Saturday, July 14th, 2012

Temptalia Asks You

How do you coordinate accessories with your makeup? Do they have any impact or relation to how you’ve applied your makeup?

Temptalia's AnswerI like to pull at least one color I used on my eyes as a color on my earrings. That’s really the only accessory I wear!

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11 thoughts on “How do you coordinate accessories with your makeup?


    Im not a accessorie person….I wear a piece of jewerly everyday until someone gives me a new one. I have never bought real jewerly for myself (Ive always thought of this as a gift that other people give you…) and the fake stuff I bought I never wore more than twice, at best. I can only wear gold or diamonds, everything else turns my skin green. Silver and sterling dont work for me at all. I wish it did because its a lot cheaper. I dont like watches or bracelets…I remember when I first put on my high school graduation ring…it took me weeks to get used to that thing on my finger. I tend to lose earrings when Im trying on clothes at the store so I have a box full of earrings that dont have a matching partner.

  2. Jasmine Valistreri

    I have a whole system for coordinating my outfits, accessories, and makeup. I wake up and decide if I feel fierce or friendly that day. If I feel friendly I go with warm colors in my wardrobe, makeup, and accessories and change how much eye makeup I wear and how drastic it is depending on how loud I’m feeling (my work doesn’t care how I look). If I feel fierce I either don’t wear anything special (no makeup or accessories or fun clothes) or I wear cool colors, blues, greys, silver accessories, and cool toned makeup. I just associate color families that way. Concentrating on a specific color makes me feel like my look isn’t balanced, so I stick to color genres for matchy-ness.

  3. I don’t ever match my makeup to my accessories–sometimes to a top but not anything else really. I just have a bunch of gold jewelry that i will wear every single day with everything. If I want something more fun, it’ll be in the form of a few colorful, ropey bracelets usually (JCrew makes amazing ones!)

  4. No, as I really do not wear a lot of jewelry.. which has a lot of irony because I also make custom pieces.. But, living on a farm, it’s actually quite hazardous.  When I go out, I reach for one of the few fine pieces of jewellery that I have and typically it is my pearls.  I have pearl earrings in black tahitian, white south sea, and creamy south sea and a stunning white south sea pearl ring I bought as a gift to myself.  I adore pearls and their glowy lustre..they go with everything!  Occassionally, I will reach for something I have made, but I’m like a crow with the things I make and I tend to hoard them..  so strange really, but I keep them in case and just look at them.  LoL

  5. xamyx

    I tend to wear all black (or other neutrals on occasion) when it comes to clothing, so the only “color” I wear comes from my makeup and/or accessories, which really only incldes earring/necklace sets, and shoes/handbags (which *all* have to match). I usually base my makeup & shoes/handbags around my jewelry, though.

  6. Veronica

    It’s usually not much of a problem – most of my jewelry is silver, gold, or a similar neutral.  However, when I do wear some of more stand-out jewelry, I’ll try to match my eyeshadow.  (Unless it’s a ruby color.  Then I match it to my lipstick!  :D)

  7. Maria Hancock

    ironically yesterday was the 1st time I ever thought of doing that but I think it was because the rest of my outfit was white.

  8. Heesoo Claire Koh

    I kinda do that but not exactly, when I am wearing warm toned eyeshadow I match them with the gold meterial , when I am wearing something cool toned I match them with the silvers.

  9. Adegbemi Adebanke

    @ Claire; I do exactly same too.

  10. I usually wear gold, so if anything clashes horrible with that…then that’s a problem. I find that most of my makeup looks good with it though, especially in the summer! 

  11. diamond_8806

    I prefer to coordinate my accessories (usually just earrings and maybe a bracelet) to my outfit.  My makeup doesn’t always directly “match” my clothing.