Thursday, January 19th, 2012

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Lip Balm…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so terrible?

Thanks to Meme for today’s topic!

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154 thoughts on “Hit List: Worst Lip Balm

  1. EOS lip balms, by far.
    They did absolutely nothing for me.

  2. Naz

    Definitely EOS. That stuff is waxy and does nothing to moisturize. It just sits on top of your lips, and to top it off, dries them out and makes them peel like crazy.

  3. Julia

    EOS. It’s adorable, but I’m quite positive that it makes my lips more dry and requires constant re-applications.

  4. Madison

    I don’t like waxy lip balms. So personally i think the worst lip balm is either burts bees or eos. Honestly anything that has the first ingredient be a wax such as bees wax. I understand that it seals in moisture but i find that it also blocks moisture or doesn’t bring in moisture so if my lips are dry and have very little to no moisture then i’m basically just putting wax on my lips and not actually treating it. I enjoy cocoa butter or oils in my lip balms. My favorite lip balm is Crazy Rumors. It melts on my lips and keeps them moisturized.

  5. Michou

    Carmex is my absolute least favorite lip balm. The worst part is that it’s not because of how well/badly it works but because it smells so AWFUL! I can’t have it on my face for more than 20 seconds without needing to wipe it off.

    • Kathryn

      I actually ♥ the scent of carmex.

    • Donna

      When my lips are at their worst, like when I have a cold that’s blocked my nose and so my mouth is totally dried and cracked, Carmex or Blistex to the rescue! Neither one is pleasant, honestly, but they work to heal lips.

    • Quinctia

      Traditional carmex was meant to treat cold sores, anyway. I understand they actually make a lip balm now, but I still cringe when I see people pull out one of the jars and use it all over their lips.

  6. Cat

    I keep trying it out, but my Alba Botanica spf Lip Balm just isn’t working out for me. About 30 mins after applied my lips start drying out and it makes this strange uneven whitish layer on my lips that’s not pretty.

    • Chynna

      I don’t like Alba, either. I love the concept and they smell nice, but they dry my lips and defeat the purpose.

  7. For me it’s got to be Carmex. I know this lip balm is immensely popular, but it didn’t do anything for me. I don’t think it’s moisturizing at all. It shielded my lips from harsh weather all right, but when lips were already chapped, it didn’t repair them. The texture is way waxy, and it smells like medicine. It’s not expensive, but I’d opt for plain old Vaseline over this.

  8. Nora

    Probably Carmex, because while it works great for the first week or two, eventually it stops working or makes my lips even worse. Also MAC Tinted Lip Conditioners, because they wear off so fast!

  9. I’ll be the first to say it, even with everyone so excited about them.. MAC Tendertones! They hardly moisturized my lips, and the packaging was too bulky to fit in a pocket nicely. They did add nice shine to the lips, but that was about it. Not worth the $ IMO.

  10. Stephanie

    Carmex. It is so greasy and feels disgusting on my lips!

  11. Claire

    Bliss Fabulips…honestly, what’s the point? It lasts about 5 minutes before totally drying out my lips. Hate it

    • Wow…that’s funny, I use it after doing the whole fabulips system and it works well on me (but I’m in FL, so maybe that’s why?)

      • Claire

        Haha, I’m in the UK. I like their foaming lip cleanser, probably because it’s a bit of a strange product. The scrub isn’t scrubby enough for me, but the plumper is nice (and seems to hydrate my lips more than the balm). I’ve just put it on again and it just feels so watery and thin, I can already feel it drying out my lips :S It must just be me haha!

  12. lily

    burt’s bees minty lip balm. It’s so waxy that you can’t really get any product on your lip. And also the mint or something else in the balm makes the skin around my mouth very irritated, itchy, and chapped.

  13. Alisha

    The Burts Bees with the sunscreen is terrible and turns my lips white… I also hate Chap Stick

  14. Dana

    Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. What a scam that product is. It’s an insane amount of money for a lip balm and it does absolutely nothing. It makes your lips soft while it’s on, but an hour later your lips are the same as they were before.

    • Cherokee

      I second this. What a rip off.

      • Boone

        Thirded. It didn’t make my lips fall off, or anything, it’s just an average lip balm/conditioner in a bullet-proof tube with an exorbitant price tag. I’m trying to use the tube I have up, but I keep “cheating” with my beloved Nivea (dark blue tube).

