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Season is most important to me. Then where I’m going and what kind of trends they might have. Then my goal is to travel light! About 3 of most things. 😉

I always bring necessities such as primers, foundation, concealer, black eyeliner, black mascara, peachy-pink lipstick, bronzer, lip balm, and tools (brushes, eyelash curler). What varies according to season and/or mood is eyeshadow. Sometimes I’ll just bring brown eyeshadow because it goes with everything, and sometimes I’ll bring more colorful ones if I’m in the mood for soemthing more playful.

Completely agree!!

I have another strategy to make sure I don’t forget anything: I pack everything 2 days in advance, and I do my makeup with only those things 1 day in advance. This way, I can catch most of the things I’m bound to forget! I also do this with my other skin care items as well.

I do this, too!

I pack only the essentials. Right now, I pack powder, concealer, primer potion in Sin, MAC’s Kid e/s, a brown eyeliner, brown mascara, a neutral blush, bronzer, 3-4 brushes and my eyelash curler.

That’s a good point! I tend to bring things I like the most but every time I kind of regret because it either gets dirty or somewhat ruined!

Ooh that’s a great question! I think about my destination. For beach/tropical trips, I bring vibrant, lush colors. For non-beach getaways, I bring neutrals that can will go with whatever clothing I wear and the activities that are planned. But no matter where I go, I try to keep it simple and not over pack.

Almost all of my makeup fits in a purse. Pack the purse. x) This does not include removers, moisturizers, serums, etc. JUST MAKEUP. So I pack necessities like remover wipes, eye moisturizer, and SPF moisturizer. Sometimes also toner if I think I’ll need it.

I love Benefit and they have those beauty mini packs and when I travel they get put in my beauty bag. They have a wide variety of the minis and have almost everything I would need. They are just so compact and can taken with me 🙂

It depends. If I’m heading somewhere tropical I bring bare minimum: eyebrow pencil, mascara and lip gloss. Anywhere else I TRY to pare it down to what I normally wear everyday, plus maybe an extra lipstick and eyeliner.

Lately, my trips have been rather short, so I limit the amount I bring to a small-medium makeup bag or pencil box. I bring basics such as primer, foundation, concealer, brow pencil, lash curler, and mascara. I also usually bring a few eyeliners (brown, black, other color), face highlighter, blush, and a few eyeshadows (skin color, brown, and something neutral). I also bring 2-3 lipsticks in various pink colors- same with lip glosses.

Recently, I’ve just been taking my Naked Palette and then 1 or 2 bright colored shades in case I want something more fun (usually the colors are a purple and a bright pink).

I bring things that I used the most in the previous week, i.e. my “everyday makeup products”. But then there are also some “extra backups” which in the end made me brought way too much stuff that I don’t need.. haha!

for me, i try to visualize where i will be going for a trip. if i will go on a formal event in the evening, i will bring darker shades. i also take note not to bring identical colors.

I have a problem with over packing makeup. I like to take a variety of color shadows because I want it to be available to me for what ever color I am wearing. I don’t like to have to buy anything extra just because I forgot it at home. I take a selection of two foundations, makeup remover wipes, lipsticks and about 5 different shades, a few pairs of lashes with the glue, eyebrow penciles black and brown, a few blushes and whatever else that will make me feel like I am at home doing my makeup. The last trip I recently went on for 3 days I grabbed 70 percent of my makeup to take with me with is not a good idea. People in general at the hotel kept asking me, “hey are you a makeup artist” and I would just start cracking up. I was like wow do I really have that much makeup.

I consider the climat, duration of my stay and weather really. Plus, on how many and what kind of social outings I will be.

I love loose eyeshadows in sample baggies! Arrange them in a small business card organizer and you should have enough variety of eyeshadows for a couple months. I live between countries now, so tiny ziplock baggies has become a make-up lifesaver. =D

I bring my everyday makeup plus a few palettes that can go from day to night. One I particularly love is Wet n’ Wild’s Vanity palette that allows me to have neutral everyday eyes and dramatic neutral smokey eyes at the same time. Other than that, I’d bring anything I wear on an everyday basis, even lipsticks.

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