Friday, April 13th, 2012

Choose or Lose

Have you used/followed a video tutorial to create a makeup look?

  • Yes! (83%, 2,213 Votes)
  • No! (16%, 425 Votes)
  • Other -- I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 19 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,658

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27 thoughts on “Have you used/followed a video tutorial to create a makeup look?

  1. yamille

    Yes i DO, i follow make uo by eman , and promise phan! they are great,i used to love michelle phan , but she is starting to use filters in her videos , and i think that u cant see the real results of the make up!, theres another brasilian one, Camila Coehlo, She is gorgeous, and she do a lot of grat looks for latin people, im Mexican by the way!!
    but i do love youre reviews!!!

  2. A zillion times! 😀

  3. Maureen

    I don’t remember… I usually go for the techniques. I might have followed a tutorial, but I don’t think so.

  4. Really helpful for make up. It may be more helpful if the details show in the video.

  5. MonicaP

    Absolutely! When I first started watching utube makeup tutorials, I would buy all the products used in the video, then transcribe the tutorial and if the guru had a picture on a blog, paste the picture in word along with the directions. I have a whole binder with my favorite utube guru looks :-)

    Now, I’m a bit better at makeup and instead of ‘buying everything’, I can use what I have to get a similar look.

    I’m horrible with color combinations.. so that’s why I just love tutorial .. for example, I never knew I could wear purple and browns together .. now I wear this look all the time :-)

    • Kimberly

      I’m the same way, I would never think to put the colors together that gurus do. Then when I see them do it I’m like “of course that looks good, why didn’t I think of that” lol.

    • Jessica

      You might want to try I think it is because the girl on there does pretty cool eyeshadow combos, if you don’t buy Mac then you might want to try something else, but I’m sure you can fin similar colors in your collection anyway. Good luck!

    • Jessica

      Sorry I meant!

  6. amy

    I don’t follow tutorials in the sense that I follow the exact placement or technique, but sometimes I like to see what colors look like on someone wih similar coloring. Part of the reason I have trouble following a tutorial *exactly* is because alot of the girls tend to be Asian, so the eye shape is a bit different, but eye, hair and skin tend to be extremely similar. I’ll just google a certain product image, and scroll through until I see an image that looks like a good match and open it up. That’s actually how I found this site; I was researching MAC eyeshadow shades, and the swaches that appeared looked phenomenal.

  7. Courtney

    Ha! I’m doing drag makeup on some friends this weekend and I was just watching an Enkore tutorial on how to conceal eyebrows.

  8. ricky blue

    I think they’re fun to watch, but I don’t think I’ve ever followed one exactly. I’ll watch them to see different techniques and different ideas for color combinations. but I tend to modify them so they’ll look better with my coloration.

  9. Anita

    I’ve watched them for tips and such, but never followed them

  10. Makaegan

    No, I’ve never followed along with one. I watch them mostly for inspiration and new products to try out. I genuinely wasn’t aware that people actually followed them to create makeup looks (because apparently the word ‘tutorial’ is completely lost on me). That might actually be an interesting thing to try!

  11. Yasmine

    I followed a halloween makeup tutorial ! It was Kandee Johnson’s David Bowie’s Stardust look. I did it on my brother actually and it turned out A-mazing :)) <3

  12. Miss J

    Most YT videos I watch for entertainment rather than acquiring knowledge, but sometimes I will see a look I like and recreate. I don’t exactly recreate step for step/product for product, but I use it more as an inspiration idea to create something similar with my own twist and products.

  13. I get inspired by them, but I don’t copy them exactly. Here’s a look I did that was inspired by Lisa Eldridge’s metallic eye look:

    It’s the 7th photo down of Jessica.

  14. Ebony

    Absolutely! Pixiwoo & Gossmakeupartist are excellent at teaching how to do new looks.

  15. Veronica

    YouTube was my first real teacher when I got into makeup. Nobody else in my family is into cosmetics beyond the basics, so I had to go online to figure out things like blending, brush use, etc. I find they’re a lot easier to follow than simple text/picture tutorials since I can see how the look is done and then alter it to fit my eye shape.

    Oddly enough, though I do watch videos for specific looks, I don’t think I’ve ever copied one from scratch for my own. If I really like how something is done, I’ll reuse the idea with different colors or styles to work for me.

  16. Amanda

    I only ever follow tutorials when I’m at home and not going anywhere. When I’m just playing around basically. And I very rarely use the same products.

  17. Yazmin

    Yes! I am subscribed to alot of beauty channels on YT, but the ones i find most easiest to replicate have to be Pixiwoo, I just love how simple the look is and how it looks so fab, i.e the Pamela Anderson (new) tutorial, didnt copy the lips, but the eyes were stunning and i ha recently aquired the Rock for Ever palette by MUFE, also i love her Kim kardashian look with the satin Taupe, very easy and looks gorgeous.
    I dont tend to copy anyone else, but i take ideas from other videos like, Petrilude loves to line his lip with a dark liner and then blend it to make a defined lip, its a must do in my makeup routine now, i feel incomplete without it!

  18. Emma

    And it totally failed! It wasn’t the tutorial’s fault. It was me, my eye shadow was nowhere near well-blended. I don’t have the exact color so I went for dupes. And my choice of color was nowhere near the ones used in the tutorial too~ So the glam look became “I-am-a-totally-failure” look.

  19. Nicole

    Not really followed en detail, but got lots of inspiration. Esprecially Lisa Eldridges video 4 ways to wear a lipstick encuraged me to wear red lipstick at daytime.

  20. Pami

    I mostly watch makeup video tutorials for technique.
    I started out watching Enkore, and I LOVE Lisa Eldridge.
    I’ve also come across some really good other ones, but can’t think of their names right now.
    Sometimes I get inspiration to try something that I hadn’t though of.