  15. Aileen

    Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm.

    I loved the sheer peach color but the texture was awful. It’s waxy, it’s like dragging a stick of glue across my lips. I got so used to yummy smelling (sometimes, tasting) lip balms, its fragrance did not meet my expectations. It also tasted like I swiped alcohol or cologne on my lips.

    It’s so bad, I went crying back to my fave Lip Ice lip balm.

  16. EIS orange colored – tangerine smells like medicine/ awful and you smell it in your lips. It so strong and gross smelling.

  17. Cindy

    My whole list!

    Worst: Labello (and other Chapstick-like equivalent), Vaseline, Candy Kisses, Lipsmackers, Blistex

    Somewhat in between: The Body Shop, Lush, EOS, Yes To Carrots

    Best: Burt’s Bees, Jack Black, Rosebud Salve, Carmex, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

  18. Kacee

    EOS! I dont understand how they won the readers choice awards. They do NOTHINF but leave a waxy disgusting layer on your lips. & does not hydrate at all!

    What are your thoughts on the EOS lip balms? I’m al for jack black like you, best ever<3

  19. Indiana

    Definitely Chapstick. It doesn’t moisturize my lips and they actually hurt if I don’t continue applying it throughout the day!

    • Word. I had a bad chapstick habit back in high school because the more I put on, the drier my lips got. It was a vicious, vicious cycle.

      • I did the same thing but with blistex, in high school I didn’t know that it was menthol and your lips get addicted. If I ever left it at home I would panic a little cuz my lips would feel terrible! But now i know better lol.

  20. S

    Original Chapstick in the black/white tube. Waxy & just plain awful in every sense of the word!!

  21. Smidgeroo

    EOS, Carmex, and all three of the drugstore makeup ‘lip balms’ I tried. Maybelline Baby Lips is the most economical, and gives you twice as much product as Revlon’s Lip Butter or L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Balm for half the cost, but all three were too thin and filmy for my liking. I swear by good old Cherry Chap-Stick. Plus, mint, camphor, eucalyptus or menthol are irritants so any lip balm with those are doing more harm than good, especially if your lips are already dry or cracked.

  22. for me it’s anything containing mineral oil/petroleum it tends to dry out my lips rather than moisturize.

    • Alison

      I feel a similar way. I feel like vaseline/Mineral oil, etc, seem to dry out my lips the more I use them…

  23. alexia

    carmex, it defintately did nothing for me, i actually think it made my lips more dry :S 😛

    • Lynnie

      I’m convinced it’s the menthol in Carmex that makes my lips drier. My lips can be in bad shape and after 10 minutes with Carmex, they’re worse. I also can’t understand the fascination with Philosophy’s lip balm. It’s greasy and wound up all over my face. I prefer using Qtica’s lip balm (the tube with the white cream; might be called Lip Therapy or something like that). It feels and looks funny but leave it on 10 minutes and works pretty well without drying.

  24. EOS. I also nominate it for lip-balm-I-most-wanted-to-like.

  25. Valentina

    Carmex by far! Hated

  26. Tara

    Burts Bees rejunvating lip balm with pomegrante. it didnt do anything other than smell nice.

    • Jocelyn

      Totally disagree with this one. I hate regular Burt’s Bees, but I love the one with pomegranate oil. It applies smoothly and doesn’t have that waxy or minty feel that the original one has.

    • Maureen

      this product was fine for me in the warmer months but this winter it has been completely ineffective. But then…so has everything else I’ve tried (it’s been a rough season).

  27. Shannon

    EOS Lip Balms.

    Reason being….imagine, if you will, taking an unlit candle and smearing it against your lips. Does it do anything for you? No, you say? Well, helloooooo!!!! Take that same candle and put it in a cute little package and that’s what you got! EOS Lip Balms!

    They are worthless!

    /end rant

  28. The Avon ones that cost 69 cents. They have a horrible aftertaste of like glue or plastic, the scent that is SUPPOSED to be in them fades after you’ve opened the tube a couple times. And they don’t DO anything as far as moisture goes. Oh well you get what you pay for I suppose.

    • Ruth

      I second this. They’re the worst one I’ve ever tried – I swear by any Body Shop Lip Butters. Even an orange one I have from The Body Shop that has heavy shimmer works wonders, and just leaves behind this awesome subtle gold sheen.

