Thursday, September 26th, 2013

The Hit List

What’s the Best Makeup Palette that you’ve tried?

Share your pick!  And don’t forget to share why :)

Thanks to Jennifer for today’s topic!

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95 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Makeup Palette


  2. Lauren Schroer

    Urban Decay Naked2 is a staple for me. I rarely go a day without using at least 1 shadow from it! I really loved the Tarte Aqualillies waterproof eye & cheek palette from this summer too! Great shadows and blush/bronzer/highlighter!

  3. Gina

    I love the Lorac Pro Palette because it has an equal number of shimmers and mattes. I also love the great variety from nude to black.

  4. Jenna

    The LORAC Pro palette is my all time favorite eyeshadow palette.

    I don’t really like full-face palettes much.

  5. Fro

    I love the Tarte Aqualillies palette. It is an easy ‘one stop does all’ which I love in a palette. Add mascara, foundation and lip color and nothing else is needed. Plus the colors in it are pretty great!

  6. Chelle

    Urban Decay’s Naked 1 palette by far.

  7. Geneva

    I really love Nars And God Created the Woman eyeshadow palette.

  8. Malia

    Urban decay naked and naked 2, the only palettes I still use.

  9. ms

    i don’t really even use palettes i own now. i buy them and they just sit around. i m more of a single eyeshadow person, i’d rather have 1 eyeshadow that i use in stead of a palette with 10 eyeshadows that has 2-3 colors that idon’t use. i know they are better value for money, still….

    i think i’ll stick to UD naked, 1 or 2 both are nice. i don’t even remember the last time i used it though. 😛

    you should do a best single eyeshadow hit list,

  10. Jelly

    UD Naked for me!

  11. erin

    i really love my vice palette and i’m loving the shattered face case as well but when i need something i can just pop into my purse i always end up with either the feminine or fun palette from 2012. all urban decay, they have beautiful colors.

  12. I’d go with UD Naked 1. I’d rather have a palette with basic colors (and use them frequently) than having one with gorgeous colors, but which are difficult to use everyday.

  13. i’m still in love with naked 1 but i really cannot pick a best one… i REALLY loved the first few palettes Kat von D released… but now i’m transferring all of my palettes into z palettes by color to save space!

  14. Pooja puri

    UD naked the original and the vice palette

  15. Sam Schweinsberg

    Another vote for the Lorac Pro Palette! I honestly wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I do, but I reach for it hella more than any of my other palettes. I think the amount of mattes and shimmers is what gives it the upper hand. even at 16, I’ve grown very fond of matte eyeshadows lol! the packaging is nice and practical, though gets dirty easily (it’s the OCD tendencies in me: smudges drive me insane!)

    the opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet, but I think I could actually pack this palette alone for vacation. That’s saying something! I’m THE queen of over packing.

  16. amy

    I really like UD’s Naked Basics. Because…it’s basic. haha! It’s easy to travel with and most of the time I’m just looking for a simple look that does a great job of making me look better in a flash. Naked Basics does a great job of that.

  17. Well, what you do yourself you usually do better, right? I really love the MAC Pro Palette that I put together myself :-)

  18. divinem1 (Melissa)

    GUERLAIN Écrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadows — Consistently excellent formula, long-wearing, little to no fallout.

  19. LORAC Pro To Go Palette (Sephora). The 6 eyeshadows are buttery smooth and super-pigmented, but basic enough for every day use — plus I love the bronzer and pink & coral blushes! :-)

  20. Jennifer M

    Would have to be either Urban Decay vice, or lorac pro palette. So much variety! For everyday use, it’s gotta be Lorac pro.

  21. MochaKnitster

    My favorite makeup palette is Urban Decay’s first Naked Palette. It literally goes with everything. The Naked Palette’s packaging is durable (I’ve dropped it many times and never broke a shadow), it has great color payoff and it pairs well with just about every other eyeshadow and eyeliner that I own. If I have to pack light, i always reach for my Naked and Smoked palettes. Best team ever.

  22. Lisa C

    I have to say for me its The Balm’s Nude Tude 100%

  23. I’ve never been huge on palettes. I have Naked 2 and it’s pretty good, but I’ve been reaching for other things a lot more lately. I loved smashbox’s brown eyes palette but too many shadows broke, so I tossed it and recreated my favorite combo from it in a mac quad.

