Thursday, August 11th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Best Under Eye Concealer…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so great?

Thanks to Christie for today’s topic!

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104 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Under Eye Concealer

  1. Danielle

    Definitely MAC Pro Longwear. Doesn’t crease, isn’t cakey, great coverage and lasts all day.

  2. Betsy

    Looooove Mac Studio Finish for all my concealing! It doesnt crease, is pretty full coverage so its great for nights I didnt get much sleep. I also don’t even set it half the time and it still look amazing throughout the day.

  3. Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer. I have using it for almost 6 months now and it does the fantastic job of covering my taupy dark circles. It doesn’t crease & settle in the fine lines and glides smoothly.

    • Leenie

      I second that, I love Eve Pearl concealer, I like the fact that its so creamy and it blends easily and conceals very well.

  4. Love pEace and Mac

    MAC Prolong Wear

  5. Chelsea

    That would be my beloved Chanel Correcteur Perfection Concealer. The other day I was finishing my makeup in my office while talking to my co-worker. As I was applying my concealer to my under-eyes and around my nose, she said, “Whoa, I always thought you had perfect skin, now I see I just have to get some of that concealer.” Need I see more?

  6. Lulee

    i really like that tinted garnier rollerball. its so easy and amazing and has pretty great coverage!

  7. Stephanie

    I love Clinique Line Smoothing concealer for under eyes!

  8. Karen

    MAC Pro Longwear! Lasts all day and the bottle lasts a long time…I purchased in December and just this week it is getting to the end.

  9. Jen

    My #1 secret to great coverage of under-eye circles is an excellent skin routine cream. My eye routine is 1) Kiehl’s Double Strength Wrinkle Filler (seriously amazing), 2) Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream (which also has a primer in it), 3) Bobbi Brown Corrector, then finally 4) Bobbi Brown concealer and setting powder combo. Honestly I would never use the concealer without the corrector. That corrector is a HG product of mine.

    But… I just tried the TimeBalm concealer this weekend at Sephora and for $18 it covers everything!!!!!! That will be my new concealer once I run out of my current product.

  10. Fame

    I have yet to find one I am in love with, but I do like my MUFE concealer palette. I can mix shades to get the perfect one for summer and winter without having to go out and buy a bunch and it has a corrector with it.

  11. I’ve been using MUFE’s Lift concealer for over a year now… just the right amount of coverage and not too thick or thin!

  12. Irina

    TheBalm’s TimeBalm concealer is amazeballs!

  13. Mariella

    I’ve not tried Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer (not available where I am), nor the Bobbi Brown various ones that seem to be very good but, so far, and for my money, the absolute best both for under eye circles and to cover up redness and broken capillaries on my cheeks, is MAC’s Pro Longwear. Many complain about the pump dispensing too much product and it does but the problem is easily solved – I pump a full pump into an empty MAC sample jar and use it from there. It’s usually 4 or 5 days’ worth of product because it is SO pigmented.

    • Jamie

      Thank you so much for suggesting this. I love Pro Longwear concealer but WAY too much comes out. I will try the jar method… great idea!

  14. Ann

    Illumniare. Works wonders to hide my very dark circles and minimize my fine lines due to all the sun damage as a teenager!

  15. CurlyGIRL

    Chanel Correcteur Perfection Concealer! The absolute best concealer on the planet. Covers my undereye circles like no other. I love it!

  16. Laurel

    I actually have a few favorites: first and foremost Cle de peak concealer, Benefit erase paste, Bobbi Brown corrector, Amazing cosmetics, Tarte maracuja oil concealer, and I love clinique airbrush for my lower lash line which gets quite red

  17. Tabi

    I really like Maybelline’s Superstay Concealer. It’s a lot like MAC Moisturecover, but it’s very pigmented. I apply it with a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush, which is pretty dense, and it hides my dark circles pretty well for not a lot of money.

  18. Zoe

    Well for my skintone, MUFE Camoflage cream in No. 13. Amazing coverage, photographs well, lasts all day, easy to blend – no brushes required, minimum amount of product required as its so pigmented, doesnt settle into fine lines… I could go on and on.. I use it on clients too, to great effect :)

  19. cyndi

    korean brand skin food salmon concealer best thing ever!

  20. Ami

    Roommate has hideous undereye circles. The genetic kind that skin care routine on earth can get rid of. She’d given up until she found benefit’s erase paste. It’s the big guns, but when she wears it, they vanish.

    • Jennifer

      I have the same kind of dark circles around my eyes, and erase paste makes them vanish too, except it also settles into lines like crazy. Have to set it with an amazing amount of powder to keep it from settling.

