Thursday, December 12th, 2013

The Hit List

What’s the Best High-End False Eyelashes that you’ve tried?

Share your pick!  And don’t forget to share why :)

Thanks to Wendy for today’s topic!

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20 thoughts on “Hit List: Best High-End Eyelashes

  1. Karla

    My favorite high end lashes have to be Shu Uemura. The selection and quality are both incredible.

  2. Jojo

    make up forever and Shu!
    Shu is the best!

  3. Sheena F

    House of Lashes–for sure! So soft and Noir Fairy is great for photos!

  4. Laura

    I know this doesn’t really go with the question but thought this could be asked here: I’d the eyelashes don’t say reusable then they’re not reusable right? I’m new to this and got three sets and only one says reusable. Do you clean them before you reuse them and if so how?

    • From what I’ve gathered, most people re-use their false eyelashes, regardless of what it may say!

      • Laura

        Do you clean them before you reuse them or just reapply glue and slap ’em on??

        • Usually, you can carefully pull any excess/remaining glue off the lash, otherwise you can use a makeup remover and cotton swab :)

        • Rebecca

          Yes, like Christine said, you can (and definitely SHOULD!) clean your false lashes in between wear; I clean them right away after I take them off. With good care, I can at least get 6 wears out of my Ardell ones, sometimes 8 lol. Cora from vintageortacky on youtube has a really good video on how to do this; that’s where I learned! 😀

    • Miss J

      Any pair of lashes can be reused; it’s up to each individual to decide how many times they want to use a pair. After each use, to care for them for reuse, peel off any excess glue from the band then store them in their case. If you want to clean any product residue you may have got on the lashes then you can take a gentle makeup remover on a cotton pad to clean them. On occasion, I may use a sanitizing spray or rubbing alcohol to sanitize (for example, I have dropped lashes onto the floor when trying to measure them. I got kind of grossed out, so I used a little rubbing alc to make sure they were clean.) If you do use makeup remover or a sanitizer, just try not to completely saturate them. The more you mess with them and get stuff on them, the quicker the lashes will start to get worn out. You’ll know when you want to bust out a new pair because you’ll notice the band start to warp and won’t curve to your eye anymore and/or the lashes will start to look kind of jacked up.

      Hope this could help! And enjoy your lashes!

  5. Miss J

    I mostly stick to the less expensive brands, but I also like some lashes from Shu, MAC, and Velour Lashes. I really love the 35 lashes from MAC; I really want to try House of Lashes after seeing them on YT…they have a pair called Siren that is similar to the 35s, and are less pricy. I just recently tried Velour, and I feel like their band is the lightest and most comfortable I’ve tried. House of Lashes and Mynk Lashes are both on my list of lash brands to try.

    • Thanks for hit list.. I see Velour is local, but wow, pricey! Might have to try a pair and see if I can make them last more than a couple of wears.

      • Miss J

        Let me know if you decide to try them out! A lot of people seem to get them at IMATS or on certain sites to get them discounted. They also frequently have 10 or 15% off codes going around for their site.

  6. pixxie

    Christine, please make a review of lashes !! please share with us what might best and affordable price.. im not particularly look into high end brands for lashes better look on drugstore one.. any recomendation for a natural looking lashes n cheap one ?? thanks !!

  7. Annie

    Lancome hynose Drama and Definicls <3

  8. Smoke and Mirrors lashes run around $13.50.They are nice, I like the Miami and New York style ones. I have a pair of MAC lashes that cost me $16. I always wanted to try mink lashes , they are pretty expensive.

  9. I love velour lashes! it looks so natural!

  10. Heidi

    The only high-end eyelashes I’ve used are Shu Uemura and Huda Beauty (the latter is only available in Dubai)
    and liked both of them

  11. Velour Lashes! After 3.5 years of wearing them nothing beats them for comfort and natural looking hairs. 😉
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  12. C

    Definitely Shu Uemura. I’ve never bought anything else and I never will – they all seem to have unnatural shine when photographed or held under light, ugh. Illamasqua did some pretty diamante ones but they’ve since been discontinued.

  13. I’ve tried some nice ones from Mac and recently the #21 by Illamasqua which are both nice, but with all the rave reviews for Shu Umeral lashes… I think I’ll try those next. I’ve never been good at getting them on myself though, so that’s definitely a skill that requires a bit more mastery on my end.