Thursday, July 4th, 2013

The Hit List

What’s the Best Mascara That Holds a Curl that you’ve tried?

Share your pick!  And don’t forget to share why :)

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57 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Mascara That Holds a Curl

  1. Rimmel Forever Shape Super Long!!!! I think it was only released in Japan and Malaysia (not sure about other Asian countries) but it is beautiful! Separates my lashes ever so subtly and gives it that long feathered look! I absolutely love it!

  2. Por

    Urban Decay Cannonball mascara! I’ve been repurchasing this stuff like crazy because nothing else holds curl and doesn’t give me raccoon eyes.

  3. Jen

    Chanel Inimitable Waterproof! I just love how fluttery and curly my lashes are with this.

    • Melissa

      Yes!! This is my go to mascara! I love it!!! It stays on all though the day and is extremely hard to get off but well worth it. I have not found a good ‘drugstore’ dupe for this. :(

  4. Maybelline Full N Soft Waterproof Mascara (which I unfortunately cannot purchase anymore because they don’t sell it in Canada!) – I’ve used it since I started using make up as a teenager and have kept coming back to it even though I’ve tried new brands and products in between. I have long but sparse and straight Asian lashes, so I definitely have the ideal lashes to test mascaras to make sure they hold my curl. So many “waterproof” mascaras claim they do the work but always disappoint – Full N Soft has been the only one to be successful through everything, even tears!

    • Abbey

      This one gets my vote, too! Love it!

      • Lesley

        Full and soft is THE best for me as well (: I’ve gone through tubes and tubes and tubes of them..and converted a few folks along the way. I always layer my mascaras, but the first layer is always full and soft. If not, I go into panic mode. Urban Decay’s Cannonball is also excellent in terms of being water proof and keeping the curl..beach and getting hit by giant waves (i.e. in Hawaii), no problemo! Favorite high end is Chanel’s Inimitable WP mascara.

    • kd

      Thank Jesus for this blog and thank you Vivian! Saved me time searching and money! This one really works wonders on my Hispanic snuffolufogus lashes and is affordable. This mascara gives more natural soft look. L’Oreal Voluminous 24 hr waterproof, another one I tried out and love, will give more false pitch black volumed out look instantly. Be warned however to be very patient removing

  5. Benefit They’re Real! With this one I barely have to heat my lash curler and the curl lasts a good 10 hours. For reference, my lashes point downward and are extremely stubborn!

    • Sandy

      Im glad it works for you cos it doesn’t on me. I got it as birthday gift from Sephora, it doesn’t hold my curls at all. However It does give me length so I use it as the second coat after my Max Factor False Lash Effect 😛

    • Lisa

      I second the vote for Benefits mascara! I’m a mascaraholic…lol and I love it!

    • Elizabeth

      I have sensitive eyes; lashes are sparse, short and downward-pointing; I use a pre-heated lash curler. Apply Cils Booster XL. Fave curly mascaras include Loreal DoubleExtend; Benefit Yes They’re Real; Estee Lauder Sumptuous regular formula; BUXOM Sculpted; Lancôme Hypnose with the “S” brush; DIOR Iconic. Liked FairyDrops Scandal Queen but the fibers bothered my eyes.

  6. Sandy

    Max Factor False Lash Effect! Tried over 20 mascaras from high end to budget this is the only one works on my asian lashes. I always got asked if Im wearing false lashes cos they are just pointing upwards for the whole day!

  7. Liz

    I don’t have a problem with mascaras ruining my curl. So, I’ll just say that over L’oreal Voluminous Carbon Black is an amazing mascara that I love :). My curl holds up just fine. It is dark and creates thick luscious lashes.

  8. I’ve been on a hunt for such a mascara lately, as my current favorite (MAC Haute & Naughty Too Black) isn’t the greatest at holding a curl. I love the overall feel of Haute & Naughty though, because it doesn’t dry straight away on the lashes so the lashes can be manipulated and built upon without the fear of clumping. If only it would hold the curl of my lashes!!

    MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash and Urban Decay Cannonball are both good at holding a curl, but I don’t need to wear waterproof mascara everyday. Also, Cannonball is a bit drier than Zoom Waterfast, so it’s easy to overwork the lashes and create some clumps. Benefit They’re Real is alright, but my curl droops a bit. I tried Lancome Virtuose Black Karat and Hypnose Doll Lashes, but my curl drooped within minutes. The formulas were also quite dry, so it was difficult to build volume without creating clumps.

    My favorite so far is Diorshow Iconic Overcurl. I haven’t tried any of the other Diorshow mascaras, but I think this one does really well at holding the curl of my lashes. My lashes do not straighten after application — score!! It’s not as dry as the Lancome mascaras, but drier than the formulas of the MAC mascaras. I just try to work fast when I use it, so then I don’t get any clumps or scary, spidery looking lashes. I also haven’t noticed any flaking or smudging when I wear it, so its rating is high in my book.