  21. 53

    I use Bobbi Brown corrector to neutralize my deep dark circles sometimes, juz using corrector is enuf..i wont have to use creamy concealer on top.
    i don’t know any other concealers that can neutralize it.

  22. Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer… I swear it is sleep in a tube:)

  23. Francesca

    I love the MAC moisturecover concealer! It is super creamy and does not cake at all! It also covers my dark circles extremely well!

  24. Jenna

    MUFE HD Concealer! It’s a favorite of korean makeup artists.

  25. Yazmin

    A layer of urban decay, and mac select concealer on the top. ive worn my makeup all day from 8am to 11pm and it looks the same as i first applied it

  26. I really like TheBalm’s TimeBalm concealer. Great coverage and creamy texture! Plus it has Vitamin E in it too.

  27. Karin

    Inglot Cream Concealer! I have very very dry under eye skin and no concealer worked for me. Not Mac Pro Longwear, not Mac Studio Finish or Studio Sculpt, not Eve Pearl or Bobbi Brown. They are all smooth when I put them on but become dry after a few hours. The Inglot one is my love!! It stays dewy and moist! Haven’t seen anything like it yet.

    • rachel

      sorry but for me inglot is the worst consealer ı’ve ever tried.Its very cakey and make me cry because of ingredients. Its not cheap too.

  28. ybell

    Definitely eve pearl concealer

  29. gwen

    It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye…no creasing and it lasts a long time…no need for powder either

  30. MJ

    Armani Master Corrector covers so well I don’t need anything else.

  31. makeupfan141

    eve pearl salmon concealer.. Love it. there is no creasing and it last all day

  32. Rebekah

    I love the Bobbi Brown corrector BUT I’m a college girl on a budget. Bought NYX Concealer in a Jar in orange and it works just as well on my NW45 skin. Not to mention, it’s almost 20 dollars cheaper.

  33. Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer changed my life!!

  34. Amazing Cosmetics Concealer. It is literally the only concealer that works perfectly for me and covers my horrendous dark circles.

  35. JJ

    Clinique Airbrush!! It’s pretty affordable for a concealer and it never creases.

  36. Sari

    I still haven ‘t been able to find an under eye concealer that I ‘m happy with . All the ones I ‘ve tried have given me milia and crease really badly in the fine lines under my eyes .

  37. Angela

    I’ve been using Diorskin Nude Skin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer and love how it makes my under eyes feel. It usually doesn’t crease,but there have been days where I put too much on or didn’t wait for my eye cream to absorb and so it creased a little,but nothing like other concealers I have tried.

  38. Caroline

    I haven’t found the best but do have two favorites I’m totally digging. The Garnier tinted rollerball, it really brightens up my eyes and easy to use. And Tarte’s Maracuja concealer in medium I purchased on QVC. This stuff really matches my skin well and covers everything. It is creaseless and last all day. Have been using it for a week and really like it. I was using MAC studio scuplt but it doesn’t last long on me.

  39. Maya

    I think the Bobbi Brown Correctors and Concealers are nice and creamy for the eye area but don’t last long enough without a primer underneath and powder on top.

    Alone, Hourglass Hidden Concealer is simply amazing – a correcter and concealer in one that’s also both moisturizing and long-lasting, love it!

  40. When I can, I color correct with a Graftobian color wheel rather than try to correct with concealer. It’s just easier for me. Strangely, I can then go on with a Milani click pen to even tone. Then I blot with tissue. No caking, no creasing and I’m out and on my way.

    When I use Graftobian’s cream foundations, I can cut them with moisturizer and then the undiluted base can help conceal or be mixed with small amounts of corrector to save a step.

    I do want to spend quality time with the Chanel folks, though, exploring their foundations and concealers. I’m a foundation whore, I know. :-P.

  41. Rachel W.

    I think I’m probably the only one that absolutely loves this but the concealer part of the ELF under eye concealer and highlight duo

    I don’t use it all the time because I don’t get dark circles very often but when I do the ELF stuff covers them really well.

  42. Angela

    So far of what I’ve tried i like Tarte’s undereye concealer. It’s pricey though; I’d love to find an alternative. I”m considering Eve Pearl and Time balm concealer next. I have been cursed with naturally dark italian undereye cirlces and covering them up is a must!!

  43. Evie

    collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer.. amazing! does not crease or move throughout the whole day i have the shade light! covers everything in a blink! a must have for my makeup bag :)

  44. Amanda

    I’ve been using Lancome Effacernes for years and years and years. For a long time when I was younger the only makeup I would wear was a little mascara and some Effacernes. And maybe a swipe of blush if I was feeling really fancy!

