Thursday, April 11th, 2013

The Hit List

What’s the Worst BB Cream you’ve tried?

Share your least favorite!  And don’t forget to share why :)

Thanks to Carolyn for today’s topic!

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105 thoughts on “Hit List: Worst BB Cream

  1. Barbara

    Missha Hypoallergenic BB Cream. Ironically it left my skin broken out and irritated all over from white heads to cystic acne (the latter showed up later, of course). It was very liquidy, especially grey for a Korean bb cream, and had a strange smell. I would still tell people who never break out to avoid this bb cream.

    • Lauren

      I had the same problem. The Korean BB creams also tend to have oil so if you have oily, sensitive skin, they’re just not that great.

      • Barbara

        See, I tried Holika Holika ones and they aren’t grey and have never broken me out and provide great coverage. But Missha was a nightmare from one use on my skin. Never again!

  2. StellaDiva

    A’Pieu Flawless Finish. Sank right into pores and flakey bits even with a heavy duty primer. There is another one from same brand, I think called Egg Cream, which is a bizarre color.

  3. The L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier was horrendous! It was super greasy and the lightest shade (I am a NW15 at MAC) made me so orange, I could give an Oompa Loompa a run for their money. No thanks!

  4. Revlon’s BB cream was atrocious on me! It just sits on the top of my skin, and will not blend in despite my aggravated attempts. The appearance of the BB cream worsens throughout the day, so I would much rather go bare-faced than wear it.

    For reference, I have moderately dry skin. NW15.

  5. I’ve gotta say the Garnier BB cream, I really liked how it looked on my dry skin, super dewy. The downfall is that it is the only product ever that has made me break out, and they were bad ones, mostly around my chin/mouth.

    • The exact same thing happened to me! I had not broke out that bad in years. They were all on my chin, too.

      • Same thing happened to me just a short while back with a breakout around my chin…it was annoying and embarrassing and sent the Garnier BB cream into the trash!!!

      • lisa

        I don’t know where you’re from, but my belgian one was fine, the one that I bought in canada broke me out, when I get back I’m gonna compare ingredients

        • xamyx

          I’ve had no issues with it (the US one), and I’ve been using it for months. I just wish it had a higher SPF.

        • I’m Canadian, be interesting to see if there are any differences between the two…hope you share the results!

    • Katy

      I would have liked the Garnier one much better had it not been so greasy-feeling and had the shade matched my skintone better. The light/medium one was too dark and also way too warm for my skin. Ugh!

    • Carmen

      I’m from Spain and I must say that Garnier BB Cream is fine for me. Moreover, I have oily skin and I use the normal one, not the oily/combination skin one and I never had any problems, so it must have a different formula for every country because the one in Spain is quite good, hydrating but not greasy.

  6. Lisa

    Dr Jart water fuse is the best for me. It gives me perfect light coverage.
    The worst I’ve tried was from Boscia. It made me look orange and had way too many sparkles.

    • admmgz

      ITA! The Boscia one is horrible!! It made me break out like crazy, turned me orange & had sparkles everywhere.

      My fave is the Dr Jart Black Label Detox :)

      • Sakura

        Sorry, but I’ve got to disagree with both of you. I have the Boscia BB cream and I LOVE it. Blends beautifully, not orange at all and has never made me break out. Only an extremely subtle hint of sparkle here and there, depending on the light.

      • Beck

        yes i tried the Boscia too in the white& blue tube, it was sooo bad silver sparkles and dark orange what were they thinking?? eeek

  7. Quinctia

    Urban Decay’s. Comes out of the tube orange, goes on the skin without doing practically anything…and it’s not a good primer. It makes foundation application marginally better to impossible, depending on the second product. It’s about the most useless product I’ve had the misfortune to attempt to use. Their dedicated primers are a better product all around for everything they claim that BB cream is supposed to do (except the SPF). And they’re then actually primers.

    Most western BB creams are ridiculous, they’re anything from mislabeled tinted moisturizers to uselessly practically invisible products, but UD’s was the worst. And the worst part is that these companies are all charging more for their BB creams than they are for pretty much any other face product.

    • Carrie P.

