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The easiest is to go through items that have expiration dates that should more or less be followed and then toss. Like a mascara that’s half-used from two years ago probably should get tossed πŸ˜› After that, look for items you do NOT like – these are the things you bought, tried, and didn’t work out for you but you still kept. Put these in a box and donate or pass along to a friend/family member. Then you can start looking through products you use and products you never use – stuff you never use might be worth giving to a friend. If it’s that one red you love but only wear for a special occasions, obviously keep that! πŸ™‚

— Christine

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Project 10 pan for me! Nothing goes to waste. I will never, ever follow the 3 month mascara rule. I feel it is a marketing ploy to keep me buying new stuff.

I think you’re right on the money! Although I find mascaras dry up on me quicker than they used to, so I end up replacing them every 3-4 months anyway!

Don’t look up eyelash mites, eyelashes are one crazy breeding ground and mascara, unlike lipstick, is impossible to sanitize.

I would hope that one would wash their face (sanitize it) before applying their makeup, mascara, etc. These claims are bogus.

I don’t autoclave in the morning, I just wash. The lovely thing is, no one will take your mascara away, these are just guidelines *not* laws that will be peremptorily enforced.

Eyelash mites? Thanks Ms. Fox!! I really needed to know that! LOL! BTW … Wiki has a very lovely pic of the mite. I’m officially creeped out!

I was left alone too long in the medical library with Andrews Book of Skin Diseases as a child. No really. That and Edward Gorey’s The Insect God. Look what it hath wrought! πŸ˜‰

It’s not really a marketing ploy. The FDA set up these time spans as recommendations several years ago, and basically the cosmetics industry adopted these guidelines to avoid lawsuits by people who don’t practice common sense/hygiene. I started wearing makeup long before these guidelines came about, and I don’t follow them at all. If it looks, feels, smells, or tastes “off” then I’ll toss it. Other than that, I’ll keep using it. I’ve had no eye infections or break-outs, so I think that says something.

I agree with you. I have a Calvin Klein lipgloss I got as a freebie GWP when I bought a perfume … Like 10 – 12 years ago. I still use it. Some may say gross, but it’s in fantastic shape. I defo do NOT follow the mascara rule. I throw it out when it dries out or changes.

Yes I also agree. It’s largely marketing. Some people even throw out nail polish! I try to use skincare in time because the ingredients can lose potency but for makeup commonsense works pretty well. If something smells, don’t put it in your eye. I use mascaras for as long as they’re good (and you can revive dried mascara) and I’ve never had an infection.

You can also tell if it’s bogus when they say ‘use x months after opening’ but the product is not sealed in an airtight container in the first place.

I don’t have enough of a stash to be cluttered at this point? I am intending, once I organize my apartment, to move all the makeup into the second bathroom and buy an organizer for it, instead of what I’m using now, and hopefully that will help me stay decluttered.

Im happy to keep it even if it is something i do no use as i regularly do my friends and families makeup and what doesnt suit me, sometimes suits them. Sometimes i will sell it on ebay or via a blog sale, but if its justa drugstore brand, i will just keep it aside until my parents or i visit my parents home country to give it to my less fortunate family.

I go through my stash every season (so every few months). I do it to de-clutter, rediscover products, and also to look for items similar to new products releasing for the seasonal collections. If it’s something so old it scares me, TOSS. If it’s something that was total crap, TOSS. If there was something I bought, but it wasn’t a long lived love and the product never gets used then I’ll give it to someone else. I try to do a lot of research before I buy to keep waste to a minimum, though.

I went through a stage of not buying makeup (other than when I ran out of staples) because I had so much. Then I realised I was doing the 80/20 thing – wearing 20% of my makeup 80% of the time! So I went through my stash and applied everything, one after the other, with no foundation or base at all. If it made me look sallow, sick, wrong, or I just plain didn’t like it, I either chucked it, gave it away, or back-to-MAC’d it (two free lipsticks!). I know I gave away some orange/peach lip colours, because I’m really over orange now, after doing it for years.

I’m fairly organized over all in regards to my collection (in contrast to everything else in my life), but I think it’s worth it to do an inventory of what I have every six months or so. I generally keep an eye on products I don’t see myself reaching for often, and if I find during my clean sweep that I still haven’t used it, I’ll pass it off to a family member.

I don’t concern myself too often with expirations, since mascara and foundation/skin products are something I keep in limited supply and use daily. Usually, I run out before I need to toss them. πŸ™‚

I used to periodically go through my stash and give away what I don’t love to my family but recently, I have been good at only buying what I would be sure to love. Reading reviews helped me a lot with this. Also, I have gotten over the hurdle of feeling guilty about buying high-end brands– I have realized that one expensive lipstick (great formula, lovely color) that I will reach for often is definitely worth ten drugstore brand bullets which are just meh. So now, everything I have fits in one large train case and I like keeping it that way.