    I’ve never found anything as good, at least for my dry, pale skin and deep, dark undereye area. I like the way it sort of fades out the dark circles rather than completely plastering over them, so I still feel like I look human (with subtle circles) rather than photoshopped (no visible circles at all). Though if you want the photoshopped look, the formula is very buildable and you could easily achieve that too.

    Just remember, a little goes a long way! My current tube is just starting to run low, and I’ve been using it every day for 2 or 3 years now.

  45. Marian

    I like Bobbi Brown corrector.

  46. Noir

    MAC Pro Longwear all the way!

  47. Mandy

    I use Eve Pearl’s Salmon concealer or Bobbie Brown’s Corrector, both with a little Laura Merciers Secret Camouflage powder on top and Smashbox primer underneath. With my NC40 skintone I don’t feel the need to use a separate fleshtone concealer on top, just the orange cover up both provide seem to work fine for me and I have pretty dark circles. I am certainly going to try Timebalm, sounds like a winner!

  48. Mel

    MAC Select Coverup works wonders for me. The formula isn’t too thick and it lasts all day:)

  49. Maria

    exuviance coverblend concealer. i have slightly wrinkled undereyes (which are getting better due to Kiehl’s eye alert), and everything would settle into these lines. Exuviance doesn’t crease, one time I cried and it did not rub off, and the beige color has a slight peace tint that helps with the blue color under my eyes. A little goes a long way, so it lasts a little less than a year for me, and I set it with Bare Escentuals well rested. :-)

  50. John

    Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer tied with Lancome’s Maquicomplet. Bobbi Brown’s Corrector comes in at a close second. And I’ve tried more than 30+ undereye concealers. However, makeup is very subjective, so I encourage all of you to try and try. :]

  51. Saffy

    Hard Candy Glamouflage works great for my dark circles, and it’s super cheap.

    • Christine O

      I like the Hard Candy Glamoflage also. I am Italian so dark circles run in my family. It works great and I love that it does not settle into my fine lines. I just have to remember to shake it up because if it sits for a week it will start to separate.

  52. Brittany

    I love MAC Pro longwear! It’s perfect longlasting, good coverage, not cakey.. and I love hard candy glamoflauge concealer in medium!! love it .. inexpensive, covers my dark circles really nicely.. I put mac studio fix power on top of it in NC42 =) works wonders! and covers tattoos like a dream.

  53. Amanda

    BeneFit Boi-Ing Concealer!

    I definitely want to try out Bobbi Brown’s Corrector though.

  54. Adelita

    M·A·C Pro Longwear Concealer, Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer & Bobbi Brown Concealer are great at that department as long as I put Bobbi Brown Corrector beforehand and finish it with a wee bit of Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener & set it with M·A·C Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

    So, it’s Bobbi Brown Corrector » M·A·C Pro Longwear Concealer/Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer/Bobbi Brown Concealer » Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener » M·A·C Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.

    I prefer layering tiny amount of product per each step like this, than put a dollop of concealer but by only the concealer itself (the dark undereye will see-through in very odd way and you’ll look trying too hard to cover that up or it is cover the discoloration but it’s too fake-y).

    • Adelita

      I forgot to mention, sometimes when I’m in hurry, I skip the Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener and M·A·C Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder but put Benefit powderflage to set the corrector & the concealer. The reason I don’t use the Benefit powderflage for daily usage is because it’s a hit or miss for me. Sometimes it did a wondrous job, but sometimes it flashes white cast on my NC37-42 skin. I bet you’ll be okay if your complexion is lighter than mine.

    • Anna

      Oh, thanks for this. If ou don’t mind, as we are the same MAC color, what shades of th products mentioned do you get? Thank you!

  55. Benefit’s Erase Paste

    it covers like it is has a really thick consistency but is very light.

  56. christine

    Ben Nye Tattoo cover, similar to Senna but more opaque

  57. Tiffany

    I was wondering if the Makeup forever full coverage was any good? or the Kat Von D tattoo concealer?

  58. jenny

    Inglot, hands down. It’s the only concealer that doesn’t cake on me, ever!

  59. I love amazing cosmetics concealer.

  60. Karen

    I have to second the skin food salmon concealer.

  61. Stephanie

    Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer and Bobbi Brown Corrector. I use the salmon concealer to get rid of the blue and then I use a pinky corrector to match it to my skin.

  62. Claudia Costa Manso

    Definitely, MAC Pro Longwear (but I hate the pump in this concealer – waste too much product).

  63. Megan

    I use The Body Shop’s lightening touch in 01. It lasts me several months, and it brightens as well as conceals. Much better than the Mac I’ve used.

