Friday, October 19th, 2007

Guerlain presents one of the most elegant (and pricey) holiday collections of the year. First is the atomizer, which delivers radiant gold powder to skin and hair ($78.00). Limited-Edition Forever Gold Meteorites Voyage Compact are mini pearls scattered in a compact that can be applied to the entire face for an amazing complexion ($155.00). Don’t forget Forever Gold Kiss Kiss Lipstick ($27.00), which is the most affordable item in the collection. Limited-Edition Forever Gold Meteorites Pearls contains new gold and silver shades: pearly gold, rose gold, white gold, and apricot ($49.00). You may also want to dazzle your lashes by adding gold flecks with the limited-edition mascara ($30.00). Yeow!

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8 thoughts on “Holiday 2007 Madness – Guerlain Holiday 2007 Collection

  1. This is quite possibly my favorite collection this Holiday Season!

    I got a majority of it and I’m just loving it! But it’s too precious to actually touch hehehe 😉

    The price tag is ridiculous but it’s just too lovely to pass up on!

    I LOVE the picture you took! Looks fab!

    • I saw! I can’t afford this – I’d just never use it often enough to justify the prices!

      Have you tried any of it yet?

      Aw, I can’t take photo credit – just one of many press photos!

  2. Christine the press photo is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the way they spilled the beads! I actually thought it was yours as your photos carry a similar style!

    I haven’t used any of it! I’m still at the stage where I am petting it and telling it how pretty it is and what not lol!

    I’m in the frame of mind that I’ll “save” it for a special occasion! I’m diseased like that sadly!

    Overall it’s a darn nice collection! You can nab a deal on it during FF Discount at Sephora. That’ll help with the price a little 😉

    Happy Weekend!

    • I know! I was like, oh, this picture is going to SELL those items right off the shelves!!

      You’ll have to inform if you ever use it and tell me how it all goes!!

      When does the FF discount kick in! I never pay attention to beauty bargains until it’s too late!

      Happy weekend to you, too, doll!

  3. hey lovie.

    oh my gosh yes. The photo makes me drool!

    I really hate buying cosmetics like this because I always stash them away and don’t wanna use ’em! *insert rolling eyes here*

    I purchased the Givenchy collection too and that’s another lot for the beauty vault! sigh!

    FF should be November 4 or 5th! I’ll send you an e-mail to let you know if you like. It’s such a good time to stock up a expensive brands from Sephora as 20% is such a steep discount and can save major $$$!

    Stila has 20% off at the moment if you’re interested. They have some interesting new palettes available! Actually you’re in cali aren’t you? You don’t even have to bother yourself with 20% off when you can go to the yearly warehouse sale! Wahooo!!!!!


    • I’m totally lusting after the diamond powder compact or whatever. The big square that’s pretty and a whopping $50!

      Ohh, definitely email me or comment and let me know! With all the beauty reading I do, I think I *should* be in the know, but whew, 20% is a huge discount when it comes to makeup… which is NEVER on sale, basically. 😉

      Is the Stila sale everywhere in Cali or in LA? I don’t own any Stila products come to think of it, LOL!

  4. hey there!

    The diamond powder is awesome. I’m actually sorta kinda debating it’s use on my face too much discoball effect 😉 but the eye area is a fab place to use it! hey think 40 dollars instead of 50 during the FF event 😉 That’s a little bit better hehe!

    I sure will let ya know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agreed! Can never nab a deal! Too faced does a VIP sale once and a while too when they offer many of those look book things for like 11 dollars! and other stuff for cheaper too! I’ll let ya know!

    Well Stila does a warehouse sale every year at the warehouse exclusively which I believe is in the LA area. But that’s far cheaper than 20% off! They offer stuff for pratically free during that sale! $5 eyeshadow, $15 kits, and less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s normally in the summer!

    At the moment via the website you can get 20% off your total using a promo code! if ya need the code give a yell.

    They have good solid products but it’s a bit overpriced and not as cute as it once was. Too standard for me. The only standard item that grabs me would be MAC 😉 I’m not a fan of it’s packaging but damn if isn’t a good, consistent product that never fails to please me!

    Sorry I’m babbling. Get me going on makeup I’ll be talking all day!

    • Looks like the FF event might kill my wallet 😉

      Ahh, I thought the Stila sale was in LA (I’m in SF area, boo!).

      Yep, saw the code, but since I’m not a huge Stila fan, I’m passing! That’s the best part about being a MAC addict, passing on everything else that isn’t MAC is so much easier.