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It depends on where I’m going, what I’m doing, and the weather, for starters. Also, my clothing plays a key role, as well, but that goes with the previous conditions. In terms of color, since I’ve started wearing nail polish on a regular basis again, that also plays a part in what colors I choose.

I have certain products I wear pretty much every day, for running errands, and those are kept separate from products I typically wear for evening/special occasions, in a bin I keep on a shelf in my closet. My face products don’t vary much, and for eyes, I’ll just grab a palette or two & figure it out from there. As for lips, I’ll try to remember to grab a gloss, but if I forget, I always have a gloss and/or balm in my purse.

For a very important function, I will spend days, sometimes even weeks, figuring it out, and those looks center directly around the outfit & accessories.

It depends. On boring days, I try to pick makeup that complements my outfit. On interesting days, I start with my favorite new lip/eye/cheek product, and then wing it from there.

I don’t actually have that many products to choose from, but in general, i choose my makeup based on how much time I have to do it. If I’m late for something I’ll throw on some lighter, more forgiving eyeshadow with a neutral lip color, but if I have more time I can get some color on my eyes/cheeks/lips and some winged eyeliner.

I think this heavily depends on how lazy I’m feeling that day and how my skin feels! I switch around products as much as I can though, but it’s hard to when I have the tendency to hoard favorites! I’m looking at you, NARS Sheer Glow.

Factors include –

-my mood
-the eye looks I have been wearing lately. Either I’ll be in love with it and will want to continue, or I’ll want a change
-my planned outfits
-whether I’ve bought a new product that I’d like to feature

If I stay home I only put on sunscreen. If I’m leaving the house, I determine how much sun I’ll be getting. Then I decide what I’m going to wear. Then I choose my makeup accordingly.

In a hurry = tried and true. I never try anything new because if it looks bad I don’t have time to correct it.

On a day where I have a lot of time, I try and experiment with my stash. I try to base looks off of ones I see on YouTube or magazines. I tend to experiment more with colors during these times, whereas it’s pretty much all neutral on rushed days (or I guess more “professional” days, as well).

can we see a photo off these bins lol

I pick what I feel like on the day…

mainly depends on how tired I am and what i have time to do…

I find if i’m over tired im very unlikely to put eye makeup on

It highly depends on where I’m going, how much time I have to do my make-up, and whether there are certain products, old and new, that I want to play with at the time.

When in doubt, do a light neutral eyes with lightly winged eyeliner and reddish lips. 😛

It largely depends on what I still need to test and do full-face photos for. If all that is done, I think of something that I LOVED SO MUCH (be it a lipstick or an eyeshadow combo) and wear it again 🙂

I usually think about it the night before, and take into consideration the time I’ll have, what my outfit will be, possibly the colour of my nails, and what products I haven’t use most recently.

It all depends on my mood! Sometimes I try to coordinate it to the color of the shirt I’m wearing, but not that often. It’s usually just whatever I feel like. (:

It really comes down to mood and how much time I want to spend on my makeup or if I have any special plans. I really enjoy putting on makeup, but didn’t bother this weekend at all and went bare faced. I store everything in bins according to manufacturer and product type (’cause everything has to line up..sheesh ;0 )and then I have my smaller ‘active’ bin which contains products I have rotated in and out from the bigger collection. I also go through phases. Right now I’m feeling the simple black or black/brown winged eye with bright lip. Three weeks ago, it was all about neutrals.

It all depends on my mood-whether I feel like blending in or standing out. I also try to use products I have more of (ie-MAC lipsticks) and products that are older ( so that they are used up before expiring)

It really depends. Most days I do a fairly neutral look but I will change the products slightly so it doesn’t become monotonous. Some days I have extra time, or I want to match a shirt, so I’ll base it on that. Sometimes (like today) there is a particular product/color I want to wear, so I pick the rest of my make up based on that.

I wear the same makeup on a daily basis, what’s in my makeup bag. It also depends on how much time I have in the morning. I will change it for special ocassions

Well I have two bins. One is filled with my daily essentials, like eye primer etc. For color cosmetics, it depends on whether there’s a product I just got or haven’t used in a while that I want to use, or whether I decide on a color or eye look I want to feature. So based on whatever product(s) I choose first, I build around that and decide what other colors go with it, or if it’s a certain foundation-which products will look the best with that particular foundation. It’s a little complicated, but fun

Depends how much time I have, what my mood is, and what my planned outfit is. But every day without fail eyeliner is a must! It opens up my eyes and makes my face complete.

I usually either have an idea of what clothes I want to wear, or what makeup I want to wear. When I pick clothes first, I tend to wear more toned-down makeup so it doesn’t compete with my clothes. I also like to match the colors I’m wearing with my makeup, but not in a way that would look clownish, usually a more toned-down version (especially with lips). If not, I just wear a natural-ish neutral look, warmer-leaning or cooler-leaning depending on the color of my clothes.

Sometimes I have an idea of what makeup I want to wear before I choose clothes. Like, I might want to wear a particular lipstick or eyeshadow that day. In that case, I make that makeup the focus of my look and choose clothing that won’t clash with it or compete for attention.

On a daily basis Monday- Friday my make up doesn’t change much I’m a teacher so it has to be pretty neutral, monthly I go through my blush and lip stash and change those out, but my eyes I rotate through 3 diffent duos and quads that I’m trying to finish up. When I want to add a little something extra I put on black winged liner… For going out it depends on where I’m going and what I’m wearing, during those times I search my stash a little more.

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