      I completely agree with you about companies mislabeling their tinted moisturizers and trying to sell them as a BB cream. Covergirl’s CG Smoothers BB Cream used to be Covergirl’s tinted moisturizer. I’m pretty sure all they did was change the graphics on the label.

  8. BB cream from the dutch brand “action”. It’s just a lot of silicones, the lightest colour is more suitable for mediterrarean skin colours and didn’t cover AT ALL. All colour just vanished or something >_<

  9. Yellowlantern

    DR. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream. I found it rather greasy for me and it didn’t have much coverage (just tinted moisturizer levels).

    • crystallinity

      I agree- HATED this, and the color change didn’t work on me at all… it turned the most horrendous shade of orange.

  10. I had gotten the BB Cream from Missha in a Glossybox and I couldn’t even use it because it smelled so strong and floral, I was turned off. One that I think is okay is the Smashbox Photo Ready BB Cream. I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. But it’s still an okay product.

  11. Dominique

    The Garnier BB Cream ( really very bad ) ! Not a huge fan of BB creams.

    • Sara

      I wouldn’t rule out all BB creams! Check out the Eastern ones on You can find some pretty good ones.

  12. I used to like Garnier BB Cream for like a second (more like 2 weeks) before I had one of the worst break out of my life. Took weeks to clear up. Then tried the L’Oreal Magic Skin and did not have luck with that one either. So – as it stands – I hate BB Creams all around. Not worth the breakouts!

    • Janelle

      garnier is owned by L’Oreal so I am not surprised that you had problems with them. I too hate BB creams and I do not understand them! I use a tinted moisturizer and thats how all the BB creams that I have tried seem to me.

      • blueraccoon

        To get a really good BB cream you really need to buy one from Korea, unfortunately. Missha and Skin79 have some really good ones that are way more than TM.

      • Cindy

        I constantly hear and see the “Western” BB creams are horrible. UK and Asian ones are much better.

    • Good to know I’m not the only one that had that problem with the Garnier one.

    • Lauren

      I’ve had great luck with the Smashbox BB and CC cream. They don’t break me out at all. Also, they have several color choices, provide medium coverage, and are compatible with combination and oily skin.

  13. bella

    I got some through Glossybox, I think the L’oreal one (white tube, purple metallic lid) was sort of decent sometimes, but a lot of the time it felt horribly scratchy on the skin since it contains microgranules of colour that you’re supposed to smush into the skin, good idea in theory that didn’t work for them… kinda like Estee Lauder Daywear tinted moisturiser which is awesome with the granules! :)

  14. Nat

    Maybelline BB cream! Super greasy in my oily skin!

    • KJ

      Yeah and the palest shade was way too orange on me. Too bad they didn’t have a tester when I bought it :/ And I returned the Gosh BB Cream that I actually found in my colour! I was pretty upset because I have to drive 2 or 3 hours from where I live to find a store with Gosh makeup :( And I can’t find anywhere to order Gosh BB Cream online.

  15. stef b

    cover girl. same exact product as the cg smoothers tinted moisturizer

  16. Loreal BB cream. GRODY. My face was full-on slicked over within 2 hours. I have oily skin to begin with but gheesh!

  17. Dormouse

    Revlon’s. Pasty looking, and accentuated my pores.

  18. Joscelyn49

    I love Too Faced Cosmetics in general – but I really disliked their Tinted Beauty Balm – despite my best efforts to fall in love with it. In general, it left my skin quite shiny – even when I didn’t use my daily moisturizer. I tried using primers (Smashbox photofinish and Hourglass Mineral Veil) – but I still had the shine effect – and even when I set it with loose powder, I still felt like it ended up sliding around my face. That’s a lot of work to use a product that doesn’t really provide any coverage! I’m much happier with a great moisturizer and sheering out some concealer where I need it.

    Too Faced I love you – but I recommend passing on their Beauty Balm.

    • mkdallas

      Totally agree with you on the Too Faced Beauty Balm; not much coverage and way too “dewy”/greasy texture…and I’m 55 with dry skin! The other one they make (a solid that you brush on) looks like it has good coverage and a more matte finish, but it seems like it would take to long to apply evenly.