I de-clutter by going through my makeup collection at least every few months. I go through the items and throw it away if it is expired. I go through a section at a time and try on the makeup and see if I really did like it and if I did not I pass it to family or friends. This way I am not holding on to items that are useless or that I would never wear. I would rather have items that I would wear and love rather than a whole bunch of makeup with no purpose in my life. Sometimes less is more.

I hardly do Coz my makeup collection isn’t that big plus i only buy what i need and I’m sure i will use.

I do pretty much the same thing: I’ll go through my stash every 4-6 months, throw out things that have gone bad or turned out to be of poor quality. Then I consider if I’m going to use something or not; dupes and things I just don’t seem to use go to others. My mom usually gets the first pick, but she’ll only take basics like pink or red lipsticks, mascara, and powder, because that’s all she uses (she also only wants the high-end stuff, she’s quite picky that way!).
Then, I’ll have 3 of my best friends over for dinner, spill everything on the couch and let them choose what they like. One of them is an almost spot-on match for my foundations, so she’s usually the biggest beneficiary. They’ll return the favor sometimes with books, gadgets, video games, clothes, bags etc. It’s become a little tradition we have and I’m quite fond of it. πŸ™‚

I don’t actually ave that much make-up (not talking nail polish though…) but every few moths i look trhough everything. If something had gone bad I’ll throw it out. Productes that i really don’t like are usual thrown away (or given to someone else) after a couple tries..

I’m pretty good with keeping my train case de-cluttered. Compared to most, my makeup collection is on the minimal side. I actually try to use up everything I get, and everything I purchase I do extensive research first. Other things I get as samples/giveaways/collection sets, and I use it up too, or give to friends/family if I’m not a fan of the product.

I have to admit i’m awful at de-cluttering my stash, i’m abit of a hoarder and things have to be falling apart, smelling, and practically so bad they are walking themselves to the bin before i will throw them out, and usually thats even hard.

My mascara’s seem to go bad within a couple months so no reminder needed there. I hear my dog parking under that pile of TokiDoki palettes, that’s my current system…

I don’t. I already have everything sorted out and in it’s place. As I get new items and if I have time I will put it in the correct drawer. If I don’t have time or I am too tired, I put it in a box and wait until the weekend to find it a home. I never keep anything I don’t like or can’t use. It gets returned, put on Freecycle, the local shelter/center, given to friends or if it’s bad enough, it goes in the trash.

I love Freecycle!! IMO, I find those on there really have a need versus those on Craigslist looking to resale.

What’s funny is … I have a ‘slight’ germ OCD and I will NOT take open cosmetics from anyone, not even family members. It creeps me out thinking maybe, just maybe someone stuck their grubby fingers in it.

…::: Raises hand. YES, I am a weirdo! :::…

No, not weird, if more people thought more actively on these things it might be different. So here’s the kicker- today a girl in my apt building was over recounting a story about how a fling refused to come by her place and drop something off because her place was “messy and smelled”. Well her place is a disaster! A mattress on the floor, liquor bottles lying about, bags of trash accruing and above it all a B.O. and stale weed haze for ambiance. Her conclusion re: his reluctance to visit? He is a germophobe!! I am trying to keep a straight face thinking ” Any one who wasn’t one upon going in would certainly be one upon leaving your place!” and he is the one that has the problems? Whatever strain she is smoking should have the nickname “Delusional”

I completely agree about Freecycle “need” versus Craigslist “greed”

Using Z and UNI palettes, I was able to drastically reduce my stash. They are a bit difficult to store due to their size (especially the Z palettes)but they take up far less room than all those bulky individual palettes. I also pull out the products that are over half empty and FORCE myself to use them up!

I recently got into makeup, so most of it isn’t very old. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I only keep products that I will truly use. If I buy something that won’t work out, I return it. I did have a few very old eyeshadow quads and Covergirl blushes from who knows when. I threw those out. The only other products that I have had to throw out are mascaras. I toss them pretty frequently once they are empty or the texture gets strange. I’ve also tossed some mascaras that I just wasn’t too fond of after a while (Maybelline the Colossal and One by One, I’m looking at you!). In general, I do go through my stash to make sure there aren’t unneeded products. I usually end up throwing out half used deluxe samples from Sephora.

“De-cluttering” is a bit of an alien concept. I think it’s against my genetic code as I come from a family which rarely throws anything away. Makeup, books, clothes, shoes… maybe once a decade (but never the books!). Mascara is an obvious exception but that’s about it for me. Skincare I either use up or I simply put on another part of my body. I’m pretty careful about the makeup I buy and only do so after a lot of swatch reviews, etc. so I don’t have much that is a complete waste. I won’t tell you how old one of my favorite lipsticks is, because you’d probably have palpitations. Suffice it to say, Donna Summer was on the music charts at the time….

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