Thursday, December 8th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Eyeliner…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so terrible?

Thanks to Meme for today’s topic!

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83 thoughts on “Hit List: Worst Eyeliner

  1. The worst ones for me have been L’Oreal HIP pencil, N.Y.C Waterproof pencil, Laura Mercier Extreme Black pencil (it smudges, but after that it refuses to budge! What the heck?…)

  2. Tarte Emphaseyes Inner Rim!!! WORST ever!! it’s so hard it HURTS!! seriously, don’t get it!

  3. The worst eyeliner I’ve ever used is the jumbo penultimate from MAC’s Wonder Woman collection. It’s so huge making it very difficult to be detailed and precise, it wears off after a little bit, and the color of it sucks. It’s inky and weird looking. I’d say it’s the equivalent to using a Crayola marker on your face.

  4. Laurel

    Tarte aqua gel eyeliner! Not only does it transfer and not stay put, but it gets all over my eyeball and then I have eyeliner collecting in the corners of my eye ALL DAY

    • Lianna

      I agree with this! I applied it & immediately my eyes started burning & watering & turned red. After I got it off, my eyes were red for the rest of the day and the skin around them stinged to the touch.

      Returned it of course!

  5. Sharon

    I agree on the Tarte Emphaseyes, absolutely horrible! My main problem is that you roll it up far enough to use it, especially on the inner rims and then it breaks off, and you can’t roll it back down.

    • Kim

      Glad I’m not the only one who hates Tarte’s Emphaseyes. Breaks easily (more like crumbles), difficult to “roll up” and made my eyes water like crazy. Maybe I’m allergic to one of the ingredients; regardless, terrible packaging and hard to work with!

    • I agree, but I actually LOVE them for lining my upper lid and below the water line. They are blendable with shadow and are quite forgiving for a few minutes. However, lining the water line is truly painful.

  6. Rabia

    ELF! for sure, and then, Revlon ColorStay pencils, they just don’t go on!!!!

    • Kimberly

      I agree Revlon Colorstay mechanical pencils are horrible and i had heard they were good but found out other wise…also wet n wild liquid eyeliner is horrific…it just won’t dry and gets everywhere!

    • I have a shimmer eyeliner from ELF in the green grass colour (or w/e its called) and i love it! works perfectly find for me. unless you are referring to just one of their eyeliners…

    • Emily

      I’ve never tried the pencils, but i’m a fan of the ColorStay liquid liner! I usually don’t use drug store brands, but I bought it as a cheap alternative. Definitely was not disappointed, it really does last all day.

    • Carrie

      I agree with the ELF but totally disagree with Revlon Colorstay mechanical. That’s my go to liner! It’s probably one of the better ones I’ve used.

  7. Lindsey

    Almay crayon contour hands down.

  8. The original Stila Kajal liners. Those things smeared EVERYWHERE.

    • Italia

      How funny! I said the same thing without seeing this, first! Totally… and is the formula different now?

      • Liz

        I agree! I used to love the Stila kajal in onyx but now that I’m using it more I found out it smears all over ang gives me raccoon eyes!

  9. I really disliked the Wet N Wild H2O liner. I know it’s cheap, but still not worth it. It migrated everywhere as soon as I blinked my eyes (even if I kept them shut long enough to ensure it was dry)

  10. Hane

    NARS Eyeliner Stylo literally sucked as it stopped working after one use. It had mind of it’s own I guess.

  11. Liz

    I had a white ELF one… it didn’t work at all!! may as well have been a colored pencil

    • Angela

      I had/still have the white ELF one and I agree… doesn’t work at all! Not even a little bit.

    • Laudes

      It’s true! I’ve tried two of those ELF white pencils. I thought the first one was defective, that’s how bad it was – but no, both were equally rock-hard (until most of the white part suddenly snaps right off!
      Also, they lay down very little color, & warming them doesn’t help.
      What the heck, though – at least you’re only out a couple of dollars!

  12. Nikki

    when i used the stila kajal eyeliner it made my eyes literally CRY lol! i guess maybe an allergic reaction?

