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I’m the same way, but if they keep asking me and following me around while I browse and watching EVERYTHING I do, I’ll just leave and come back another time.

I tell them that I’m just looking but that I’ll be sure to let them know if I have any questions or need help. It seems to work fairly well with all pushy salespeople. 

I simply ask them to leave me alone.  If I need them, I’ll ask them for help.  I do not consider that rude considering how much they lie and phony compliment just to sell me a product that I am clearly uninterested in.

Well, if I know what I want, and I want to avoid pushy sales associates then I purchase and leave quickly. If I want to shop around then I just say that I’m only browsing for the moment, or I will give an indication that I have items in mind, but that I would like to look around and swatch alone first, but that I will let them know if I need any assistance. I always try to be polite because I know in most cases they are only trying to do their job. If I’m approached repeatedly, I may be annoyed, but I still try to be courteous. If products are being pushed on me, if I am open to a product, I usually ask for a sample stating I don’t like to return items. If I actually like the item, and they weren’t being overly pushy, and I was open to purchasing something off my list then it’s sometimes nice that the product was suggested. Even if I may find the person/people/behavior annoying, I generally try to remain in a positive, polite manner. If I feel uncomfortable, I will try to let the person know in a nice manner, or I will just leave the setting. I, typically, only get catty when faced with someone who just wants to be a know-it-all or a bitch and takes it too far.
I can only remember one time I really “caved.” It wasn’t so much that I bought products the girl was pushing, but rather, she was pushy, so I didn’t get to look at products, so I just picked and got out of there. I ended up not liking anything I purchased. This was at MAC many years ago, I told the associate I just wanted to browse alone for a little bit, but I would grab her when I was ready. This chick followed me to every fricken location jumping in at every.single.product. UGH! I just grabbed products and got out of there. This was the first time I was put in a situation with an extremely pushy and rude sales associate. I should have returned all the damn products citing that annoying fucking chick as the reason for return. LOL.
P.S. – Pushy, rude sales people are bad, but so are pushy, rude customers. Stay classy, ladies and gents!

Perfect timing! I was just going to ask you are they on commission at stores like Nordies? The last couple of trips to the counter I felt obligated to buy because everything I looked at or asked a question about was immediately put next to he register for me to buy. When I was ready to leave they were ringing them up. What I really wanted was my questions answered so I can decide what to buy. Today he sales lady did the exaggerated “it’s sooooo gorgeous!” for everything. Sad to say I bought out of guilt for taking up their time:(

[email protected] Crna Gora You shouldn’t feel guilted into buying anything.  Yes, they make commission and their job performance is based on how much products they’re selling, but that’s their problem, not yours.  How much they sell is dependent upon on how good their products are, how much traffic they get in a store, and how much people want to spend.  A good salesperson will suggest products you will love, but a bad salesperson will push products on you that you don’t want/need.

[email protected] Crna Gora Yes, they work on commission at department stores.  (Or maybe I should say “we” now since I work in cosmetics retailing as well.)  I can say that most of us are trained NOT to do that very thing.  But if you haven’t sold all day there is a lot of pressure on you to make your goal per hour/day.  Having said this, that’s not YOUR fault and you should never be subjected to bad service so I am sorry this happened to you.  You should never feel obligated to buy anything from anyone and the retailers should give you honest opinions, answers and suggestions rather than show you how “absolutely GORGEOUS” everything is .  Next time I suggest coming back when another MUA/SA is available or going to another dept. store that has the same brand.  You don’t need to be scared off you’re favorite brand because of one bad experience. 🙂  Hope this was helpful!

I’m pretty much on the same page as Christine with this… I politely tell them I’m just looking, but if there is something in particular I want or need help with I will let them know.  More often than not I am just looking… and if they continue to push me I simply just go away.  Oddly enough, it seems that when I do actually need help with something the sales people are nowhere to be found. Needless to say, I do most of my shopping on the internet.  

I think my body language scares most of them away because I don’t get help unless I ask for it. So I don’t really have a problem with pushy sales staff. If I do though, I have no problem telling them that I’m just browsing or that I’ll think about it.

I usually try to tell them that I’m just browsing. If they don’t stop, I get really uncomfortable, wait for them to turn around, and sneak out.

I want to say 99% of the times I know more than sales associates at the makeup counter so I don’t get intimidated by pushy sales people.  I’m always open to whatever they’re selling if it’s to my liking, but I won’t buy something just because I’m feeling pressured.  For example, I went to buy a moisturizer at the Chanel counter, and this guy is trying to sell me Chanel Le Blanc (a moisturizer and whitening cream).  On top of it being very rude that he told me I had bad skin from sun damage, I didn’t want to buy the cream because it made the back of my hand appear whiter in a matter of seconds.  I think there might be some kind of white pigment in it.  I ended up getting exactly what I wanted there and didn’t buy anything I hadn’t already gone in there to buy.
If there’s nothing in particular I’m there to buy I’ll tell the associate I’m just browsing.

Unless they’re rude, I remain patient.  I once worked for a store that enforced pushy customer service as a rule, so I understand that these people are just trying to make a living and risk losing their job if they don’t do it (and in this economic climate, who can afford that?).  As far as I’m concerned, there’s very little excuse to be impolite to an associate unless they first violate a social boundary.

If it was a shop i was just walking past & i haven’t been too before i would say i was just having a look and was browsing, if they were extremely pushy though i would just walk out as i don’t like that kind of sales pitch (as others have said).
Lucky for me  I have developed relationships with the sales people that i go to @ my local debenhams beauty counter… (i am in there all the time, the ladies at the benefit and helen-e counter know me well, too well i fear lmao)

It depends on the brand…I have a weakness for Mac and it’s not that expensive, but if it’s BB or YSL I will try really hard not to spend my gas money:)

I usually just tell them I would like a minute to browse on my own I actually work at an Estee Lauder counter and I treat my customers the way I like sales people to treat me. If a customer say they are just browsing I say “No problem! Let me know if you have any questions” And I don’t bug them until they come to me. 

OMFG i had that happen to me at MAC last week  – like they had this attitude of “buy something or get out” – maybe i was paranoid but the salesgirls were just hovering around me ugh :(OOH speaking of MAC, Jealousy Wakes is still available online?! Did it get promoted to permanent or something 😀

I’d tell that I’m just looking. Tbh the treatment that usually caused me to cave was mostly enthusiasm and willingness to help. If an SA helped me a lot or recommending great products or letting me wear the product first then come back when i think it’s good enough, I usually caved and purchase more. Guess everything looks better when someone have just been nice to you.

I try and be friendly and polite too. It depends on how pushy they are. My friend and I were at a make-up store (I won’t mention which one) and the sales people wouldn’t leave her alone. They just kept asking over and over again if she needed help. After a while it went from trying to honestly help to being rude, the tone in their voice changed. We didn’t say anything, but afterwards my friend definitely complained to me about it and how they always do that to her at this store. I can put up with only so much until I’m done… nothing that bad has happened ever tho. 🙂

the worst is pushy perfume counter sales women. oh my god. it’s like they don’t stop. i sometimes like to take my time and really smell something individually and they’re spraying me and my hair and my clothes. i walk out smelling like a baby hooker.

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