Thursday, June 28th, 2012

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Nail Treatment?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so awful?

Thanks to Meme for today’s topic!

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11 thoughts on “Hit List: Worst Nail Treatment

  1. AmandaElisabeth

    This isn’t exactly a “treatment” but I’ll share it anyways.
    For years I bit my nails and I decided to buy this polish from CVS called No Bite.  If you bite your nails while you have it on you will have the most awful bitter taste in your mouth.  To make it worse (and more effective) it somehow got onto my fingertips so any finger food got this lovely taste on it.  Needless to say after about a month I stopped biting my nails.

    •  @AmandaElisabeth I totally agree! I always hated those things. Never worked that well and always made my food taste awful! 

    • xamyx

      @AmandaElisabeth I tried that stuff as well, but being a chronic handwasher, it was never effective for me, as I was always washing it off. What stopped me from biting my nails was getting braces; it just hurt too badly to bother.

  2. Dominique33

    Maybe the famous Crème abricot from Dior. Many see this treatment as the best ever, I don’t for it’s extremely thick, creamy, sticky and not so effective as it seems. Should be reformulated. I use oils for cuticules or basic hand creams, it’s ok.

    •  @Dominique33 I completely agree! I was disappointed based on the price and the hype; I’ve had similar effects just using plain old jojoba oil or Nivea creme. It’s not that it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work *better*. However, I do love the fact that it smells like my mother’s makeup did when I was a child, and the jar is darling (if messy). Still not enough to redeem it, in my eyes! 

  3. cupcakecore

    There are certain cult products that have a really adverse effect on my nails, making them even weaker and more prone to peeling and breaking.  OPI Nail Envy most notably, but my friend gave me a hand/cuticle balm that was also really bad for my nails.  However Seche Rebuild on the other hand is my HG nail product and does amazing things for my nails.

  4. xamyx

    I’ve never really used anything labelled as a “treatment” other than oils, which have always worked well for me. Having said that, any product that claims to “strengthen” or “fortify” the nails is false. Like hair, nails are not “living” tissues, therefore diet & DNA are the only things that can have an effect on nails. Yes, there are products that can coat and/or adhere to the nail, giving the appearance of strength & thickness, but once removed, all that remains is the nail in its natural state.

  5. Hannah

    Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock. It made the condition of my nails 100% worse. They were peeling and breaking off in a way that has NEVER happened to me. Waste of $20.

  6. Deborah Lippman Cuticle Remover for how much of a rip-off it is.  It’s essentially repackaged Blue Cross Cuticle Remover with a tiny bit more lanolin.  Which runs $5 for for 16oz, a fair deal compared to $20 for 0.5oz.

  7. jeneyg

    I used some Sally Hansen strengthening gel once and I really don’t think it did much. I’m not even sure why I bought it.