Thursday, September 27th, 2012

The Hit List

What’s the Longest-Wearing Eyeliner?

What brand/products win this category? How long does it wear?

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41 thoughts on “Hit List: Longest-Wearing Eyeliner

  1. sam anderson

    gosh extreme art liners. they last for days!

    • Brenda

      AGREED!! By far the most long lasting liquid liners I have EVER tried.

    • MonicaP

      Hmm, I’ll have to give these a try .. I have the most difficulty with my liner smudging on my lower lash line. I see that you can’t wear these on the water line, which is fine by me :-)

  2. xamyx

    Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner; I brought this with me to Disneyland last May, and it lasted (with no touch-ups) all day, in 90-something degree heat, walking around non-stop, and several rounds of Splash Mountain. I have a habit of checking my makeup every time I go by a mirror, and as the day wore on, I noticed my liner looked *exactly* as it did when I put it on at 8am. When I got back to the hotel after 10pm, it still looked perfect. The *only* reason this liner hasn’t taken over HG status is the brush, which is good, but not perfect (for me). L’Oreal Lineur Intense also lasts all day for me, in “regular” conditions, but if I ever need a liner to go the distance under extreme conditions, I’d go with UD.

  3. Courtney

    I love MAC’s superslick liner. I use it to color in my tattoos and it STAYS. Ilamasqua’s liquid liners also stay very well, but I’ve noticed that they can stain the skin which is a no-no.

  4. Heather

    Laura Mercier’s tightline cake eyeliner lasts and lasts and lasts for me and doesn’t move anywhere.

  5. Kim

    The Liquideyeliner from ELF
    Its cheap and stays all day black
    Love it

  6. Jenn

    Mac Liquidlast- not even soap can remove it all the way. I used this to paint angelwings on my back for a swim meet. Didn’t come off in the water, didn’t come off until about 1-2 weeks later. Then again it was on my back. But that stuff takes oil to take off. I miss it. :(

  7. LauraR.

    Nothing lasts on my waterline, but I’ve found several that last on my lash line.

    Liquid liners: Kat Von D tatoo liners, MAC Superslick (although doesn’t give the smoothest application), MUFE Aqua Liner

    Pencil liners: These all smudge after 9+ hours of wear on me, but it’s just in the outer corner. I haven’t found a pencil that doesn’t have some smudging by the end of the work day. My top are the UD 27/7 pencil liners. They have so many colors to choose from, which is great (my favorites are Demolition, Perversion, and Junkie). MUFE and MAC make some decent long wearing pencil liners, but I do get smudging from these brands more so than the UD.

    Gel liners: YSL has a terrific formula. I also like the Essence black gel liner. It lasts well and is so inexpensive (I wish they made more colors). MAC fluidline does a good job too.

    • Kris (kmk05)

      OMG we’re similar! I envy the people who have any colour last on their waterline. Same as you, I love UD even though they smudge at the lower outer corner at the end of the day. When I set with an eyeshadow, everything lasts on my top lashline. Gel liner on my waterline lasts a little longer than regular pencil but is gone after 2 hours or so.

    • In the same boat as both of you. Nothing lasts on my waterline, but I generally have fairly good luck with Mac Fluidline, Stila pencils and liquid work well and UD pencils are good- although they do fade after 7 hours or so. I’ve been wanting to try the YSL formula forever, since I find a lot of their products are great in terms of lasting power.

      • Kris (kmk05)

        Kate, if it isn’t going on my waterline I just set everything with eyeshadow (even gel liners in a not-smudged look). I get smudging at the lower outer corner by 7 hours, but no real fading-to-nothingness. That’s reserved for whatever’s on the waterline 😛 After the comments, I really want to look into the YSL!

  8. KaseyCannuck

    Paulas Choice gel eyeliners, which have been discontinued for some time now. They were a very dry consistency and had to be dabbed across the eyelid, as opposed to pulled across, which actually made them good for smudging out the outer edge. They would last and last and were a challenge to wash off, and my eyelids are ultra-oily. Washing the brush was a pain also. Their staying power made them worth the trouble though.