    • Jillian

      I’ve read that there is an ingredient in the Stila liners that is known to be a common allergen (or perhaps worse)- I read that after I used it one time and my eyes were burning.

  13. Calvin Klein’s felt-tip liner–one or two uses then it dies. There were some tears and a refusal to buy from the brand after that.

  14. Rachel

    Covergirl and Revlon, I don’t remember what the names are but they just didn’t go on!

  15. Evelyn

    I’d actually have to say Chanel – the waterproof long lasting eyeliner. I’ve bought 2 and while I can draw a line on my hand to see the pretty colors, when I’ve tried to put them on my eyes, they will not write or just barely. If I had to rub them any harder I’d take out my eye.

  16. NYX Liquid Eye Liner in Black Pearl! I’m such a hoarder and never throw things out but I’ve had it with this liner! It takes forever to dry and even when it does, it flakes right off. Never had an eyeliner this horrible.

  17. shelley

    The pencil liners from Victoria’s Secret. So hard and dry that TRYING to line my top lids with it was a workout. I gave up after one try and returned it the same day.

  18. Samantha Rosenbaum

    ELF Eyeliner. It would not go onto my waterline and when trying to put it on my top lashes it was really hard.

  19. Marta

    I have the winner, no matter how bad the others are. I sometimes get a slight reaction to cosmetics around my eyes, even high end brands, specially moisturizer and eye pencils. So it has become kind of a nervous tic, to rub my eyes forgetting I’m wearing make up, even it they’re noy getting dry or irritated. Therefore, smudge. Not with H&M black liner! Got it years ago. Thing is, the ever advancing swedish cosmetic industry has make it so the eyeliner not only smudges, buy actually travels! From top lid to down, from waterlid to lid… the possibilities are endless. You don’t need to touch it, just let it do its thing. Can’t get myself to throw it away: I’d feel responsible for the person who picks it up xD Buy it now, it’s cheap and you’ll get the dollar back in laughter.
    Seriously though, never again. Love my 24/7s!

    • mamavalveeta03

      You could be a Soap Opera actress!!! They really have a demand for that stuff that runs down your face during the crying scenes (isn’t every scene in a soap a crying scene?!?).

  20. Chrissy

    Has to be MAC Feline. What a runny, melty, shifty mess! Can you say raccoon eyes?! So bad that ended up back to Mac-ing it. Utter crap even though it has a cult following.

  21. Jackie

    I asked NYX on their facebook page what other uses the jumbo pencils have *other than a base for eyeshadows and pigments* they suggested it as an eyeliner and for the waterline… Well it went on smoothly and didn’t hurt my eyes, but it melted and traveled EVERYWHERE! It was a HUGE MESS. Idk what they were thinking by suggesting that, but it was an EPIC FAIL!

  22. Ursula

    Definitely the Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner. It’s not pigmented at all like they say, rubs off easily and doesn’t last! Terrible!

  23. Niki

    Smashbox’s gel liners from their 2010 Holiday Eye Wish palette. Worst ever.

  24. Tuss

    MAC Liquid eyeliner is the devil

  25. Kristi

    I’m an MUA, and I think in most cases liners end up being hated because people rush to apply them and don’t let them set. Any gel liner is like that, but I don’t use a lot of kohl liners because they are either dry up or disappear after ten minutes. They still can be used to create a messy smoky eye for photo shoots.

  26. The pencil that came with my Tarte palette. Not very pigmented and takes a lot more effort to put on than I’d like.

    I should have realized this was going to be an issue when the lady doing my face was telling me “You just sort of dot it on the eye, not sweep.” Alas, it was my first real make-up purchase and I didn’t know any better.

  27. Allison

    Styli-Style 24/7 Automatic flat liner has got to be the worst..Harder and waxier than a crayon and zero pigment. Won’t even draw on paper it’s so hard

  28. Aria

    The Loreal Voluminous Felt-Tip Eyeliner – it’s horrid! It’s not pigmented, it comes off SUPER easily (think resting your face on your hands – BAM. IT’S OFF.)

