Thursday, July 5th, 2012

The Hit List

What’s the Best Hair Brush?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so great?

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14 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Hair Brush

  1. ashleynicolee

    As long as you use a wide tooth comb while your hair is wet, you won’t experience damage. I personally don’t brush my hair out unless I put hair spray in it or I’m curling it! It depends on your hair type, but I don’t think you need an expensive brush to get the job done, just careful hands.

  2. StefanievanderMeijden

    I love the maison pearson hair brushes XO

  3. StefanievanderMeijden

    I love the maison pearson brushes XO

  4. lilly04

    Alexandre de Paris Pneumatic brush. I love it. My hairs are long, thick, knotty and hard to brush. This brush works well in wet and dry hairs without pulling, tugging or yanking. My hairs are healthy and don´t break or have split ends anymore. 

  5. Kris

    I use a wide toothed comb before I shower and sometimes to distribute product after (I have crazy curly hair that needs creamy products/moisture, but the curls sometimes lend themselves to globs of it if I don’t comb through.) I have a super basic Sally Beauty one that does the job, but my favorite (and I wish I had the name of the brand, but I don’t) was given to me by my stylist; it’s GREAT for curly/thick/easy to tangle hair, each individual prong on the comb is fastened to the top in such a way and made from a material, that sort of…wiggles through the hair. A regular comb pulls straight through, which works but sometimes breaks the hair if you’ve got knots. This guy sort of plies the curls apart because it’s moving just slightly side to side, WHILE moving downward. (My stylist was like: “This comb, it plays a little Barry White, lights some scented candles, seduces the tangles right out.”) It’s heavy as hell and the motion is really minute, but man, I do love it and it definitely helps the breakage. <3 forever, me and that comb.

  6. meaghan

    I love the wood bristled brush from The Body Shop. I have been using it forever and the wood bristles distributes your oils throughout your hair. This brush also lasts forever and is made from trees grown on forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)!

  7. ToxicAngel

    I use a wide toothed comb when my hair is wet, its just some cheap generic brand I picked up in the supermarket and then I use a Kent natural briste round brush the rest of the time. I have really sensitive skin and have eczema which sometimes flares up on my scalp and find that brushes with the plastic bristles can irritate it and make it worse and when the little round bobbley bits on the end  of the plastic bristles fall off they can actually knock my eczema and make it bleed. It took my AGES to find anywhere locally that sold natural bristle brushes and it ended up costing me a lot more than i would usually pay, but its worth it I think.

  8. maureenmojen

    I’m not sure if it is “the best”, but I love The Body Shop’s Paddle Hairbrush.  I wore my hair in a pixie cut for many years and brushes didn’t matter much, but I recently grew it out and the two brushes that I had around the house were worthless when it came to detangling my hair or avoiding damage, so I bought The Body Shop’s brush and it has made a world of difference. In addition to its efficacy, I love the bamboo handle (hooray for sustainable materials!)
    For reference:  My hair is coarse, dry, wavy, and extraordinarily thick (in other words: combs alone are insufficient). 

  9. Ainareiel

    The Tangle Teezer! No doubt. I have really long and thick hair to my tailbone, and when I’m done brushing my hair, there is almost no hair on the brush, and brushing my hair is a breeze. :)

  10. hwendy

    it s probably too late to post here…
    i don’t even have a hair brush.  I use my fingers.

  11. helloann

    I have two hairbrushes that I use on a daily basis – a mason pearson bristle brush for when my hair is dry and a aveda paddle brush for detangling / wet hair. I love both and they’re perfect! I have to say that the mason pearson is really worth the money tho. I’ve already had to replace the aveda but my MOTHER bought me the mason pearson and I’m still using the same one! I think it’s been TEN YEARS and the brush is still great.

  12. CRL2012

    Maison Pearson! Definitely!
    Well, MP is the best I can get here in the US.