Thursday, January 10th, 2013

The Hit List

What’s the Best Brow Gel/Wax you’ve tried?

Share your favorite!  And don’t forget to share why :)

Thanks to Wendy for this week’s topic!

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53 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Brow Gel/Wax

  1. Alicia

    the only one I have ever tried was Benefit Brow Zings. I don’t mind the product. I like the brushes included, however I notice I have to clean them daily or the product works poorly. I am guessing it is the wax building up on the brush. I am interested in trying the MAC brow products you recently reviewed.

  2. I like ELF’s brown gel a lot. Works as well as anything more expensive I’ve tried. Hm I don’t think I’ve used brow wax before, though

  3. I love using Revlon’s Brow Fantasy gel/pencil duo in brunette (I only use the gel part) and I also love MUFE’s new brow gel. Both add just enough color to fill in my brows and set them in place all day long.

    • Tam

      I hear ya! This is what I use as well. It is the perfect color for me in that it’s not too dark. Previously, I had problems finding a good color for me that wouldn’t oxidize or darken. And, I prefer gel over the wax for my oily skin. I really like that the gel doesn’t harden. Just a nice hold.

  4. Lauren

    I really love the Tarte Brow Mousse to fill in my brows. It runs kind of dark so even though my hair is a very dark brown, the medium brown color is perfect. I then top it off with the Anastasia Brow Gel in clear. The brow gel isn’t strictly necessary, but I like my brows to be extra orderly.

  5. Malia

    Ohhh I can’t wait to read the responses on this one! I loose inglot’s but they must have discontinued it or something 😛

  6. Alley Cat

    Super want the Mineralize brush kit!

    • Alley Cat

      Wrong post! Hah. :’]

      Since we’re on the subject of eyebrows, I was wondering if anybody has tips on how to deal with eyebrows thick in width but sparse in actual hairs.

      • dimpy

        I have the same problem too :) but not anymore I use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Brown (I have black hair and olive skin) with an angled brush and it works just fine. You need to spread the wax with the brush and fill up the gaps. I have heard MAC fluidlines work great too and are more long staying. I prefer cream/waxy textures as opposed to powder for longevity .

      • ANNA

        I have the same problem :) I use a powder on an angled brush, starting from the arch (where your brows should look the darkest) and working my way out towards the tail and in towards the nose.
        On the thicker part, instead of drawing lines with the brush, I hold it parallel to the eye/perpendicular to the nose and sweep the brush upwards so that I get a nice shadow and shading of color. I find that this makes it look most natural. You can use a brow gel then (again, I wholeheartedly recommend the one by Illamasqua) to make the natural hairs stand out a bit and lessen the filled-in appearance even more.
        Hope this helps :)

        • Kelly B.

          Anna thank you so much for the details. I’ve tried so many products and always look like Groucho Marx no matter what colors I use or blend. Now I understand my technique is not correct for my brows. I’m going to practice tonight!!!

  7. helen

    MUFE brow corrector. Not sure if there is anything that works better, looks natural (when you get the hang of it. A LiTTLe goes a long way) and stays on longer. I have used pencils and powders and nothing works like this this stuff.

  8. Illamasqua Brow Gel is nice. Essence also makes one, but it doesn’t fix as much as Illamasqua.

  9. tea-chan

    I use clear mascara. Any brand will do so I just pick up something cheap like Jordana at the drugstore.

  10. xamyx

    Well, if a brand ever does a black product, it will be my favorite. For now, I simply use a WnW liner pencil in black. Brown or charcoal just look odd with black hair.

    • Kami

      There is an Asian brand called Lioele that does one. It’s called Liole Auto Eyebrow. I have it in color Gray Black and works great. I agree brown and charcoal always looked really odd on me. This one blends well with my black eyebrows.

  11. Most eyebrow gels don’t have enough hold to keep my unruly brows in check, so I just use regulair hair gel that I apply with an eyebrow brush. Works great!

  12. Adrienne

    Jane iredales purebrow brow gel is amazeballs!

  13. lindsay

    smashbox wax (peachy one that wears clear)

  14. Lena

    Wet n Wild’s Ultimate Brow Kit is awesome and SUCH a steal! I hardly ever use the clear wax they include because I don’t feel I need it but the darkest color is perfect for my thin but dark brows. The lighter color doesn’t get touched so much but sometimes I use it as…a cream contour! I always like to look at the different brown cream products out there and test them out because they’re so much natural-looking and easier to blend for me. Both colors are pretty neutral/cool-toned, which is perfect because (even on my warm skin), reddish brown brows and orange contours look way unnatural.

    • Cristina

      I also use a brow product as an occasional contour! I use the ELF Brow Kit in Dark and both the powder and the coloured wax work for my super dark brown hair and a light handed use of the powder is a nice colour for contouring my face (mostly under my cheekbones). My skin is about NC20 for reference.