    • KaseyCannuck

      UD 24/7 can join this post…first time using these this week and OMG…no need to set color with shadow to keep it in place, and I thought I got it all off at night, but the next morning after I washed my face, there was still some left behind!! These just became my new HG’s!!!

  9. lilly04

    Mac Fluidline in Black Track

  10. MUA waterproof liquid eyeliner.
    I got it a few days ago and i’m so SO impressed. Really… is like.. life proof and super inexpensive.

  11. Definitely Urban Decay 24/7 liners. My mom and I both have oily lids and they last alll daay for us. I also love how the sparkly black gives a soft black line.

  12. Marsina

    MAC Liquid Last! I just wish they hadn’t discontinued all except the black.

  13. Amber Elizabeth

    Revlon’s ColorStay liquid eyeliner!! I bought it last year on vacation because I forgot my black liner and it’s now a staple in my makeup bag. Great applicator, goes on smooth, dries fast, the black is true & rich. Stays on all day… I’ve slept in it and it still looks fabulous the next morning LOL

  14. Denise

    Bobbi Brown Gel liners, MUFE eye pencils and Physicians Formula has a fine “marker” type liner that is cheap and lasts forever!

  15. Kristabelle

    L’oreal Lineur Intense ‘liquipencil’ in Carbon Black. Seriously amazing. When I set it with a shadow, it has stayed on my waterline through a long hot shower, even sleeping (forgot to wash it off, wasn’t on purpose!)

  16. GUSnail

    Both the UD 24/7 Liquid liners and MUFE Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow wear like ireon on me, until I’m ready to take them off. They come off easily with cleansing oil.

  17. kayce.

    hands down milani everlast (black) liquid liner.

    it’s a drugstore brand, so the price is good ($5-7) but the brush it comes with is basically pointless. it’s almost as big as a nail polish wand, which makes zero sense to me. if you don’t already have a liquid liner brush — either m.a.c. 210 or nars #9 — then milani is not a good option.

    otherwise, this liquid liner is very inky, very dark, and stays all day. for the quality and cost, i can deal with a little extra drama.

  18. Erin

    Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner

    On those late nights where I may happen to fall asleep with my eye makeup on… I can wake up and go if I was wearing Stila smudge stick the night before

  19. Tarte Amazonian SmolderEyes, UD 24/7 Eyeliners, and Essence Gel Eyeliner (drugstore brand, but it beats the hell outta other premium brands). Nothing lasts on my waterline except for Essence Gel Eyeliner.

  20. Since I only use pencils thus far (bad experiences with liquids in the past), I would have to say UD 24/7 pencils in general are the longest wearing liners I have ever used. It stays put until I take it off (I have had it last through a hot Georgia summer day in the sun sweating at an Atlanta Braves game…applied at 8 am well before the game and took it off after midnight). There are a few less stellar colors in their collection that haven’t lasted as expected but those seem to be rare dudes in the group. Even then, they are still pretty good…just not as long lasting as the others.

  21. tkim

    try cle de peau in cream eyeliner and giorgio armani eyes to kill waterproof eyeliner(with g.a eyeliner gotta wait for it to set but stays on the waterilne)

  22. Jess

    Essence gel liner! I’ve tried and wasted so much money on others (UD 24/7, Bobbi Brown, Tarte, Stila- list goes on), and I still cannot believe this cheap drugstore liner works the best for me. Amazing.

  23. katwongsta

    I have very oily skin & eyelids. My eyelids are hooded to the point where my eyelid rubs against my eyeliner when I blink. So I can only use liquids on my top lash line bc pencil & gel all smudge onto my top lids :/. Everything smudges on my lower lash line after 6 hrs due to my very watery eyes. 

    Liquid (upper lash line): Physicians formula 2 in 1 eye booster pen! I absolutely love this stuff. Dries quickly & doesn’t get all over my eyelashes during application. Wears for 10+ hrs on me before starting to slightly fade (during summer; lasts 12+ hrs during winter!)

