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ohoho yeah, I do it as rewards for getting through a rough week or getting a certain grade. last spring, I told myself that I got an A on both of the exams that I’d taken the week prior, I’d buy myself… something. I don’t remember what it was because I unfortunately did not end up buying it. but I suppose the plus side is that if I can’t remember what it was, I didn’t want it that badly anyways? so my grades are protecting my bank account πŸ˜›

I use it both as a reward and as retail therapy πŸ™‚ An example of both: Tuesday I was feeling really stressed out when I left work, for various reasons, so I stopped at Fred Meyer and got a few Caresse sticks and Infallible eyeshadows. Friday I stopped at work to finish and submit my yearly commitments (so much arrrg involved there) and as a reward, I took myself to the mall and bought the Rouge G L’Extraits. So there’s that. I should know if I’m getting a yearly bonus in a few weeks, and if I am, I have plans to spend bits of it on things for me as a reward for getting said bonus. (I could get nothing. I have no idea.)

Yes, and no. The way I see it, *everyday* has it’s share of “goals” to make, sometimes everything gets done, sometimes none. I buy when it fits within my budget, or when it’s appropriate. An example, today I was at CVS, and there were quite a few items that caught my eye, but I bought *nothing* (some items were actually on sale, too). I’m moving tomorrow, so I’m going to be going through my stash at some point within the next week (mainly lippies & polish), and I plan to prioritize what I need based on what gets tossed. Besides, buying more stuff just means more to get in the way of what needs to be done. So, I guess, in a way, my goal is to toss makeup in order to buy more, LOL. I also plan to do a Project __ Pan (I’m not sure how many yet) in the near future.

I like to use it as a reward for weight loss especially, but I have also gone makeup shopping to reward myself for making the dean’s list, etc. Since I’m down 10 pounds, I took advantage of Urban Decay’s sale and bought myself some new pretties =]

All the time! It’s often my incentive for going to the gym on a regular basis – I’ll treat myself to an eyeshadow at the end of a week when I’ve gone to the gym even if it’s been a challenge to make the time because of work and family time commitments. I think most people reward themselves for making an effort or for achieving something; it’s just a matter of what that reward is and for me, it’s often makeup.

Heck yes! I do it a lot as an “end of the semester” gift to myself. If I get a certain grade in a class, or get through a grueling week, I reward myself. I got out of a bad relationship recently, and I have been “rewarding” myself a lot over the past few weeks, haha. πŸ™‚

Me either. I am glad to see I am not alone here. I thought it was an odd question that’s how foreign this idea was to me until I started to read the responses.

I’m doing it now! Both Inglot and Urban Decay are having great sales. Thanks for the heads on the Inglot sale Christine! I’m finishing up my matte collection with Inglot and ordered 10 more to go inside my clear palette. Then went to UD and ordered the skull palette ($12!!!) for travel, 2 lipsticks I plan on depotting because the packaging is annoying, their new foundation and 2 extra mascara’s that are $5 each.

I owe you a great debt for your encyclopedic knowledge of texture, color and performance of products. I never buy a product without checking your website and makeup alley first. It saves time and money.

I do because I don’t buy makeup very often so when I got an A or passed a very difficult exam I will reward myself with some good makeup or perfume. It’s tempted me to study harder which is good for a lazy girl like me. πŸ˜‰

Absolutely, YES! I’m in school right now, and I constantly use the promise of a new makeup purchase as motivation to get my assignments done.

I’ve been using buying makeup as a reward for exercising. Every 10 hours I get to buy myself something special. Right now I’m waiting to get the Khaki Design palette by Dior, I think. πŸ™‚

I told myself I would get the Sephora+Pantone gift set if I passed the Series 7 on the first try. I passed but was too broke to buy it. My next test was the series 66 and ironically I failed but the S+P set was on sale so I retroactively rewarded myself.

What the heck is series 7 or series 66? Are you talking about computer games or something? If so, remember that folks don’t ALL play computer games and don’t have clue what you are referring to if indeed that even is what your comment was in reference to – I am only guessing.

Series 7 and Series 66 are professional exams, not video games. Just google something when you aren’t sure what it is.

Lol! I wish that was a video game. πŸ™‚ That’d make life a lot easier. Series 7 is an exam all aspiring stockbrokers have to take. Series 66 is a similar exam.

I didn’t set it as a reward from the beginning, but I’m working on losing a lot of weight, and the same time I had lost 15 pounds I got a nice 20% off coupon in the mail from Ulta… and used it and my points to buy the Naked2 palette as a reward to myself. I’m at the point now where I need to be rewarding myself with clothes that fit rather than makeup, however!

Yes I totally do that especially since school is starting on Tuesday for me, I always set goals for tests and aim to get at least a 3.5 on all progress and regular report cards. So if I succeed I as well as family members reward me with makeup πŸ™‚

Hmm nope i haven’t done yet but i think I’ll try now. I’m diabetic type 1 on insulin so I’ll treat myself to something nice maybe every 3 months when my Dr says my hba1c report is excellent. Although i do wait for every Sunday to treat myself to an ice cream after a whole week of following my diet. Maybe I’ll just get something online Coz my hba1c report last month was excellent.

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