I haven’t been impressed by them overall, but I’m one of those people who would only see value if they were full-sized (and always that way) and products geared towards my interests (maybe a box that’s just for eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. or bright colors, anti-acne, glitter, etc.). I keep seeing boxes with skincare packets of $300/oz. products – but you get maybe one or two uses. You can’t exactly see if something works with only two uses. Other times, the products seem like shades that weren’t selling well or are just about to be discontinued (and sometimes, just really old stock). I get BarkBox (for dogs), but I probably wouldn’t do it again (not at full price – I got a deal on Fab.com that made it cheaper) – it’s too much of a grab bag, I guess, and I’d rather spend the monthly subscription fee on one good toy/treat.

-- Christine

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