  24. Laura H

    I have the Naked palette and the Lorac Pro palette, they are both very nice but nothing compares to the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette. It was a limited edition palette that came out last year around the same time Lorac Pro did. It features 6 matte and 6 satin/shimmer shades that are just unbelievably buttery and pigmented !

  25. Jay

    Lorac Pro Palette hands down! I own, and will gladly give away the first UD Naked Palette. On my brown skin (I’m African American) every color in the Lorac palette shows up true to color and it has an amazingly versatile selection. I reach for it every day.

  26. Iris

    To me it is Suqqu. I only have one; the SS 2013 limited edition EX-13. I adore everything about this pallette: the aerie texture, the aesthetics and the nuance clarity which allows wonderful layering and seamless blending. Ah… I already have my eyes on the three new pallettes of the Autumn collection but really wish for more internet review.

    • stacey

      Me love Suquu also.. I bought EX 12 and EX13 for the first time…so so so expensive. Paid for the shipping, paid Fed Ex for customs…paid $500.00 for the entire shipment for also 2 brushes….

  27. One palette I really love is the NARS Danmari blush palette! I think I bought it nearly two years ago & mine is still going strong! There’s a nice variety of 6 colours & I find they all suit me (light-medium skin w/ yellow undertones). It’s also a good size for travel.
    I also really love the eye shadow colours in the Oz Theodora palette, some are matte, others shimmery, with a lippie & black eye liner… Perfect! :)

  28. The palette’s I have worn the most this year are the Ariel Disney Sephora palette and from last holiday the Bare Minerals White Hot palette. I have gotten so much use out of those too and put quite big dents in them! I have also been using the Urban Decay Glinda palette for the peach color and the white duochrome for something simple for school.

  29. Cat G

    I can’t say the UD Naked palette because I have soo much fallout when I use it!! I’ve only used it twice since I got it, it looks like new!

    • Same here! The fallout is substantial, and every time I use it, I have to wipe under my eyes and my cheeks with makeup remover to get rid of what’s accumulated there after I apply it to my eyelids (and then re-moisturize, re-prime, etc). It makes me sad, because I was expecting better when I bought it. Trying different brushes didn’t work, either. :(

      • Sam

        You most likely have to tap it a lot so all the excess falls out! I’ve never had this problem after tapping my brush.

  30. Sof

    Chanel’s last Christmas palette! So pretty and the colors were all satin so they looked very interesting!

  31. I’venever in my life bought a palette for myself, though a couple of years back, I bought a UD Naked palette to give to a friend for Christmas. She loved it so much that she called me the next day at 8:15 a.m., just to shriek delightedly into the phone.
    Then, later in the day, she took photos of her palette, and sent them to me in an e-mail entitled “Naked pictures.” I told her it’s a good thing I wasn’t under government scrutiny (that I know of). :)
    For myself, I stick to single eyeshadows, because my Inner Cheapskate shrinks from buying a bulky, pricey palette just to get only one shade that I’ll use to death, while the others just sit there and deteriorate.

  32. I would have to say the Dan Mari Palette by NARS. Only because I have been fortunate to get palettes as gifts from others and not had to buy too many. However, the cheek palette is one I bought myself based on my love of NARS cheek products and the eye palettes I’ve gotten as gifts I’m just trying to use up!!! I love UD shadows so I know if I had the money for the new Vice palette that that one would be well used by me!

  33. Denise


  34. Mariella

    Oh lord, this is a tough one. It’s like asking me which is my favourite child (though I only have 3 children; I have maybe 2 dozen palettes or more). For face (i.e. more than just eye shadows), it’s a toss up between Tarte for Aqualilies and the first Balmbini palette from TheBalm. For eyes….yeeesh! Perhaps Guerlain Les Fumes quad (is a quad a palette?) although it doesn’t contain a brow highlight shade so it is missing on that score, or Stila’s In the Garden or – can’t not mention this one…..Naked 2.

  35. Let

    BareMinerals The Happy Place quad :-)

  36. I’m a fan of UD’s Naked Basics palette :)

  37. UD Naked – but I have been liking the LORAC Pro lately. I like the LORAC palette because it has those random purple and red shades to mix things up.

    • Sarah

      Excatly why I love the Lorac palette as well. The burgendy red, purpleish tone that they have in there is gorgeous.

  38. CKG

    UD’s Naked2 for me

  39. nadhiaxu

    Urban decay Naked pallete

  40. Loes

    Too Faced Natural Eye, without a doubt! Been through 2 of those palettes already!