  29. Rebekah

    Vaseline. Does nothing to provide moisture and requires reapplication far too frequently. Vaseline is a lubricant, not a moisturiser.

  30. pk

    Carmex. Love the smell actually, but the menthol in it is an irritant and makes my lips worse over time.

  31. joyce

    Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with Kokum Butter – the scent and taste was unpleasant, and the texture was thin and greasy. It didn’t moisturize very well either.

  32. Tiffany

    I have to give Nivea lip balm the worst lip gloss award. I wanted to try them out since I had a $3.00 off coupon. I’m sorry, but it does nothing for me.

  33. Tricia

    Carmex. I guarantee that the people who are “addicted” to it are using it for the wrong reasons. Why would you moisturize your lips with salicylic acid?

  34. Miss J

    I know a lot of people really like it, but the original Burt’s Bees is way too waxy to do anything in terms of moisturizing. It just feels like I have some sort of layer of film on my lips. I do like the Burt’s Bees with Mango Butter, though! Another one I didn’t care for were the Korres Lip Butters because it also left a weird filmy feeling on my lips and didn’t do much to add moisture or soften.

    Does anyone have any recs for their favorite lip balm?

    • Carrie Ann

      Rosebud Salve and Caudalie Lip Conditioner. You can find both at Sephora. They feel very moisturizing and smell great, too.

    • mumtaza

      yay! i was going to say Korres Lip Butters were the worst. Ithought it was just me. Everyone loves these and they just left a filmy layer of color sort of hanging out on my redried out lips. I think I’ll probably just make my own.

      • Miss J

        I also hated the container for it, too. I don’t particularly love dipping my fingers into lip balm, but what irked me was the opening made it hard to get product out…always got under my nails, which aren’t long at all.

    • Quinctia

      Jack Black / Pop Beauty’s Petal Jam if you like your balm flavored and don’t mind a pot (pretty sure they’re d/c’ed now, but they were overpriced and you can find it on flash sale sites for ~$4)

  35. Taylor

    I’ve hated every single NIVEA lip balm I’ve ever tried.

    • Heather

      Give the plain Nivea in the dark blue tube a 2nd try. I love it! It melts nicely into the lips and keeps them moisturized and feeling lovely. All of the others are terrible! What a disappointment! The bees wax version is way to firm and just sits on the lips with a really thick feeling, almost like the balm itself is going to crack. The suncreen ones taste too much like sunscreen. Gross.

      • Treefinger

        The “sunscreen-like ones”- i think you mean the lip conditioners with SPF 15 like Nivea SOS?- do’nt taste great but in my experience they are unbeatable moisturizers. I used to use Burts Bees, which was okay, but then disaster struck. I use benzoyl peroxide 2.5% on my face to control acne, and if that gets on my lips by accident, it produces a dryness that lasts for weeks… unless I’ve got Nivea SOS, then I can get back to normal in a couple of days. Burts Bees did nothing against that.

        Liz Earle’s lip balm is my least favourite. Earle’s products smell like lavender (and some other gross plant), and I HATE lavender. It’s bad enough with the regular products, but putting it on my lips, directly beneath my nose? No thanks.

  36. Danielle

    EOS & Burts Bees is my least favorite. I constantly have to re-apply these, they do nothing to help seal in moisture.

  37. Hayley

    The vanilla and lavender Jack Black balm. I can;t stand the smell. EOS is cute, but I can’t find them in my pocket and they don’t really do anything for me.

  38. Amber

    Any of the lip balms that can be bought at a store. I’ve started using indie lip balms with butters in it, and now any store bought one just does nothing for my lips. And buying from indie companies, the flavors and smells are more unique, which makes it more fun to collect… I have at least 8 lip balms or tints from epically epic soap co. sitting on a nightstand, and need to get more since she came out with new scents. :)

  39. Kris

    Definitely EOS. Like others, I have no idea how it won the Reader’s Choice Awards! Waxy and actually drying on my lips :(

  40. Chrissy

    Whattt?? I can’t believe so many people hate Carmex. Or am I mixing up lip balm and chapstick? I love the chapstick, not sure about the lip balm in a pot. It’s the only thing that doesn’t make my lips chapped. I tried Burt’s Bees and I think it actually made my lips worse. Same with Softlips. It comes right off in 5 minutes. Awful. After using those and still suffering from chapped lips, I switched to Carmex and haven’t had problems since.

