Thursday, October 4th, 2012

The Hit List

What’s the Longest-Wearing Blush?

What brand/products win this category? How long does it wear?

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72 thoughts on “Hit List: Longest-Wearing Blush

  1. xamyx

    I’d have to go with Ben Nye Powder Blush. I’ve done 3 hour shows, with a call-time one hour before, and another 3 hours or so between a second show (which brings it to at least 10 hours), and I had no need to retouch my blush.

    A good trick is to apply blush directly over foundation *before* powdering.

    • my

      Oooh, I should start doing this. I’m so used to applying my powder blushes after powdering. Though, if I want a longer lasting blush, I usually apply in this order: foundation, cream blush, powder, then a powder blush of the same color. Too much work! Haha! Thanks for the tip, Xamyx! :)

    • shelley

      Which Ben Nye blushes do you like? I have cool undertones to my skin so I like pink-ish, rose, cool blushes. Any suggestions?

  2. TheBalm blushes are wonderfully longwearing. I also love Tarina Tarantino blushes, rest in peace! :-( Neapolitan Lane is just wonderful to me.

    • Joni

      Wait are they being discontinued?!

      • Tarina Tarantino is on sale at Sephora, so it looks like they’re not carrying the line anymore.

      • Yes, they are! Jump on it now– only $15 a piece, plus only $27 for the palette!

      • Sarah

        If all of the products from the brand are on sale then most likely Sephora is discontinuing the line. This is what happened with the Tokidoki line. It may have only been meant to be around few a few years. I think the Hello Kitty line may go the same route in the future.

        • xamyx

          The same with Cargo; however, Sephora inside JCPenney may still carry the brand. The location near me still carries Cargo & Tokidoki, and if the trend continues, they may start carrying Tarina Tarantino.

          • Sarah

            Cargo is sold in many other stores besides Sephora. Its just hard when you get used to having brands available at Sephora then all of a sudden they’re gone. That happened with Vincent Longo Cosmetics. I just recently found a latex free lash glue that is good to replace the Vincent Longo one I used to use.

        • Stacie

          She had a 3 year contract with Sephora and they chose not to renew. She bought all the product rights, and is going to produce and market them in other places. They just won’t be available at Sephora anymore. At least, that’s what I heard.

      • Xandie

        Oh no! I just ordered a few pieces I’d been wavering on, thank goodness I read this post!

        If you look through Sephora’s website, it looks like the eye dream hyperliners don’t exist anymore, but they are on sale for $9. You just have to go to the link directly:
        I just picked up Amethyst Android, Cute Robot, Kanzashi, Broken Doll, Spark of Envy, and the Magical eye shadow palette.

    • Susan Nevling

      I read that Tarina Tarantino will no longer be carried by Sephora after current stock runs out but they will have their own site and sell on their own- Like Shu Umera (sp)
      I have heard nothing about the others.

    • Farida

      Is the sale only on the website or in stores too???

  3. Blush tends to wear very well on me, but the best of the best would be #1 Tom Ford Cheek Colour
    #2 Chanel Joues Contraste and Estee Lauder Pure Colour in a tie
    #3 Nars blush.
    All of the above seem almost budge-proof on my skin.

    Brands I like, but don’t have the same level of staying power with some fading after 8 hours or so:
    Illamasqua and Tarte

  4. Dominique

    Chanel maybe ? Or Cargo, Nars, Benefit, M.A.C Pro Longwear, Bare Escensuals ? Baked blush definitely Chanel. Others ? I really don’t know. The longest-wearing blush would probably be a cream blush.

  5. I’ve had good luck with most Nars blushes, but the real winner for me is the new Guerlain blush formula.

  6. Priscilla

    Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blushes. Especially love Exposed.

  7. Katie

    I’m a cream blush girl and my all time favorite blush is Makeup Forever’s Microfinish Cream Blush. That stuff lasts all day and night, is highly pigmented and looks super natural on, as long as you use a light hand to apply.

    For powder blushes, Lancome has a nice range of natural looking blushes and they always last on me.

  8. Kristabelle

    TheBalm blushes last foreverr on me.

  9. My La Femme blushes last forever.

  10. Nikki

    I’m a huge fan of the La Femme Blush on Rouge formula. I own 16 shades and love them all!

  11. Malia

    any Sleek blush! Nars gets second for me but it totally depends on the shade… once I had a blush that looked like a nail polish with a brush inside the bottle, it wore until I had to scrub it off but I guess it doesny count cause I have no idea what it was!

  12. FACEatelier Facade cream to powder blus. I has a build tin primer that make it not ever really hade in 16 hour.

    Runner up is the La Femme Blush on Rouge because the pigmentation you have more colour and less binders on the face meaning the color wears so much longer.

    • I suck today on spelling! lol

      FACEatelier Facade cream to powder blush. I has a built tin primer that make it not even really fade in 16 hours.

      Runner up is the La Femme Blush on Rouge because the pigmentation is stronger with less binders, on the face meaning the color wears so much longer then most high end brands.