    I hope this helps!! :)

  9. Linda

    Shu Uemura’s basic mascara. Having stick straight Asian lashes, this mascara is the only one I’ve found that will hold any curl. I think because it goes on lightly and is a gel formula. But I have not found another brand like it! (And the only way to get it is online. Sephora does not carry it any longer!) :(

    • Vanitha

      Indians like me have curly thick lashes usually. So “Asian” lashes doesn’t apply to ALL Asians. I wish pple would clarify what sort of Asian they are as not ALL Asians have small eyes and straight lashes.

      • Brittany

        She clarified they are stick straight since we are talking about eye lashes and how well a curl is held I think that is enough?

      • Krystal

        Small eyes and straight lashes doesn’t apply to ALL Eastern Asians. I’m Chinese & Vietnamese and have larger eyes with thicker, longer lashes. I wish people wouldn’t assume so much.

  10. Hana

    Armani Eyes to Kill Waterproof mascara holds a curl on my Asian eyelashes very well. My new love! :)

  11. Beatriz Beltrán

    Lash blast volume waterproof Covergirl
    Masterpiece waterproof by Max Factor

  12. Hollie H

    L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black is the best mascara I have used. From high end to low end, it’s the best one and my current HG.

    • I second this. I have stick-straight lashes, and it’s one of the few brands that will hold the shape after I’ve used my eyelash curler.

  13. i like to layer the 2 tarte mascaras. the smart clay one on first then the lights, camera, lashes. holds a curl really well for me.

  14. VickyM

    For m my Holy Grail mascara is Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza, it really makes my lashes look amazing and holds such a pretty curl, it´s just perfect.

  15. The Ulta Amped Lashes holds my curl like there is no tomorrow. I love the way it feels and it doesn’t dry super fast so you can coat.

  16. Marie

    I’m Mexican but my eyes and lashes I can relate to Asian eyelashes. I’ve tried everything the best so far is loreal fiber lash in waterproof hold curl till I wash it off. I want to try a brand from Mexico it’s called apple mascara!!! Heard it holds a curl

    • my mom uses the apple mascara and another one that has a avocado in the bottle, it’s the only thing that works for her and her eyelashes are sooo straight. and they’re really cheap too!

    • Cecilia

      Hi, I am Mexican too and only Mexican mascaras used to work for me, any of them for leas than a dollar but have moved to England and I had suffered so much looking for a mascara that holds the curl and I have finally found a few a good price. Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 hrs. Collection 2000 Skylash. And 3 Maybelline: The colossal in waterproof, Volum Express Turbo Boost Waterproof and the Rocket one in waterproof too. ( Friend sent me one from Mexico called “Castalia” That is really good too. I bought many Apple on Ebay from the States but non of them really hold them up they dropped a bit.)

      I have tried:
      Apple, Thick and Fast (Soap and Glory) The falsies, False Lash Flutter (L’oreal), They’re real (Benefit), Clump Defy Waterproof (Max Factor), 2000 Calorie (Max Factor), GrowLuscious (Revlon), 3 No7Exquisite Curl,Extreme Length Extend (normal and waterproof) and Sexy Pulp (Yves Rocher) among many others. :(

  17. Estee Lauder Sumptuous extreme

  18. J

    Stila Stay All Day waterproof mascara!

  19. Leslie

    L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Waterproof

    • Leslie

      Actually, that’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Waterproof. Sorry. L’Oreal has about a gozillion different formulas. Ha!

  20. The Body Shop Big And Curvy! I tried it as part of a set and I’ve never had a mascara hold a curl so well!

  21. K

    L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara – my holy grail. I can brush through 25x and lashes don’t fall flat from all the combing-through, and at the end of the day the curl is perfectly intact! The waxy waterproof formula is what I have to thank.

  22. Tarte Lights camera lashes- it holds but no crunch effect.
    Also love Covergirl Lashblast (orange) or Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes both in the waterproof formulas.

  23. Lydia

    Le Volume de Chanel is the best non-waterproof mascara I’ve found. It curls my straight Asian lashes and gives great volume and length too!

    • I loved the volumizing and thickening effect but I found it weighed down my lashes. It’s a wetter formula so I’m waiting for mine to dry out a little and see if it works better for me.

  24. Stacey

    Estee Lauder sumptuous bold volume lifting mascara
    Holy Grail for Curl. Its awesome, try it!

  25. francesca

    Maybelline The Rocket all the way! Such a great mascara!