  41. Kristabelle

    I just wasn’t a lip balm person until I tried Jack Black- all the drugstore ones do nothing, and EOS is the worst, even though it’s super cute.

  42. Jennifer

    Yes, EOS is awful! I was so excited to try it because I loved the little ball packaging, but it was super waxy. Thank goodness my dog chewed it up so I was able to throw it away without feeling too bad.

    I also second the Burt’s Bees with sunscreen because it makes your lips super white.

    For the good, I would say Smith’s Rosebud salve and Water in Lip by Shiseido.

  43. Meme suggests a LOT of discussion topics! I’ve been seeing her name constantly. Anyways my most hated… is JACK BLACK!

    Jk. I don’t really have a lip balm I hate, probably because until a year ago, I never wore any. Guess I’m lucky that I’ve only experienced the good stuff. :)

  44. AnGeLwInGz

    Burt’s Bees lifeguard rescue or whatever it’s called with the SPF. It leaves chunky white streaks on your lips and tastes and smells horrible.

  45. Nikki

    I hate the Fresh sugar lip treatment. 22 bucks for a thick heavy mess that doesn’t do squat. I used to do so well with Soft Lips, but lately I’ve felt just as dry with it on as without it.

  46. Lisa

    I have to agree with those who hate EOS. I have to admit I was suckered in with all the hype, the cute packaging, and the supposed scent of “strawberry sorbet”. (After all, how could you possibly go wrong with THAT scent?) Well unfortunately, it is quite possibly the worst lip balm I’ve ever smelled (okay, maybe not the worst, but it’s still pretty bad). It smells like a combination of plastic and artificial strawberries. Perhaps the name “plastic strawberries” should have been used instead. I feel like I was coating my lips with a thin layer of smelly wax. It reminded me of the type of lip balms available for little kids. And if that wasn’t enough reason for me to hate it, it also chapped my lips, and my lips weren’t very dry to begin with.

  47. Cherokee

    Not a fan of EOS lip balm. So overrated. I had to smash mine up to use it.

  48. Courtney

    eos lipbalm, did NOTHING for me and it gave me a sore on my lip? right when i bought it i used it twice and all the sudden got a sore on my lip. then when i stopped using it, it went away. gross.

  49. sonia diana

    by far carmex is my favorite lip balm to apply before any of my lip products. the best thing about it is that is is affordable. there is no need to buy the more expensive brands.

  50. Livy

    EOS, cute, smells nice. But It does nothing for me

  51. michelle

    Burts bees regular lip balm is way too waxy, smells good but I don’t feel any moisture. Also BB ultra conditioning lip balm is way too greasy and I hate the look of glossy lips on me. Still haven’t found the perfect balm :(

  52. krystin kiley

    I can’t believe so many people hate EOS. I love it! I have the passion fruit which is pretty good but the sweet mint is the BEST! I really love it!

    • Neola Amaya

      I can’t believe all the bad reviews for EOS as well.
      I must be a freak or something cuz my EOS sphere really works for me. lol.. I have it in Summer Fruits. Sometimes you might have to warm it up first so it will apply better. I run it back & forth on my lips a couple times. The warmer it gets, the easier it applies.
      I’ve had nothing but good results with it and I have tried just about every lip balm/treatment I can get my hands on.

      In my experience.. the two worst ones I’ve tried so far are Guerlain Divinora Lip balm — it actually dried on my lips like one of those long wear lip colors. The second one is an organic all natural brand Sukiface Lip Repair Butter. Now THAT one was so hard and REALLY waxy I could not get it to spread or apply AT ALL.

      • Cecilia

        I second that, my EOS works just great for me, keep my lips very hydrated and smooth.

        The worst I’ve tried is the Jack Black lemon one i have only used it a couple of times but it make my lips very dry.

  53. idk bout all of you but for me most balms do nothing. i find that Vaseline brand cocoa butter deep conditioning extra care cream with cocoa butter and petroleum jelly works wonders. I live in michigan and my lips get dryyyy i use this just a dab every night and my lips are so soft all night and the next day.

  54. Burt’s Bees is the best by far for me, the minty flavor is good and my lips always feel so much better after using it. Plus, it’s actually the one type I don’t have a tendency to eat off in minutes.