  41. Karla

    Urban decay naked palette :)

  42. I’m really loving Vice 2! It has at least one of all of my favorite types of colors- it feels complete, like I could throw out all of my other shadows and still be able to approximate any of the looks I’ve done before.

  43. I’m a palette lover and have many from Dior, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, theBalm, Stila, Lorac, etc. but if I could only choose one, it would easily be The Naked Palette by Too Faced. It has 9 eye shadows, 3 large (.07oz) and 6 small (.03oz) mattes/satins/shimmers, pale to deep, can easily make flattering natural looks, to deep smoky eyes.

    There are soft, lighter pigmented shades that work well for highlight and blending, deeper shades for accenting (crease, outer V), lining and I can even do my eyebrows. Every single color works well for my light-cool NW20 skin tone almost black hair and hazel-ish brown eyes. The shadows in this palette are primarily true neutrals leaning cool, unlike so many palettes that have many shades that are just too warm for me. The shadows have good pigmentation, blend beautifully and don’t crease.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s too bulky due to them including a bottom drawer to hold the applicators (which I don’t use anyway), so it’s not handy for traveling. They have made the newer palettes without the drawer and they are much more travel friendly.

    BTW the shadows come with cards with instructions for 3 looks: Day, Classic and Fashion, and though I don’t use them that way, it’s great for novice makeup users. I think it’s a bargain at $36.

    Here are the eyeshadow descriptions from Sephora:
    In The Buff (matte ivory), Pillow Talk (light taupe sheen), Like A Virgin (matte taupe), Birthday Suit (beige shimmer), Satin Sheets (golden champagne shimmer), Unmentionables (steel gray shimmer), Pink Cheeks (pale pink), Lap Dance (silvery taupe shimmer), and Stiletto (matte black).

  44. TheBalm’s Nude tude and Balm Jovi. Actually make that Balm Jovi alone, since it comes with other makeup (not just eyes).

  45. Kristen

    The Lorac Pro Palette. I used the UD Naked Palette for almost every look (either completely or just one or two shades) but I haven’t even really touched it since I go the Lorac one. First of all, the line of shimmers and line of matte’s are the way to go in any palette. I love having a variety of options that way.. And the colors are really everything you need for a day or night look. As I’m getting older, I don’t find myself using color that much anymore (bright green, pink, yellow, ect) but this has enough colors thta can be used in a work look and not like “POW! GOLD!” LOL. I love it…

  46. I’d say that my three top palettes are Naked 1 and 2, because they’re just perfect and I use them almost all the time for work or anytime I’m just trying to keep it simple with my eye makeup. But my new favorite is definitely Vice 2: the only shadow that doesn’t work for me is Prank because it sheers out so easily, but the rest are just stellar. I love that I can pretty much mix and match any colors and get a beautiful look out of it.

    I guess that this doesn’t really count, but I made my own 4 color UD palette with Moonspoon, Zodiac, Stargazer, and Intergalactic from the Moondust shadows and that’s pretty much perfect. Those shadows are all A+ to me and when I wear them, I find myself constantly looking in the mirror to watch the way they shimmer!

  47. I prefer my own pro palette from MAC. It’s tailored to my needs and is perfect for me. Of the “pre-packaged” palettes, I only own three and one is the UD Naked 1 palette. Surprisingly I’m still using my Naked 1 palette every week and I use Naked and Buck e/s almost everyday as my transition colors. It also has great dupes of other companies eyeshadows, including Mac. Just received the Vice 2 palette ( my 3rd purchased palette) and looking forward to using it.

  48. Jane

    Lorac Unzipped palette

  49. halle

    I’m pretty much in love with my custom inglot palette. I chose and love every single color. 😉

  50. Jan

    LORAC Pro! I reach for it so often that I actually had to put it out of sight in order to use my other shadows. Love the colors, the ratio of mattes to shimmer, the blendability. To date, it’s my all-time favorite eye palette.

    I don’t travel with it though. Too afraid I’ll damage it.

  51. Glamglitters

    Eyes: Urban Decay Naked
    Cheeks: Nars Danmari
    Face: Bobbi Brown Foundation Palette

  52. zainab

    The one I’ve used the most is the Urban Decay Mariposa palette, it’s got a really good mix of neutral and more subtle colours with some bright fun ones too. Mixed with a couple of favorite MAC shades I’ve taken it on holiday and not felt that I was struggling to find new looks. I also like the last UD BOS, now that I’ve depotted it I could easily just use that forever. I think they ruined what could have been a standout palette with bulky packaging (it was the first time I’ve ever gone on holiday and left makeup I like like behind because it was too big to fit easily). Other than those I could cheat and say Inglot because they’ve really got the best palette system out there, and I love some of their colours.

