Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Choose or Lose

How do you apply your foundation?

  • Brushes (51%, 1,945 Votes)
  • Fingers (37%, 1,405 Votes)
  • Sponges (11%, 430 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 42 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,822

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50 thoughts on “How do you apply your foundation?

  1. Jessica

    I use my Beauty Blender most of the time and sometimes the Sigma SS197 brush.

  2. Carrie

    I use studio tech and I find a brush the most efficient way to apply it, and less messy too :)

  3. Jennifer

    It depends on my foundation, I have a few foundations and I apply them all differently. With liquid foundations, I’ll usually use a brush or my fingers and with cream, I’ll use a sponge.

  4. Gina

    It depends on the consistency of the foundation. Thicker, sheerer ones like Double Wear Light get applied with fingers. More liquidy ones like MUFE HD get applied with brushes.

  5. Elsa Sousa

    I apply my current foundation with fingers (MUFE F&B), sine it’s so thin, but I find that for some foundations, using a brush gives a better finish. My sigma F80 is my favorite :)

  6. Marian

    Lately I’ve been airbrushing but I like using my fingers most of the time.

  7. I’m always using a flat top brush to apply my foundation.
    Works great for me!

  8. Really, for me, it depends on the type of foundation (so, all of the above!) I don’t really have a routine. How do you feel about those beauty blender things?

  9. Nancy

    For many years I used my fingers, but now that I have enlarged pores and wrinkles, I find using a sponge and a lighter foundation is more flattering. Otherwise the foundation just settles in the lines.

  10. emi s.

    I usually use my fingers, because using a brush gives me too much coverage and looks less natural. Is this just how using a brush is, or is it my technique?

  11. Lauren

    Fingers! They’re the best tool. The warmth of your fingers lets the foundation become more easily playable and moveable.

  12. Amy

    The fingers method seems gross to me. I hate the feeling of foundation all over my fingers. I use Sam Chapman’s (one half of pixiwoo if you’re into YouTube makeup guru’s) Real Techniques stippling brush. That thing is amazing. It makes my Double Wear Light look FLAWLESS.

    I used to use foundation brushes but they’re really streaky.

  13. nitnot

    For liquid usually Sigma F80.
    My go to foundie is MUFE HD, but for the beach or lighter days I wear MUFE F&B applied with damp sponge.
    Creams, damp sponge (it works! flawlesssss)
    I try not to apply anything with fingers since the oils from it might break your foundation down and my face is very sensitive anyways.

  14. Mariella

    Much depends on what foundation and form of foundation I’m using but in general, I use a combination of all 3! I used to use sponges years ago (before anyone had heard of brushes to apply foundation). Then I got a foundation brush (the flat kind) and didn’t have the best experience with that. Now, I usually use a Sephora Platinum Professional one for liquid (and their mineral one for mineral foundations) but recently, I’ve started using a sponge to sort of “stipple” on the tip of my nose, where I have redness. And fingers just to make sure I’ve got all the crannies around my nose, mouth, etc.

  15. staci

    i apply dots of foundation on the skin with a qtip (i use colorstay so it has no pump) then lightly smooth with my fingers before blending it all out with a flat top brush. so many steps! ha ha

  16. katie

    I use the beauty blender (sponge) for cream and liquid foundations.

  17. Maureen

    I have a brush, but I bought it because sometimes my friends ask me to do their makeup. I don’t see any reason why one wouldn’t just use their own fingers. Maybe if you have acne or something? My face is pretty smooth, so a brush gives me really definite brushstroke-lines that I end up having to buff out with my fingers regardless.

  18. Stephanie Marie

    Most days I use a foundation brush, but occaisonally I’ll use my fingers too.

  19. cherryglass

    For CD Nude and Chanel Aqua Lumiere I use both the brushes and fingers. I like to warm up the foundation first then press it onto skin, then using 190 to go over the area around nose & eyes. After that I take 187 to blend and even out. (I can’t rush this process. This and blush application is the most important step for me) For MUFE F&F usually a Beauty Blender sponge with some Fix+ on it will do.

  20. Stephanie

    Airbrush for me (Dinair to be exact). I can’t go back to traditional foundations. On short days or errand days, I’ll wear Bare Minerals using a Sephora Professional Mineral Powder Brush.

  21. MORENA

    With my Make up for ever face & body I use Sephora’s stippling brush
    For Makeup Forever HD i use the stipple (when im in a hurry) but its best with a flat foundation brush
    I stipple with Fit Me foundation also.
    Uing the stipple is alot faster. With a flat top brush you need to work it in more, make sure there are no streaks

  22. For day to day wear, I use powder foundation. When my foundation must look flawless, I use a sponge and buff with a stippling brush. By using two methods, the foundation gets worked in better than either method alone.

  23. vicki

    I usually apply the foundation to my face with fingers, and blend it out with either the sephora airbrush foundation brush or a sponge… depending on my mood, skin and whether I cleaned my brushes!

  24. Rei

    Usually my fingers for my Bobbi Brown Skin foundation, but a brush with everything else.