    • Vex

      I agree with your entire comment. Too Faced is such a great brand in many aspects, but their BB cream was a real miss. It makes me look very oily and slightly like I’m suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, since it’s quite yellow-tinged. I’m so glad I finally managed to finish the tube yesterday – now I can buy something else in good conscience!

    • Kristen

      Completely agree. It was the first one I tried because it was dark enough for me, but it was awful. Shiny and made me break out.

  19. I have yet to even try one, but I understand there is a plethora of knock offs, particularly of the Asian brands, floating around out there. That scares me a bit and you have to wonder if you really know what you are putting on your face. It seems to me the North American brands are somewhat missing the point, but I am simply regurgitating anecdotal commentary on same.

    After looking into BB’s a little further and reviewing reader commentary on this topic, I have Skin79 Oriental Gold on order from a reputable supplier. It seemed to be my best bet based on skin type and colour. So I’ll be playing a wait see.. I’m not expecting miracles, but wanted to see for myself what they are all about.

    • julia

      ooh you started with a goodie! I started using BB cream when I was 15 after seeing an actress in a korean drama I was watching use it and I’ve not used foundation since. Yes, once you use a proper asian bb you realise just how different western ones are. If I may, what is your skin type and colour? I’m a dry NC10 sort and bb creams have suited me best.

      • Yay thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ve heard such varying opinions on BB creams that I thought I would let the dust settle and see what product seemed to earn a decent following and Skin79 got a lot of positive reader votes on one of Christine’s more recent posts. I have dry skin around NC20 ish, I think.. Armani maestro 4.0 is pretty exact. I’m quite neutral and somewhat ashy but do have what I call slight yellow overtones in my skin and seem to share similar colouring to many women of Asian descent although I am Caucasian.

        Now I am looking forward to trying this BB cream and hope my results are as favourable as yours (✿◠‿◠)

        • monica

          Just to jump in, I’m closer to NC25 and skin79’s hot pink works for me! It makes our skin look so plush and even! I always put it on top of sunscreen even though it has spf. Also i like to rub the product before I put it on; I’m not sure this does anything but I pretend like it helps the product turn the right color quicker.

    • marti hanba

      I ordered this BB cream (skin 79, gold) after reading all Muse had on the oriental bb creams. To me it is like a very heavy foundation. It only takes the littlest bit, but spf 50. It is very rich so if your skin tends oily, you may not like it. My skin is combination, and I only use it occasionally.

    • I’d love to know how that one works out for you, Wwendalyne!

  20. Nikki

    I wanted to love Tarte BB Cream. I had a great full face color match in the store, I bought the BB cream, and went about my day. Shortly after that I turned orange. My daughters thought it was hilarious.

  21. Nina

    I tried the l’oreal BB cream and an maybelline one wich is just apricot (don’t know if they are only available in Europe) but they are horrible… The l’oreal one is suppose to perfectly match your skin tone, but it doesn’t work really well (unless you are as orange as an orange) and the “universal skin brightener” by maybelline basically is an apricot jelly without any coverage….

  22. Marian Humin

    Pacifica’s Alight Multi Mineral BB Cream. Turned both me and my daughter into Oompa Loompas. Needless to say, it went into the trash.

  23. Estee Lauder BB cream is the worst one I’ve tried!
    Dior Hydra Life BB Cream is the best one till now.

    • Maria

      What was bad about the Estée Lauder one? I am thinking of purchasing.

      • it is a very dry one, doesn’t spread even, causes Breakouts in the skin and emphasis porous…

        • Shebnem

          I think Estee Lauder’s BB Creams are awesome. I have the both shades and mix them for perfect match. I have been using them nearly a year and haven’t had any problems or breakouts. They apply nicely, spread even and give perfect coverage.

    • Little P

      The first and only bb cream I bought was Dior Snow and I love it and haven’t found a reason to switch. I would never consider buying a BB cream from the drug store

  24. Another vote for Garnier. Ugh, horrible. Also MUA (Make Up Academy), it’s thick, gloopy and it’s not even a BB cream.

