Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Temptalia Asks You

How do you deal with poor lighting situations when applying your makeup? Maybe a poorly lit hotel bathroom?

Temptalia's AnswerThe best thing to do is go outside and look at what products you’re thinking of wearing to make sure everything matches/coordinates. Then, when you’re in the space with the less-than-stellar lighting, concentrate on texture and light/dark–pay less attention to the color as you are whether everything is fading to the right gradient, edges are softened, etc.

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12 thoughts on “How do you deal with poor lighting situations when applying your makeup?

  1. I stick to products I am used to using and know coordinate, a simple look, and use a light hand to apply! Then, if I’m out and about later and think I look washed out (from being overly cautious when applying in the dark!), I might use a bit of lipstick from my purse as blush.

  2. Maureen

    It doesn’t matter what the lighting situation is; I’m always shifting from room to room to check it in different lights and mirrors. I take my shadow palette in my hand with me.

    Actually, in high school, I did my makeup in crappy lighting to give me a better idea of how it would look in my school building. I had one bathroom in my house ~perfect~ for makeup, but the lights were so bright they didn’t match anything in my school.

  3. The thing about the bad lighting in my room is that colors are WAY off, so I sometimes end up pairing colors that really don’t work together. And I usually do makeup at night, so I can’t step outside to check my progress, ha ha. I don’t really have a solution, I just see it as a learning experience.

  4. When at home, I allways manage to find a place with at least decent light(I mean it’s my home, I know every corner of it). If I’m not at home, I try to keep my make-up simple and fool-proof(or in this case bad-light-proof): a nude color on my lid and smudged eyeliner, a little bit of natural blush and a lipstick that I know for sure it looks good on me. For a more elaborate make-up, I stick with pre-tested products and looks.

  5. artemis

    i just do what i always do 😀 i hate bright light

  6. If this is a temporary situation, then Sarah and Christine are both correct. I’d add that you should take your blush and eye color with you when you leave for another place in case you need to add something later. If the place where you’ll be going is lit like the place where you apply makeup, or you’ll be applying makeup at the place where you’ll be, then you should be fine. Just find the light that you can and make sure that it’s centered on your face – that way you’re evenly lit. If it’s at home, try adding temporary light, even utility lights (the ones with the silver “shells” that surround them and the clamps on the end) will add more light and can be removed when company comes. Ikea sells strips of lights and you could always look into the new makeup mirrors at Ulta or Sephora if you’d like. Lighting is extremely important and you’ll want to control it as much as you can, when you can. HTH and sorry for the book.

  7. I try to work next to a window when I can. ^_^

  8. Teresa

    I have a bad habit of doing my makeup in the car. I keep a microfiber towel and a bottle of water to clean my hands after I apply the makeup. The lighting is better than in any room of my house, even by a window.

  9. Adele M

    I have a Conair makeup mirror. Lights up around the outside. Do wish I could upgrade the bulb in it though…

  10. Joan

    I use a makeup mirror with adjustable lighting, but I check the finished result in daylight when possible. Hotels
    with magnified mirrors are great, but the lighting is usually poor. Again, if possible, I assess my makeup in daylight, near a window.

  11. Em

    I stick with what I know. I won’t try anything too bright, bold, or dark, and I won’t use a foundation or concealer I’m not familiar with. When I get used to how much of a product to use and how to use it, I don’t necessarily have to rely on great lighting.