  64. Lisa G

    Eve Pearl salmon concealer because it really does cover dark under eye circles. Plus, the consistency is so smooth it doesn’t settle into fine lines and it feels so lightweight. Love it and will never use anything else.

  65. Jules

    Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer – love the consistency.

  66. amanda

    mac pro longwear applied with a 217.. also smashbox camera ready, i think, its in a stick form, but is very creamy.. i also like mac moisture rich its great =] last but not least, erase paste, but only if set with a powder because i find it travels easily.

  67. shelly

    Bobbi Brown Corrector.

  68. Julie

    cle de peau concealer in combination with giorgio armani master corrector #1

  69. meme

    I like Tarte’s new Majarcua oil concealer as well as their older formula in the pot. It really covers, never seen – just the right shade for me – easy to put on without any tugging – lasts all day into night, does not fall into lines giving me cracks AT ALL. I could not be happier and it takes a lot to get me pleased with a concealer for under eye. I am curious to try IT as I have heard so much about their concealer – but don’t want to spend the $ when I have back ups to the back ups of what I am using now.

  70. michelle

    MUFE camouflage concealer!

  71. Janet

    MAC Pro Longwear. I use a fluffy eyeshadow blush (now dedicated for this purpose) to softly blend the concealer. It doesn’ t cake or budge. Great coverage that looks natural. I had the MUA match me. At first I thought it was too red for my skin color but it was perfect. I needed to cover the blue color under my eye, not match my foundation. Who knew all these years I was using the wrong color concealer.

  72. kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancer in sx07 never let me down, lasts all day and creamy

  73. Xia

    I’m a dancer and because I don’t like think creamy products, I use UDPP underneath my eyes and then buff a light layer of Benefit’s Boi-ing concealer in 03. I LOVE it because it provides an opaque peachy color while being very thin in consistency!

  74. Lady

    the combination of ZA perfection concealer and theBalm time balm anti wrinkle concealer. they both don’t crease.

    oh, and I love the Bobbi Brown corrector, too.

  75. Rebecca

    Bobbi Brown’s creamy concealer. It’s the only concealer that I have tried so far that does not cake and crease.

  76. MACcutie08

    Bobbi Brown Correctors works wonders for my dark circles. It’s all I need. Don’t use any concealer on top.

  77. MissBrooke326

    I swear by Amazing Cosmetics concealer, and Cle de peau! Both pricey, but worth every penny imo!

  78. I think that would be Make Up Forever High Definition Concealer. I use it under my eyes and also for the rest of my face.

  79. summerblue

    MUFE Full Cover & Eve Pearl salmon concealers. MUFE is great because it’s full cover, yet light-weight & #6 is the “perfect” match for me. Still want to try Lorac Coverup for winter use as it’s creamier in texture, but, otherwise, I’m very satisfied with the 1st 2.

  80. Jackers

    Eve Pearl salmon concealer hands down.

    • Darlene Geoghan

      Eve Pearl concealeris the absolute best. Love not only her concealer but her eyeshadows, cream foundation, powder, blush, etc. What a phenomenal line.

  81. Misty

    I actually use my MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre. The yellow tones cancel out any purple under my eyes, and since it’s a paint pot, it doesn’t crease! It’s perfect!

  82. Kathleen

    I really like MAC prolong wear, but I’m almost out so I think when I finish it up I might switch it up!!!

  83. HIllery

    The BEST under eye concealer has to be YSL Touche Eclat!!! I’m a #4 Radiant Honey and it is the best under eye concealer ever! It has just a hit of yellow to cancel out any dark circles and brighten. It is the first and only concealer that I’ve used to date that did both without settling into fine lines under my eye. It is an amazing product!

  84. sensina

    Armani High Precision.

  85. Sandra

    MAC Pro Longwear, if used corectly. You have to moisturize the area with a light undereye cream/gel, let it sink in, then use a thin layer of a very creamy full coverage concealer (ex:Bobbi Brown creamy concealer/Laura Mercier) and then a thin layer of the Mac Pro Longwear to set the creamy concealer. You have to blend it really well before it dries. This combo is amaizing for my dark circles and oily skin and I like that I don’t have to use powder to set my concealer.

  86. Maybelline mineral power concealer, age rewind double concealer. Bobbi brown corrector in Bisque. Those two are my go-to for hiding my dark circles and concealing it to perfection. Doesn’t cake on and very easy to blend and doesn’t crease too much.

  87. Merylinda

    This says “Hit list”, does a list exist based on ratings?

  88. Este Lauder Double Wear stay in place, bobbi brown and SSE form Kevin Aucoin