  53. Sarah

    LORAC Pro Palette and Sleek Storm palette is my fav so far.. and also my own custom made MAC palette.

  54. Laura

    I recently purchased the UD Shattered Face Case and I am really liking it. The bronzer is a little light but it works with the slightly bright pink blush. It may be a little thick but when I think of packing it instead of separate blush, bronzer, eye shadow, eyeliner, and lipstick it is pretty convenient.

  55. Cori

    The MAC 2006 Smoky Eye Holiday palette. It contains five permanent shades (Malt, Vex, Club, Satin Taupe, Black Tied) and one limited edition shade (Gentle Fume). These shades are versatile, seasonless, timeless and work so well together!

  56. Lauren

    My favorite palette is definitely UD Naked. I find that I can always look good when I use that palette. It’s always appropriate. I have other palettes I love but that’s really my most used palette.

    Second place is my Tarte Eye and Cheek Palette (amazonian escape, I think). It has 6 shadows and 2 blushes. I bring it with me when I travel. I can make a daytime friendly look with the matte blush and the light and midtone colors. But the shimmery blush and the deep chocolate and purple shades are great for smokier looks. It’s also VERY sturdy. I have Balm Jovi and it just isn’t as good. It has some lovely colors and way more variety but for some reason I greatly prefer the Tarte palette.

    If I gave up all palettes in my collection, those would be the two I’d keep.

  57. I think my favorite palette is the Coastal Scents 252 eyeshadow palette.It has a great range of colors to play with, and if you want any one shade of it, you can buy a larger version of the individual color. I can always find a color to use.

  58. Wow I’ve got to get onto this Lorac brand!! In Australia I guess there aren’t as many varieties of palettes. I’m really loving the Balm’s Meet Matte palette, it’s small, pigmented, the colours are great. Naked 1 is great too (bought it on my trip to NYC last year) but I’m still in the habit of doing my face first eyes second and it falls out a lot. Otherwise my own self-made Z- palette with MAC and Inglot eyeshadows work best!

  59. Another vote for Urban Decay’s Naked palette!!

  60. MartiH

    My all time favorite, hands down is the Smashbox Mega Photo-op palette. I love it so much, I sold both my naked palettes, my 15th anniversary palette, and a couple of others as well. it just has everything I need. The colors are velvety, with no fall out. There are not too many metallic and shimmer colors, so a nice mix of satin,& matte. Just great.

  61. Quinctia

    Gah, still in love with the UD 15th Anniversary palette. And Naked basics is dead useful.

  62. Astrild

    UD Naked 2. Love It. And Sleek Storm when I want more colored look.

  63. ‘thebalm and the beautiful’ face palette (from thebalm, of course, also released as ‘the muppets’ palette).

  64. francesca

    Urban Decay Naked Basics and MUFE Smoky Palette.

  65. TheBalm’s Balm Jovi palette, love the theme!

  66. LMM

    I love Naked 2, but my vote for best palette is the UD Smoked one. It is what got me to start experimenting more with eyeshadow, learn some technique and buy better brushes. I may not wear it as often as I do Naked 2, but I love playing with it and to me that’s what a good palette should be.

    • Maggie

      I agree with this: UD Smoked Palette being a “best” palette for makeup novices. It seems many makeup beginners find achieving a “smokey eye” elusive but desirable and the palette includes a very nice little booklet with detailed instructions that even more experienced makeup users would appreciate. I like knowing I can gift this palette to someone and know that they’re not completely in the dark about how to use it no matter their skill.

      My “most used” palette would be Naked 1–but to be fair, I use it in conjunction with a lot of other palettes.

  67. Kelsey

    My Stila In The Light palette took over for my original naked palette pretty quickly. It soooo pretty and I use every color. I also love my Mac pro palette I put together myself

  68. Sabrina

    wow- nearly everyone here has said either the UD naked palettes or the Lorac pro palette- i have the UD naked 2 palette which i adore, but i think its my 3rd favourite palette simply because i am not that fond of glittery eyeshadows, which i guess is what UD is best known for….my favourite pallete i think is either the Inglot one i put together in the store or my MAC pro-palette which i also put together myself:)

  69. I’ve really been reaching for my bare minerals power neutrals a lot, it just has such a great mix of warm & cool shades, with the green to mix it up a little. I’ve been lusting after the LORAC pro palette for a while an all these comments about it aren’t helping!

