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I’m very lucky to have pretty supportive parents and friends. My friends were actually far more into makeup than I was, so that made it really easy! My dad likes things natural, so he would always joke about my fingers looking like they were bleeding if I wore a red polish, but it’s in jest (and not the I’m-joking-but-I-really-mean-it way). I know my family thinks I look my best in natural makeup, though.

— Christine

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this is such a great prompt! I think there’s a lot of people who judge others for wearing makeup, when it’s really the same kind of creative expression as fashion or art!

I’m only in high school so I only feel confident enough to experiment with makeup in the confines of my bedroom walls, but even with my natural makeup, there has definitely been some snarky comments here and there

Lol…no one supports mine either haha. It’s hard having this problem! It’s costly and addictive…but we sure have fun with all our goodies. Really though…i’ve got to tighten the reigns on my spending.

My family is very old fashioned, and my parents literally shake their heads when/if I wear anything colorful. By colorful, I mean anything that isn’t neutral or matte. If it’s glittery or even slightly shimmery, my parents will scold me and literally tell me I look like a hooker. Forget colors.

My friends are a little more open minded, but they like to play it safe also. I don’t mind color.

Would they die if you replied, “At least I look like high class hooker”? Because I would so love to watch that.

I understand families and folks with traditions and values but the idea of prostitutes only wearing makeup went out of serious consideration oh, about 500 years ago at least. Elizabeth I (the virgin queen πŸ˜‰ wore lots of makeup and I’m pretty sure no one who called her a whore actually lived to talk about it.

Oh, absolutely. I have online and offline friends, and my online friends are pretty supportive–some of them are the ones who got me into this! But my offline (RL) friends are less into makeup and “girly” things and I get teased a lot about makeup and the money I spend on it. My husband gives me a hard time on occasion but usually it’s when I’ve spent a leetle too much (oops). He doesn’t quite get the collecting mentality.

Yes. My father would walk around singing circus music because he said I looked like a clown. And one of my old roommates said I, and other girls, look stupid with makeup on. It reads a lot more harshly than it was said, but it still made me not confident enough to wear makeup.

I’m not going to comment on your dad, but your old room mate is a jerk.

People (I guess he means women for that idiotic comment but men in general shouldn’t excluded in any way) don’t look stupid, they act stupid or do stupid things on occasion, but very rarely, if at all do people LOOK stupid by the way they appear to others.
All that does is show the prejudice and ignorance of certain close minded individuals, who it seems, we are fortunate enough to then recognise as such when they open their mouths (so we can avoid them better).

Enjoy your womanhood and own beauty, with your friends and supporters and ignore the hateful trolls with their sad spiteful existences as they so justly deserve.

Peace out.

My friends aren’t as into makeup as I am, but they don’t say anything about it. Well, they do tend to ask me for reccomendations, or opinions on a brand or product, or what colors they should try.

My mom, on the other hand, is my biggest critic. She never wore makeup, so she doesn’t understand my passion for it. She thinks I have entirely way too much, and that I spend too much time getting ready. I don’t let it get to me, though.

My brother and cousin always gives me a hard time. They always make comments like ” what did you do to your face”. It’s okay because my girl cousins love the way I do my makeup :). My hubby and mom never have a problem either.

When I went through my goth phase at 14-16, I wore black eyeshadow/eyeliner and red or mauve lipstick all the time. My uncle and my grandma on my mom’s side would pick on me for it, but I knew they didn’t mean anything serious by it. My step-grandma, however, would blatantly comment on how much she disliked it. It was really rude, honestly. Outside of that, I’ve been fortunate in that the people who love me are understanding that it’s me expressing myself, not necessarily trying to look glamorous or natural.

The makeup I do now is more sophisticated, but also far more colorful and crazy. I can’t help but wonder what my step-grandma would think of it.

Most people never say anything about my makeup. My mom makes it known that she strongly prefers natural. My dad either doesn’t care or he knows his opinion wont change anything I slap on my face LOL He did say he liked the color of MAC VG Nicki & Vegas Volt lipstick and those aren’t exactly natural unless you’re a neon flower.

“He did say he liked the color of MAC VG Nicki & Vegas Volt lipstick and those aren’t exactly natural unless you’re a neon flower.”

