Friday, April 5th, 2013

Choose or Lose

How do you feel about all-in-one makeup palettes/kits?

  • They can be hit or miss! (67%, 1,744 Votes)
  • Hate 'em! (25%, 653 Votes)
  • Love 'em! (8%, 217 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,621

Thanks to Melissa for today’s question!

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18 thoughts on “How do you feel about all-in-one makeup palettes/kits?

  1. xamyx

    I *really* picky when it comes to blush shades, and I prefer my lip products to be portable for reapplying, so unless the eyeshadows in a kit can justify the overall price, I don’t bother with them. I have a few from Sephora that were pretty inexpensive, and they had a ton of shadows, and although they take some effort, it’s nice to have such a variety of color to experiment with (although they’ve improved alot over the last few years).

    I also find that “all-in-one” face kits tend to be really random in what they contain. While one product may work with my skintone, another may be acceptable, while yet a third will be just wrong. When it comes to face products, I prefer to just by individual products.

  2. Anna

    I like my make up to be very clean, as well as organized, so I really hate to see flecks of powder products transferring to a cream blush or lipstick… And I just feel like there’s no foolproof way to stop that from happening in all-in-one palettes.

  3. Jan

    I feel that they can be good for travel, but you don’t always love everything in them, so you may run out of one thing and not get a lot of use out of the remaining products, if you love everything, it’s great, but I think it’s better to buy individual products that work well and use them to travel instead of believing that one palette is all you’ll need

  4. Katie

    I’d rather have individual items that I love [and use] 100% of the time, than have one item in a palette that I love, while getting zero use out of all the others… as has happened with the few palettes I’ve ever bought.

  5. ElKay

    I hate any palette that mixes cream products with powder. It just makes a mess.

    • Mariella

      TheBalm has figured out a way to package cream and powder products together brilliantly. I have 2 of their original Balmbini palettes and you can’t believe how clever (and simple) the packaging is.

  6. especially dislike palettes with cream and powder products together..yuck!

  7. LauraR.

    I’ve never had a palette that includes cream product and powder product work out. Inevitably the cream product will get powder in it and be ruined.

  8. Mariella

    I love ’em when they contain all products I love; I hate ’em when they contain a whole lot of products I don’t love. They can represent really good value (and the convenience of having most of what you need in one place) but only when they’re heavy on products that look good on me and that I like. If I’m having to pay for 3 or 4 products I don’t like, the value drops significantly.

  9. I don’t mind eye & cheek palettes, but I hate when they add lips in there. My experience with cream & powder products in the same palette has never been good.

  10. Patsy Dseautel

    I bought a Pixi Fairy Face Palette from Hautelook for a steal, $12! I haven’t really travelled with it too much, but so far so good in not making too much of a mess. I have a couple Too Faced and Urban Decay palettes that I love as well. I guess the palettes are great for a Makeup Hoarder such as myself :). They’re fun, cute packaging, and always something new to satisfy!!

  11. Malinda Jane

    I hate them. I hate lip products in the same palette as others, eyeshadows especially. They go bad more quickly than eye products for one thing and you have to use a lip brush to apply them which guarantees that I’ll never use them anyway because it’s just too much trouble.

  12. I have mixed feelings. On one end, its great for traveling. On the other, I rarely like all of the shades and it feels wasteful to throw a half used palette away. I also feel like quality suffers when there are a bunch of different product types in one package.

    I think in general I prefer individual packaging rather than everything together.

  13. ashley

    i love when they include eyeshadow/bronzer/blush… but not the lipstick pots. i HATE when the eyeshadow gets all over the sticky lipgloss/stick. same with cream anything. so unless it’s seperated nicely, i don’t often buy all-in-one haha

  14. Christine

    On paper – they make sense and it’s convenient to have everything on one palette. However, it’s a bit of a hit and miss of whether you’ll find enough things in a palette that’ll work and you’ll love to justify buying the all-in-one palette.

    Another thing that irks me and I found early I don’t like this through buying the POP Beauty palettes was that I despise having cream and powder products next to each other. HOWEVER, having said that is my pet peeve, Benefit, Christian Dior and many others have started packaging their palettes with the cream products having some sort of lid/protection to keep it separate from runaway powder.

  15. Stacey

    I have never seen an all-in-one-palette that I like. Seriously. First, I dont like lipstick or gloss in a pan. I have those pan lipsticks and you need a lipbrush or your fingers gets all goooey. Second, it is bulky to carry. Third, that is the whole purpose of having indivual makeup…We are all different with different tastes and likes…I like to choose my makeup. I dont think any of us readers here have the same makeup inside our makeup bags.

  16. Adele

    I can see why they’d be useful for a beginner or someone who wanted to keep their collection small, but since I don’t fall into either of these categories I have no use for them! It bothers me when I have even one color in a palette that I never use, and usually when I see bigger palettes and kits it seems like I wouldn’t use half of the products.