  15. Julia B.

    I really like Anastasia tinted brow gel. The colors aren’t too red and last forever.

  16. Amy

    Wow, no mentions for Anastasia yet! I love it the clear, holds all day!

  17. Wenz

    MUFE brow corrector & NYX eyebrow wax (looks like a jumbo pencil). That NYX wax keeps my brows set in place all day! If I expect to be extra active add in some Maybelline great lash in clear, works as well as any high end brow gel I’ve tried!

  18. christine

    I have been using the Laura Mercier one for a couple years after using the Taupe Brow pencil from Medels Prefer for a couple years. I love this. I saw the new Mac but I have 2/3 of a jar left..For a $20 product amazing value and the color is spot on for a brunette.

  19. RJ

    I use MAC’s “boy girl” brow mascara to lighten my black brows to matcha my dyed medium brown hair! Love it

  20. Ashley

    Anastasia brow powder & gel hands down best I’ve ever used!!

  21. Meg

    I love Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse in Rich Brown, fills in my brow so perfectly and sets it.

  22. Silvia

    I tried NYX wax, jordana brow set, Anastasia powder, Anastasia pencil, and the last one the brow fluidline from Mac that came out recently. So far MAC is superior to all of them. I don’t need to add wax at the end and my brow are perfect even after 30 min run at the gym. Thank you Christina for your review, it really made me find my HG.

  23. I use and like Anastasia’s.

  24. t_zwiggy

    The best I’ve tried so far is the Anastasia brow wax pencil. Looks completely natural, keeps my brows in place and I can barely feel it on. All the other waxes I’ve tried felt really sticky and gross. Seems like most brow gels out there make the hairs look either wet or stiff/spiky, and I HATEHATEHATE that!

    Talking about Anastasia, all of her brow products are amazing (at least the ones I’ve tried). LOVE the brow powder duos, brow pencils and brushes in particular!

  25. JEN

    Hands down it’s Anastasia Brow gel! It is so amazing and your brows never look “too made up.”

  26. stacey

    Hourglass makes the best eyebrow pencil, it’s so easy to use, looks great and lasts all day.

  27. Roo

    I like a firm holding gel that doesn’t flake or turn white. Urban Decay is the best I’ve found so far. I also like that it has an opaque tube. Sure the gel is bound to get dirty with bits of my brow pencil but at least I don’t have to see it!

  28. Roxann

    Paula Dorf makes the best brow gel if u need to cover grey. It also holds, doesn’t smear and looks natural. The MAC brow gel is too matte and thick for my taste.

  29. Irene

    I use the e.l.f. Essential Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara, it’s just $1 or so and works amazingly well! Most surprising product ever for the price.

  30. Sher

    Illamasqua eye brow cake and sealing gel are top notch :)

  31. Diane Kristine

    My all-time favorite is MAC’s Brow Gel in Mink, but it’s limited edition & every time it comes out with a collection I get 2 or 3 back-ups. Sadly I end up running out, but I was introduced to Anastasia’s Brow Gel & it has definitely turned into one of my holy grail items. :)

  32. Anna

    Make up forever Aqua Brow!!!
    And when I’m super in a rush, Milani’s brow pencil.

  33. Carriel2

    i use Clarins Double Fix Mascara. It’s a clear mascara that makes any mascara waterproof. I use it on my eyebrows too. It’s pricey, so I’m interested to see what works for others. Great topic!

  34. ANNA

    Illamasqua Brow and Lash Gel, hands down! Sets the brows perfectly, doesn’t feel crunchy, nor does it flake off. My problem with all other gels I’ve tried was that they were uncomfortable to wear.

  35. cel

    I haven’t tried much, but I really like MAC’s brow set in boy girl, or girl boy I can’t remember, it’s pretty opaque but since my hair isn’t that light I just brush a bit of product on and blend it with a separate clean spooley. The elf brow gel is actually great too, not as long lasting but the color is void of any red.

  36. Callie

    Maybelline Great Lash in Clear.
    Because it is 7.49 regular price, usually on sale for less, and works just as well as brow gels twice the price.

  37. Janice

    I’m loving the Shu Uemura Brow Manicure. I use it after I pencil in using the Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow pencil in seal brown. The Brow Manicure makes brows look so natural I can’t even describe.

  38. Diana

    I use the Anastasia clear brow gel. It’s the best!

  39. Hali

    Benefits brow pencil is a wax consistency a good shade (light) for natural blondes and it has a built in brow brush!

  40. Mathilde

    MAC deep dark brunette brow gel fluidline HANDS DOWN!! I bought the makeup forever waterproof brow paint (I’m not sur thats the exact name but thats the way it looks like haha!) and it works well but it can get a little hard to make an extra sharp line. I found that the MAC fluidline works way better and gives a much more clean line.

  41. Love the new MAC Gel Fluidline for brows. My Brows look amazing and it lasts all day!