  26. I have extremely hard-to-hold-a-curl Asian stick straight lashes and very very oily lids.

    My favorites are Maybelline Rocket Volume WP and L’oreal Power Volume Collagen WP.

    Others that work some of the time for me are Maybelline Colossal WP, Maybelline One by One WP,
    L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes WP and CoverGirl Lash Blast WP. I suggest these for people with a less severe problem of holding a curl + smudging.

    Generally, I find that Maybelline WP mascaras are the best bet for the best drugstore mascara that holds a curl.

    Also, I use baby oil to remove my makeup and it removes WP mascara easily :)

    • N8iveBeauT

      YES!!!! Mabeline mascara’s are the bomb and a half. I’ve tried high end (Chanel) to drug store (Covergirl) and the ones that hold my curl are Mabeline WP mascara’s. I’m half Native American and half Japanese so my lashes are the straight stick lashes. I use a Lacrosse lash curler (drug store) and curl my lashes a couple of times going back and fourth with each eye. Then I go in with my trusty Mabeline Colossal Feline (has Cheetah print on the wand end) mascara WP of course and my lashes are curled until I take my mascara off at night. I’ve gotten asked if I’m wearing falsies, tehehehe. The Mabeline eye make up remover is amazing as well FYI.

  27. Varsha Chandnani

    Majolica’s Long & Curl mascara. Nobody does mascara like the Japanese. Their formula is on point and designed especially for Asian lashes so it really works. My lashes stay curled and perfect even after a workout. The only downside is that you definitely need to get the mascara remover along with it but I promise it’s worth it and you’ll never go back 😀

  28. Thao

    Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Waterproof!

    I have both but am trying to use up the WP for summer. All day curl and no smudges here. BF used to ask if my lashes were fake b/c they were so long. Now with the ETK, he asks if my lashes are naturally this curly! Love the effect of this mascara and how buildable it is. One coat – natural, wispy lashes with all day curl. Two coats – glam, volume and curl. Don’t think twice!

  29. I find that I can use any mascara really, but when I layer Anastasia Lash Genius on top, it curls them to the point where I dont even like it anymore.
    My lashes arent straight, so for those with straight lashes, this might be something you want to try. Something about that formula makes your lashes curl up in fear :).

    • Maggie

      Agreed–I sometimes use the Anastasia Lash Genius as a lash primer to hold the curl BEFORE I brush on mascara–especially if that mascara has a tendency to flatten the curl. I have straight lashes but I definitely need to use a curler first though–the Lash Genius alone can’t give me any significant curl–but it has never failed me in keeping it.

  30. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Waterproof and Lancôme Hypnose Drama Waterproof are amazing at holding curl. I prefer the former over the latter because it volumizes better. The Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base also holds curl extremely well worn underneath just about any mascara.

    • JJ

      I love me some mascara ! I got a sample of Guerlain’s Maxi Lash and boy is it amazing. Difficult to remove from what I have experienced, but it’s a great product

  31. Misha

    Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara is really great, and actually gets better with time because it dries out a bit; however Covergirl Lash Blast Waterproof (orange tube) is a good drugstore mascara and holds curl really well too.

  32. Crissy

    MAC False Lashes/False Lashes Extreme Black/False Lashes Waterproof!
    Comes in 3 different formulas, and it gives great curl as well as volume!

  33. Narcisa

    Max Factor False Lash Effect 24h is the best of the best! I have very stubborn, straight and oily eyelashes. Once I curl them with eyelash curler and put coat or two of this mascara, the curl stays no matter what!

  34. I have straight, half asian, hard-to-hold-a-curl lashes and these mascaras have proved to hold a curl on me:

    The very best in my opinion is Make Up Forever Aqua Smoky Lash! It’s a pain to remove but it worth it. I’ve been buying this for years!

    Urban Decay’s Cannonball. Works great, but not as volumizing as MUFE. Definitely #2.

    Any of Lancome’s waterproof formulas, but I admit I haven’t used any lately, but the’ve worked in the past. (They kept changing their mascara lines so I gave up.)

    Tarte’s Lights, Camera Splashes holds a curl but does flake at the end of the day.

    Mac False Lashes Waterproof- Wile it does hold a curl, it doesn’t as much as the others. I do use this to layer because I like the brush and it lengthens.

    Revlon’s Lash Potion, waterproof
    Maybelline (I forget which line it was, but it as most definitely waterproof. Not sure of all the waterproof formulas work for me, I haven’t tried them yet.)
    Cover Girl Lash Blast 24 Hour (but not the waterproof Lash Blast— totally didn’t work for me) I don’t like the thick brush though.

  35. Krystal

    Covergirl’s lash blast volume in Waterproof. It’s a pain to remove but it’s the best mascara I’ve uses that holds a curl for me.