  29. luau

    i would have to go with N.Y.C liquid eyeliner. HANDS DOWN

  30. What’s the Worst Eyeliner?

    Hands down Sephora’s Glitter eyeliners. Burns and irritates the eyes and surrounding skin. Is not pigmented or glittery enough. Goes on clumpy. Expensive!


  31. probably going to get a lot of flack for this, but the illamasqua medium pencil! i bought two sophies after reading rave reviews but NOTHING has smudged on me faster- within 5 minutes you can see it migrating and by one hour its dismal. top this off by having it last decently on the waterline- what the hell?!

  32. Bourjois, I think it was called ‘clubbing liquid liner’ or something? just came off in flakes. And Vivo pencil liners, literally lasted 30mins before it faded into nothing.

  33. Brigette

    WnW Coloricon shimmer eye pencil is the worst that I’ve tried, it’s very dry pulls & drags the eyelid, barely shows unless you line very hard, the product clumps and the cap never wants to stay on. The “shimmer” was more of a sparkly glitter.

  34. Stephanie thurston

    I hate Mac’s feline, it always comes off or it smudges everywhere :(
    I never by cheap liners so I wouldn’t know what those are like , but I was very disappointed with feline , although it rims my waterline nicely, it’s still crappy

  35. Melissa

    ELF is horrible!

  36. MoonChild02

    As much as I hate to say it, Wet ‘n’ Wild makes the worst eyeliners. The pencil ones, anyway. They always break, and the wood splinters in my sharpener. No other pencils do that, just the WnW ones. Plus, they fade so easily. It’s better and easier for me to use an angled liner brush with a fixing medium and eyeshadow. Yes, these pencils are cheap, they’re a great bargain, but they just do not work out for me.

  37. Katherine

    I can’t come up with one that I’ve used that was just horrid across the board except for maybe HIP eyeliners. Instead, I have issues with specific eyeliners on how they perform on different areas of the eyes. A great many that are great in lining the upper eye and staying put will migrate if put on the lower eye or waterline (Clinique eyeliners to name one). Then, certain ones that I’ve used to tightline migrated all over my contacts and irritated my eyes (24/7 UD eyeliners did this). I’ve yet to find an eyeliner that I can use to tightline, waterline and use above and below the eye. Bums me out!

    • Sarah

      I really don’t like Urban Decay’s either. Have you tried Avon’s supershock gel liner pencil? I don’t wear contacts so I can’t say how it’ll work on that front, but I love it for tightlining. It doesn’t budge unless you fall asleep (I have ME so it happens more than I’d like lol), then it goes to a grey colour on the waterline.

    • Kris

      It doesn’t offer color variations (that I know about, anyway) but MUFE Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow (I know it says shadow, but it’s a gel liner and everyone knows it) is the only, only, ONLY eyeliner I have found that I can consistently keep from migrating, smudging and can use as an all purpose, everywhere liner. I do not know WHAT is wrong with my eyes that every other brand just fails so miserably, but they do.

      It takes some work, but I put down a layer of flesh-toned powder/shadow in the under-eye area, line with MUFE using a precision eyeliner brush and then use an angle brush to dab on a black powder shadow over the liner. It is hell and a half when you’re in a hurry, but I am super, super picky about liner issues. This particular method will keep that stuff on until the end of all eternity. You need a solid remover to take it off, but I have never found a brand or special application method that won’t just raccoon all over my face except this one.

  38. Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen. It is really a pencil liner, it is too soft and it melts on my skin upon contact. It is $14, very expensive for a drugstore liner.

  39. Italia

    Stila Kajal, in Topaz. It’s seriously as creamy as lipstick (and wears like it, too!). RETURNED!

  40. Angela

    I agree that Tarte EmphasEyes Inner Rim is absolutely horrible. Very dry, does not apply well at all, and pulls at my eyes. Not worth the $18.
    Also, NYC eye pencils are horrible. They are also dry, and not pigmented at all.