    As for worst, since that was the original question, any of those way-too-adorably packaged flavored lip balm sets they sell at Claire’s or Kohl’s. Like I said, the packaging is usually so cute and colorful but the flavors are so awful and drying. It’s like melted wax with flavoring, I used one flavor once that actually made my lips numb.

  55. Leah

    Anything that I have to stick my finger in to get the product out.

  56. le

    have to say EOS too. it is so waxy

  57. Lisa C

    Worst lip balm – Burt’s Bee’s original beeswax. Very dry and stiff.

    Best lip balm – not even an actual lip balm, but Eucerin ( the salve kind in the tube, not the bottle lotion) is a miracle worker. I use it all the time. Also, I have an Avon lip balm that I use nightly that is wonderful. And I just got a Revlon Lip Butter that I am loving so far.

  58. Vall

    I guess I am one of the few that actually loves EOS…I love my blue nivea one too. The worst for me is chapstick and burts bees original honey…I couldn’t stand the feel or the smell.

  59. Laurel

    Anything and everything that has ingredients like alcohol in them-Carmex, Softlips, Burts Bees, chapstick brand, etc.

  60. Cass

    Softlips. I base my opinions of lip balm after wearing it overnight – it’s how I test all my lip balm, and softlips has been the absolute worst. While it’s true Burt’s Bees can be pretty waxy, that’s not true for all their formulations. Eos also works relatively well. But Softlips… just terrible. It doesn’t even last for minutes before you have to reapply, but with the affect it had on my lips I don’t know why anyone would want to apply more. It made my lips drier and almost caused them to develop a stiff layer of skin on top.

  61. LJ

    Oilily… tastes like soap.

  62. Audrey

    Any of the mentholated/medicated ones. I’ve got some super-dry lips, and those just make it worse! I love my Body Shop cocoa butter lip balm, though. Still haven’t found anything that beats it!

  63. Jessie

    EOS definetly, it doesn’t even feel as if i’m putting anything on its so useless! I love jack black and sara happ the lip slip the most!

  64. megan

    burt’s bees (minty one) are way too strongly scented and hard, you have to rub it in vs. simply gliding it on. i like my lemon EOS but it’s strictly for the smell. it actually does nothing.

  65. aquarianrabbit

    EOS and Burt’s Bees are the worst I’ve tried.

  66. Brittany

    funny that EOS won the Reader’s Choice Awards, but are getting so many votes for the worst balm on here. I agree that is it a waste of money. My favorite currently is Jack Black, I have the blackberry tea scented one and I love it! But I have to mention that I have had a lip balm by Dermalogica that was wonderful in the past but have since lost it and haven’t seen it sold on its own (I got in in a Dermalogica face kit). That one is great too.

    • I would say it’s surprising… but you actually see it a lot! Many popular products get tested by more people, and if they try them when they’re really popular/touted as the best thing ever, the disappointment is higher. We used to do Best and Worst Mascara as well as Best New Product/Most Disappointing Product, and if I remember correctly, they would often be the same thing!

      I think it would happen if we did best/worst shampoo – Pantene is a staple in a lot of households, but it seems like those who are more in the know about hair, loathe it. I could easily see it going both ways there!

  67. Donna

    Softlips! It actually causes chapped lips.

  68. Jazz

    Lets see: carmex, Nivea , aquafina- I know those for sure

  69. Emily

    Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning (greasy and doesn’t sink in so my lips are chapped still!) and Softlips (waxy, wears off so fast, chaps my lips).

  70. Original chapstick or the Nivea lip balms in the light blue tube. Both just sit on top of my lips and actually dry my lips out more :(

    • Anna L

      What!! No way, I’m on my millionth tube of the light blue nivea chapstick. Even my boyfriend loves it!

  71. Val

    I love EOS balms too!! guess there was a bad batch a them somewhere!

  72. Cyntha

    EOS lip balms. I bought all the flavors and they irritated the heck out of my lips. I must be allergic because they chapped badly and peeled. As far as moisturizing properties…there aren’t any.

  73. Jackie

    i have many that i hate but my most hated is chapstick BY FAR

  74. Amanda

    Definitely Burts Bees and EOS… Korres lip butter doesn’t do anything for me either.

    Then again, I love thick, vaseline-like balms like Rosebud Salve

  75. Ronda Freemont

    Chapstick, Carmex, Blistex and Burts Bees. All owned by huge companies and most of them have terrible ingredients.

