Friday, May 28th, 2010

Head & Shoulders

The Tech Guy Shaun, aka The Tech Guy, aka my boyfriend, ego was so inflated after last week’s debut review, he was quick to write another! He’s twenty-seven with normal-to-dry skin and suffers from no more acne (much to my envy!).ย  But apparently he has one very itchy scalp…

Shaun enjoys long walks on the beach, vegging out on the couch watching chick flicks, and cuddling with Mellan. Or maybe not! He handles all the behind-the-scenes action here at Temptalia, from tech support to server woes to being my shoulder to cry on.

Back by popular demand, the TECH GUY! IN 3D!

After reading all of your comments I got such a big head that I started strutting around the house like a Pharoah. I commanded Mellan to get me my royal slippers, but he just stared at me for a minute then whined for me to take him for a walk.ย Christine’s gone from withholding food to Corporal Punishment for this review, so let’s get this going before she figures out that I used up all her ExfoliKate and replaced it with anchovy paste.

I’m a simple man… Simple tastes.. Simple… In the brain.. Simple! And I like me some Head and Shoulders Shampoo ($7.99)!ย  What’s wrong with that?! I imagine the people at Head and Shoulders are Witches and Warlocks who sit over a boiling brew stirring their magical elixir and having forest animals bottle it. It’s magic! My head itches like crazy if I don’t use whatever is in the Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp bottle and I’m pretty sure whatever is in it has ruined my head and hair for life. I’m bound to them!

It had to happen–the unfortunate day when I ran out of my much loved Head and Shoulders Bottle, and I was required to buy a new bottle. Christine said she had plenty of shampoos for me to try! So I did whatever any man would do when faced with change: I ran out to the store to buy another bottle of Head and Shoulders! I got to the supermarket and found it. EIGHT DOLLARS FOR A SMALL BOTTLE?!?! Those Witches and Warlocks must have hit hard times, because they must be out of their mind if they think I’m spending that kind of scratch on shampoo!

So, I came back home and faced the precipice of change, and it looked grim. One bottle was bright yellow and smelled of flowers. This was not a good start. The other bottle was black and the spout was on the wrong end… The logic of it made sense, but how could I get used to such a change in basic bottle structure? Things were looking bleaker than ever.

I started off with the black bottle, and it went okay for a couple days, but then… The itching started. It was a bit itchy at first, but then it turned into full blown two-handed epic scratching that lasted for hours! The itching would start around 5pm and get progressively worse until I went to bed. This would inevitably end up with me itching my head profusely while trying to sleep and keeping me awake. My ability to covertly scratch my head was lacking, so it also woke Christine up, and let me tell you, she is not a happy camper when she is rudely awoken.

After having my head itch and ruin my sleep and turn my scalp raw from itching, I tried the yellow bottle. Things still did not go well. My head was itching, it was hard to get to sleep, and I was in an unfortunate state. By this time I had gone to Costco to try and find my best friend in the world H&S and it was no where to be found! What’s going on in this world?!

The last straw happened on a sunny Saturday. My brothers came down to visit and we were having a nice time chewing the fat and walking around our nearby park. That’s when it happened… From the sky ascended a beast of unknown origin, sent on a mission by the very Witches and Warlocks that created my fine elixir. I heard a buzzing right next to my ear, so naturally, I swatted at it. It became persistent. Then I felt a tap on my head, and another… AND ANOTHER… So by this time I was flailing around and screaming in a high pitched whine. “GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!!!” (Keep in mind that I’m a 6 foot tall, 200lb guy screaming like a 6 year old girl and flailing around like a crazy person.)

A minute or so into this, it’s still attacking the side of my head, and by now I’m literally running across the park swatting at my head in a mad dash for safety. After running across the field the merciless attacker finally relented and apparently vanished into thin air having made it’s point. I can only assume that it was a bee that had attacked me, but I also somewhat believe that it was the spawn of satan come to earth for five minutes to torment any guy unfortunate enough to be wearing floral smelling shampoo.

Needless to say, I broke down and bought a big bottle of Head and Shoulders and will never go back!

Recommendation: Great for a man who has an itchy head. Why buy anything else?! Head and Shoulders is the greatest product ever made!

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79 thoughts on “Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care 2 in 1 Review & Photos

  1. alex

    Hahahah this is awesome!!! My husband loves this stuff too.

