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I consider the amount of time I can dedicate to makeup, my mood, and most importantly, where I’m going 🙂

It really depends. If I don’t have a lot of time then I just grab for my basic, staple/go-to products to create a simple and quick look. If I have an inordinate amount of time, and if I am feeling creative then I will just sort of play in my makeup until I create something. Sometimes I will get an idea of a look then I start thinking about what products to use to create it; in that case, I will either go grab the products and set them out or I will write the look/products down. If I feel like I’m in a rut, or if I feel like I need to start using more of my products then I will just start tossing random items into a basket that I can set out, so I force myself to use only the items in the basket for a week or up to a month. Heck, sometimes I reach into my single shadows without looking, pull a few out, and make myself build a look around those even if I think it’s an unusual pairing.

Considering the main reason I wear make-up is work, it’s generally the same face products each time. As far as eyes, it depends how much time I have, how long it has to last and whether I’m doing anything after work.

I have a daily routine. Basically, I use the same products that I bought that week/month and then I change it up every so often.

It depends on what I’ll wear, sometimes on my nails, on my mood, and of course on the time I’ll have!
I usually have an idea of the kind of makeup I’ll do in the morrow before I go to bed.

My mood, my female hormones, what my hand reaches out. I dont really think about it. I just grab what is there and work it out.

Well, it really depends on my mood swings ! Today I purchased MAC Haute Altitude, Après Chic and Ruby Woo, I don’t know when I will try them in fact ! This morning I am just wearing a Kiko quad on the eyelids and a lip balm but tomorrow… is another day !

Lately I’ve just been using my “go-to” products for the day.

But whenever I feel I should use my collection that seems to just be collecting dust, I’ll mindlessly grab 3-4 products and I *have* to use them all to create something cohesive 🙂

It depends on what I’ll be doing that day, how much time I have and then just what I feel like wearing (often, if I have the time and it’s not a work day, I’ll wear something I haven’t worn in a while, just for a change, whereas on work days, I fall back on some easy, quick neutral looks that don’t take much time and are less “makeup-y looking”.

Recently I’ve been trying to use different shades each day, so that plays a part! It mostly depends on what I’m doing and where I’m going, for example if I’m going to work I will use more neutral/natural shades, and wear looks that aren’t high maintenance. I do like playing with shades though, I look forward to the weekend for that!

Where I am going and how much time I have are big factors. For a typical work day, I’ll wear my regular foundation (these days, Tarte Amazonian Clay) topped with my Smashbox Halo face powder. I will choose an eye shadow combination based on my mood. If I’m running late, I’ll probably just do a wash of color on my lid. I always wear blush, curl my eyelashes, and wear mascara. If I have more time, I might add a bronzer, highlight, and fill in my brows. If it’s a weekend, I’ll wear my Smashbox BB cream or Tarte tinted moisturizer, face powder, blush, a cream shadow (maybe), and definitely curl my lashes and mascara. If I have an event after work, I will definitely wear a nice eyeshadow combination, fill in my brows, contour, etc. I will also wear Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation as it is my longest lasting foundation (but less comfortable than Tarte).

It totally depends on how I’m feeling, really. 🙂 If I’m feeling fun and girly, I wear fun and feminine colors, and if I’m feeling bold, I wear bolder colors.When I feel that I have to rush out of the door, then I follow my quick everyday neutral makeup routine! 🙂

Depends on what I’ll be doing and who I’ll be with, my mood, how tired I am (no really, if I’m dead tired it won’t be a real makeup day) and how much time I have to do makeup, what clothes I feel like wearing, the weather, and lastly, I try to mix it up in terms of looks and products used so my collection doesn’t go to waste…. I think that’s all 🙂

depends on how lazy i feel..and the time. since i spend ages doing my face(bad skin and on top of that flaky even though it’s oily…i noticed it gets worse if i don’t spend any time in the sun :/ any of you have that problem, btw? it could be dermatitis, the oily skin one..but then again, i don’t have wounds or yellow scabs..just flaky skin >.< plus some acne and the dreadful blackheads..so idk)sorry for that rant, lol.
when i go to school i ALWAYS apply at least some pretty dark or intense eyeshadow in a v shape on my upper eyelid and crease(beside the face stuff+mascara)-when i'm lazy. when i'm not, i apply eyeliner all around my eyes in a cat-eye shape+very dark eyeshadow on my lower eyelids and also use blush and maybe even lipstick or gloss(tho it's not rlly good because i usually eat on my way to school or in the first break so i'll eat my lipstick out and it'll look yucky). when i have more time on my hands and i'm not sleepy, i'll do a dark smokey eye.
my mood also influences my choices.

i sometimes wear red lips with my cat eyes 😀 or coral or pink 😀 creamy and shimmerless <3
lol, i've been having a HUGE lipstick obsession this past year and bought some crazy colors i wouldn't have worn before..(i thought even reddish nivea balms were too much, even if i always loved heavily defined eyes and worn black eyeliner since 12) but i rarely use them 🙁 …either cause i know i'm gonna eat cause i got dry lips that i pick at :") so they look bad at most times. if you bite your nails or have other bad habbits, you know it's like a vicious circle of stress or boredom followed by frustration.

Mostly my mood makes the decision, but also what I’m going to be doing that day. Especially w/mascara (waterproof vs. washable) and eyeliner.

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