  25. Monica Brown

    The L’oreal BB Cream is awful! I got it in hopes that it could replace my beloved Estee Lauder Sheer tint release. It doesn’t even come close. It was oily on my very dry skin. Provided no coverage and where the EL cream provided a subtle tan, this just turned me orange. I won’t even give it away because it’s so bad.

  26. All the Western brands! BB cream should have atleast *some* adequate coverage to improve skin. And then they have even more limitations on shade range which frustrates so many women (including me!). I maybe a diehard Urban Decay fan but when I saw their tinted moisturizer, the NAKED “BB,” I wanted to cry. It’s Snooki-style orange! Not going anywhere near my face, I’m too pale for that mess.

  27. KEG

    Believe it or not-Smashbox. I know this is what they are known for, but… was terribly drying and rather thick.

    • Katherine

      I tried Smashbox bb cream and it totally accentuated my pores & every imperfection and the color selection was limited so the match was not good enough to wear without my foundation or else it would have looked funny. Not to mention that you get so little product for the price. Still searching for the best bb cream!

  28. Gosh’s BB cream. Looked awful on me.

  29. Jen

    I tried that Revlon one at the store – it was awful – I couldn’t wipe it off fast enough!! Thick, slimy, greasy…disgusting!!

    I’m using the Lumene BB cream now and I like it – decent coverage and light feeling

  30. Katelyn

    Maybelline’s. Very greasy and hard to blend.

  31. xamyx

    I’ve only tried “Western” ones, Aveeno & Garnier (unless you count NARS Pure Radiant TM), and have had no issues with either. Unless I find a “real” that’s paraben-free/oil-free, I have no interest in bothering. All the Asian brands I’ve seen ingredients lists for all contain parabens and/or mineral oil, which is very important to me. I’m fine with the ones I’ve listed; no break-outs, necessary coverage, and my skin has improved. Again, my only gripe is the low SPF level of Garnier, but I use a separate sunscreen, anyway.

  32. blueraccoon

    I really didn’t like Too Faced’s BB cream. It made me look sallow and muddy; too yellow toned by far, and the finish was just dull. I returned it almost immediately.

  33. EvilStepQueen

    Stila Illuminating BB Cream…it felt heavy, never settled on my skin, so it felt sticky. The next day I was all broken out. I haven’t broken out like that because of a product in quite some time. Yuck!

  34. Oi

    Almostall the Korean BB creams, the original ones. They are generally grey, greasy and unnaturally heavy. I just don’t buy what they promise on the package. I just look straight into the ingredients list. It’s pretty trashy.

    • xamyx

      That’s *exactly* what’s put me off trying a “true” BB Cream; after reading what’s in some of the more popular ones, I’m almost afraid to try one… Also, I don’t know much about the regulations for what can go into Asian cosmetics. I have no issue with products actually manufactured there, if it’s a known brand/company, as I’m confident there are regulations in place.

  35. Lauren

    I tried the Missha hypoallergenic one and OMG, I got cystic acne from it. It was awful. Not to mention, it made me look like a ghost. I’m not THAT dark – about NC30 – but yuck, the color was awful. I really like Smashbox BB and CC creams. I like the color and texture of the CC cream somewhat more. I have Light Medium and both and find that the CC cream runs slightly lighter than the BB cream and the CC cream has a smoother texture. Both are great, though, if you have oily skin. If you have dry skin, you’ll want to use a separate moisturizer.

    • monica

      Yup the Missha one is meant for the whole spectrum of Asian skintones, which “ideally” is NC5-15. There is a lighter one and a darker on though, but if it gave you acne, I wouldn’t go near it again.

  36. Jacqueline

    I haven’t tried many at all but I Bought the Smashbox BB Cream and it was horrible. It was a nice texture but it didn’t cover anything not even redness and it completely broke me out . Plus I think it was like 40-50 dollars so I ended up returning it because it definitely wasn’t worth the money

  37. julia

    While it certainly wans’t the worst, the Skinfood Mushroom BB and Etude House Mineral were very underwhelming and I ended up throwing them out.

  38. faye lu

    Hands down – the Maybelline BB cream – unless you have picture perfect skin, this will do nothing for you. It’s like water!

    • Melissa

      Totally agree, I tried this one and it was like I was just putting lotion on my face because it didn’t cover a thing!