  25. Tiffany

    Usually I’ll use a brush but right now the foundation I’m using which is the Cover FX Natrual FX foundation is a little on the thicker side and the brushes i have don’t really work well with it. So i found that with this type of foundation my fingers are my best tool :)

  26. Jamie L

    I used to use the MAC foundation brush but I didnt really like how it was applying my foundation. Now I use the sephora version of the beauty blender and I LOVE it! It makes my foundation go on amazing!

  27. Debi

    Fingers for the most part with a sponge or flat foundation brush to smooth any spots necessary. I like the fact that I don’t lose or waste product when using my fingers. It doesn’t end up on the brush. It all goes on my face!

    • S.A.

      I, for one, would like to know how you don’t end up with foundation all over your fingers. That’s the one reason I dislike applying foundation with mine; I hate having to interrupt makeup application to wash my hands.

  28. Elysa Garcia

    a Sigma F50 and a beauty blender… LOVEEEE IT!

  29. Rachael

    Beauty Blender… and I love it!!! I use that when I am not airbrushing.

  30. Bethany

    Sometimes a brush, sometimes my fingers. It all depends on whether I have a clean brush or if I’m in a hurry.

  31. Aysegul

    I use all three – but not at the same time. It just depends on what type of foundation on am using.

  32. Cindy

    I use Chanel Mat Lumiere and i have to use a wet sponge to apply it. Otherwise it looks like a mask on me :(

  33. Depends on what I feel like that day. Most of the time I used my brushes but when I am in a hurry I just use my clean fingers ^_^

  34. amanda

    In general, brushes, especially for going out looks, pictures, special events, etc.. I use my Sephora platinum brushes-one is slanted, the other rounded like the typical foundation brush. I never have streaks or unevenness.. By far my favourite way to apply.. I apply my MUFE HD and MACs in this way.. THAT BEING SAID, for daytime, i generally use my damp sponges with any drugstore foundation, namely true match since i find its the only one worthy, and i also use a dampened sponge for my Laura Mercier oil free since it seems to be the only way people can get it to work.

    The only time I EVER use my fingers is when i am using my foundation on the run, or very quickly as concealer only in the areas that are needing to be covered.

  35. lazeny

    I like the versatility of a brush because aside from foundations, I can also use my foundation brush to apply liquid highlighter and cream blushes. So it’s all in one go. But I prefer using a damp sponge though for a more matte and full coverage look.

  36. Kaitlyn

    It depends on the foundation. I have different methods for different foundations. I prefer brushes, but sometimes fingers just work better. Wet sponges on occasion are nice for a more natural, ‘barely there’, kind of look.

  37. Sarah

    Sigma F80 <3!

  38. Monika-Luiza

    cream foundation – brushes, liquid foundation brushes or fingers, depending on the effect I want to achieve

  39. Marissa

    It really depends. Most of the time (especially since it’s summer and I don’t wanna wear anything heavy) I wear my tinted moisturizer and apply it with a damp sponge. When I use actual foundation, I just dab the foundation on my face with a stippling brush (so it doesn’t go on too heavy) and I’ll blend it out with a dense flat top brush. I recently started using this method and it works great! 😀

  40. Adelita

    Well, it depends, I use my finger when I’m using tinted moisturizers, MAC 190 for light coverage foundations, Sigma F80 for my mid coverage foundations, BeautyBlender for heavy coverage foundations and Sigma F82 for powder foundations (pressed or MMU). But hence my daily foundation is Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation, BeautyBlender is the one I reach the most.

  41. Maritza

    My answer would be all of the above! it depends on my mood, the look I am trying to achieve or the time I have left in the morning! LOL
    As a brush I use sephora airbrush 55 or sigma F180, as a sponge I use beauty blender.

  42. Shalimar

    It depends on the consistency of the foundation. If it is liquid, my fingers and flat top brush. If it is a cream or stick foundation, then my flat top brush or foundation brush.

  43. Meghann

    Beauty Blender all the way… regardless of the foundation! I’ve used every other application method, and I love this one the most!

  44. Leenie

    I use a brush to apply and then I use a wet sponge to blend down

  45. S.A.

    While I did vote brushes, because the majority of my application is done with brushes, there is one foundation I have that I use my fingers for. It’s so oddly textured that every brush I used left noticeable brushstrokes I had to blend out with my fingers anyways, so for that one I just go straight to fingers now. (It’s an odd foundation: VERY thick in the bottle, to the point where it can’t be poured, but rather light coverage.)

  46. linds

    The Beauty Blender…nothing matches it for me!!

  47. Minna

    (Clean) fingers with mufe f&b and tms. Sigma F80 for fuller and Mac 187 for lighter coverage. Beautyblender changed my mind about sponges, its great. Sometimes elf studio powder brush.Mmu w/ Lancome ageless mineral brush or dense kabuki for more coverage. Fav. F80:)

  48. Natalie

    I use brushes or a BeautyBlender 99% of the time. I’ll use fingers if I’m in a pinch, but I like the control, finish, and even coverage brushes or my BB can give me.