  76. Carla Johns

    EOS blows, but I found this stuff called BUDDHA BALM and boy does it work. Had to buy online as I couldn’t find it here in Maine.

  77. Anne

    Recently I had a lip balm emergency (I was about to get on a 6hr flight and couldn’t find my beloved Palmers Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick), so I went to the drugstore on the way to the airport and got the Nivea Kiss of Milk and Honey lipbalm because they didn’t stock the Palmers. I must say, I am apalled by how bad the Nivea is – it smells okay but stings on application and dries my lips out.

  78. melisa

    Korres lip butters and Jack Black Vanilla and Lavender

    • Becky

      I know the question is “what is the worst lip balm” (and I agree with all but the Korres) but I haven’t seen anyone mention what I think is the best: the mint lip balms that come i a pack of 3 from Trader Joes. Very creamy and moisturizing (to me at least)

  79. Michelle

    Burt’s Bees, they’re horrible. They smell something awful and they actually dry my lips out.

  80. Lauren

    I really wanted to like Maybelline Baby Lips but they last for literally 5 minutes.

    I have been using Rosebud Salve every night for years and I love Savannah Bee Company Natural Lip Balm: Tupelo Honey and Earl Grey are great!

  81. Maybelline Baby lips – Made my lips chap and peel off in giant skin islands that, prior to peeling off had raised edges that dug craters into anything I tried to apply to save them.

    I don’t have sensitive skin or lips, I can put pretty much any product on with impunity… until this product.

    • Moni

      I actually like that! I love when my lips shed overnight and I wake up with shedding lips that reveal newer skin underneath.

  82. Veronica

    I’ve actually never had a truly terrible lip balm. I have certain ones that work better than others, but some of that is that reliant on what weather conditions. Of course, my lips dry out so easily that they’ll suck up moisture out of just about anything. Even Chapstick works pretty well on me.

  83. Cait

    EOS lip balms – so hard and waxy, and the nice scents only last a couple weeks before fading

    Carmex and Burt’s Bees Honey – both smell so disgusting

    Yankee Candle lip balm – smelled good but felt really….grainy D:

    Soft lips – made my lips so dry they’d crack and get sores

    Chapstick/blistex – never did much for my lips

    Lipsmacker – always used these as a kid but they’d make my lips peel even more! Sucks because those scents are so yummy.

    C.O. Bigelow lemon lip balm – so, so greasy

    I need to try Jack Black balms!! @_@

  84. Moni

    So surprised to see so many commenters with skin sensitive to mint. I am the same, and worse. I can’t even use mint toothpastes. Rosemary, basil, thyme – anything from the mint family irritates the skin around my mouth. :( So I only eat pasta when it’s worth it.

  85. EOS lipbalm really does nothing to me. And it feels like sitting on top of the lips, not absorbed in. I better stick to Rosebud Salve :)

  86. Brittany

    My lips never really get dry so i dont have a least favorite or favorite. I guess the best lip balm i have used is just vaseline, it helps my lips stay moist and adds a nice gloss. Its also good on my hands.

  87. Ket

    I got a few on my mind..
    – Burt’s Bees; waxy, hard to apply and distribute, did nothing for my lips. I have tried about 3 types which were Honey, Beeswax and the Sun protecting lip balm SPF8.
    -EOS – Cute packaging, but actually takes more space in my make-up bag, and does absolutely nothing to my lips and actually makes them feel dry.
    – Blistex, Lip infusion – all though it does give a very high shine, it is very short lasting, thin and watery substance and does not feel like it nourishes my lips.
    – Boots Extracts, Almond Lip Balm – Smells great, but one of the most drying, and definitely not long lasting.
    – Vaseline – and of course, I cannot forget about the oldest and probably the biggest “myth” of all.

  88. Chelsea

    Definately Nivea Lip Balms. They looked cool and felt alright initially, but they did nothing to actually moisturize my lips and keep them from the horrible chapped feeling that succumbs them. :/

    I don’t know what everyone is saying….. I love EOS! Summerfruit is my favorite. I don’t like the lemon one, though. It’s too greasy for me….. I actually like the waxy feeling of summerfruit EOS on my lips. It doesn’t make my lips look shiny (and greasy), and stays on a lot longer than chapstick. It also makes my lips very smooth, even in winter.