  2. Wendy M.

    aww love your reviews, Shaun! :)

  3. hehe…I was so engrossed reading the reveiw…The story line…lol!! I forgot it was for a shampoo!! Shaun writes good…

    • Yeah, I got a bit into the story and kind of forgot what I was reviewing lol. Witches and Warlocks are very intriguing!

  4. You are right my friend! My dad has always used this, and I do as well (even though I am a girl). Check out the Sunday paper for coupons and sales. I sometimes get H&S for $1 or $2 a bottle!

  5. Sairah

    Hahahahaha, this is so funny and well written!

  6. Jennifer

    My honey is the same way, he has terrible dandruff if he does not use H&S, there is no other shampoo for him either.

  7. vickie

    This had me laughing all the way through!! Great review shaun!

  8. Roberta

    My boyfriend uses Head and Shoulders too and loves it. Glad you decided to do a second review Shaun.

  9. Hilana


    Nice piece. I agree. H & S is the best for an itchy scalp. Pricey or not, no use trying things that don’t work. :)

  10. i’m a girl and i alternate between my head and shoulders and my luxe $20+ shampoo

    honestly, H&S is kinda awesome but only my b/f knows I love it more than my other ones…lol

  11. min

    I admit I love my head and shoulders and i’m a girl! I switched to some organic brand shampoo but head and shoulders is still awesome :)

  12. Andrea

    LOL great review Shaun!!! I was laughing from start to finish!! I also really like H&S Shampoo :)

  13. cass

    Oohhh she’s gonna get you for using up her ExfoliKate… lol!

  14. that made me laugh!! Great review! my guy uses t-gel.

  15. Laura


    Another great review!! Keep up the good work Tech Guy!!

  16. Phoebe

    Very nice review, I’m a woman and i love H&S. I tried so many shampoos with different scents just because they were too girly and i loved the way they looked but they always give me an itchy scalp. I always go back to H&S and i will never betray my beloved shampoo again.

  17. chibu74

    I TOTALLY agree that Head and Shoulders is the greatest product ever made! :)

    I have very thick and long hair and have this dandruff problem which ofcourse makes me itch my head all the time…lol…even since i’ve had H&S my head misses my fingers :)

    love this products, can’t do w/o it

    Great post!!

  18. Becky

    That was so funny, I loved it!! Please write more! :)

  19. Andrea

    You are a great writer. Keep it up!

  20. Faye

    I think I enjoyed this post almost as much as Christine’s. It’s amusing to get a man’s perspective on beauty products once in a while :).

  21. Emily

    I fully the support the idea of the BF doing regular reviews! =D

  22. I love this review! I’ve been using H&S off and on for years. Did you know they make a H&S separate conditioner, too? Yeah! I use the ‘soft and silky’ one because my hair is dry and coarse.

  23. Sara

    Hahahahahahaha Great read for the morning!! ๐Ÿ˜€ So funny!

  24. Kaylynrenee

    Hilarious! But it made my head itch… Lol!

  25. Toni

    That’s great that it worked for you. I think head & shoulders tends to work well on males. My dad uses it and it works great. I’ve used it and unfortunately it never does any good on me.

  26. Rae

    LOL! I absolutely love this review — it’s entirely possible that I’ll now proceed to be late for my bus because I was reading this instead of brushing my teeth, but it was worth it ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. Roxanne

    So funny :) Good job!

  28. sarah k

    Here’s to another ego-boosting comment….

    You nailed it =P I absolutely LOVE Head & Shoulders, and I went through a similar ordeal… Why change something when you know it works? I’ve used H&S for YEARS due to my crazy scalp, and I sometimes alternate w/ Bumble&Bumble products, or Kerastase because my hair is dyed. Nevertheless, I have committed myself to H&S.

    Glad you found your HG shampoo :) Happy Friday, and cheers to many more reviews to come! *clink*

  29. Michelle

    So funny — my hubby doesn’t like fancy shmancy shampoos, either!

  30. Steph

    Very funny, loved it! Ever since I can remember, Head & Shoulders has been in the shower at home because that’s all my father uses.

