Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Hello, Fall!

With Labor Day well behind us, summer is truly on its way out and fall breezing on in.  Today was one of the first days of “fall” here in California–below 70 degrees (ha!).  One of the ways we finished up our final days of summer was with a very nice mention on Only In A Woman’s World. I also watched my favorite webisode from the series thus far:

I’ve been there so many times, I couldn’t even tell you the funny moments that ensued. Every time my boyfriend catches me jumping into skinny jeans, he can’t keep himself from laughing. If it wasn’t me trying to finagle my way into them, I might even laugh, too. (Maybe.)

So with fall upon us, I want to know how (and if) your beauty routine changes as the season emerges!

My routine doesn’t change much except I try to embrace darker lip colors and ensure my skin doesn’t dry out (as it often does towards the fall/winter).

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14 thoughts on “Hello, Fall!

  1. amy

    I would more likely wear waterproof mascara because it rains so much here in the winter and I would wear richer moisturizers and condition my lips, as they get drier and more chapped.

  2. Wilcoa

    lmao! That video is hilarious! I’ve never seen any of these and am watching what I can now because they’re so true! I think I’ve seen or been in many of these situations, but definitely can share the skinny jeans one since I’m always having to jump up and down to get into mine :p

  3. Marta Fernandes

    That video was really funny but I couldn’t possibly wear jeans so tight that I’d have to jump into them. My skinny jeans are usually pretty tight, to the point where they’re slightly uncomfortable, but I never had to jump into them so I’m guessing jeans that tight would just be way too uncomfortable for me.

    My skin is really oily but it also happens to be sensitive to the cold so during the fall and winter I have to provide extra hydration and try to protect it from the drying wind as best as possible (wearing foundation helps a lot).

  4. Cherie

    Haha, at least I’m not the only one who occasionally jumps into their skinny jeans :)

    My regular skin care and foundation routine doesn’t change through the seasons. The only thing I do change up is eyeshadow, blush and lip colours.

    In fall and winter, I embrace more neutral to earth toned shadows and blush with none to little shimmer. I normally use complimentary lip colour. This season I’m feeling the berry lips. :)

    • Haha, I know, right! We’re not alone! We can start a club 😉

      My theory with jeans is they’re always tighter at the beginning… then you have to move around and they stretch out to that perfect-hug-me-the-right-way size, LOL.

  5. Tattoo Girl

    That is so freakin’ funny!!

    It also reminds me why I don’t wear skinny jeans! For fall I would say my routine doesn’t change much but sometimes I change my moisturizer because of the drying winds. I also will wear darker colors. The main thing that does change is I ALWAYS wear Carmex under any lippies!

  6. Lily

    weird but i actually wear more bronzers because i dont want to look like a vampire in the fall!

  7. I start wearing a little more moisturizer and a little less powder… but other than that not much changes. I do start wearing darker colors though.