  89. K

    Burt’s Bees. I want to love it, but the texture is so dry, it makes my lips feel waxy and even more chapped. There’s a very temporary relief with a worse dryness after, so it’s not helpful as a treatment at all. It just coats my lips so in a way, it does protect, just doesn’t heal.

  90. Carmex!! That stuff was awful.

  91. Zulaikha

    wow so many “hates” for EOS! im glad i read this post coz i was thinking of buying one! i hate the body shop born lippy lip balm. it does nothing,just tastes like sugar and smells nice thats it but does nothing to hydrate,,,just dries out my lips. i dont like the burts bees beeswax lip balm too coz it has peppermint oil n it burns my dry lips, maybe it would plump the lips but definitely not hydrate.
    i have dry lips like all the freaking time so what i do is scrub my lips with a lush lip scrub before bedtime( its just sugar crystals basically) and apply body shop lip butter,its v heavy and tacky but its super hydrating. and i wake up in the morning with all dry skin pealing so i scrub again with the lip scrub! hello super soft lips!

  92. Zulaikha

    wow so many “hates” for EOS! im glad i read this post coz i was thinking of buying one! i hate the body shop born lippy lip balm. it does nothing,just tastes like sugar and smells nice thats it but does nothing to hydrate,just dries out my lips.i dont like the burts bees beeswax lip balm too coz it has peppermint oil n it burns my dry lips, maybe it would plump the lips but definitely not hydrate.
    i have dry lips like all the freaking time so what i do is scrub my lips with a lush lip scrub before bedtime( its just sugar crystals basically)and apply body shop lip butter,its v heavy and tacky but its super hydrating and leave it on.i wake up in the morning with all dry skin pealing so i scrub again with the lip scrub! hello super soft lips!

  93. C

    I am a lip balm fanatic, I am always on the look our for a decent lip balm ( and im sadly always losing my balms too )

    i know most people rate them, maybe due to the fun flavours and whatnot, but for me lipsmackers lip balms are rubbish, i assume they are more aimed towards children?

    Carmex for me was also absolutely rubbish too, i was expecting it to be brilliant, as most gurus on youtube said it was a holy grail product! I wasnt expecting it to be menthol and when i slicked it over my chapped lips – i instantly regretted that blind action. burning lips = no fun.

    Burts bees pomegranate lip balm made me feel utterly nauseous, i LOVE pomegranate, but the scent of this lip balm was horrific and I had to actually waste this one and give it away. bleh.

    I actually bought a YSL (silver tubed) sheer lip something or other, and it actually smelt like cat urine and also made me nauseous, Ive kept this one because of the gorgeous tube – but if you agree with me on these other points, dont bother wasting your money girls!

    I have a couple of lip balms by a company called Tokyo Milk, and although they feel slightly waxy, they melt down and soak in with the heat of your lips and really do a good job. I also enjoy the blue nivea lip balm and ive gone through numerous tubes; its good but you need to keep topping up applications.

    I found Lush lip balms in the tins just be RIDICULOUS to heat up and get anything out of those darn tins to be remotely usable on my lips; such a shame because they look so promising.

    Does anyone have any good ones to really recommend ?

  94. jamie

    Most of the Lush lip tint/balms are TERRIBLE. So, so drying. I have Chili Tingle, Double Choc, Snow Fairy, Honey Trap, & Latte. The only truly moisturizing one is Honey Trap. Latte & Chili Tingle give moisture in the beginning, but after a while they leave lips dry also. There’s no hope for Double Choc & Snow Fairy from the beginning. They even feel dry in the tins !

  95. Emma A

    Like some other comments I’ve skimmed over, I have to say EOS! The balms leave this waxy film that builds up on my lips… groooosss! I am sort of happy my English Bulldog ate mine!

  96. doroffee

    Labello (in the US, I guess Nivea???), particularly in the seasonal color Gold&Shine. It wasn’t moisturizing at all and the gold in it was really heavy… like if I was wearing a quasi-pigmented gold lipstick… looked disgusting.

    Also, we have this drugstore in Europe called Rossmann and it’s own brand Isana. Now that has lipglosses which are told to work like a balm. I got a bronzy one, which didn’t show up at all and had the most plasticky, horrible, artificial chocolate sent ever.

  97. diamond_8806

    Rosebud Salve…HANDS DOWNS!