  13. Kris (kmk05)

    Definitely Tom Ford. Layered on top of a light gel blush it lasts 16 hours and more. The layering also works with MAC lusher that then last 10 hours :) for me, Nars was a strong disappointment: even layered it fades after 6 or 7 hours.

  14. Lauren

    Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes last a long time for me. I have very oily skin and a lot of blushes just disappear within a few hours, but Amazonian Clay blushes are great – particularly Amused and Blushing Bride. I also had good luck with the Smashbox cream blush trio from the Be Discovered collection. That is long-wearing for me too.

  15. Helen

    Tarte Amazonian Clay blush and NARS blushes last about the same time for me, generally 7 – 8 hours before starting to fade (or in the summer 5 – 6 hours).

  16. bareMinerals blushes last forever on me!! And it might just be the shade, but I have MAC’s Fever and that wears all day, but I love the texture. NARS comes in third, but it does fade after six or so hours.

  17. Paloma

    The Lorac blushes are very long-wearing. Nars comes in second and as a previous reader mentioned, it really does depend on the shade. Taos lasts much longer than orgasm.

  18. Leslie

    Makeup Forever’s Microfinish Cream Blush is the one that wears the best for me. And bonus that it’s a cream and is super pigmented.

  19. Mariella

    I’d have to say that of all my blushes, I find Tarte to be the longest wearing.

  20. Jennifer

    Out of all of the blushes I’ve tried, both Chanel and Burberry have the best wear on me. My favorites:

    Burberry Cameo Blush
    Chanel Blush Horizon de Chanel

    They go on smoothly and the pigment is incredible!

    • Donna

      I second the Chanel Blush Horizon de Chanel, I use the MAC 188 brush on it because it’s so highly pigmented and it lasts all day (on top of Bobbi Brown pot rouge). Love it when I need a cool toned blush.

  21. my longest lasting blush is Down Boy by thebalm! powder that doesn’t budge all day!

  22. Nars blushes works well for me. Cactus flower and outlaw from the fall collection has the longest wear on me;) (about 6 hours)

  23. Livy

    I find Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush, Inglot and Mac Mineralize SF last well for me!

  24. lilly04

    my longest wearing blush is frat boy from the balm.

  25. Laurie

    NARS! My HG blush



  27. Michelle Teixeira

    My longest wearing blush is MUFE Sculpting Blush shade#2. This one just stays and is always there at the end of the day when I remove my makeup.

  28. Mabel Chan

    Cream Blusher by Illasmasqua! So much love :3

  29. Marian

    NARS….no contest

  30. Amy

    Cream Blusher (Illasmasqua) is amazing!!!

  31. Tasha

    Nars, no question!!!!

  32. Definitely theBalm blushes! I can have 12+ hour days and they wear as vibrant as when freshly applied.

  33. Vanessa

    Tarina Tarantino and Sally Girl blushes last 8+ hours on me. Which considering that I have extremely oily skin is amazing. The TT blush really amazed me this summer. On one of the hotest days of the year I I was out and about for several hours sweating up a storm and when I came back home I saw all of my makeup was basically gone except for my blush. Granted it didn’t look freshly applied but there was still color hanging on. I was extremely impressed.

  34. Dini

    LISE WATIER! It is a Canadian brand and it is definitely amazing. Great application and super long wearing. If you can get your hands on it, DO IT!!

    • Moushka

      Dini, I love LW’s lipsticks (Natural is my daily favorite) but haven’t tried her blushes. Thanks for the rec.

  35. I like Illamasqua and La Femme for long wear.

  36. Susan Nevling

    I layer blush. On top of foundation, I put NARS multples on the upper part of my cheek with Sephora brand Peony below and blend them together. After loose HD powder, I put on a light coat of NARS orgasm or super orgasm. Last long enough for me. I don’t know that it’s necessary but I like to play.

  37. i find that korean/japanese brands have better wear, including peripera and lioele.

  38. Jaclyn

    MAC – Warm Soul

  39. Wenz

    Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes for the win!! But NARS is a close second.

  40. Janine

    Burberry Blushes! They are amazing ♥

  41. NYX cream blushes for sure. Of all my blushes (bobbi brown, tarte, josie maran, MAC, nars) they are the only ones i have ever seen last the full working day. so pigmented too.

  42. Aelita

    to me the question itself sounds weird, ‘cos all of my blushes-pjwder or cream last all day, never thought about such a thing as longevity of blushes

  43. I love the Tarte Amazonian clay blushes
    I find those to be the longest lasting

  44. winter

    NARS and TheBalm for powder and for cream, top shop all the way

  45. Aida

    Bare Escentuals, Tarte, TheBalm – all of these stay on my cheeks for as long as I keep my makeup on.

  46. lily

    Benefit, NARS, TheBalm, CARGO

  47. Jin

    Tarte Amazonian Clay blush and NARS! :)

  48. Nothing and I mean NOthing beats la femme blushes in terms of longevity. I have tarte, nars, sleek, etc etc and these just last and last. and for the price…gosh

  49. Helene

    La Femme blushes hands down!No competition there!

  50. Elspeth

    A lot of blushes last on my skin, but Tarte Amazonian Clay are the only ones that don’t turn orange or bright red.