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Profile photo of Kiss & Make-up

To some extent, yes. But in general I don’t paying for shipping, as long as it stays affordable. What bothers me MUCH more are the extra fees and VAT that Swiss customs charge on goods coming in from abroad. And lately they seem to have gotten even stricter about it. Post-delivery invoices just keep piling up in my mail box, it’s so frustrating.

Profile photo of Helene

Also living in Europe, I know exactly what you mean. I tend to keep every order possible under $30 not to have to pay for customs and all the other fees they have managed to think up. An order for say $40 can rise to something like $55 or 60, and that’s not counting the postage.

Profile photo of Nancy T

Yes, it certainly does. I prefer free shipping, or at least inexpensive shipping. This is the only reason I haven’t jumped on a Zoeva or Kiko haul, yet! Although, my Zoeva wishlist is finally getting there to where I won’t feel the bite quite as painfully.

Profile photo of Pearl

It seems like most places offer free shipping now BUT if it’s free shipping with $xx purchase, I will buy the amount needed (and probably then some) to get free shipping. If the retailer does not offer free shipping, I typically shop elsewhere online or I’ll go in store. Exceptions are MUG (their shipping is pretty cheap at $1.99) or MAC ($5.00 for 2nd day option).

Profile photo of Anne

I’m like you too in that it affects which retailer I buy from more than if I do, but in some cases it does affect the purchase. I remember over the holidays I was trying to find some stuff from Lush that was from their holiday collection, and it turned out some of it was only being offered online and there is never free shipping on their site, so that annoyed me and I didn’t make the purchase.

Also, if there is free shipping over a certain amount (that isn’t ridiculously high, more like $25-$35) and I’m almost there, I may throw in an impulse buy or another item I was going to wait on to avoid shipping costs and “get something” for the money I would have spent otherwise on shipping.

Profile photo of Alice

Before Sephora had flash shipping I would ALWAYS impulse buy something $5-8 to get free shipping! Like why would I pay $6 for shipping when I could just get another product for that price? At least I ended up with a nice stash of lip balms and travel products!
Alice Recently Posted: LostLake Spitzer, MNJuly 2014

Yes. I’m more inclined to buy from Sephora or Nordstroms because of their free shipping. If I want something drugstore or that Ulta carries I’m more likely to go into the store itself.

Same for me; fees are more likely to influence who I order from. It frequently influences when I order, too. If the shipping rates are higher, such as overseas shipping, and the items are permanent, I’m more likely to wait till I have the money and enough things I want to place a larger order. Average shipping fees of $5-7 or whatever don’t bother me. I’m far enough away from most retailers it’s either a wash on the gas, or worth the hassle/time it saves me from going to the store.

Profile photo of Lulle

Oh yes! I do a lot of shopping from Nordstrom because they ship free without a minimum purchase. Sometimes I give up on something that’s only available on one website because what I want doesn’t reach the threshold for free shipping. Other times I’ll add stuff I don’t need to my order to get there…
Lulle Recently Posted: Blogging: What I Learned From My 1st Giveaway

Yep, I HATE paying for shipping! Sometimes, I only want 1 product, but will find other stuff just to get free shipping. For Colour Pop, I keep a running wishlist, then when I have enough stuff to meet the $25 minimum for free shipping, I put in an order. If I have to pay $5 for shipping, I think gee, that’s the cost of a Colour Pop shadow, so NO WAY am I paying for shipping!

Oohooo yes.

I used to live in America. (Born there, thanks mum n dad.) Then I fell in love so I came all the way across the sea to Finland. Shipping, which I used to balk at five dollars for? That’s cheap now. Under ten is still damn good. I’ve paid as much as thirty sometimes. I don’t see shipping as “extra” anymore, it’s now part of the price. Ten bucks shipping on three items? Add about an extra 3.25 to each of their prices. Do I still want them at that price, or are they desirable only when cheaper? It’s helped to curb my spending a lot, so I do appreciate it. But dang, if there’s one thing I miss about ‘Muricah…

Profile photo of Gillian

Definitely. There are products that I’d love to get but for many sites, such as some in the US, the shipping is just too expensive for me. Sometimes it’s more than the cost of what you wish to purchase! I have done the odd massive haul to justify the shipping costs if I really can’t get what I’m looking for elsewhere, but I can count them on one hand. Well, less than one hand!