  39. Garnier was the worst, Too Faced is my favorite. I love it!

    • nikki

      I have tried many and can’t find one I actually like. The worst one, by far was actually a cc cream called Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream. Settled in pores, made setting powder ball up, offered no coverage and GREASY.

  40. Donna

    I didn’t have any problem with skin issues with any that I’ve tried, but I found MAC BB Cream to be very heavy and sticky. Stila only had one shade when I purchased the Stila BB Cream (August 2012) and it was too light and a bit heavy for my NC20 skin. I’ve been having success with Sheshido’s BB Cream

  41. Jeannie

    Boscia. Horrible horrible horrible!!!! Sooo many sparkles plus it was too pink toned and dark for me.

  42. Mariella

    I’ve only tried 4 and liked them all. First was the original BB cream from Marcelle (Canadian company) and it was awesome but contained NO SPF. A few months later, along came the new version WITH SPF and I have used it almost every day since. Next came Tarte, which I love – it is so good and comes in a range of 4 shades which is also great but here in the Great White North, it has not been approved to carry any claims about SPF so for the time being, I won’t use it. I really love the BB Cream from Clarins – my goodness it is wonderful. The downside is that the lightest shade (of 2) – “Light” – is not light enough. I also really like the BB cream from MAC but it’s a bit trickier to get a great application (it sometimes settles into my pores leaving these “dots” of pigment in the area where my cheeks meet my nose). So this is my rather lengthy saga about BB creams.

    • Paula

      Mariella, when a company can’t claim SPF content in Canada it just means they can’t label the SPF (because to be allowed to label SPF in Canada your product needs a DIN and that can be an expensive process for smaller brands). But the SPF ingredients remains in the product, many TM and BB creams sold in the US with SPF ard identical products here just without the label. You can tell by checking the ingredients. Hope this helps you use your BB with confidence!

  43. Laurel

    Smashbox gave me a huge rash and allergic reaction not to mention giant breakouts everywhere!

  44. Kimberly

    All of the so called bb creams in America. I was so excited when I heard that bb creams were coming to the US, but when I actually tried them out, they were just tinted moisturizers with a few bb cream-esque features. And the coverage on most of the Western bb creams is terrible! If you want a real bb cream, try the asian ones out

  45. Brianna

    I hated the Dior BB Cream. I’m so happy I only recived it as a sample rather than purchasing it. It was waaaaay too yellow/dark for me and was thus very streaky and refused to blend.

    • Little P

      if you put water or mac mineralize skin finish in your palm and mix it with the Dior stuff, it will be a lot less concentrated, making it easier to work with

  46. Sharron

    The Too Faced Air Buffed BB Crème was a complete fail for me. The texture was hard and waxy, making it difficult (and somewhat time consuming) to apply. Once on the skin, the coverage was light to medium-ish, which was a bit of a disappointment. I was under the impression that this product was in the medium to full coverage family. As for wear time, it started to slide off of my face after a couple of hours. I ended up returning it.

  47. SarahKita

    I’ve only tried Eastern ones. Out of the three, Missha Perfect Cover has not very good coverage and is super greasy – no way ever suitable for remotely oily skin. Skin79 Hot Pink was the worst, too dark for my skin (which is about NW10-15ish), too grey, not as greasy but felt heavy and nasty on the face. Coverage was less than my Stila tinted moisturiser! Last is the Holika Holika Petit BB cream which, upon squeezing it out the tube, I thought was going to be way too dark and orange, but it actually comes out paler, brighter and more natural than the others. The coverage is what I would want, light-slightly medium – it looks very nice. But it is still pretty greasy and gets in skin so oily after a day’s wear. I think I need to go back to western products to find a good, lighter coverage product! ;(

  48. Jamie G.

    The Garnier and Maybelline ones were awful for me… too greasy and I am don’t have oily skin. Also the Flower one by Drew Barrymore was super dry on me and looked awful color-wise. I like the Tarte BB Primer a lot but it’s exactly that… a primer. It’s great on days I just want a little something and powder or as a primer under foundation but it has no coverage.

