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I haven’t been impressed by them overall, but I’m one of those people who would only see value if they were full-sized (and always that way) and products geared towards my interests (maybe a box that’s just for eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. or bright colors, anti-acne, glitter, etc.). I keep seeing boxes with skincare packets of $300/oz. products – but you get maybe one or two uses. You can’t exactly see if something works with only two uses. Other times, the products seem like shades that weren’t selling well or are just about to be discontinued (and sometimes, just really old stock). I get BarkBox (for dogs), but I probably wouldn’t do it again (not at full price – I got a deal on Fab.com that made it cheaper) – it’s too much of a grab bag, I guess, and I’d rather spend the monthly subscription fee on one good toy/treat.

— Christine

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I’ve occasionally been tempted, but have never bit. They feel too much a gamble to me, especially with reviews I’ve seen. It feels like for all they promise to match products too you the services seem to pay that more a lip service than anything. It also feels like some of the bigger companies that give away product that’s older and cluttering up the shelves.

If it takes $30 and 3 months to get one item that not only works for me and I love, I rather just spend the $30 on something I know I’ll like and skip the wait and the headache. πŸ™‚

I’ve tried Birchbox, The Look Bag (now discontinued), GlamBag and QVC’s Beauty Tube. The only one I am keeping is the Beauty Tube and the GlamBag because my teen loves it. The Beauty Tube is pricier but worth it. It has large sizes of products I use and QVC brands I know, Mally, Tarte, Wen, Philosophy. Birchbox and Look Bag were full of products that I couldn’t use (hair oil?) and brands I had never heard of and most were in teensy little packets or tiny glass vials similar to the sample sizes given out at Sephora. I’d rather spend that $10 on a full sized product in a color that I choose.

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I’m going to look into Beauty Tube, since a lot of people seem to like that!

I remember BeautyFix tried doing full-sizes, but I think the quarterly fee was a little steep and they didn’t have enough big brands on board and had a lot of skincare/hair products.

I get Glossybox, Birchbox and QVC Test tube. I loved my first two Test Tubes but the last one was a bit of a disappointment. It was filled with more drugstore brands than premier brands. I like that you get New Beauty magazine with it which is usually something I would buy anyway. Birchbox has been hit or miss for me. I got a full sized Stila Liquid eyeliner….great, and a leopard print ziploc bag….not so great. I had super high hopes for Glossybox but so far it has been a bit of a let down.

Ha, I guess when you get actual boxes of full size products from companies to review for your site every month, the allure of samples kindof wears off.

Christine is #notimpressed


Birchbox is best hands down, Julep is great for polish, myglam is working on getting better, Glossybox is up in the air for me. QVC New Beauty Testtube is great, but only quarterly. I know people love sample society, I haven’t tried that one yet, but thinking of canceling Glossybox and switching to Sample Society

BarkBox is one for doggies, they have a competitor but the name escapes me.
Foodzie was fun while it lasted, but it got acquired, oh the woes of falling in love with a start-up, they never last.

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I wouldn’t say that, as I have never liked receiving little packets of skincare for as long as I’ve been buying from Sephora, Nordstrom etc. I’ve never been a fan of GWPs, just because I never use anything in them, and this has been true for as long as I’ve been blogging and before. Part of the reason being they’re usually not things I can use or would use, and then storing them is kind of a pain.

I am subscribed to Birchbox. I really do love it! I am not the type of person to believe the hype on expensive products. I hate wasting large amounts of money for a name or brand. $10.00 a month lets me try out products that I would never purchase in a million years. Most of the time, I am able to convince myself that they are not worth the excessive prices.

Not yet! I’ve been tempted to, but again, it would stink to pay for a box full of items I really didn’t care to try or weren’t even made for my skin/hair type.
Looking forward to seeing the responses to this to see if I get swayed. ;]

It does stink. I love the idea of getting a pretty box full of goodies in the mail, but only using 25% of it definitely brings down the giddiness of it. Glossy boxes do make very pretty storage containers though πŸ˜‰

I love the idea, but I’ve had the worst luck with Birchbox. The last three months they’ve failed to mail my boxes and I have to email them to send. No expedited shipping to fix the wrong, this last time when I emailed them, they cancelled my subscription without my notice and just refunded me the difference. I would of liked my last two on time and maybe extend my subscription, but nope! I would never buy from them or recommend their service. I’ll have to try another company to see if they have better customer service.

I agree–I’d rather save my money for 1 nice product that I’ll actually use. I was really tempted for a while to try one, but I just couldn’t get on board with all the random crap I was seeing. Granola bars? Ear buds? Tiny vials of perfume that you can get free at any department store? No thanks.

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It seems like a lot of them have skincare and hair products (which I think may be two categories where people need to try products for extended periods of time, but also that it can drastically differ from person to person). I haven’t seen granola bars yet, LOL!

I have tried a few.

I loved Birchbox when I first started. I even got the Men’s version for my husband and he liked it at first. I found a lot of products that I had never heard of and now use all the time. Eventually, it kinda seemed like it was always the same type of things or items that I had no use for. I cancelled several months ago.

GlamBag I still get since I paid for a year up front, I actually got one in today and overall I am happy with it. The items aren’t really high end, just kinda fun and the sizes are great. I got a full size nail polish and lip gloss along with 4 sample sized products.