Unless I really want something and I’m willing to pay over the odds for it then I resign myself to the fact that I won’t be getting it! ?

Profile photo of Maggie

Yes actually. I rarely pay for shipping costs and when I do,it is BC I cannot obtain the product in question from another reputable retailer OR if there is a nice discount involved that helps offset shipping costs.

Profile photo of Mariella

Yes, shipping fees certainly do impact which retailers I purchase from. With MAC, I almost always wait for free shipping, which they have often enough. I’m VIB Rouge at Sephora so shipping is free. But as I’m in Canada, ordering from many other companies generally involves not just shipping but also duty and so the cost for even a relatively inexpensive product can really climb.

Profile photo of Michele @Binxcat4ever

Absolutely. With beauty products, I refuse to ever pay shipping. If I can’t get free shipping, I go to another retailer. There are plenty of retailers that offer free shipping. In fact, until MAC and UD recently launched their loyalty programs, I almost never purchased directly from them (as often I didn’t reach the minimum required for free shipping). Now, as an example, I’ve already reached Tier 2 with MAC and am well on my way to do the same with UD. (As a side note, there are also some retailers I hesitate to buy from bc they charge tax on their sites, i.e. YSL. Why would I want to pay an extra 6% when I can get the same product without tax say from NM or Saks? The only exception to this is if something is LE, I really want it, and I expect it to sell out.)

Profile photo of Nicole

That’s a really excellent point about paying tax. I never did understand why some beauty companies charge tax and some don’t, but it definitely influences whether I’m willing to buy from that company or not. I think where I live I pay around 9% tax (it must be-consistently online and in stores around here if I spent $200 I’ll be charged almost $20 in tax), so if it’s a big enough haul the tax could easily equal the same price as one or two actual products.

Yes. I have been trying to buy off the brand’s own site instead of big stores (I feel like it’s supporting the brand more) so the shipping fees do bug me. But I feel strongly about buying from the brand itself, so I will pay it.

Profile photo of Wwendy

Somewhat. I tend to make purchases less frequently from retailers with higher shipping fees. I typically wait until I have a number of products to purchase before I put the pin in on an order. I do not make purchases from these retailers for single products. That being said, if there is something LE which I really want to get my hands on before it sells out, and the only place to get it first has higher fees, I will invariably choke down the fees to get it here.

Yes, definitly! I buy a lot of makeup from overseas (I’m in Sweden), but sometimes the international shipping fees are so ridiculous I have to pass. 40 dollar shipping for a lipstick? Don’t think so!

Profile photo of Julia

Very much! I feel like shipping fees are essentially wasted money if you can hit a free shipping threshold and actually get something with those dollars, so unless it’s ridiculously high (Hautelook), I will add to my order to hit that threshold – I’ve gotten some interesting stuff that way 🙂 I also tend to make additional, smaller purchases when sites offer a free shipping no minimum, like UD sometimes does around the holidays. And I think Sephora’s Flash Shipping is basically the best thing since sliced bread! I did it last year and will be renewing.

Yes, Hautelook is ridiculous! $100 for free shipping WTH?? I usually only want 1 or 2 discounted products, and after I add in the shipping charges, the deal isn’t so great anymore, AND they take forever and ever to ship. They wait until the sale ends (could be weeks and weeks), then they ship, which takes at least another week or so. By the time stuff comes to my doorstep, I have forgotten what I had even ordered!

Profile photo of Fran

Definitely! I love free shipping/free returns. It gives me the feeling that the retailer wants me happy with them for the long term. I don’t expect small/indie retailers to offer it because there are people who will take advantage of that kind of policy, but even then free shipping with a small (under $50) minimum and a willingness to work with the customer when a product doesn’t work out well makes me more willing to order from them.

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