’t interfere when it comes to stacking!

I don’t collect packaging. I buy makeup for the contents so I’m more interested in practical packaging that makes the product(s) easy to store and to use. It’s one of the reasons I wish MAC’s single shadows, blushes, etc. had flat tops rather than the slight dome they do have. That just makes them hard to stack. As for paying a premium for LE packaging – screw that!

I really like it… well, within reason. I like the fact that I can easily pick out a particular product in my stash and I’m always reorganising my make up, so it rarely impedes my organisational system because I’ll probably change it by the weekend anyway.

The only time it really bugs me is when brands charge extra for packaging. Unless that packaging is damn special and VERY well made, charging extra is just a rip-off (I’m looking at you, MAC Making Pretty collection).

I don’t care if anything matches or if I have a harder time to store it. I don’t buy everything just for the sake of packaging either. I buy the products because I like the product and the packaging. I like limited edition packaging because it makes things special, it starts conversations and it’s fun.

Within reason, I really like it. I like being able to pick out products quickly and different packaging does that. I don’t find they intervene with organisation too much, but I don’t really organise my make up by brand or anything.

The only thing that really annoys me is when brands put the prices up because of it. The only time I could justify that would be if the packaging is really special and high quality.

I hate LE packaging, since it tends to be tacky (like M.A.C’s LE packaging…) I like my products to look sleek and expensive, not tacky and cheap.

I totally agree! However, I do think some LE products have really nice packaging.

Since storage isn’t really a problem for me (my collection fits in a drawer) I don’t really mind bulky packaging, though.

I don’t really mind it. The only time it becomes an issues is when it’s bulkier than the original and it takes up too much space.

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