  49. SJP

    The first BB cream I tried last year was Clinque. I thought I liked it at first but later realized I hated it. It only came in three colors and I got the darkest one and it still made me look pale and did not match my skin tone. I also feel it didn’t do much for my skin. Barely any coverage and no glowing or moisturizing look.

    For the past 3 months I have been using SMASHBOX BB Cream in Light/Medium and it is amazing! I wear it everyday for work and apply a little powder on top just for a finish. It has great coverage but it’s very light and moisturizing on the skin. I have recommended it to all my friends. I have also received several compliments on my skin even though I tend to have a few acne marks from time to time. Great for a natural, yet finished look. Although a tad pricey, it is worth it!

  50. JRMillington

    L’Oreal BB cream that feels like an exfoliator, what on earth were they thinking!!!

  51. feli

    Adore Dior’s DiorSkin Nude BB, evens me out without looking made up!

  52. Cathy

    I’ve been buying most of the BB creams western companies have put out (and I’ve just ordered a few ‘true’ ones) and the worst has been Maybelline – thanks for turning me orange! – and, I hate to say it, Urban Decay. Their Naked foundation is my favourite, but I can’t bring myself to use their BB cream when there are so many better options in my makeup stash. Such an annoying waste of money though :(

  53. Brittany

    Maybelline’s BB Cream was horrible on me. It didn’t really do anything beyond what a tinted moisturizer would and my skin broke out in a nasty rash after using it. Although, I recently found I’m allergic to SPF and this BB cream is SPF 30… so that probably has something to do with it!

    I love Garnier though! Probably because there’s no SPF in it. They throw it in everything now :(

  54. Kelly

    I tried SKIN79, the orange coloured bottle for my NC15 skin..IT WAS HORRID! It was so sparkly and the texture was awful. It made me break out and though the yellow tones were there, it still made me look and feel like I was wearing a pasty mask. Funny enough, MAC’s new BB creams are absolutely amazing. I can’t say enough good things about them. I first bought it in the extra-light, as at NC15 I assumed I’d be lightest..I had to exchange it for the light, which is perfect! They only have three shades though, all of which are relatively light, they need to work on that!

    • Amy

      The vital orange had sparkles in it? Are you sure it’s not fake because I ordered it from which sells real skin79 and it had no sparkles in it it was a matte finish.

  55. Diann_co

    Smashbox. Turned white on me

  56. Alexa

    The worst I tried was the Maybelline BB cream although the Garnier is not good either.

    The best (which I use several times a week) is the Skin79 BB Cream in the pink container.

  57. Aida

    I have not tried any BB creams :). I rarely use foundation, so I haven’t felt the need to buy any BB creams. Besides, I’ve read mostly negative reviews about the ones on the market.

  58. the worst bb creams i’ve tried are all western. I myself am western but living in Korea i have easy access to this stuff so i’d rather talk about these.
    for me personally the worst Korean bb was Skin79 Hot Pink BB. Loved the texture, the longevity but it made me super oily and the color was soo wrong. It was literally gray!
    The best one is probably any bb from Banila Co or Espoir.

  59. katie

    Garniers original BB cream has to be the worst i’ve ever tried, it’s super oily and made me break out like crazy! Also i found the colour hard to work with, its very orange and doen’t blend well. And as for it giving you a fresh look and a glow? far from it, my face just looked really shiny and greasy and I would have to powder my face every hour or so. The only pro is that it smells great! their oil free bb cream is really good though :)

  60. Brittany

    The worst BB cream I tried was Maybelline. My face turned red and developed pinhead sized blisters all over my upper lip and chin. The rest of my face looked normal. Clinique is the only one I’ve used other than Maybelline, so I’m sticking to my $40 BB cream.

  61. anne

    i am now using this kind of bb cream called colour collection whitening bb cream spf30 w/ 8 skin benefits and its so good esp. when use together with its concealer. i have an oily skin but when i apply the cream all i can see is the radiant and flawless skin minus the oilyness and its only 699php(philippine peso)

  62. Anisa

    Estee lauder bb cream is the worst! Not hypo -allegenic as the first day i tried it i had a severe allergic reaction; involving swelling and redness…
    Not happy with the product as well as the service as the sales assistant lied and said it shouldn’t react.