Thursday, October 13th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Worst Blotting Sheets…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so terrible?

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23 thoughts on “Hit List: Worst Blotting Sheets

  1. Leslie

    Oh I do I have some contenders for this. First, Ulta sells this very random, almost no-name brand of 50 blotting sheets for 6.99. They’re usually in the skincare section near the Neutrogena stuff or near the checkout…and they are TERRIBLE! They don’t pick up anything.

    Another terrible Ulta version are the Basically U blotting sheets (Ulta’s cotton ball/cotton swab brand). They’re half a hair better than the other ones but still awful.

    I’m really really really oily (give me 20 minutes and I’m shining like nothing else) and have been on an endless search for the best blotting sheets. So far, the best ones for blotting before foundation and after moisturizer are the blue Clean & Clear films, and the best for daily use or going out are the Shiseido blotting papers. Expensive, but they work really well and they’re larger than normal.

    Phew, sorry for the insanely long post.

  2. ellie

    i don’t like blotting sheets with powder already on them, it never looks right after.

  3. Kazzy

    Quo Blotting Sheets are terrible.

  4. Tricia

    elf blotting sheets. So flimsy, you’d be better off using the tissue paper inside gift bags. Waste of a dollar. -_- But you get what you pay for…

    • Gillian

      I got them for free and they were so useless that I just tossed them. I think it’s actually just tissue paper cut into squares

  5. Maranda

    The worst blotting sheets I have tried are by ELF. Granted, they were only $1.00 but still. They were basically the same material that is used to make those toilet seat covers in public restrooms, lol. The best ones I have tried are definately by Clean and Clear. I also really like the Palladio Rice Paper!

  6. AngieP

    I don’t have a worst, as I’ve been pretty loyal to the Clean & Clear sheets since high school, but I do have a few in a pinch solutions!
    *The thin paper toilet seat covers make great sheets if you find yourself without!
    *The recycled napkins from Starbucks and Yum dining establishments work very well too :)

  7. Yara

    E.L.F THEY ARE SO TERRIBLE. Fully worth the price.

  8. Angela K

    I’m disappointed with Bobbi Brown blotting sheets. I have to use two to adequately blot, whereas with the Clean & Clear ones, I usually only need one.

  9. Agreed on the e.l.f. ones. They do get some oil off, but they are too small area-wise for even moderately oily t-zone, not to mention the oil comes through the sheet on to fingers. That’s a little less than desirable..

  10. Ayzee

    I don’t remember the brand, but in general, the blotting papers that are quite similar with Japanese papers (the ones used for pastries, biscuits? baking sheets?) are the worst! :( Waste of money!

  11. the clean and clear ones contain mineral oil which I had found made me oilier. I was using some rice paper sheets that were pretty awesome.

  12. dsixx

    ELF. You gotta try them to satisfy your curiosity of how anyone can possibly go wrong with oil blotting sheets.

  13. Ashley

    I actually love the elf ones, they are the only ones I use. Yes they are pretty thin but they definitely work great for me!

    • Christina

      Yeah, I’m kind of surprised with all the hate. They may not be the best, but they work just fine. But I’m super oily so I always have to use two :/

  14. Laurenica

    it’s been said but I’ll say it anyway – ELF. I was afraid all blotting sheets were like this (i.e. – useless) but fortunately they are not. save yourself the $1.

  15. Lauren

    I know that this post is for the “worst” blotting sheets. Honestly, I just wanted to let everyone know that the “best” blotting sheets are the toilet seat safety covers provided at some restaurants/work places- THEY ARE LIKE GOLD for removing excess oil.

  16. Lilac

    Bobbi Brown – before and after use is exactly the same look, pretty much. Same for The Body Shop Tea Trea blotting sheets. (Clean and Clear is not sold in my country).


  18. Lya

    I only like mac ones or the clean and clear ones. I hateeee those flimsy papers. Especially Boscia cause they’re so expensive for what they are!