  31. Proximity

    Something to consider trying … I got my husband to switch from his H&S to Pureology Dandruff Scalp Cure Shampoo (I use their ultra luxe NanoWorks line). He likes it more than the old Head & Shoulders, and an extra bonus is that though it’s a lot more $$$ a tiny bit goes a long way, so a bottle lasts forever. It’s also sulfate free, and smells good but not at all girly, with none of that harsh H&S smell! It has 2% Pyrithione Zinc

    He now thinks that it might actually be H&S that gave him dandruff/itchy scalp, because he never had it before he used H&S. When I told him I was posting this, and asked him why he started using H&S in the first place, he said:

    “I was young and terrified that I was going to get dandruff, even though I didn’t know what dandruff was, it sounded like something you didn’t want to get. I must have been 11 or 12, and Head & Shoulders was what my dad used, and he had hair. This was before the crushing weight of responsibility killed any desire to have fun in my life.” (he was just kidding around, especially with that last bit!)

    I only mention this, and the fact that you can get mini trial-size bottles in case Christine wants to try to make you switch again … and because of what you said about being bound to H&S for life … my DH was also, but he broke free ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Christine

    This is like a page out of my life! My huband (also named Sean), is a victim of my potion seeking quest for a shampoo for his itchy, flaky noggin! Even the most expesive, supposedly the best, for his issues did not deliver! So… H&S returns!! But, I don’t love the smell, so I bought him Selsun Blue… Great results, softer hair, no flakes or itchiness! Plus, a nicer smell, IMO… No bees have chased him either ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. LuvJ

    Hahaha! Now that’s a MAN-Review!

    Reviews by Shaun is awesome Christine! I do, after all, let (or make) my husband check out your site when I “want” something! It’s that extra nudge when the item I want gets a good review from you. At least now, there’s more reasons for him to check out this site without the awkward “HE’S checking out a makeup site..”

  34. Isheeta

    The post is so funny :)

  35. I use Biolage’s dandruff shampoo and conditioner. It’s expensive but they are often on sale at Ulta for buy 2 get 2 free or $13.99 per bottle and you can use their store coupons on top of that so each bottle ends up being around $10 or so. That’s a pretty good price considering they are one whole liter each and the concentration of pyrithione zinc is double that of H&S (2% vs 1%).

    I make sure to stock up on the Biolage when they were on sale because I ran out once and didn’t want to buy them full price since it’s so expensive. I resorted to getting Head and Shoulders to hold me off until the next Ulta sale and realized how expensive H&S was.

  36. Diana B

    Thanks for the laugh!! You’re an awesome writer.

  37. Melanie

    Great story Shaun; I was picturing you running across the park like a mad man!

  38. wbwrightMakeupArtist

    I am certain the spawn of Satan flying bug was merely attracted to the floral scent of your ‘girly’ shampoo. Thank goodness you went back to H&S. whew.

  39. Ashley

    My dad uses/used H&S too! Except he’s more willing to try other floral, girly smelling shampoos now since he’s in his 60’s. It really is great for itching but not so much for dandruff.

  40. I love the review style here. I felt like I was reading a fairy tail – I was waiting for a dragon actually… but alas. Maybe next time? LOL Great review Shaun! Made me laugh (also makes me want to see more of these!)

  41. Samantha T.

    Best review EVER! I vote that this becomes a weekly feature!

  42. I have never laughed so much at a product review! Great work :)

  43. Rissy

    :) very entertaining! It engaged me from beginning to end, I almost forgot it was a review. Hope to see more from you Shaun, you’re an awesome writer.

  44. CeeBee

    LOL! Good one Shaun, that is hilarous!

    I get the itchies and raw spots too if I use any other sort of shampoo for an extended time – H&S Dry Scalp Care is a godsend!!

  45. LNU

    I have to agree with you, Head and Shoulders is the only shampoo that stops my head from itching and takes away my flakes! I use the one for fine/oily hair though! My only gripe with it is that it really makes my hair fall out a lot, so I use it only once a week!

  46. neli

    Hilarious! i cant get the MAN to use anything else except this ,i tried it once just for fun and i hated the mentholy mint burning feel on my scalp… sadly am not allowed to nag over everything!

  47. Yanna

    Love ur post Shaun!!!! Head and shoulders is the bomb!!!!

  48. Rawrzellers

    Head and Shoulders is generally bad for your hair, but if you ever want to spend extra and save your hair try “Enjoy” I know the name sounds cheap but I’ve been using it for about month now and my head never itches and I am able to wash my hair every other day now so I don’t have to constantly strip it of it’s natural oils.

  49. Tiffany

    LOL!!! I <3 Head and Shoulders too.

