Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain
Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain

Lasting Lip Stain with Hourglass

Hourglass Scarlet Aura Sheer Lip Stain ($26.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “soft plum.” The new Aura Sheer Lip Stain is a water-based lip stain that’s designed to create a sheer wash of color with a semi-matte finish. Scarlet is the darkest of the three shades launched. Over my natural lip color, it’s a deep, plummy, berry. It’s semi-opaque and has just a touch of sheen but it is mostly matte.

If you haven’t tried one before, lip stains require prep work–because they adhere to your lips, much of your natural lip is “exposed.” There is no gloss or creamy lipstick to hide behind, so any imperfections from your natural lips may show through with a lip stain. Scarlet is dark enough where it is a more forgiving lip stain, but drier lips will find this accentuates dryness, cracking, and peeling. I always exfoliate and then pat clear balm on my lips approximately 30 minutes prior to applying a lip stain. I tend to do this after my morning shower, and then I apply the stain after breakfast.

It’s loaded with color but not much else, so it isn’t going to provide long-lasting moisturization, which is why I like to prep with balm beforehand. It does take well to layering balm on top, though, so clear balm can be used to proivde moisture without disturbing the color.

I love the concept of lip stains but find it difficult to wear them, because they often apply unevenly. Hourglass applies beautifully–the color deposits well without settling into lip lines and has enough glide that it is easy to evenly distribute. It also lasts for hours and hours and does make it through drinking and eating. I get around eight hours of continuous wear–by ten, there is a little fading.

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Hourglass Scarlet Aura Sheer Lip Stain Review, Photos, Swatches

It's definitely one of the best lip stains I've tried since beauty blogging (about four and half years now) because it applies so evenly and easily.  It lasts for eight hours, doesn't settle into lip lines, and makes it through a meal.











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Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain
Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain

Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain
Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain

Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain
Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain

Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain
Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain

Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain
Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain

Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain
Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain

Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain
Hourglass Scarlet Aura Lip Stain

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Scarlet? How much is it?

Sephora, $26.

Is it limited edition?


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61 thoughts on “Hourglass Scarlet Aura Sheer Lip Stain Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Amanda

    Pretty but way too expensive for me.

  2. Wow Christine, it looks stunning on you :) I’ll have to check it out now!

  3. NeenaJ

    So beautiful it leaves me speechless!

  4. Devon

    Is there any color transfer once it’s dried down?

  5. Waaw!It’s beautiful! I love lip stains, and this color seems to be the perfect berry-stained one! And it matches perfectly with your skintone and your make up!Too bad, I’m french and there’s no Hourglass counter here!

  6. Christine… I’m a little bit freaked out by the top picture… the little beads of color look eerily similar to the beady eyes of a spider… a very large, creepy, crawly, evil spider… *shiver*

  7. dani

    Wat a stunnin colour on u temptalia u look soioo beautiful

  8. Amber

    Wow that is gorgeous! I love the color and the formula doesn’t look like it skips/catches in lines at all. i have tried other stains and always been turned off – i need to give this one a try!

    thank you for all your hard work Christine – and i love your lips!

  9. This is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  10. Lia

    Wow, a lipstain that actually does what it’s supposed to 😛 sounds awesome, love the color, hate the price.

  11. Angelcat47

    Iam so excited Christine…I’ve yet to see a good lip stain review anywhere but I’ve wanted to try one.

  12. Violeta

    I cant afford it =p

  13. I was hoping SO bad this would be good…I’m so happy it looks so nice and to hear you like it! The price seems a little high but I realize it’s in line with the brand. If the stain is that good I think it’s worth it. I can’t wait to try these now!!

  14. Adelita

    Hi Christine, I’m addicted to Benetint & Posietint by Benefit, how this lipstain compared to those stain, in term of long-wearing and non-drying? (well I know most lip stain is a bit drying, but I find that benefit’s lip stain are less drying compared to other lip stain)
    Thanks! 😉

  15. I love what you’re saying about the formula, but this color just ain’t for me.

  16. Amanda

    Will you be reviewing the other two shades?

  17. Caroline

    So pretty until I saw the price. This or the upcoming M.A.C. Collection?

  18. ak

    That has to be the best quality lip stain I’ve ever seen and it really does stain your actual lip with the color it seems to me anyway. When the heck is Hourglass gonna come to England?

  19. Mimi

    It’s so gorgeous! I want one! Does it leave a line around the lips when it fades? Or does it fade?

  20. This color is so gorgeous! And it looks like it applies beautifully! Want want want…

  21. Resa

    I went right to Sephora after seeing your review on this! I also picked up Flush too. These’ll be for my low-maintenance makeup days!

  22. Katie

    Soo gorgeous!!! It looks amazing on you, Christine.

  23. Daisy

    I bought all three shades of the Hourglass stain. The colors are beautiful especially the Flush shade. A very natural looking red which I adore. I’m definitely stocking up on all of these.

  24. That colour looks so good on you! :)

  25. Josiane

    How does it compare to stila lipstains? they are the best I’ve tried so far and these ones loog great!

  26. i know this sounds silly, but the stain coming out of the holes of the tube reminds me of spider eyes, 8 little beads 😮 spooky!

  27. Miranda

    Was it hard when you first started swatching to not touch or play with products before you take a few photos of the product unused?

  28. Chelsea

    This color looks great on you!

  29. Megan

    It looks beautiful and I would love it, but their products are ridiculously priced. $26 is way too much to pay for a lip stain. Some brands I get being highly priced because they have a name behind them. But Hourglass is relatively new and is already outrageously priced. I wonder how many more customers they’d gain if they just dropped their prices a little bit, because this is stunning!

  30. That colour looks absolutely GORGEOUS on you!!

  31. I love how dark it is, but I’d love it to be a bit more blue-toned. I love lip stains and Hourglass seems like an awesome brand, but I can’t afford it on my allowance, ha ha!

  32. This is beautiful, but not an option for my dry lips :(

  33. Iratxe Martinez

    is there anyway in the world I can buy this online?? I live in Spain and hourglass does not sell this in their site to my country :(

  34. Shelley

    Looks great on!

  35. Hepcat288

    chritine what do you use on your eyebrows?

  36. Desiree

    I love the color, but the price is too steep =(

  37. Steph

    Christine, could you please describe “petal” color? i am dying to buy this in Petal color but i wonder what the color is. Reading Peach Pink for the color description from Hourglass website is not enough.
    Thank you.

  38. SA

    I love how this looks on you!!

  39. Alison

    You say that its pretty and “one of the” best lip stains you’ve tried – Would you please tell me which other ones have been as good or better as this one, because its the only lip stain review in the lip stain section!

  40. cathy blanton

    Hello Christine,

    Please tell us how you applied this… Directly from the tube, with a brush, with your finger? I would love to know. Thank you!

  41. Fitrah

    I always wondered if you tried the other two because there were no reviews for them but one of the pictures above include all three (at least I assume that it’s not three of the same shade). Any reason in particular you didn’t try the others?