    Pencil (lower lash line): UD 24/7 eye pencil, Tarina Tarantino hyperliners, Loreal HIP chrome eyeliners (discontinued, I think), Milani liquif’eye pencils. All last about the same time for me. But over time, the drugstore liners dry up & become unusable. 

  24. Sinnamon

    Drug store-loreal infallible
    Department store-ysl gel liner

  25. Kelly

    I have very oily lids and an odd eye shape so most eyeliners end up in my crease or transfer to my brow bone. I can’t use anything but liquid and maybe gel on the upper lash line. The best liquid I’ve found is L’Oreal Liner Intense. The UD 24/7 liners peel off and make the skin of my eyelids stick together. It’s horrible. MAC Superslick does the same exact thing. Most pencils transfer and I get these big black lines on the bottom of my brow bone. If anyone has any suggestions for products that don’t transfer, please comment!

    • Heather

      I would suggest using a heavy duty primer before any and all eye products. In my experience on clients who have issues with transfer, I generally lay down a layer of MAC Paint. I then let it dry. I then apply a matte or satin finish eyeshadown all over the eye (I suggest as close to skin colour as possible). Apply your eyeliner (if it is liquid, keep that eye closed until it is 100% dry even if it is a goofy pose and takes a few minutes) as this is the key! Set the line with a matte finish shadow again. Remember too that if you are that oily around your eye area, do go lightly on moisturizer or eye cream especially right above the brow bone as it causes a lot of transfer because the emollients from the product slide down to the eyelid.

  26. francesca

    Urban Decay 24/7 and Prestige Total Intensity!

  27. NS

    UD Zero used to be my holy grail until I tried Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner. It is a true matte black and stays put forever on me! I still like UD but at $5-$7 the Prestige Total Intensity eyeliner is smoother (some find it too smooth!), stays longer (on me anyway), and is the TRUE PITCH DARK BLACK (looks amazing on my medium tan skin) that I’d been looking for all my life!! They have a host of other colours too and all have awesome staying power!

  28. Smidgeroo

    Jemma Kidd liquid liner from the Target line. I’ve come out of the shower with it still being pristine. o_O

    • Butters

      Jemma Kidd is no longer being carried at TARGET or anywhere. They’ve gone bankrupt!! :'( it was easily THE best makeup I have ever used! And at $17 a tube you honestly couldn’t beat it. I just spent $20 yesterday at Sephora on an eyeliner that was totally GONE in four hours! Ughhhh

  29. Adelita

    Sana PowerStyle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner!!!

    This product is only available in Asia, but it IS worth the shipping fee. I’m not a “put your makeup on and then go swim”-kinda gal, but on one holiday, our family spontaneously decide to go snorkeling & diving, right after I put my makeup on because I thought we’re gonna watch some traditional theatrical show. After snorkeling & swimming (w/o the goggles), I expect some smearing, but to my surprise, no smearing at all!
    When I use this on my waterline, it stays until I remove it. Oh, and if you think that it’s is gonna be PITA to remove, nope, it comes off easily with my cleansing oil (I use Shiseido Ultimate c/o or Muji for Sensitive Skin c/o), it’s even easier to remove this than Stila Smudge Pot.

  30. For liquid eyeliner, I’d have to say MAC LiquidLast or UD 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. I’ve worn both for an insane amount of time, nearly 24 hours, and they still looked great.
    For pencil/automatic eyeliners, I love the Stila Smudge Sticks! I have super oily lids, yet they never seem to transfer. :)

  31. Kay

    Milani Liquid Eye Pencil in Brown is my current favorite, and it DOES NOT BUDGE even though it applies smoothly and is really soft. Inexpensive product that works wonders!

  32. valerie brophy

    where can I buy Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof liquid liner as well as Mac Liquid last liner and Milani waterproof liner?

    • Rachel

      I was browsing this old post and saw your questions from a couple of days ago so I hope you check back. Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid (and pencil) eyeliner can be purchased at Sephora, Ulta, and at select Macy’s (or at any of those stores websites). MAC can be purchased on MAC’s website, at a MAC store, and also at most Macy’s. Milani is available at many CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid locations. I hope you are able to find what you are looking for.