Which I am, thank you very much! πŸ˜›

Yes…my fiance is continually irked by my MAC spree’s (which I have really cut back on & I try to only shop big hauls with my friend who has a pro card.) My mom has actually gone into my stash and taken products out to send to my cousin (who in turned threw them out because she did’nt like any of it.)She justified it by saying I had so much I could share…haha. I want to go on a NO BUY starting soon…tee hee. I really have wayyy too much. I also need some train cases or Ikea Helmer’s to store it all, it’s so disorganized right now. πŸ™

Wait . She felt the need to go through your stash , to send to someone else? I hope I am missing some of the context here, because I am mad for you.

Haha, I remember I was dressing up for a university formal when my mom walked in, saw my makeup and burst out crying, sobbing that she didn’t give birth for me and raise me to look like a prostitute. Then I felt guilty and wore minimal makeup — and all the other girls turned up with very heavy smokey eyes and dramatic looks. I felt a bit dowdy πŸ˜€

I’m pretty odd, so I think people tend to comment on other things before the oddity of my makeup. I think the worst things my friends or family have said about my makeup involves my *not* wearing it. Like once, after I’d put on my makeup, my mom said, “Aren’t you going to put on makeup before you go out?” and it really sounded like she meant I shouldn’t go out without it because I looked horrible. Meh.

The other thing that sticks in my mind is that once I dared to answer the door to a friend without makeup on, and she basically gasped and went, “OMG, what happened??? Why do you look so different???” Yeah, never did that again with her…

yes they did…but rightly so. Back when I first started taking interest in makeup, I was obsessed with the whole over drawn brown lipliner, nude lip combo (think Janet Jackson in her That’s the way love goes video) – I know right, and I don’t even have the complexion to go with it!

My family and friends used to hate it saying it looked like I had smeared a chocolate bar all over my mouth. I can see how right they were but it all added to trial and error over the years and led me to my career as I’m a successful pro makeup artist now πŸ˜‰

My husband will tell me that he hates to see my makeup. I often have to point out stars on TV who he thinks aren’t wearing makeup – but they are!! He also needs me to point out that certain boobs probably are not real! LOL But, I try to ignore his little comments. Although I wish I could train him to tell me when my mascara is smeared!

I definitely think a lot of guys who say women look better without makeup need that wake-up call about just how many of the women they think are hot are *always* wearing makeup! πŸ˜‰

Definitely! I have a stash of makeup which my mom recently discovered and showed my twin aunt through FaceTime. Both were in disbelief of how much makeup I had and my aunt made it out to be worse than if I had committed a felony. Lol! Dad says my winged eyeliner looks like knives and I look like I have a black eye when I use brown or burgundy Shadows. Yep that’s family for ya….

My mom was horrified when I started wear makeup at 19 (I was at college at the time). She thought I wanted to start seducing guys. Which is funny, since most guys don’t even like girls to wear makeup, at least not visible makeup.

I can remember the look on my mom’s face the first time she saw me do a smokey eye… Needless to say, she made me wash it off. But then when my younger sister started wearing makeup shortly after, my mom kind of turned around and started being more accepting and supportive of it, seeing how nice my sister (then only 15) looked.

There are still a few looks I can’t pull off when my mom’s around, like dark smokey eyes and red lips, and she won’t let me wear foundation or blush/bronzer. But other than that I think she’s come around, lol.

My grandparents actually make pretty pointed comments about my makeup and nail polish, like “she never wore a drop of makeup when she was young” and, “I couldn’t waste time painting my nails, there’s too much work for me to do”. But I don’t take it personally, it’s just they way they were brought up in a much different time and place. Now, Every friend who has been to my house and used the restroom has exclaimed over how much nail polish I have…

Outside of cries of “more makeup?!” when I get in an online order, or the fact that my sister’s current boyfriend’s first impression of me was “girly,” not so much.

Most people actually just like to ask me questions because they know I put time into researching products before purchase.

I’m really glad I married someone who also really loves make-up. (Equality for all!) He does sometimes give me a hard time about how much I spend on make-up, although that tends to forget that a significant percentage of the make-up I buy goes into my artist’s kit instead of personal collection. ^^;

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