Glossybox is new to the U.S. and is the one I stalk the mailman for. If anyone is thinking about trying one…this is the one I would suggest. The price is higher than some of the others but, you get big sample sizes or full size.

Also, for samples that I don’t use, I just bring them with me to girls’ night in. Everyone has fun trying them all.

I feel very similarly to you. I’ve reviewed a few beauty services and been disappointed by most. I don’t feel like I’d be happy with the money spent. It irks me to fill out a questionnaire and then receive the same thing as everyone else. I’ve got quite a list of requirements too, so I know I’m picky: cruelty-free, sulfate-free, nothing silly like shaving creme, I just want things like eyeshadow, blush, lip products, nail polish, etc.

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Me too πŸ™‚ I think it might be a cool concept to have boxes up for grabs and you select the one you’re interested in that month – maybe it’s for eyes, or it’s a theme like “how to wear a red lip.”

I was awfully tempted by MyGlam when it first came out because they gave out UD eyeshadow as one of the 5 or 6 items for $10. But I’m glad i didn’t go for it because in the following months it kinda went into the path of skincare and spa items that I don’t really care for. Some items are cool but some months are just misses. I suppose the gamble is inherent in the concept. But still I would rather get something I truly want with the money instead of taking a chance and getting something I might not like.

Im currently subscribed to glossybox uk, my 3rd box currently on its way, I agree I wish products were tailored to individual needs. My 1st box wasnt so great, but loved my 2nd, anxious to see what my 3rd box holds. I think not knowing what you’re going to get is part of the excitement, but it’s still a trial period for me, I may unsubscribe if our profiles are not used soon to tailor the boxes to our needs. Especially bring a darker skinned girl, I find sometimes the colours don’t suit, or I keep getting tanning products!!!

I subscribe to Birchbox, Eco Emi, and New Beauty Test Tube. I’ve found it to be a great way to discover some products and brands I would have never tried otherwise. I also love unwrapping my “gifts” each month. It’s been worth it to me.

I subscribed to BarkBox, and I am NOT impressed. Not only do most of the toys they send barely last three days, I’m sick of getting poopy bags and a couple treats. Not worth it.

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I think the best thing they sent was the dog towel, though I haven’t used it. I don’t feed Mellan many treats since he’s on a calorie-specific diet and most treats don’t have calorie counts (such is the way of the dog treat industry!), so I only feed him a couple. He really likes the steak toy they sent recently… I know there was a purple toy or something rather you stuff with treats that was destroyed in minutes (and Mellan isn’t a destroyer – his stuffed bears and toys last a year or longer).

that purple toy was cool, but it got destroyed before I could try freezing anything in it. the towel was actually really cool, and my dogs are digging the steak.. but those were pretty big exceptions.

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My favorite part about the steak? When Mellan is laying on the floor, I’ll push it under his head, and he’ll lay on it, and it squeaks–the look on Mellan’s face is PRICELESS!

I’m subscribed to Glossybox, Glymm and Julep Maven. Julep maven is my favorite by far because you can choose to skip a month, and preview the colours before it ships and switch boxes if you don’t like yours. Glossybox has been a big disappointment and I’m canceling after giving it four months (unless this month is spectacular). Glymm I’ve only had for one month but a) I really like the bag and b) only one product was a total no go for me, all the others were nice.

I like testing new products so in theory I like beauty boxes but so far in practice it’s been hit and miss for me.

I never really hear good things about them, and frequently I hear bad things about several different services, so I’ve kept far away.

I succumbed to glossybox USA. Apart from the lackluster products, I’ve been getting accidentally charged quite a bit. The full size products they include aren’t worth it honestly. This month they messed up, charged me three times (refunded me twice) and i got two boxes. One at my shipping address and one at my billing. I had two sets of samples i wasn’t going to use and my MOTHER didn’t even want to keep any of them when I tried to give her the extra box. πŸ™ $21 bucks is steep, but the box products usually amount to ~$45. A lot of people love the glossybox because they do see it as a good value and i know that people love trying new products.

The reason I wanted to try glossybox was because on their website they advertised high end brands like Burberry, Amorepacific, COBigelow, Cargo, etc. Every month they change the brands they list on their website to more obscure ones and I don’t like the products. It was misleading.

I’ll give it one more month, but if I get charged more than once again I will have to cancel.

I think these services are a fantastic idea but not for me. I am so leary that I may not get any use from the items sent to me. THOUGH, I would like to try the doggie one for my pups … They are not too picky. LOL!

I have tried about 4 or 5 of them. I still get birchbox and sample society but i’m almost always disappointed.

but barkbox! i’ve never heard of it! going to check that out.

The thing is that Glossybox gets paid by the brands to send out their products, AND Glossybox charges YOU for the things they already are paid for sending out. Win-win for Glossybox. Also, a waste when you only receive small sizes, and don’t know what to expect.

There have been a few good surprises, but overall I didn’t see the value. I did get into UD 24/7 eyeliners because of one I received in a subscription box, so I’d say for UD that was successful marketing(since I went out and bought 5 more). Other than that I’m pretty picky about skin care, so I’d prefer to have all cosmetics. Since there isn’t that much customization allowed I ended up discontinuing mine. It wasn’t bad, just not good enough to keep me paying.

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