  70. Ann

    For me it has to be the Naked 2 palette by UD. I just find myself tossing it in my bag for travel and it has a lot of colors I use. I really like the black in it too, better than the Carbon I purchased by MAC (something changed with Carbon it is not the same as before)

  71. My favorite is the Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette, from the Smashbox Softbox 2011 collection. It’s very versatile and the one I use the most. I’d say the LORAC Pro Palette is AMAZING, objectively even better than the Smashbox Softbox one (in terms of color variety, finishes and overall quality), but I’ve had it less time and, for some reason, I don’t find myself using it quite as often.

  72. tokyogirl

    I love UD Naked2 palette a lot! All the color selection is just right for me.
    Anyway now I more frequently go to my custom palette made from MAC and INGLOT eyeshadows. Can’t live without it!

  73. WnW Comfort Zone pallette and Sugarpill Heartbreaker.

  74. BreeAna Baker

    I would say naked 1 by urban decay and the balm’s balm jovi palette are my two favorites. The Balm’s Balm Jovi palette is amazing because you get a mini mary luminizer and frat boy blush and a variety of shimmer and matte eyeshadows!

  75. lat

    Best Face Palette of all time is the Too Faced Leopard Love. It had the original leopard bronzer/ brightener and peach leopard (peach matte bronzer) and hot pink leopard (shimmery hot pink blush). I ALWAYS got compliments when I wore that palette. People would tell me I look really refreshed.

  76. Karen

    A few of my favorites are Urban Decay and Smashbox Entice Me has been in my bag a lot but these have all been outdone by Lorac Pro Palette. I love the color mix plus there are mattes and shimmer shadows. Since it’s pretty portable i find it was the best I purchased this year.

  77. Nicole

    My current favorite is the Dior Constellation Quint (5 color palette). Just love ist. My long time favorite is the Smoking quad from the Smoke Signals Collection back in 2007(!), especially next to nothing and satin taupe.

    I don’t own the hyped Naked palettes or Lorac ones.

  78. Stacey

    Laura Mercier Artists Palette for Eyes. AMAZING and beautiful. I hear she’s putting out another one this holiday season.

  79. Shelley

    All of my palettes just sit around collecting dust, but I use Urban Decay naked 1 the most. I usually alternate between my MAC pro palette, Inglot palette, and Makeup Geek palette (notice a pattern?). I use my MAC palette the most by FAR. I got the double one and I have eyeshadows on one side and blush on the other and I love it soooo much. I’m NC15 redhead and I currently have in it: phloof!, Vapour, Bamboo, wedge, Saddle, Satin Taupe, Typographic, All that Glitters, Deep Damson, Haux, Embark, Texture, Omega, Charcoal Brown and that’s all I can remember off the top of my head. For blush I have Tenderling, Style, Modern Mandarin, Dame, Stunner, Pink Cult.



  81. Lorrie

    Kat Von D’s Ladybird is the best palette for me. I’m more of a matte shadow kind of person. I think I would really like the Lorac pro palatte since it has a balance of matte and shimmer. It’s on my list!

  82. Clara

    They are cheap for 12 colors (compared to HE), pigmentation is really good, you can vary from natural to dramatic, they come with a great brush and a sample of the primer potion/ lipgloss. The lightest shade doubles as a highlighter, the darker ones as a liner.

  83. Hannah

    Lorac Pro Pallet~

  84. Eye shadows: Sleek! , make up atelier paris, MUD, yaby pearl paints (i made my own palette with Z palettes), dior incognito, some estee lauder, sugarpill, ben nye!
    Blushes: Sleek trios. MUD, make up atelier, graftobian creme blush/lip palette, maqpro (le maquillage profesional) lip/cheek creme petite palettes, ben nye cheek wheel, other ben nye wheels, mufe Flash palette, la femme 12 color powder blushes palette. , kett fixx
    Foundation/ complexion: kett fixx, MUD, RCMA, graftobian, cinema secrets, maqpro, make up atelier paris, eve pearl, kryolan concealer wheel, etc.

  85. Bella

    Nars And God Created the Woman and Nars Pleasures of Paris, can’t choose.
    I have both Naked palettes and they don’t do it for me at all. I never use them.
    I can never resist a Nars palette. Ride up to the Moon is also fast reaching cult status for me.