Thursday, September 1st, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Under Eye Concealer…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so bad?

Thanks to Christie for today’s topic!

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60 thoughts on “Hit List: Worst Under Eye Concealer

  1. Revlon Age Defying concealer! Ugh, no matter what colour you buy it looks like clay under your eyes and so so dry. Plus it gave me milia.

  2. Amber

    Any of the click pens! They always have a too-thin consistency!

  3. I’ve tried every drug store brand imaginable and they all fail to not make any of my fine lines 100% worse in my lower lid. It’s impossible to find full coverage concealers locally. >_>

    • OMG same! i always see youtubers rave about it so i bought and i regret ever since! all it does is settle into my under eye crease and won’t blend for the life of it!!

    • Rafaiah

      Hi Ani, i know it’s not a concealer but i’ve used tons of concealers, and i was about to give up when i once used a lil bit of mac studio sculpt under my eye, using my brush and it’s a miracle. it lasts hours, and it’s a foundation, a thick one i know… been using it for 2 years now and can’t find anything that covers my blueish under-eye shadow : )
      give it a try!!

  4. Galia

    MAC select moisturecover. it gives no coverage at all and it looks cakey

    • t_zwiggy

      Totally agree! I don’t even have words for how much I hate that stuff. Might work if you have no fine lines and no circles, but then again, what’s the point? :S

    • amanda

      really? i love my select moisturecover, i think its the best for under my eye!! weird. maybe u got a bad tube?

  5. Diana

    Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer was a product I really wanted to love, but it creased like crazy on me, despite setting it. Even if it hadn’t creased, I just don’t think it covered much. I tried it lots of ways, because I wanted it to work so bad…it just didn’t.

    • John

      Ugh I completely agree. It doesn’t last very long and just didn’t work for my under circles at all. I was so into the hype and now I have a giant 0.5 oz tray of the concealer sitting in my collection with absolutely no purpose. I’ve tried worse concealers, but this one is pretty bad too considering the hype around it.

      • Nadia

        I also found the Eve Pearl concealer to be rather underwhelming. My main problem with it was staying power and the colour. I got it in medium and I found that in natural light, it actually LOOKED ‘pink’. So what I do with it now is I use it as a corrector and then I top it off with MAC Pro Longwear concealer in an NC colour to match the rest of my face. So that solves the staying power problem as well as the colour problem. Ideally, I don’t want to have to use two products like this but I’m happy that I found a way to make the salmon concealer work so it doesn’t go to waste. Would I re-purchase? No.

        • misschris2025

          Wow! That’s so bizarre, I’ve been hearing similar comments on EP Salmon Concealer, but it works so well for me, it’s by far one of the best concealers I’ve ever used!

          I have it in Dark, I apply it with a brush, blend with a sponge for product settling in the fine lines, dust a bit of MUFE setting powder and repeat or use YSL Touche Γ‰clat to illuminate the area if necessary. I’ve had great results this way!

          My worst concealer(s) have been ALL the MAC concealers I’ve tried — soooooo ashy-looking, virtually no coverage, diseappears in a matter of hours if not minutes, so disappointing! Can’t believe I was using this cr@p for so long until I discovered MUFE Full Coverage and EP Salmon Concealer!

          • Rafaiah

            i know it’s not a concealer but i’ve used tons of concealers, and i was about to give up when i once used a lil bit of mac studio sculpt under my eye, using my brush and it’s a miracle. it lasts hours, and it’s a foundation, a thick one i know… been using it for 2 years now and can’t find anything that covers my blueish under-eye shadow : )
            give it a try!!

    • Krystle

      I also thought that the eve pearl salmon concealer was wasn’t great. I fell into the hype and regret purchasing it. My dark circles aren’t even that bad and I still had to keep piling it on and even then it didn’t cover well. I’ll stick to my revlon Age defying moisturizing concealer.

  6. Haydee

    Revlon ColorStay under eye concealer, was so drying, I don’t have notes full wrinkles and this stuff dry my under eye so bad that looks like I do have them 😐 Id stop using it before finish the container. And the applicator twist disposable thing gets the a tiny amount that you have to twist and twist to really get the cover that you need 😐 I don’t’ think this works for cover under eye.

    • Missy

      :O This was my favourite one! I even used it over acne as it covered better than any other concealer I used, and it stayed put on me all day (which NEVER happens. Ever.) In fact I was mad that I ran out so quickly after a couple months!

  7. nicola

    mac select cover up – makes no difference at all!

  8. Mariella

    MAC Studio Scuplt….the worst, bar none! No matter what under eye cream I used, no matter what brush, it was cakey – actually, more like “scaly” under my eyes and imparted a sort of greyish cast. I could have lived with the grey cast (just tried a different colour) but the scaly texture – it was just awful. The cheapest of the cheap drug store concealers worked better on my under eye areas. (to give credit where it’s due, it did work better on covering redness or other areas on my cheeks, forehead, etc.).

    • Irene

      It was the same for me, horrible stuff! It would crease like crazy too, and make all my (almost inexistant back then) fine lines stand out like crazy.

    • Amanda

      I had that problem, too. Then the Mac SA told me it’s because the tacky formula isn’t really meant for under the eyes. Who knew?