  41. Mandy

    the body shop’s kohl eyeliner is pretty bad….as are the wet n wild pencils you can get for 99 cents

  42. Evelyn

    MAC superslick liner. Feels like I just slicked rubber on my lid, it’s uncomfortable and it’s a bear to take off too.

  43. Gretchen

    N.Y.C.’s Automatic Eye Pencils. I don’t know how the hell the got approved. You have to press down very hard to get any color to deposit, but it hurts your lids to do so. Very scratchy and uneven color.

  44. Stephanie

    I quite intensely dislike Loreal felt tip liners and Maybelline pencil liners… Back in the day when I first started make up experimentation I used those and well, I’ll just STAY the heck away from drugstore stuff now. Most things smudge on me even with Urban Decay PP… 24/7 sucks too, but oh, the colours!

    So I do really hate pencils: the Milani liquifeye one or something like that, MAC kohls/powerpoints/technakohls. The only one worth using is the Aqua Eyes one from MUFE.

  45. Adelita

    #1 Wet ‘N’ Wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner! Oh my goodness…, this stuff acts like glue to my lid, verrryyyyy sticky & stays tacky!!!

    #2 Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner for not true to its claim. It smudge easily on my eyes (but to be fair, I have a quite watery eyes to begin with).

    #3 Stila Smudge Pot. While I love this baby on my lid, but whenever I put it on my waterline, ouch, stings horribly!

  46. Amanda

    Milani Liqu’eye. If you wear contacts, STAY AWAY FROM THIS EYELINER!! I don’t care who says it’s so great, the liner is straight up dangerous and shouldn’t be sold. I wore it on a date, and about twenty minutes in I couldn’t see out of one eye. A few hours later, I get home and take my contact out and there is literally brown oil from the liner all over the contact lens. I had to throw my contacts out, that’s how bad it was. It was the worst and most dangerous eyeliner I have ever used. Those who say it’s a dupe for Urban Decay 24/7 are crazy and careless.

  47. Revlon ColorStay, it’s hard to apply and then it fades. I switched to Make Up Forever liner and haven’t looked back!

  48. I’ve rarely had any luck with felt tipped pen-style liners. I forget the exact name, but it was by Maybelline and in pink packaging. ELF Eye Widener also was horrible. I’m not a huge fan of eyeliner to begin with, so it certainly makes me particular with the eyeliners I buy. Nine times out of ten, I’ll just use a really pigmented black eyshadow like Sugarpill’s Bulletproof and an angled brush.

  49. Sara

    Really any pen like eyeliner, they stop working after two uses I swear, I’ve tried MAC’s Penultimate and Tokidoki and I really regret buying both of them, the tip dries out and you cant get a good application more than a few times. I love the idea but I’m definitely giving up on them.

  50. Barry M Glitter Eye Crayon… it’s meant to be used as a liner, though I’ve seen some use it all over the lid (with mad creasing). I bought it thinking it would be creamy and dry to a powdery finish, but it doesn’t. It goes on sticky and it stays sticky. I used it on my lower lashline, and when I got home from work, I looked in the mirror and was horrified – it had kinda “spread out” under my eye, my mascara had rubbed off on it, and I looked like I’d been crying! Awful awful awful. I usually adore Barry M but these pencils are total fail. I have two of them (green and pink) that I’m yet to find a use for. :(

  51. Veronica

    My worst thus far is probably a couple of N.Y.C. Brand pencils I tried that were, well, useless. They didn’t throw any color down, and they dragged painfully when you tried to place them on the upper lash line.

  52. pi

    chanel pencil eyeliner. smudges like mad.

  53. Nadeen

    L’Oreal – Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner
    Horrible color payoff, I got carbon black, but it comes out grey. The applicator is a hard stick and painful to apply. Huge disappointment!

  54. SUMER

    Milani liquifeye is really horrible , is not safe in waterline( I wear clear contact lenses ).

  55. mamavalveeta03

    I just don’t like pencils. Period.

  56. tanya

    Lineur intense was no goood for me hated te shinyness