  50. Kathryn

    I loved this review! Very entertaining. I have long hair and Head and Shoulders actually does wonders for it, it makes my hair so soft and surprisinlgy does not dry it out like many drug store shampoos. My boyfriend has the same problem with itchy/dry scalp, so I should pick up a bottle for him! Thanks for the review, Shaun!

  51. Cherie

    HAHAHAHAH this had me in stitches!!!

    My bf loves H&S, too :) I got him to try some shampoo with tea tree oils in it (Paul Mitchel one and a Bed Head one) as it’s supposed to help with dandrif and itchy scales… but the good ol’ H&S still prevails in the shower :)

  52. Ellectronica

    No ones as good as Christine, but you alright! However now my head feels strangely itchy! Good story perhaps I got to involved.

  53. HC

    My Costco has a HUGE HUGE HUGE ass bottle of H&S. I love it!

  54. stacy

    Too Funny! Great story, never knew the dangers of floral smelling shampoo.LOL

  55. aradhana

    hey shaun (and whoever else is into this stuff)

    try kiehl’s herbal shampoo and scalp treatment….i know it’s kind of on the pricey side, but w/ aloe and eucalyptus, don’t think you’ll ever go back….;)

  56. Ali

    aww come on christine! show us shaun’s face :)

  57. Minaxi

    Awesome review, Shaun! Christine, you’re a lucky lady to have such a cool guy :)

  58. Linh

    That weird… while reading your story, my head started to feel really itchy.

  59. Catherine

    This was great! I hope he posts more. Oh, and Head and Shoulders is not just a guy shampoo.. I swear by it, myself, when my head is feelin’ the itch!

  60. Tekoa

    Floral smelling shampoo causes bee attacks. Hmmmm! Best stick to the H+S. Also, the description of shampoo bottles (black bottle with odd spout) reminds me of what my fiance would say. He is also a simple man baffled by unfamiliar packaging.

  61. Nik

    My guy has shingles and every so often he has these cm size blotches pop up on his back and this stuff helps them disappear!

    There is no way my guy would praise products, he is so simple; plain Dial soap, Old Spice Pure sport deodorant and shave gel. I am glad he stopped wearing cologne because he is attractive enough and NEVER smells bad!! I wish people could hear how he mocks beauty products! He is disgusted by Philosophy’s food scented shower gels, it’s really funny the tone in his voice…”Body butter?”!!!!! “Buttercream Frosting?!” I don’t know if that got to me but I really hate body butters and super sugary body products! :]

    • Nik

      I hope this didn’t sound like a condescending post, I wish my guy could not mock me for all the wonders of the great beauty world!

  62. Doreen

    Ahahaha, Witches and Warlocks. Great review, Shaun! I actually used the non-2-in-1 version of this shampoo a while ago to do some damage control on my dry hair. But now I like the cleansing version for hotter weather.

    • Doreen

      Oh, and I know you’re adverse to change and all, but I think the non-2-in-1 version is at least half the price of the 2-in-1 — you can probabaly just borrow some of Christine’s conditioner and get away with it.

  63. Vivi

    That was intense, haha! Nothing keeps my hair as clean and dandruff-free and H&S does.

  64. Ha! I used to use H&S when I was a teen, as did my Dad and Brother. We went to the butterfly enclosure in the zoo and they were ALL over us! My naturally dandruff free sister was jealous! Much better than bees ๐Ÿ˜€

  65. Kim

    wow, i actually read a whole story on someone else’s dandruff, and found it entertaining!
    i use H&S although i’m not as in-love with it as you are. if i use it everyday my hair starts feeling heavy (though i guess that’s not a problem for dudes w/short hair). i rotate between a few different shampoos including H&S, and that keeps the itchies away ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. shuz4ever

    Gotta love u’r reviews Shaun…too funny. I’ve had an on-off history with H&S for over a decade…when i use it my hair sheds snowflakes…if i don’t i get an itchy scalp…about a year ago i finally quit it all together as i’m convinced it causes forehead acne. However what’s with the H&S addiction amongst u men, even my husband is the same way…he can’t live with out it…ditto for his big bottle of Vaseline body moisturiser!!

  67. Hannelore

    This really made me laugh, I love your style! I hope u keep reviewing ‘the manly section’ of beauty products!

  68. Brittany

    Omg! My tech guy’s name is Shaun! However, I am unsure if he spells it Sean, Shaun, Shawn, blah blah blah. Hmmm.. Brain must run in the nameeee!
    Anyhow, I love your posts! Do more!