    • Eline

      I use my MAC Studio Sculpt under my eyes, but ONLY (!!) where my under eyes circles are (where I’m blue under my eyes, not the whole under eye area), and it works great for me – i love it! First, I use a concealer with i thin formula, and then I use my Studio Sculpt to cover up where I’m blue under my eyes.

  9. Natasha

    The Illamasqua one, it was so …greasy.

  10. Just Me

    That stuff the football players wear! Doesn’t blend at all, you can always tell their wearing it. πŸ˜‰

  11. Laurina

    Benefit Erase Paste!

    • Olga

      I absolutely LOOOOOVE that stuff!!! first I use a concealer that matches exactly my face color and then I put ErasePaste on top (very little because is very dense) and it gives the more flawless look to that area, and also iluminates without bright particles.

  12. Kaitlin

    I know some people swear by Benefit Erase Paste but I hate it. Under my eyes it creases and made me look like I had massive wrinkles – I don’t! Ugh.

  13. Roma

    Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer is the worst! Absolutely hate hate hate it!

  14. John

    MAC Select Cover-Up, Make Up For Ever Full Coverage, Shiseido Cream Concealer for me are some of the worst concealers for the undereye area.

  15. Laurel

    Bare Escentuals summer bisque, not only does it act like MUFE HD powder when using flash photog, but it emphasizes flaws and looks extremely cake!

  16. beachgal

    So many bad ones I cannot even remember. When I find one that works, I stick with it. In the past years that has been Boing by Benefit, Tarte older formula under eye concealer with a little pot of setting powder with it, newer Tarte Marajucia oil concealer – which I do set with BE Bisque). When i find ones that work for me I used them until they are not made again or I get one I really like in a kit to try and I MIGHT switch. But I keep a couple different ones as I like to multi-task with my concealers for under eye and redness around my nose as well with the same product. Less in more in my make-up stash. I like muti purpose products. Drinking lots of water, not rubbing your eyes, if you were glasses make sure you always have an updated prescription as that causes your eyes to get dark under them from strain. Use GREAT eye treatment products – hydration around that area via treatment products goes a long way to make it so you need less and less makeup of all kinds.

  17. Jeanie

    Benefit’s erase paste is theeeeee worst imo.

  18. i didn’t like the mac select moisture very much…bit cakey

  19. Lisa G

    Benefit erase paste

  20. JulieD

    Back in the day Benefit had lyin’ eyes concealer….It sucked. Most I have been able to work with. My bobbi brown conceals on the lid and neutralizes discolorations, but I have to thin it out for under the eye with a little moisturizer.

  21. jessica

    benefit erase paste

  22. Jen

    Maybelline Mousse concealer! Geeze that crap doesn’t cover and is so cakey!

  23. Irina

    Benefit’s Erase Paste. Creased severely on my undereyes. Just like a lot of their products, you either love it, or hate it.

  24. artemis

    no concealer can cover up my dark circles

  25. Tessa

    The elf concealer in that big stick form. It looks cakey and it sometimes looks like it even enhanches my dark circles!

  26. Sephora

    Haha is there such a thing as ‘good’ concealer?! I could swear we’ve had this concealer topic on here before. Anyway, here goes my list again:

    MAC Studio Sculpt – too sticky! Never feels ‘set’
    Benefit Erase Paste – wanna look like you’re about 100 years old? Try this one!
    MUFE lift concealer – concealed nothing
    Cle de Peau’s infamous concealer – see Benefit Erase Paste comment

    • Yeah I felt like the MUFE lift concealer did nothing for mu undereyes. Then again, could be due to being matched to the wrong shade! >___<

      The smashbox high definition concealer doesn't seem to be working although everytime I go to Sephora looking for concealer I'm recommended that.

  27. Vita

    The only one I do like is the Milani click pen concealor. I do not have overly dark circles so complete coverage is not essential to me, just a smooth consistancy that doesn’t settle into the fine lines around my eyes. It allows my skin to shine through but evens the tone out a bit.

    I’ve tried several others, mostly drugstore brands. They never seemed to make my skin tone. The worst by a long shot was the Revlon Age Defying concealor. I used the medium/tan color (the darkest I believe) and it was WAY too beige undertone for me that I looked like some glow in the dark freak.

    • Angelcat47

      I love Milani’s too.BTW,my sister’s best friend when she was a kid was named Vita.I hadn’t heard that name again ’til now.

  28. Carrie

    Worst under eye concealers I’ve tried by far were the Maybelline Fit Me concealer and some Wet ‘n Wild stick concealer. The Maybelline one…I feel like I have to cake it on to cover my under eye circles. But then it just wears off so easily even after being set.

  29. Danielle

    the 1$ elf concealer. i guess you get what you pay for, but i gave it a shot!

  30. Tiffany

    that’s actually my favorite concealer ever, and i’m so sad that it’s discontinued now :(

  31. Catherine

    I’m sorry everyone but for me its, bobbi brown creamy concealer kit. I got an older version of the kit before the new packaging but every time I put it under my eye it would make me look wrinkled.

  32. Susie

    Benefit Erase Paste is the worst for me because it creases and emphasizes lines under my eye.